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    I am a POWER Bottom PIG & Loving every minute. Been edging & can now hold off for hours of fucking & getting multiple loads. Love to be feltched & re-filled. Knowing my sole purpose is to make my TOP(s) feel pleasure, my hole is for their use.
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    Local TOPS to BREED ME. Love to be tagged by more than one top in a session. Love an audience

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  1. When used anally, the inner ring I supposed to be removed
  2. Bumping this up... Hope to get some good ole NY DNA Deposits
  3. Staying in AIRBNB off 7th Ave & 14th St. Hoping to hookup with tops to load me with some NY seed and DNA
  4. In the 80's, in a VW Rabbit... parked on the street in Manhattan. I was a lot more limber and really wanted his load
  5. Just now !! Been chatting last few days on Scruff with a cute bearded ginger... he HMU this morning, I was on my way to the gym and only a small window of opportunity after. I let him know I was home and 10 minutes later I'm sucking his "grower" to a hard rocket shaped 7". He lays back on my bed and orders me to sit on it. 5 mins later he floods my hole I'm a happy man for the afternoon
  6. I don't think there is any reason to be concerned... You are like a SUPER MAN !
  7. Not with Daily Use... I think its only 3 confirmed with Daily Use
  8. You are more likely to get infected by someone who doesn't know their status...someone who hasn't tested in awhile. U=U is used as a risk reduction tool with partners that you KNOW. Someone you are familiar with, that you trust that you know see their Dr and takes their meds. Any "Hookup" Bathhouse encounter should be considered ????
  9. If you forget it when taking it daily, what makes you think you'll remember on 4 specific days of the week. If you take it 4 X a week, the blood level of the drug will be less than at daily dosing. So missing a single dose (which you will no doubt do) will have a greater effect on the effectiveness. SO If you wan tot be protected, take it daily. Set up a pill box, so you see if you've taken it that day. Use other reminders.
  10. yes that is true. UNTRANSMITTABLE means UNTRANSMITTABLE

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