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  1. I have been invited to a chem-sex breeding party with five other guys. All poz and Not meditated. Should I go? I am on prep but I want to know what are the risks in terms of hiv that I need to be aware of?
  2. What DADT? But are you not worried about other STI
  3. R u on prep or r u taking your chance?
  4. Why would you do it wilfully if I may ask
  5. You said you didn't use prep right? How do you mean
  6. Ever since I am on prep, I can't seem to get enough of raw cocks... not even asking about their HIV status. Is that good?
  7. Can you just use the Travada for pep as prep? Is it the same drug?
  8. I am just curious, does anyone here get on prep but is pozzed in the end? Please share your story if you are
  9. Well you know I didn't ask their status so assume they all hv hvl?? Btw I'm still on prep. Do I need to get off prep to get tested?
  10. Hi guys, i started off prep two weeks ago and tonigh I went to have some orgy and got bred by random strangers, and then get fisted (little blood). Should I be worried??

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