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    submission, bareback, oral, bondage, fem, bottom, rimming, dressing, lingerie
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    crossdressing submissive sissy bottom, sucking could swallowing cum taking cocks bareback
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    love being filmed one on one or with a group
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    man to use me and train me to serve one to use me sexually breed and seed me share me with others in regular group scenes..

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  1. Being a submissive total bottom I take his cum wherever he wants to deposit it, I like facials and the feel of cum the warmth and as it gets in my eyes and the feeling as it runs and drys on my skin, I must confess I prefer it in my mouth to coat my tongue and tastebuds I love to taste each man’s cum before swallowing every drop,
  2. Oh yes I have done ass to mouth for a long time, i starting making sure I clean myself out thoroughly every time, when a man pulls out it is instinctively my actions to clean him off and savor the juices and taste, especially in group scenes the bigger the gang and the swapping of ends as one pulls out and I am sucking one clean waiting on another to replace it I relish the chance to clean all the cocks once they emptied into my ass and pull out with the flavors of their cum and the other men’s cum on them
  3. It is so hot and changed things now I do not have to look for a guy to use me sexually, I had the experience of being caught dressing and sexual by a neighbor years ago he blackmailed me and I loved it mostly into being his cross dressing fem sissy for his sexual use and pleasure, he shared me with a couple friends of his over time one a dominate younger dominate guy, that took charge of me when my neighbor passed away, since he has shared me with guys he knows and started scheduling gangbangs for me to center as a submissive sissy cd bottom,, I have become addicted to them and love his groups of men he knows or has met and to me are strangers,, anonymous guys fucking me giving me loads of cum.. so hot I have had 5 gangbangs 3 bareback tow covered those had men he scheduled off the net and locally that he did not know and I know the risks and ready for the positive load one day we are trying to stay with healthy men and keep me negative.. but to have him control who fucks me is my choice and as a submissive my duty to serve him as my Dominate and who he chooses for me serve sexually I accept without question..
  4. I do not recommend that to anyone, I would tell you never let anyone get pictures or incriminating evidence to blackmail you it is not fun or reversible,, years ago 6 years to be exact when I was still in the closet from everyone,, I would venture out dressed and in ways i did not want people to catch me,, my neighbor saw me and took time to get pictures of me and information then came to me with it telling me that he would send and spread the pictures to my family and others unless I dressed for him and had sex with him in private, I was sick about it but thought it would keep it quiet,, he took pictures and video of me and our sex which got me deeper into his commands even into him bringing other men into the group and then I was having sex with more men and more pictures being spread,, it all worked out for me it helped out me and bring me to who I am today but I know for others it would be devastating..
  5. I love being shaved totally,, my body stays smooth every inch from my eyebrows to my toes,, I like men who shave or trim neatly for sex but hairy men are so sexy,, and I do not turn down any man for body hair even the bears out there
  6. I have to agree with so many about the reasons why married men want to hook up with us,, I have had and have many married /single straight men contact me some one time then others are regular,, they are all the same 1 in the closet 2 wives/girlfriends will not get down and dirty with then give them the sexual actions they want and desire some are simply their fantasies that they will not do for them and for myself I will within reason nothing illegal, or harmful to me, 3 in my case as a cross dresser and fem acting they say their women will not dress sexy and give them the look I will, 4 the wives sexually will not give them the anal or oral actions we will and i have a couple that love to share me with another straight friend and their wives are not into the group sexual scene,,
  7. I love bareback,, and agree totally when I submit and let a guy or guys bareback me I expect and know that they have the right to dump inside me as many loads as they want and can deliver..
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