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    Masc jock bottom, been getting to know my slutty side lately...110% bottom here and always have been, I know what I'm good at and love to show it off. Work and work out a lot here so not always alot of time, but please hit me up if you think we might be a match!
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    I love to serve butch, demanding, aggressive total topmen who know what they want and don't stop to ask if it's ok. Love to worship boots and sweaty feet, pit licking, ass eating, men in leather, bondage. Got a decent collection of gear myself. Also up for bottom buds to fuck around with and always on the lookout for friends. Black guys with HUGE cocks and twisted guys with pervy nasty minds f

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  1. Ran out of posts for the day but I like that kind of porn for the same reason. I just want more and better porn like that lol. Like the stories on this site...

  2. I like Sketchy Sex and frat X though dude...it's like my one FB said once "they're a little rape-y." And I was like "right. Exactly"
  3. Exactly. I can almost smell that and I need to taste and feel it RN.
  4. Yes it's pretty close to the intensity of a slam.
  5. Ummm. I'm not the only one who wants the long version, right?
  6. This. Totally.
  7. Not a silly question. I wondered how that was going to work when I first got locked up, too. Yes, that's what happens eventually, just a slow dribble of a half-cumload. also depends how much I am partying. If I'm not totally off for at least 10 days I can't get hard enough to cum. Otherwise I just have a constant dribble of pre. But NOT a stupid question.
  8. Hot profile. Have a good one.


  9. Ummm...yeah. Definitely would look good on u dude. <drools>
  10. This. It makes me cunt hungry every time I see it.
  11. Dude...I just watched it. That daddy cock is amazing. I would of begged for it even sober. Fuck.
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