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    Easy Going, Good Looking, Sexually adventurous, d/d free raw bottom who ADORES Older Masculine Raw Tops filling my mouth and ass with their sweet manjuice. I like it hard and raw either 1 on 1 or in groups. Prefer men over 50 and uncut but not picky (anyone over 30 and full of Cum is welcome) Luv Low Hangers, Love to lick & suck ass and balls. Luv to try new things and test my limits. I can handle the big ones in either hole, both at once (and Double Anal) and love it but not a size guy either. I love to be photographed during sex and anything else you want to know just ask.
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    Only Homemade
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    Masculine Tops (over 25 ok but Over 50 A+++) with hard cocks full of cum!!

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  1. NWSCBBacker

    What's your favorite way to finish sucking?

    After he has cum I love to continue sucking gently until he either pulls away or starts to get hard again. I have had a guy come 3 times in one session that way without ever having my mouth leave his cock. It was fantastic!!. If he does pull away I like to lick his ass until he gets hard again. They either want to fuck me then or shove their cock back down my throat. That's a win win!!
  2. ATM all the way Baby!!


  3. What I wish I was doing right now.....


  4. Both . I love cock up my ass, cum in my ass and the more the merrier. I love cock in my mouth and cum in my mouth and again the more the merrier. if he wants to unload in my mouth after fucking my ass who am i to say no?
  5. NWSCBBacker

    Carolina guys?

    Upstate SC here
  6. NWSCBBacker

    Bottoms - Do You Like To Get Double Fucked?

    Oh Man How I love it!! and if there is a third one for my mouth wow!!
  7. NWSCBBacker

    Ass to mouth

    Nothing makes me cum harder than when I am sucking a cock that's been in my or someone else's ass. If it has just cum even better!!
  8. NWSCBBacker

    Does the size of the top’s cock matter?

    I'll be honest I LOVE a BIG Fat Cock in my ass. I love my ass being stretched by his girth and my depths being challenged by his length, HOWEVER any cock up my ass is a pleasure for me and the bigger the load the better..
  9. NWSCBBacker

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Getting spit roasted is Fantastic!! I love when they find their rhythm and bounce you back and forth before they both shove it to the hilt in your holes!!
  10. NWSCBBacker

    The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    11 inches. I could quite get all of it in my mouth (about 9-10 got down but he damn sure fucked me balls deep!! He was incredible!!)
  11. NWSCBBacker

    how many loads can you swallow?

    Adult bookstore.. swallowed 13 loads twice. I emptied the place out both times ;-)
  12. NWSCBBacker

    Oral Front? Or Oral Back?

    What I love to do when in an oral mood is suck him off until he cums and then rim his ass to get him hard again and go from there.
  13. Take it....No better way to learn than to jump right in the deep zone

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