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  1. You can nut in my hole any day!

    1. upptheebutt69


      For sure man, come ride me and take my cum deep in you

  2. Rite here, RITE NOW!😜😛

  3. Not far from me. 😜😛

  4. Would love to have your beautiful cock inside me 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bentover66


      And then I will suck your cock clean, so you are ready to fuck me again.

    3. upptheebutt69


      well either way I'd always be hard up and ready to fuck and load you again 

    4. bentover66


      ^You make me so horny, my ass feels wet and ready

  5. I keep gravitating to that profile pic.  Man, what a gorgeous dick. 

    1. upptheebutt69


      thanks man! and you already know what a great hole I think you have!

    2. shybottomhole


      Hope you can fill it sometime :)

  6. loving that profile pic dude...love admiring, and then fucking, a used and filled up hole

  7. Hey man, thanks for following - love that dick you got!

    1. upptheebutt69


      thanks man! nice pics yourself

  8. Most ever is 5 in a night, 3 up his ass and 2 down his throat. Usually when I'm fucking a guy, the first load is sooner rather than later, but have no problem staying hard and loading him up again. Love the feeling of nutting straight into a guys ass and having that awesome sensation through my cock, its more than enough to keep me hard and keep on fucking and cumming.
  9. What I Can't See 4 is so hot too...that scene with Jackson taking loads st the glory hole is one of the hottest I've ever seen!
  10. Met up with another guy from grindr who said he was 37 but ended up being 42, no biggie cause I knew he would know what he was doing, and boy was I right! Started fucking him doggy style with a condom on but then moved him so he was riding me. Took turns with him riding me and me deep fucking up into him and it got so hard the condom broke. I told him and he said he hoped that would happen cause he was wanting my load. I was more than happy to keep pounding away at his tight hole and a few minutes later with one finally balls deep thrust I shot a huge load up his ass. I stayed rock hard and cum-fucked him for 15 more minutes, giving him another smaller load before pulling out to see my cum dripping down and all over his bed under his hole. Such a hot fuck, hopefully I'll see him again soon!
  11. Also love to be riden...like fucking love it. I want a tight ass to sit on me and ride me bare, working the tip, until I bust a big nut
  12. really been needing a hole to pound and dump my nut in

    1. Phoenixfaggot


      are you in phoenix?

    2. fatfaggot


      wish my hole would be closer to You

    3. Pup4poz


      Please Sir, use my hole pound and dump all you wish as often as you wish my hole was made for that purpose, a cumdump to serve you

  13. Either way, looks nice and cock hungry
  14. Morning wood won't go down...wish I had a tight, raw hole to wrap around, ride, and milk some loads out of it

    1. bentover66


      willing and ready buddy

  15. Wanna blow a big load in some ass...were my bottoms at?!

    1. michael07
    2. wetgaycumdump


      would love for you to blow a load in my cunt

    3. mjkuhl


      Wish I were close by.

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