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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Chester UK
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    raw sex. gangbangs, taboo, no limits, chems
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    Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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    Mature transsexual looking to be barebacked by multiple guys.
    All loads taken, come and breed and seed me.
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    bareback top guys and groups who want to use a submissive transsexual for breeding. Looking for any invites to breeding parties in the UK. Poz guys more than welcome to seed me with their toxic cum. Love poppers and chems.
    Mobile 07586 352664

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  1. I would be very interested as well
  2. At Northwich sauna on Wednesday 10th April. looking for guys to come along and fuck me. Bareback only and no pulling out.

  3. looking for guys to breed me. bareback only, no pulling out.

    transsexualbareback on bbrts

    1. b0ll0x


      Hope you get plenty of potent seed!

  4. I have recently stayed at a Premier Inn and you needed a key card to get past reception
  5. Looking for guys to fuck me bareback, no pulling out and all loads accepted

  6. Finally I have got myself to be proven +++..., I would really like to share it with you... ;)

    1. transsexual_bareback


      yes please. we need to meet up so you can breed me.

  7. Looking for guys who are undetectable or with a high viral load to fuck me bareback. Will travel anywhere in the Cheshire, Merseyside or North Wales area to meet up, 1 on 1 or groups. I'm often found at Northwich sauna taking any cum load thats on offer.

  8. Hi, I hope it all works out for you. HIV is super common here in central FL. You might have better luck here.

  9. Strangest place for me was bent over a coffin at a funeral parlour
  10. At Northwich sauna all day on Wednesday 11th April. looking for as many guys to fuck me bare as I can get. All loads taken, nothing refused.

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