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    nice hungry cunts to load, although partial to big cocks sliding up inside me from time to time. more pics in album for friends

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  1. If I'm around I'd be up for that
  2. LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

    What's your name on BBRT?
  3. LONDON ANON CUMDUMP 29.09.17-01.10.17

    Sounds good to me. Not sure about access to floors there. Maybe Holiday Inn Express Vauxhall? Days Inn Waterloo (not that far from there)?
  4. OMG, that's a FANTASTIC screen name!  You're welcum to spunk mine ANY time!

    1. cuntspunker


      cheers. yours is good too ;-)


    2. phukhole


      sounds like we need to get them together over and over and over....

  5. Where to go

    Chariots Vauxhall is still open. Might want to try Vault 139 too. Where are you staying?
  6. Camera Man needed - massive dungeon gangbang

    Shame I missed it. Did you get it on film? Where/when do we get to see the results?
  7. Moving to London

    Soho is the best area in terms of nightlife. There are some places in Vauxhall, but not that much anymore. Sauna-wise Locker Room Kennington, Chariots Vauxhall and maybe Waterloo and yeah, check out BBRT for plenty of locals. Welcome!
  8. Let us know when you book. I'd be up for adding a load.
  9. Looking to plan another group in London.

  10. Local Kamagra (Etc) Supplier?

    I'd be more inclined to try the herbal stuff from gay sex shops, if you can. Some are better than others.
  11. Hampstead Heath Tonight? (24Th Sept)

    I haven't heard of any trouble recently, so it should be safe. It might be better to go with someone though. You go to Jack Straw's Castle and end up right down the bottom at the fuck tree. Obviously best to go with someone who knows the area.
  12. Any London guys up for vers fuck tomorrow lunchtime?

  13. London load swap anyone?

  14. Cumunion Or Sbn At The Hoist?

    SBN won't guarantee you a raw fuck, but I've heard CumUnion numbers were a bit low too.

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