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  1. Thanks for the follow!

  2. Ocala here

    1. Pozmenow69


      Ocala here too and chasing bugs hoping 

  3. Edwardfrinsen

    Netherlands: Uden

  4. Edwardfrinsen

    I Still Love It

    Years ago, I was around 40..I dated hardly. Looking at porn, fucking men and chatting and once in a while time I dated, striking and sucking. I chatted often with a men of around 65, he lived a few miles away and was always horny. He was honest and told me from the beginning he was pose. i would never thought of dating him..but chatting was great. He loved older and young, had a lot of pics we swapped. In that day I was still a virgin for anal...he loved that...I loved special underwear, he had it..... so he always send me some pics of special undies and I loved it. One evening, horny as heel.. HE said, come to me and we can stroke, watch dirty movies of older and young and wear his undies... I trusted him, so agreed and went there. after a drink, his story went upstairs....took his underwear and watch a movie, I did stroke and he did also. He called his dick a toxic stick..but I got attracted...after a while he said to me, I will take your virginity with a dildo, you want that..horny by that time..I said yes ..please.. so i was on his bed, both naked, he took my cherry with a dildo, one with a pump, so after a while i was quitte stretch... he was stroking and calling he would love to fuck me, he put on a condom and also pushed that way to my broken cherry, calling me if he could fuck me..I said no, not that, but he was great... so far a real story.. I was so horny, but still in control..I wished I was not....and he would have taken me on the spot with his dick, taking off the rubber and made me his boys, convert me...I now would have loved it... In real I came, he came, I did not know where..I asked him later and he said he come over my cherry... I never knew, no contact anymore, but I still love the idea that he would have bred me.. Years later I came addicted to bare...now still neg..I do hope I will meet a men like him with the guts....
  5. SWEET ass id love to plow that hole

  6. Edwardfrinsen

    My first time bareback

    I found out on a young age that dicks were very horny, but also licked girls, So my normal love began and when I was 40 I discovered dating with men for sex was extreem hot....so first stroking, then the blow job, then the fucking and.....bare. Bare took a while, curious, but also afraid for it. So I dated a horny men of 65, he fucked me well safe..( I am a real bottom ), after 6 months we had a chat and I explained how I loved it. So..well do it again! So I was there..on his bed naked, big dick and well shaped...I said to him I loved pictures of bare. fucking men. SO he explained he did it once in a while, only with boys and men who were to be trusted...But I was horny...and said I would love it.. So I was sitting on my knees, he was behind me...knowing he would take me, he asked me If I was sure..I said yes....then he penetrated me, I loved it. Then I laid on my belly, while he was fucking me deep....he was almost there and asked me: You really want it in you, are you sure? i said yes, please and then he loaded me. He loved it, I loved it. He stood up, wend to the bathroom, I feld the cum coming out of my cherry....I never had a more horny feeling. Still have to go a third time...It will come in time...
  7. Hi, I am often over there.....would be nice

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