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    Willing cumdump that loves new and degrading experiences
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    Submissive Bottom, loves big cocks and lots of cum!

    If it means I'm going to be degraded, it means I'm going to like it :)

    Contact me on hungryhole@mail.com or Skype - hungry.holeboy
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    Tops with big cocks :) I love older daddies, but I will take what I can get :)

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  1. The Biggest Cock You Have Sucked

    was about 9 inches and fat, i didn't get to the balls but he fucked my face hard and made me puke a little
  2. Swallow Your Own Cum

    I either eat it or use it as fresh lube!
  3. Blackmail Situations

    Over the years I have found myself in situations of blackmail, usually with the mailer making me do even more degrading things, to stop him either posting photos or videos online or emailing friends and family. I have realised over the years I get more and more thrill over it to the point where i almost willingly get myself into trouble i love to know what blackmail experiences other people have had or put people through
  4. Proud Bottoms?

    I just loved being filled and stretched. Thats what gets me off.
  5. Most Degrading Session

    DenVERScub - that was really hot - I've been blackmailed a few times and I'm starting to love it! defiantly means I'm a sub lol!
  6. Most Degrading Session

    Ive done a few public toilet sessions I find them so hot and degrading. Being pissed on is always hot and degrading!
  7. Most Degrading Session

    Over the years I have been search for more and more degrading experiences to get me off. Piss, Group, Older, strangers, pimped out, public, blackmail etc. I would love to know what the most degrading things that you have experienced or what to experience. Might give some fresh ideas!
  8. Horse Fair

    This looks amazing!
  9. Bttms Who Can't Take It

    A butt plug has always saved me when it comes to a big cock! Its become common practice now, plugs just keep getting bigger with the cocks!
  10. I usually find straight guys a bit dull as they just don't have the presence of a real gay top, I do however love guys who are in a straight relationship but use me as their cumdump. Much more fun!
  11. Getting my first load of 2016 tonight!

  12. Took My First P. A. Cock

    I really want, change that NEED to try this
  13. I always like being a hole of married guys to use if they aren't getting their rocks off at home. I've got a few FB who call me up when their other half doesn't put out, I do love teasing them about it, they usually fuck me harder.
  14. Absorb Or Push Out Cum?

    Depending on my mood ill either let it slowly come out during the day or I will plug it in. Ive been enjoying it leaking out, makes me feel even nastier
  15. Happy new year! Time to get my boy cunt filled up with cock as much as I can like every year!

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