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  1. Visiting Berlin

    im excited about this weekend!
  2. Visiting Berlin

    Thanks. I’m going for the November one. btw what are the clientele like in these bars/sex places? any places where I can meet some young German boys who are up for bb sex?
  3. Cumunion: Hove or Sheffield?

    Which one attracts more and younger crowd?
  4. Visiting Berlin

    Did you get many raw tops fucking you raw? I wonder if wearing red would be a disadvantage
  5. Visiting Berlin

    Any cheaper hotels recommendations?
  6. Visiting Berlin

    Thanks. What's so special about laboratory? What's the clientele there?
  7. Has anyone been to cumunion in the U.K.? Which one is better? By better, I mean which one has more people and which one attracts more hot younger crowd
  8. Visiting Berlin

    Hi all, submissive Asian cumdump here. I am planning on a trip to Berlin to attend fickstutenmarkt. Will be wearing a red hood. I'm excited. Now I'm looking at hotels and other places to go. Any recommendations on where to stay? And also, what would be good place for me to go to get loaded up? Thanks
  9. Been to the meat market before. Even though I was wearing white at the time, still ended up getting stealthed. Everyone could hear that a guy fucked me so hard that the condom broke with a big pop sound before he came
  10. Looking for loads tonight. What would be a good place to go? Ideally somewhere where the hot boys go. Not into bears or (grand)daddies
  11. The Broken Jock

    Damn I wish I was the boy... wish there are parties like that here in London.... taking anon poz loads...
  12. How does PREP work?

    Sorry not a huge fan of Star Trek? Suppose if someone cuts my hole with vigorous fucking, then I got bred by a known poz guy, does it affect the effectiveness of truvada
  13. How does PREP work?

    Hi all, got a question... how exactly does prep work? More specifically, in the event of a bleeding ass, does truvada still work?
  14. Hypothetical question

    But slamming is blood going directly into the veins... not sure how the risk factors increase by that

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