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  1. Hi babygirl. Bare black daddy for you if you're ever in Sussex. We used to chat on Fabguys when you were around Hampshire.

    Picture 3.jpg

    1. leggysian


      hi, contact me on fab again, leggysian or skype, same name

    2. ronnie4u


      Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious !  Wishing you were my  neighbor !

  2. hi, Im Sian and im a sub sissy Tgirl from Dorset. And this is what i look like... I go on various tgirl websites like Tvchix, Birchplace and Squirt. It was on Tvchix i met a guy who had wanted to meet me for ages. He was Hants and approx 55 yrs old. We had chatted for a bit and he said he could accom and i asked him to choose the outfits he wanted me in. (some of the pictures shown are from actual and some to show outfits). He chose the following: Baby pink satin prom dress i got from the US. and blue and white satin sissy maids outfit It was going to be a night meet as
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