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  1. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    As a top I love watching my fresh load drip out of a nicely fucked hole....I usually end up fucking it back in anyways, so we both get what we want
  2. Thanks for following me! I'd let you fill me anytime

    1. upptheebutt69


      I would jump at the chance to be balls deep pounding that sweet hole, leave it gaping and dripping

  3. Xtube Gloryhole collection

    this is one of the hottest for sure, love how sleazy it is...where my raw, anon, sleaze bottoms at?!?! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/gloryhole-bare-fuck-21111572
  4. Cum in mouth or ass?

    Feels good to shoot in either one.... but I would say cumming in an ass is best. Nothing better than going in balls deep, shooting a couple cum ropes in his hole and continue fucking him. Then let him suck me clean, if I cum again he gets to swallow that one!
  5. Thanks for the rep stud

  6. Hi, thank you for following. I hope you like my profile

    1. upptheebutt69


      yeah dude, nice pics and hot ass

    2. etha


      thank you


  7. fuck yeah dude...love those videos of guys in sex clubs or one-on-one's when especially the top is verbal and makes it known he's gonna cum in his bottoms hole....then pulls out and the nut follows and drips down the bottoms balls
  8. 7 loads in 70 minutes

    Fuck yeah dude....wish I could have been one of them lucky tops getting a shot at that cummy hole!
  9. feeling especially horny today....really wanna bury my raw, hard up dick in some good, tight hole

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. upptheebutt69


      fuck yeah...spread those legs and take my cock and nut

    3. slimolderbttm


      I want my tight hole to milk your cock

      my butt Oct2016.jpg

    4. Fistulike666


      Here you are ... 

      Cumming Home.jpg

  10. Breeding season 3 from TIM has some hot fuck scenes in it for sure
  11. Top who really loves ass

    Love to just admire a nice ass. Especially when a guy is bent over on all fours, legs spread, hole presented and open. Love to lick and tongue at it for a while, getting it wet and ready while 69ing and having him suck and slober on me. Then love to tease it, with little thrusts half way in and out, opening up his hole. Then on to balls deep pounding it hard until shooting a fat nut deep. When it's loaded, love watching the guy bend over again as I open his hole and lick up the dripping load, lapping at my cum and kissing him. Before shoving my cock back in to load it up again!
  12. your looking for a hole to nut in. wait no more!


    1. HotGreek_STL




  13. Thanks for the rep. Hopefully we can make that scene come true sometime.

    1. upptheebutt69


      absolutely dude...fucking hot

  14. large.IMG_8111.JPG.c7a8e088a413bbf72ddf4614f94704c1.JPGlarge.IMG_8085.JPG.ba1f51a05c206d49196fdc5a97a1462b.JPGI want that cock 

    1. upptheebutt69


      damn hot dude...that hole looks open and ready to take my cock deep, get pounded, then take a big nut load deep in your ass!

  15. Thanks for the follow xx :*

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