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  1. Tempe, 43, 225# cumdump bottom.... love a good anonymous point and fuck....
  2. i discretely film all of my anonymous encounters. i dont see the guys during because of the blindfold but love to jo to them later, especially when theres a hot one. but, ive never shared my hundreds of videos or showed them to anyone else ever. i suppose it isnt cool that i do this but i rationalize it that its OK since i never show them to anyone but me.
  3. like someone else said, its the anticipation that is so hot. that sound when the door opens and you hear their zipper drop. feeling them stick it in, pump away, call you a few names, groan, zip up and go. in your imagination they all look like Shemar Moore even if they really look like Duddley Moore. ive had three hundred or so dudes pump me full of jizz while im blindfolded and ass up (damn, i miss craigslist...)
  4. two things....i do pretty much 100% blindfolded anon so i just about jizz every time i’m ass up and i hear the door open, his zipper going down, and his cock going in. bonus points if he doesnt say a word and only considers me a hole. but ultimately its about the cum. id rather have ten guys jizz in me after one minute than one guy fucking away for 10. quantity over quality.
  5. i like to believe what people write really happened but then i’ll see a post saying something like “last tuesday i had sex with my father, my brother, the pope and jeffrey dahmer.” instant boner killer and possible downvote.
  6. i was doing the blindfolded cumdump thing one day when i lived in Connecticut. dude popped in, popped one out, and left. i always liked to see their face afterwards and would peak out the window. Guy was a young stud and the got in to the comcast van that was parked in my driveway. he came back a few more times before i moved.
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