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  1. This is one of my favorite stories. I love reading about young bottoms learning to love poz cum converting them. Makes me wish I started chasing earlier.
  2. Got a little high tonight and searched for this after I got home so I could cum! I hope we get those last 4 chapters!
  3. Do you ever get to Dallas?

  4. Hot!! I'm boned to see where this story goes
  5. It is. Granted it's like 6 months old. I just work my angles and the lighting and use a lil concealer on close-ups lol. Thanks!!
  6. I love this!! I hope we get more!!
  7. Thank you for the follow, cub.

  8. I think that's your body trying to cum from prostate stimulation. That's kind of what it feels like for me and if you can breathe your way through it (or huff poppers or whatever) you might end up cumming handsfree.
  9. Definitely gonna need another installment soon!
  10. 29 but I've been told I look younger
  11. I've reread this story 3 dozen times imagine myself as a bottom joining the club! I hope we get the part where our protagonist joins the Club soon!
  12. No worries about your speed! I just worried I missed a story where you introduced Doug and gave more details about Greg & Clint - aside from Greg's Schooling.

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