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    Unloading fresh nut loads into waiting, willing holes....
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    love to show off and talk nasty on webcam roulettes
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    Dirty talk...kik is upptheebutt

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  1. upptheebutt69

    Porn Studs who are Ugly/Handsome

    Usually these kinds of dudes are the best cause they're usually the nastier fuckers which is so hot
  2. upptheebutt69

    How do you guys get laid?

    old buds are always reliable, along with the apps and going to cruise spots and the theatres seem to work
  3. upptheebutt69

    Very short fucks?

    Sometimes I like to cum quick just to get it out of the way, stay hard, and use my load as more lube to keep on fucking their hole
  4. upptheebutt69

    How do you like your bottoms ass to be?

    Smooth, legs spread and exposed, maybe a load already in it and loosened up some...then love to eat it to get it more wet. It's hot when the guy can open it up alittle for my dick to slide in easy and deep
  5. upptheebutt69

    Getting Caught

    been caught jerking in in public...but it was a cruise park so they joined in and we had a nice JO and cum together
  6. upptheebutt69

    Who is your favorite actor in bareback porn?

    Owen powers is really hot...got a nice ass and hole for taking cum from those dicks. He has an awesome raw gangbang where he took about 10 loads
  7. Waiting, willing hole right here. Put it in deep

    1. upptheebutt69


      Fuck yeah dude...love to have that hole on my cock, deep pounding and loading you up

  8. Doing some public park cruising today....hoping for some nice dicks and alot of cum

    1. ronnie4u


      GOOD LUCK !  I have had some experiences in parks and rest areas !  :)

  9. upptheebutt69

    Different words for cum

    Dick Spit Boy Goo
  10. upptheebutt69

    Jock, Thong Or Nothing? What Should A Bottom Wear?

    Love a bare naked bottom...love the skin on skin, and his cock hard and flopping around as I pound him deep
  11. upptheebutt69

    Help Identify the porn actors?

    don't know who they are but damn that was hot...love how he puts his arms down and stares at his dripping cock as he pulls out and his cum leaks out of that bottoms ass
  12. feeling super horny...may have to go to the baths, sit back, and have some sloppy nasty holes slide down my hard cock, get fucked deep, and loaded up good

    1. KYcumdump68


      Love to ride that dick at the baths


    2. ronnie4u


      YUMMY HOT !   Addicted to Fine looking Cunt holes !    :)

  13. Nice dick


    1. Guest


      up my butt any time585af2f50f133_004(640x559).jpg.09084cdd4494f55c7b73e80759d6bee2.jpgIs this not a beautiful man cunt hole

    2. ronnie4u


      Simply HOT , Delicious and Beautiful !     :)

  14. Would love to get in on that and have a chance to fuck that ass
  15. Definitely naked! Makes it so much better to see the whole body. And easier to spread legs open to lick all in between from their cock to hole. Don't even like jocks, love it when a bottoms dick and balls hang and flop around when I'm fucking them

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