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    I am a POWER Bottom PIG & Loving every minute. Been edging & can now hold off for hours of fucking & getting multiple loads. Love to be feltched & re-filled. Knowing my sole purpose is to make my TOP(s) feel pleasure, my hole is for their use.
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    Local TOPS to BREED ME. Love to be tagged by more than one top in a session. Love an audience

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  1. fillmyholeftl

    PrEP adherence

    Your protection is probably fine... just going forward try to take it at about the same time daily. If you forget a dose 1 X per month or take it late that's not a problem at all
  2. fillmyholeftl

    PrEP adherence

    that's for the occasional time when you forget. You should try to take it daily at about the same time every day.
  3. fillmyholeftl

    PrEP adherence

    If you forget and its within 12hrs of the time you usually take they say take it. If its over 12 hrs, wait til next regular dose. That's a good rule of thumb for any potent prescription medication
  4. fillmyholeftl

    Hiv without meds

    There are people known as "non progressors" and for some reason can stay healthy with good #s like you.
  5. fillmyholeftl

    Split the Seam

    You're not missing anything Silicone is condom safe
  6. A while back... I got fucked an bred by a ALPHA Tattooed Jock type @ Club Lauderdale as he got off of my back, slapped by Butt saying "Hold on to the Kids" !!!
  7. fillmyholeftl

    Should I go off prep?

    Its a very reasonable way to think..
  8. fillmyholeftl

    Cumunion Ft Lauderdale

    As a matter of fact... I went back the following month. It wasn't that great. In the meantime I've had few outstanding afternoons with out the CumUnion party. It just goes to show that any Bathhouse at anytime can be hit or miss
  9. fillmyholeftl

    Pozzed with oral sex?

    Rare is a stretch !! Danny Pintauro from "Who's the Boss" fame, claims that's how he was infected. I think he said he was using a lot of Crystal Meth at the time. Maybe that had suppressed his immune system enough that combined with sores in his mouth might explain an orally transmission.
  10. fillmyholeftl

    PrEP - can I use it after the USE BY date?

    Its still fine... after a few years it may loose some potency
  11. fillmyholeftl

    What should a boy do to please his daddies?

    I'm a Daddy that absolutely loves his boy to rim, fuck and BREED my hole all the time.. A passionate yet dominate boy is what I crave
  12. If I'm not mistaken,, Ocular Syphilis is a result of syphilis infection.. meaning its a symptom of a tertiary syphilis infection. I may be wrong but I think if exposed you may get syphilis and not ocular directly
  13. fillmyholeftl

    Became HIV + while on PreP

    I guess not as Article describes a 21 yo and latinofever DOB is 1963
  14. fillmyholeftl

    Became HIV + while on PreP

    Are you the California guy that I've read about in some journals the last few days ? And how are things now?

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