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  1. Ever seen the TIM film 'So you wanna be a cumdump?' Guy blindfolded on a fuckbench gets bred by several tops, one at a time, until they are all done. Well, I want to be that cumdump sometime. Would be cool if someone with a fuckbench could arrange to host some cumdump parties, maybe charge admission for the bottom but free/cheap for tops. I'd pay admission for that.
  2. Any private sex parties in the BOS/PVD area? Have been to Cumunion, but it can be hit or miss.. I'd like to try out a more controlled group. I saw another post about setting up a poz pig party, but if there's a group of neg/prep/undetectable I would be interested.
  3. So I went to CumUnion in Philly last night. Decent size group of guys fucking in the basement when I got there. For those who haven't been, one of the rooms in the basement has two slings and two benches, and some chairs (for spectators I guess). Well, the sling guys and bench guys were both getting fucked. I came back later and there was one guy just waiting with ass up in the sling, so I got on one of the benches. Long story short, I got spitroasted (easier on a bench anyway) while sling guy got none. So the bench worked out well this time - like a good pair of shoes, comfortable and practical. :-)
  4. I've never paid for services. Although if I guess any paid sex party where you are guaranteed action would be almost the same. Free sex is still better, imo.
  5. Thanks man. I really did enjoy it! On a few occasions he even invited a couple other guys over to share me. He liked watching the other guys shoot inside me before planting his hot seed in me. Getting hard thinking about it...
  6. I was heading home from getting fucked by a guy on Grindr. I decided to log back on, and noticed a message from a big bear-type top asking if I was free to come get bred. Since I had a fresh load of cum in my hole, I let him know that he'd be getting seconds. He said "good, I love a slutty man whore" and told me to come over anyway. So I brought my freshly cum-filled ass over to the address provided. He opened the door, and I was pleasantly surprised to see his 6'5" frame, and a handsome bearded face looking down at me. He smiled and said "come on in". My mind immediately started imagining what his weight would feel like pressing fown on me. "The bedroom is back this way." I followed him back through his small apartment to his bedroom where he told me to strip down. I did what I was told, and he pulled his clothes off too. "Suck my dick" he said and I dropped to my knees. In a few moments his cock was rock hard and he pulled me upwards and pushed me onto the bed. He laid down on the bed next to me and rolled me onto my side, his chest against my back, as he stroked my hair. He was so cuddly. Then I felt his cock nuzzle up against my ass, the thick head finding its way toward my hole. "You like getting bred, boy?" he asked. "Fuck yeah." He thusted his hips forward and plunged his dick into my waiting hole. After a few strokes, the cum was all over his cock, and I feel the pressure of him up against my prostate. A few minutes later, he pushed me onto my stomach as he rolled with me, his cock still inside me. I was in heaven now, loving the feel of this big cuddly bear on top of me, his dick slowly moving in and out of me. He whispered in my ear.. "you want this cum? You like cum? I love fucking a wet cummy hole." I wanted his cum so bad. Just then I felt his cock swell and he forced his cock all the way inside as he let out a moan of pleasure. He rolled off of me and I lay there enjoying the moment. After cleaning up I left. We fucked around a few more times... Then one day I was browsing through some porn online and saw his face on the cover art for a bb bear flick. "What?! That can NOT be him.." I thought to myself. So I watched it to see him in action. Sure enough, there was the man the left his loads in me breeding a guy on film. I felt so proud.. one of those "hey I know that guy!" moments. I still haven't told him I saw him in a porno or called him by his porn name, but it's enough for me to know I've been fucked by a porn star.
  7. I used to use craigslist when I was traveling (and at home too). Since CL got shut down I've only really used grindr successfully. I like bbrts for finding guys too. Just heard about a new one for anonymous ads... Has anyone had any luck with doublelist.com?
  8. Hey guys, I will be in Miami/FTL area in February. What else is happening in the area besides cumunion? Any private parties? Would love to take some loads while I'm in town.
  9. Yeah, that's true. Definitely depends on who else is there.
  10. Pic of me gettin bred recently.


  11. Hah.. I've heard this from a couple tops. Blows my mind, cuz I seem to bump into mostly bottoms. We must all be looking in the wrong places.
  12. Did you go back? Give the update! ?

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