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  1. Damn I wish I was the boy... wish there are parties like that here in London.... taking anon poz loads...
  2. Sorry not a huge fan of Star Trek? Suppose if someone cuts my hole with vigorous fucking, then I got bred by a known poz guy, does it affect the effectiveness of truvada
  3. Hi all, got a question... how exactly does prep work? More specifically, in the event of a bleeding ass, does truvada still work?
  4. But slamming is blood going directly into the veins... not sure how the risk factors increase by that
  5. It's a hypothetical question: suppose se if someone on prep is slammed by a poz guy, how effective is prep in fighting off the HIV virus?
  6. And what was the clientele like? Was there mostly old men?
  7. Mystery solved. Let's fuck then lol
  8. Aren't they exactly the same Truvada though
  9. I have been invited to a chem-sex breeding party with five other guys. All poz and Not meditated. Should I go? I am on prep but I want to know what are the risks in terms of hiv that I need to be aware of?
  10. What DADT? But are you not worried about other STI
  11. R u on prep or r u taking your chance?
  12. Why would you do it wilfully if I may ask
  13. You said you didn't use prep right? How do you mean
  14. Ever since I am on prep, I can't seem to get enough of raw cocks... not even asking about their HIV status. Is that good?

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