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  1. I sucked my dad uncle brother grandpa sleeping or unaware u got there dick pic if anyone trade 

  2. Chapter 7: More Fun and Games (Sorry for the delay between chapters, this one is short, but it is setting up for what have been planning for chapter 8) Jason reluctantly untied the rope he used to bind our balls together, playfully tugging at them as he undid the knot. All the while, he and I were still pushing the double header back and forth. The chems from earlier still drowning my brain in a lust filled craze. “oh fuck son” I mumbled as I writhed in the pool of our sweat and piss. Jason had more planned though as he began to pull away, the dildo coming out of his stre
  3. Chapter 6: a game of Tug-of-War I was losing myself in Jason's kiss. His strong arms holding in place as his tongue danced along the roof of my mouth and I sucked it like I had sucked his cock earlier. My lust and chem scrambled mind pulling my attention back to my son's 9 inches still buried in my stretched and cum-slicked hole. I began to try to gyrate my ass around his beautiful pierced cock, causing him to break our kiss as let out a slow moan before moving back to begin licking and kissing my ear as he softly whispered to me, “damn Dad, you really love that poison cock in
  4. Chapter 5: Dibs on Dad's Ass (Sorry, this is a short chapter as it is kind of a wrap up for the end of chapter 4) Matt and I lay on our backs, still connected by the rubber monster-cock double header, Jason still impaled on his brothers massive dick. All three of us slick with sweat and chempiss and breathing heavily as Matt started to slowly gyrate his hips again, using his ass to fuck me while his thick cock began to slowly move in and out of Jason's hot ass again. It doesn't take long for him to pick up his pace as he puts a hand on each of Jason's hips as he begins to
  5. Thanks for the input BoYGaSM, I will try keep up a bit more consistency in the character descriptions, Since I usually have the same opinion when I read stories here. I would also like to thank everyone for your eager reception of my first story, I hope it has helped a lot of you "beat out a midnight snack" or two 😉 I still have some ideas for things for rick and the boys to do short term, and a few random ideas floating around for "it could be hot if they...." situations that could either go in here, or possibly branch off into completely unrelated stories. Not sure... lots of twist
  6. Chapter 4: Share your toys After finally finishing up in the shower and washing off the mix of sweat, spit, piss, cum, and lube off of each of us, We agreed to move back to my room. Jason was able to walk on his own, but after all of the crystal my boys had fucked into me, and getting fully gaped my Matt's monster cock (as well as both boy's hands), my legs were like rubber and I was stumbling, so Matt wrapped his arm around me to pull me close to his heavily tattoo'ed, tall muscular frame; helping me walk to my bed. As Jason walked in first, he flopped onto my bed and Matt ta
  7. Chapter 3: You're still mine Saying I was surprised to look up to see my boy towering above me and I was kneeling between his older brothers legs is an understatement... I coughed and spit out the last of his piss from my mouth. As the chempiss and spit trickled down my belly, I tried to stand but the chempiss was kicking in fast and I fell back against Jason, who managed to catch and steady me with his massive muscular arms. “Easy there dad”, Matt said as he stepped forward and slightly leaned down to plant a deep passionate kiss on his older brother Jason. I sat down an
  8. Chapter Two: (Like Father, Like Son) As I lay on my back, Jason's hard cock still lodged deep in my throbbing hole, he pushed himself up with his arms; sweat dripping from his short dark hair. His green eyes looked deep into mine, and a devilish smile crept across his handsome face, “Is the stuff in the kitchen still in the same places?” he asked. I was caught off guard by the randomness of his question but managed to reply “uh, yeah, basically” before he quickly pulled out, shoved one of the nearby plugs into my hole, and stood up before happily bouncing off to the kitchen. Any
  9. Chapter 1: This is my first time writing a story, It is entirely fiction, but is loosely based off of a role-play session with another avid fan of this site. (feel free to skip the next two paragraphs of setup and jump to the good stuff) Hi, My name is Rick, and this is finally got the father-son bonds I didn't know I needed. I used to be a pretty muscular “dreamboat” back in my HS football days (6'3”, dark hair, blue eyes, and a broad muscular farmers frame), which let me get around as much as I wanted, but eventually resulted in a drunken three-way with my “beard” Barb and 9
  10. Hey, Pornhub premium is free right now, and this is the perfect time to get a grip on our man to hand relationships... Break out your toys! Hell, most of us are home alone anyway... get weird 🙂! Just try to keep things physically safe, because now is NOT the time to have to go into the ER for any kind of sex or masterbation related injury. So lets all have our own private "Orgy for One" and once again have a fun reason to wash our hands for a change. As for all of the hookup sites and dating apps, they are still a way to virtually meet and talk to each other, and well, I think the lo
  11. so for my entire time on Grindr, I have been fully upfront about my status; and not only have i never gotten a hookup there, but I am usually getting responses like "fuck off, i don't want aids" even though i am currently medicated and fully undetectable. But a few weeks back i found myself in another city, and when I started to get the same bullshit I updated my profile... left the HIV status field blank, updated my last testing date to the month before because that is when my last bloodwork was; and threw in a note in the comments section that i was a fully medicated bb bottom, which IS
  12. i have experienced this level of filling with chempiss, but in my experience, what gets past the ring doesn't get re-absorbed as much until it works it's way back down, at which point it does it's thing whether you want it then or not... it kinda makes things a real dice throw until it is all out.
  13. woodrow82


    It's a site setting, any references to the fallen angel with the "S" term are automatically changed to Sarah Palin
  14. This is exactly why you don't get it. In the area I grew up in, there is still only one power company, 1 TV/Inernet company (because of Beavis & Butthead, we lost all music television but CMT) 1 medical center (family practice doctor), and the nearest hospital was 2 towns over, and yes, only one Bakery the next town over. The anti-gay (anti anything different really) feeling was palpable in everything. Basically if they don't feel like providing services to gays/minorities, then you have to just live without that service (which is a pain when there is also only one restaurant/diner). Th
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