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    Unloading fresh nut loads into waiting, willing holes....
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    love to show off and talk nasty on webcam roulettes
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    Dirty talk...kik is upptheebutt

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  1. upptheebutt69

    Record me taking ANON loads

    Hot! You should post a screenshot of his hole open and leaking all that cum
  2. how are you my gorgeous cock

    1. upptheebutt69


      Been hard and up in some holes..want to be in yours too

    2. bentover66


      any tine stud , any time with a big load


  3. upptheebutt69

    Cumming from being sucked

    I love to breed ass... but man, do I LOVE getting a warm mouth around my shaft sucking me up and down before blowing my load right down their throat
  4. upptheebutt69

    Poll: Sexual Risk Habits, For Both Poz/neg

    level 2 for me...but find it so hot watching vids of dudes like this... https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5925a0e64cdd3 the bottom is clearly a 6 based on all those cocks, cum loads, and stains on the sheets....often fantasize about fucking and filling a wet hole like this one but haven't done it yet
  5. upptheebutt69

    Porn Stars on bbrt

    Sean Duran is on as seanduranxxx
  6. upptheebutt69

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    got to fuck a former fuck buddy again the other night. ass just as smooth, tight, and wet as I remember! he rode me a while before I flipped him on his back and pounded his hole. when I was close, I asked where he wanted me to cum, he wrapped his legs around me and said, "you better cum in this ass!" best believe I gave him what he wanted and shot a big load deep up inside his hole
  7. upptheebutt69

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Went to a local gay theatre only wanting to jerk off a few times since I figured it wouldn't be busy. Boy was I wrong! Walked in and immediately saw a guy naked on a couch jerking off for all to see. I sat down and whipped my dick out, we caught eyes, he then moved and motioned me around a wall for more privacy. We jerk together and he lifts his legs, showing his hole to me then gets on his knees and starts giving me a handjob. That's when another guy comes around with his hard dick poking out if his pants. The guy giving me a handjob sticks his ass out for this new guy and gets fucked and loaded by him and the other guy leaves. He then turns around and presents his hole to me. By this point I'm so horned I bust all over his ass and hole in a second. He then backs his hole into my dick and starts rubbing his hole up and down my shaft, using all of the cum to help him glide and slick me up. Then before I knew it, his hole is wrapped around my dick head and I'm slowly sliding deeper into him. His hole is so warm and wet, I can't help but to grab his hips and plow his ass some more before shooting a second load deep up inside him. Pulled out and heard some cum drip out onto the floor. He turned and cleaned me off some and then pulled his clothes on and walked around and out the door, leaving me hot, hard, and wanting more. Hope to see him again soon!
  8. fucking hot ass...would love to have a go at it and fuck some of my cum loads deep up in it

    1. insatiablebot


      Sure.. lemme know which city you are based in and if I am ever visiting, you shall have dibs on my ass :)

  9. upptheebutt69

    Which Sites that have disappeared do you miss most?

    Malemotion.com...usrd to be a video share and chat site similar to drive, and it had free video chat. Used to have lots of fun
  10. upptheebutt69

    Porn Studs who are Ugly/Handsome

    Usually these kinds of dudes are the best cause they're usually the nastier fuckers which is so hot
  11. upptheebutt69

    How do you guys get laid?

    old buds are always reliable, along with the apps and going to cruise spots and the theatres seem to work
  12. upptheebutt69

    Very short fucks?

    Sometimes I like to cum quick just to get it out of the way, stay hard, and use my load as more lube to keep on fucking their hole
  13. Smooth, legs spread and exposed, maybe a load already in it and loosened up some...then love to eat it to get it more wet. It's hot when the guy can open it up alittle for my dick to slide in easy and deep
  14. upptheebutt69

    Getting Caught

    been caught jerking in in public...but it was a cruise park so they joined in and we had a nice JO and cum together
  15. Owen powers is really hot...got a nice ass and hole for taking cum from those dicks. He has an awesome raw gangbang where he took about 10 loads

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