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  1. got sucked and swallowed last night, wish his hole would have swallowed my load....where my bottoms at to take this dick and nut?!

    1. BBBeard


      your beautiful deserves to be milked in a fuckhole.

  2. What is this Scene ?

    The video looks to be from the website penispalooza. The one guy at the begonning looks familiar from old videos on that site...pretty hot
  3. TOPS: What should a bottom do when sucking cock?

    I don't like it to be too loose. You gotta grip my dick with your lips! I love rapid, shallow sucks on my cock head alternating with slower long sucks down my entire shaft. Then I'll grab your head and fuck your mouth while busting a nut down your throat and leave it in for you to clean it off completely. Oh, and don't forget to gently massage, pull on, lick and suck on my balls while you're at it
  4. put an ad on craigslist saying I wanted to bust a load into some nice raw hole and got an email saying "desperate dirty dick on CL" lol kind of a turn on reading that ;)

    1. BBBeard


      wish you were nearer, i would help you and on my knees already.

    2. medicchris12


      im in new  york if your still looking

    3. badjamie


      Gotta love Craiglist! =P

  5. Anyone here into feeding guys instead of being fed?

    Hell yeah, great feeling bustin' a nut in some dudes mouth/down his throat, especially after they've been slurping and sucking me hard and they want me to do it...then getting cleaned off afterwards is awesome, sometimes they can even keep sucking until I give them another fresh load, if I'm not fucking them at that point
  6. I'm 99.99% top....but I think it would be hot to go to a bathhouse and have a big load shot inside me...then I go around and fuck bottoms as my hole leaks, cum dripping down my balls and shaft, helping to lube my dick for the fucking. Also to have other guys cum on my dick and I use it as lube to fuck the cumdump holes there
  7. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    not Xtube but still hot! Love watching these sleaze bottoms get fucked and cummed in by any and everyone https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5925a0e64cdd3
  8. Tops: Do you care about a bottom's erection?

    Love it when bottoms are hard when I fuck them. Like seeing them dicks flopping around and smacking my stomach when they ride me, even better if they cum when getting fucked!
  9. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    As a top I love watching my fresh load drip out of a nicely fucked hole....I usually end up fucking it back in anyways, so we both get what we want
  10. Thanks for following me! I'd let you fill me anytime

    1. upptheebutt69


      I would jump at the chance to be balls deep pounding that sweet hole, leave it gaping and dripping

    2. GeorgiaBoy


      Come on over and lets get it done!

  11. Xtube Gloryhole collection

    this is one of the hottest for sure, love how sleazy it is...where my raw, anon, sleaze bottoms at?!?! https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/gloryhole-bare-fuck-21111572
  12. Cum in mouth or ass?

    Feels good to shoot in either one.... but I would say cumming in an ass is best. Nothing better than going in balls deep, shooting a couple cum ropes in his hole and continue fucking him. Then let him suck me clean, if I cum again he gets to swallow that one!
  13. Thanks for the rep stud

  14. Hi, thank you for following. I hope you like my profile

    1. upptheebutt69


      yeah dude, nice pics and hot ass

    2. etha


      thank you


  15. fuck yeah dude...love those videos of guys in sex clubs or one-on-one's when especially the top is verbal and makes it known he's gonna cum in his bottoms hole....then pulls out and the nut follows and drips down the bottoms balls

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