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    nice hungry cunts to load, although partial to big cocks sliding up inside me from time to time. more pics in album for friends

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  1. Not sure if you need a key in Vauxhall Travelodge. I do see guys at times on BBRT who are staying there, but I've never been in.
  2. cuntspunker

    Young bottom hosts Central London daytime

    That could work
  3. Looking for young bottoms who can accommodate daytime in Central London. I'm talking someone in his 20s/early 30s. End of this week onwards. Hep C neg please.
  4. cuntspunker

    Newly on PREP

    Worth asking (politely) about Hep C status and awareness of other STIs. There's no way you will know for sure, but everyone should remember it's still possible to be a responsible slut ;-)
  5. cuntspunker

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I arranged a meet with a guy on BBRT ahead of time, to go over to his Friday afternoon to breed him. I'm a major fan of door-on-the-latch scenes and he was up for it. After traipsing through the snow to get to his place, I hoped it was going to be worth it, but I knew we'd had a horny fucking build-up to the meet. When I got to his, buzzed his flat and made my way up. I let myself into his flat, the stripped off in the hallway. I knew which room he'd be in and sure enough there he was as planned, on his knees, arse in the air, hairy cunt on show. I fingered it for a while, to see how tight he was, then started running my cock over his hole. the more i did it the harder and wet I got. Finally he was begging for my cock in him, so in I slid, just using my precum as lube. I fucked a bit, pulled out to tease him more, fucked more, then eventually sped up and dumped a two day load deep inside him.
  6. cuntspunker

    Door open arse in da air

    Damn didn't check back. Would have definitely been up for loading you.
  7. cuntspunker

    Door open arse in da air

    There's an Ibis at Greenwich I think. Not sure about others. When are you doing it?
  8. I've visited a couple of guys recently in Riverbank Park Plaza Vauxhall, as well as Strand Palace in the West End. Always up for anon hotel meets.
  9. Travelodge Vauxhall and Holiday Inn Express Vauxhall seem to be the most popular ones. Also depends on budget. Bloc South next to Vauxhall Station. Check Boyz and QX (weekly gay mags) for details of what stuff is on.
  10. cuntspunker

    Fickstutenmarkt - Would You Go?

    Can't find it (link isn't working). Has the blog been removed?
  11. cuntspunker

    Tyson Tyler

    Fuck I wish. Love to see him fucking raw.
  12. cuntspunker

    Haggerston Park toilets

    Sounds hot. Any gloryholes?
  13. cuntspunker

    Young Irish twink visiting london

    Hot little cunt. Sorted where to stay yet? You should check out the Vault near Warren Street, Chariots Vauxhall (sauna, but check best time to make it worthwhile), for starters. If you post on BBRT too, you should get plenty of offers to breed you.
  14. cuntspunker

    Breeding in vauxhall this weekend

    Just saw this. Has the breeding finished? Where are you guys?

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