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  1. Very hot couple of chapters! I'm excited to see Chris taking more poz loads from more guys. Hopefully his chase is busy and rewarding
  2. Gonna be taking a lot of loads in Dallas coming up.
  3. Hot pics! I hope you get pozzed up soon!

  4. I can't wait for Chris to be begging for toxic tops to poz him up! Hope you write more soon.
  5. Definitely want more of this, and/or Fog Rolls into the Marina soon!
  6. I've told a few friends about it and also the guy I'm currently seeing, but idk if any of them have joined
  7. Beautiful man 🙂

    1. negbtm


      Thanks! So are you

  8. Fuck yes I hope this story keeps going and going. Glad you kept writing 🙂
  9. He'a the reason I got into barebacking. I hope he's well!
  10. I think this story is great and can't wait for the group session, and hoprfully several more groups and 1:1 and more solo time on the fuck machine too
  11. I hope it's almost time to circle back to this story. Love your writing
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