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  1. Three loads back to back Yesterday I was in heat and texted my fwbs to see who was around 1. R is a 32yo latin hottie with a long d, curly hair, and a lot of stamina. We had great conversation, made out, & then He aggressively nailed me from the side and bred me 2 & 3. V is a Bulgarian neighbor fwb. Cute smile, euro accent, and a d with a lot of foreskin. When he fucks me, I can literally feel it peeling back and forth inside of me and I love it T is a muscular husky daddy with a thick d (my fav). V & T came over at the same time and made out, cheering each other on while tagging me. I was in ecstasy as they switched from foreskin attacks to girth heaven. They bred me 1 after the other. I went to a nudist social Sex party later that evening. I arrived kind of late so most guys had already cum tho I did flip and swapped loads with a sexy daddy. #4. Nice socializing and I got a few #’s of hot guys who said they wanted to fuck me another time. Yes please!
  2. Impromptu orgy this morning, I took a viagra but my btm wasn’t up to par. Had a weird body odor so I pretended to cum and then bounced What was I going to do with my boner? Txted a Hell’s Kitchen silver daddy bud who usually tops me. He’s made it very clear he wants to me to top him more often. He looks like a mix of Paul Rudd + Richard Gere circa pretty woman. He sucked me well and took my d; I really pounded him out. Thank goodness. I told him I’ve been looking for more NYC btm fwb’s and I keep running into Druggies, flakes, fakes, weirdos, unattractive, and/or guys who can’t host. Hit me up if u think u meet the criteria lol along the way to his place, I texted other friends who may be interested in joining. Somehow I was able to get a muscle Latino, neighbor otter fwb, tatted thick d daddy, & 35yo Cuban guy who all took turns fucking us (though I took all of their loads). I met nearly all of them before. In particular, the 35yo Cuban power top recently moved to NYc for a medical fellowship. I met him in LA. We r really hot for each other and put on a show for the rest. He power fucked me while we made out; our chemistry was noticeable to the rest of the room. Richard gere sucked another load out of me and I proceeded to take a two hour nap. Just waking now to write this haha XD
  3. Putting the “ho” in hollywood Visiting la. Yesterday, I had a ton of obligations - business meetings, mandatory dinner with hubs’ friends, etc when all I wanted to do was fuck. I found the guys in wEHo kind of disappointing (picky, flaky, Druggie) and was about to go to bed. i did, however, talk to a cute guy in Hollywood. We were both sleepy and unsure we should meet, but we gave it a shot. He told me he particularly enjoys fucking pre-loaded ass. I told him he was my first of the night, sorry. I came over; we had a great chat (he had an amazing personality) and he fucked me quickly. He apologized and I said no worries, a lot of guys tell me my ass is magical. I told him his neighbor invited me over and if he can do round two, he might get that wet ass pussy he wanted. He said he’d try. neighbor was a blonde 45yo daddy. Hung, passionate, kind. We made love to each other (he even sucked my toes; loved that) and we swapped loads. He was also an amazing kisser and we cuddled for a few minutes afterwards cuz it was so good. I went back to top #1 who got hard again feeling my sloppy ass & was able to fuck me longer too. Gave my load #3. a lovely evening was had by all :)
  4. Airport restroom, elementary school baseball field, inside a bar, library private study area
  5. I was supposed to meet a nearby fwb btm over my lunch break yesterday but his hubs unexpectedly came home. I had taken a little viagra and had a huge office boner. Fortunately, A nearby bbrt daddy btm was happy to take my load. He had a nice patch of facial hair and rubbed it gently against my d while sucking me. Afterwards, I Pounded him good and finished up the work day. He gave me his # and we r gonna do it again next week
  6. My daddy buddy Stephen came over yesterday. 40s, fit, muscley, salt and pepper hair. Loves nursing my dick for a long time before I fuck him. I hadn’t cum in a few days and had a huge load stored up. I didn’t last long and cum multiple spurts into his ass. I could tell it was a massive amount. He was very pleased and promptly dressed afterwards. Love a no hassle, easy, reliable fuck with a sexy friend. Happy weekend and fucking, boys!
  7. Yes I like to read this site while receiving a bj. Weird but it helps :)
  8. Today, I had a day of daddy dick 1. hubs fucked me 2. dr. D came over to nail me before the gym. Napped a bit 3. had a top flake, but Devon sucked me off before Fucking me with his latin d 4. 60yo Tom came by dick raging from a Viagra and he silent came in me. Massaged me for a bit 5. John came by. Husky and big boned, he’s juicy in all the right ways. Love feeling him up haha 6. Howard came by and rimmed and fucked loads outta me. Love it when a top felches me good. He’s a gifted multiple cummer and fucked 4/5 loads In me. Then he sucked me off again. I had the best nap afterwards :)
  9. Yes. I have a Vers btm daddy fwb jEff who loves getting fucked as much as me. We sometimes do groups where we both take a lot of cock. Towards the end, we flip with each other as the grand finale. Love him
  10. I had a dizzying day of sex yesterday. hubs fucked me then I bred a neighbor fav huge bbc came over and had me moaning 2 of my top friends took turns on me & each gave me 3 loads went uptown for a threesome. First time I was in the middle of a train for a while. Top bred me & I bred the btm had a fivesome at Sunday brunch afterwards my hole is thoroughly satisfied and well spent
  11. I wanted to start this year with friends, fun, and great fucks, and that’s exactly what I got today. dr Martin is my neighbor and chiropractor. Gave me a quickie; he said I felt too good Damian is a 58yo fit daddy from NJ who likes breeding me on weekends on the way to the gym. He gave it to me good. Went uptown to visit Craig. Average body, mid-30s, thick d. He’s been fucking me for 10 years and we r good friends. He usually wraps, but because I tested std neg on 12/19, he gave it to me raw and bred me. Then we had pizza; I helped him dismantle his Xmas tree; and as my reward, he gave me another load. Went to HK where familiar fwbs were getting together to tag me. Raymond, Mouro, Brooklyn Matt, Howard, and Tom came. Each fucked me (except Matt who bred me a week or two ago). He fucked Raymond exclusively; he loves daddy types. I bred Raymond’s ass and then gave a second load down his throat. then went home and had Xmas leftovers and double stuffed Oreos. This year is off to a promising start.
  12. I usually visit North Jersey one weekend a month to see my mama. I have a list of NJ fwbs I hit up beforehand. 1 of them is M; a hot ColumbiaN construction worker. Muscles, friendly, passionate, reliable, speaks limited English, hung and knows how to use me. I haven’t seen him in 6 months. He lost some muscle mass due to COVID but he’s still as sexy as ever. Kissed, rimmed, fucked my brains out (I was bleeding a little but didn’t feel anything; it was so amazing). Then he sucked me off and I couldn’t stop Cumming down his throat. I hope all of you have a buddy like M. I will see him again next month :)
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