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    I am a POWER Bottom PIG & Loving every minute. Been edging & can now hold off for hours of fucking & getting multiple loads. Love to be feltched & re-filled. Knowing my sole purpose is to make my TOP(s) feel pleasure, my hole is for their use.
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    Local TOPS to BREED ME. Love to be tagged by more than one top in a session. Love an audience

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  1. fillmyholeftl

    Why do I crave it?

    Used by someone untrained (consumer) the Ora-quick home oral test has a high incidence of false positives due to improper swabbing.
  2. fillmyholeftl

    Visiting Sept 22-24

    bumping up
  3. #1. If you contract HIV or if initially it wasn't diagnosed you run the risk of developing a resistance to the medications in Truvada. #2. There are known Kidney and bone density issues with Truvada that need to be monitored. Those are the 2 most important issues
  4. You may be able to purchase it from an Indian Pharmacy (Generic Truvada) however you REALLY need to have the proper testing and evaluation prior to taking and regular (every 3 mos) monitoring of any side effects or latent HIV. You are really doing yourself serious harm if you take it without the proper medical supervision.
  5. fillmyholeftl

    Visiting Sept 22-24

    Their "guest" membership rules sucked last time I was there.
  6. fillmyholeftl

    Visiting Sept 22-24

    Bumping this up
  7. fillmyholeftl

    Visiting Sept 22-24

    I'm a former NYer and return to see family a couple times a year. This time I'm planning a couple days before I tell them I'm in town. I know WSC & ESC are lame. Where can a horny cum seeking bottom go to assure he'll get some loads. Saturday & Sunday nights. Appreciate any feedback
  8. fillmyholeftl

    Prepsters are stretching it too far...

    In my outreach/testing efforts I've come across a number of guys who use PrEP as backup. They're mostly Bi and with Girlfriends
  9. fillmyholeftl

    Cumunion Ft Lauderdale

    Decided to check out the Cumunion @ Club Ft Lauderdale yesterday. I'd never been since they instituted a few months back. I kept my expectations low, as one never really knows what to expect at a bathhouse at anytime. Well I was surprised. My friend at the desk gave me a Primo located room. As I got undressed (door ajar) I was already getting cruised by a hot bear/cub. I nodded approval and it wasn't more than 10 minutes before he'd given me the first load. I wandered around a bit... smiled at a nice young black guy who followed me to my room and gave me second load with little concern for how I felt! (I do love that) A talk lanky hot man who I know from BBRT and who fucked and Bred me a few years back cruised me and led me back to MY ROOM ! He was very dominant and threw me on the bed... licked and ate out some of the cum from my slightly swollen hole. He's hung 9+ and thick and slowly (thank god) entered me and fucked me nice and passionately for 30 mins or so... midway depositing his load. Fucked with an older latin guy who lost his hardon with too much poppers... Then cruised a youngish Cub who I've chatted with on and off for over a year... took him back and were making out, he kissed so passionately then he knew I'd been wanting him so he took me doggy and left his seed very deep ! Another young latin boy came in while I was resting and took me from behind.... fucked for 5 or so minutes but didn't cum. I am definitely going back next month, a great crowd with many there to get off... much different than a typical day.
  10. fillmyholeftl

    HIV risk and Older Men

    Its my own opinion... its common sense
  11. fillmyholeftl

    HIV risk and Older Men

    When I counsel older guys, I point out that preventive medicine (PrEP) has les benefit the older someone is.... Basically with someone older the worse case scenario is that you become HIV+ and go in ARVs, which will have about the same negative impact on ones body as PrEP at that point. You're going to be taking them for a shorter period of time (life span?) then someone in their 20s lets say. Just have fun and get tested regularly
  12. fillmyholeftl

    Twink breeder or cumdump for daddies

    Go for it !! I only wish you were using and breeding this Daddy's Cunt
  13. fillmyholeftl

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    Yes... I pretty significant chance of getting infected
  14. fillmyholeftl

    Bottoms who cum while getting fucked

    Just the other day, hooked up with a cute, rather unassuming young latin guy. He had a unimpressive 6" cut cock... He briefly ate my hole then quietly asked, "you want me to put in in'? I said yes and he fucked me on my back, my legs resting on his shoulders. In about 5 minutes I was crying out as I realized I was about to shoot my load between our bellies. He fucked me until he unloaded. Hasn't happened in YEARS !!!
  15. fillmyholeftl

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Hooked up with a cute 25yo latin "geek" boy. Short like me, he hit me up on Grindr yesterday and said he could host today. Chatted this morning and agreed on 1pm. He's about 25 mins from me. I drove over and he's cute as anything we kissed a bit and went to the bedroom where both got naked. He's got a cut cock, nothing out of the ordinary,6"+ with really nice balls. I suck a bit then pushes me on my back and lifts my legs and rims me nice a few minutes...asks if I want it in me... I reply of course. So far its nice... nothing spectacular and he's fucking me nice on my back... here's where it changes... he begins hitting the spot nd in 5 or o minutes I'm crying out as I start to cum hands free !!! That hasn't happened in YEARS. Well he fucks me for 5 or o more minutes and loads my hole good... I can feel that nice "regular" cock spasm multiple times. Damn I want to see him again !!!

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