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  1. Yesterday I went to the gym & was in a top mood. Txted my 25yo middle eastern twink btm friend and he came over once I was done. Bred him and then sent him over to my top neighbor for sloppy seconds. today I took 8 loads 1 - neighbor Michael. Daddy w/ a bf who doesn’t put out. I’m happy to help 2 - Jon. Muscle dad bod who was in my neighborhood. Timing worked out great for us. 3 - silver daddy Tom bred me 4 - 27yo brunette hunter 5 & 6 - Howard 57yo muscle daddy 7 - devin, Puerto Rican twink 8 - sexy Astoria Greek daddy Michael im t
  2. I’m in Minneapolis (where I went to grad school) for some nostalgia and to see fwbs. Considering these last few months, I wanted to leave NYC for a bit and get a change of scenery. I stayed in a Downtown hotel where I enjoyed the gym, indoor pool, and local dick when I wasn’t teleworking. yesterday was a day to remember. Woke up, exercised & then hit the showers. top #1 - my friend big dick Nick who is a thick muscley black guy from Alabama. He came over in his pjs and dicked me down. I have a lean build (6-0 155) and like all kinds of fit guys but especially like to cu
  3. For those of you who follow my postings, you know I’m into consistent, familiar Sex. Lord only knows how many hours I’ve wasted on apps. I texted my buds sat to see who could come over on Sunday. If I’m gonna watch what I eat and go through the hassle of preparing, I might as well get dicked out a lot. I always overbook fwbs bc I know there will be some flakes. on sun, #1 average guy thick cock. Reliable, great texter. Actually our 1st time meeting. I c a lot of potential in him and can train him to better fuck my hole #2 neighbor gym bf. He looks like a Ken doll and pr
  4. I’m in Ptown now. Yesterday evening I was fucked by: 1. My partner fucked me; 2. a talkative daddy top; 3. an average bod Italian and Latino; 4. Thick muscle daddy; 5&6. A latin/white couple took turns on me. I was nailed so good, I didn’t skipped the dick dock and went home haha
  5. I live in nyc and have the wonderful fortune of having great, sexy, consistent fwbs (I try to not spend so much time on the apps. Too much flakiness and unpredictability). Like many of you, I want my bussy destroyed once in a while. It’s been tough quarantining with my hubs as he’s not as sexually energetic as I am. yesterday, we had another edition of Sunday brunch where my fwbs meet over the lunch hour and engage in hours of DDF, consensual, piggy fun. I usually invite many fwbs Bc ultimately a few drop off and flake. Yesterday’s brunch featured steve, Martin, Raymond, Nate,
  6. I was a really bad boy yesterday. Got fucked by six guys. 1. Hubs fucked me 2. Went over to a local guy’s place on Grindr. Kinda average cock, couldn’t get up. Never again. 3. Muscle Jewish daddy bred me 4. Arranged for my middle eastern daddy friend to come over after. Sat on his huge dick and cum was leaking out 5. Went to Harlem to visit a handsome white guy who has been fucking me good for 9 years. 6. Had a Hell’s Kitchen 3-way with my buds R & H. R is Vers and took my load & H’s. R&H took turns on my hole A lot of my fwbs r asking me to
  7. I was a bad boy today and wasn’t socially distancing. Instead, I had “I had hot drag me around the bed, damn I need a chiropractic adjustment, my neighbors might be calling 311” sex with 2 fwbs today. I went 3 weeks without hot sex and was losing my mind. I’ll resume abstinence tomrw Despite 3 weeks of minimal exercise, I think my corona body is still pretty decent. This was taken this morning. Lost some definition, but I’m still pretty pleased. Looking fwd to reuniting with my fwbs After this is all over
  8. Yesterday, Julian had me on a mat. Roll me onto my side, stomach, and back. Got me writhing, sweating, and swearing. My happy aching bones and joints; today I’ll be bearing.🤣
  9. I have a sexy 50+ yo Vers btm friend, Jeff, who is germaphobic (didn’t stop him from previously having ppl’s fluids swimming around in him). We usually take loads together in a weekly playgroup with our friends. He has quarantined himself; no kissing, no sex until this blows over. I miss him lots, but this also means more loads for me. xD
  10. Hubs was supposed to go out to the opera yesterday night so I planned to see some fwbs. Unfortunately, he last min changed his mind so I couldn’t host. With some luck, 1 of my fwbs was able to host me in Hell’s Kitchen. There, I was fucked silly by two of my thick daddy friends - R and S. I got two loads. My fwb, D, who lives 6 blocks north just finished dinner and offered to give me load #3. Who am I to refuse that? D is a handsome black guy, about 25yo. & his cock felt like it was assaulting my intestines. I’m so lucky to have such generous & talented friends. I rode the bus
  11. I hit 100 2020 penetrative experiences this morning.
  12. I don’t count loads; I count penetrative experiences (topping & bottoming). As of this morning, I’m at 89 for 2020. Fwb visiting from cape cod is on his way over now. It’s gonna be 90 soon 😉
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