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  1. Getting fucked vs getting bred

    I pretty much need to see or feel a guy cum inside of me. The look on his face, the thrust in his hips, the ecstasy in his eyes combined with the knowledge that my pussy did its job taking his cum deep, is one of the best satisfactions possible in life.
  2. Right now, we've seen a big drop in self-reported condom use. I believe less than half of MSM state they use a rubber every time. While STI rates are still high, between PrEP and U=U, we're seeing drop offs in new HIV infections in communities, the result of their being less infectious HIV out there and less people for it to infect. A recent bit of research notes that were we to get to 40% of MSM on PrEP, over 10 years we'd knock out STIs in the total community by over half. The higher the percentage of people on PrEP, the closer we'd get to nearly (we'll never completely) eliminate STI transmission. Less HIV puts a downward pressure on using condoms. If we're able to use our healthcare services to reduce STIs, that's going to put even more downward pressure on condom use. Though the OP posted his question in 2012, I think we're much closer to the day when condoms between guys are rarely or never used than we were 5 years ago.
  3. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Since I'm a vocal advocate for PrEP, I think they've put the pieces together. :-)
  4. I remember the moment I put a buddies' hand on my head while I was sucking him, he held my head down on his cock, I gagged, and he came. It was heaven. It's been my regular MO since, cum or not. It is a little scary. But that's part of the ride.
  5. tips for letting go 100%

    I'm going to make the opposite point to the common one here: perhaps you aren't wired that way? Some people love chocolate ice cream. Some people love pistachio ice cream. It's hell if you are expected to like pistachio but chocolate is the only thing that makes you salivate. Same thing with sex. There's an common expectation here that taking every load offered, from every person, every time, is the only way to be a good bottom. That's true -- if you are into it. If you aren't, it's not going to work for you, no matter how hard you try. It's okay to want some kind of closeness with the guys who drop loads in your ass. It's okay if some guys don't turn you on and you aren't interested in having sex with them. It's okay if you aren't into bathhouses or glory holes. If you've tried it and it doesn't work, or if you can't even see it within yourself to make the attempt, figure out what you -do- like and then go after that. After beating myself up for failing as a no-loads refused bitch, I changed course. What did I like? Who did I like? Was the sex better with the kinds of people I liked? Was I able to do more, push through more limits, have more fun, when I worked with my interests instead of against them? Hell yes. In short, it's okay if you want to take every load offered to you. It's okay if you don't. Figure out what works best for you.
  6. Do you like Watersports/piss play?

    I love swallowing a guy's piss, preferably when they've had mostly water, but I'll buck up and do it other times, too. It's partly about being a sub. It's also partly about turning guys on to something they didn't think they'd like. One of my FWB looked at me crazily the first time I suggested, after sex, a year ago. Now he walks in the door and all but drags me to the toilet to swallow his piss. That's damn cool.
  7. The warmth, the connection, the strength. A cock feels different than a toy does, an a bare cock does feel different than a covered one. When a guy is pounding my hole, harder and harder, full abandon and me letting go and riding the wave, there is nothing similar to hearing that final grunt and feeling that full on shudder as he dumps everything he has inside. There's a solid warmth when he pulls out and leaves his jizz behind. Just often enough for a memory that longs to be renewed, I can actually feel the guy cum, either due to the force or the angle. It's pretty damn incredible.
  8. I'll admit to being a bit embarrassed when I tell people I'm submissive and kinky in the bedroom. I know there's nothing wrong with it. I have no hang-ups about sex or sexuality. Openly gay and very sex positive. Still, when I come clean with people, that this fairly bearish, straight-sounding guy moans and begs like a girl in porn film, begging to be bred and abused in the bedroom, there's always an element of shame that bubbles up. Minds are weird.
  9. Hiring an escort...

    I've hired in search of reliable, relatable, kinky fucks. My city has too many flakes. lol. That said, unless you really get off on paying someone to fuck or be fucked by you, it's about the same experience as any other hookup. 98% aren't that great or out and out terrible. Only about 2% or so you really want to get with again. So most of the time, you don't exactly get your money's worth. No shame in it, though. Depends on you, what you want, and what you like.
  10. College Boy with Internal Tension

    Sex is fun. It's relaxing. It's exhilarating. If you live a life of the mind, the physical connection from being fucked and bred is just as important. If the sex you go after is also kinky, that's not surprising either. There is research that shows kinky, s/m sex gets people out of their heads and into the moment. It's all pretty wonderful. Plus, you are in your 20s, so hormones. The only alert I see is that you back out of going on Truvada for PrEP. I know many people on here want to seroconvert. Yet, you aren't positive, you love having sex, and PrEP allows you to have as much ass fucking with the least amount of risk for HIV science allows for. (Near zero.) Add hep and HPV shots and antibiotic PEP after being slutty, and you have the most comprehensive protection -and- the most pleasure available. There's zero difference in pleasure between being on PrEP and taking a bare cock and not being on PrEP and taking a bare cock. Have a long and rewarding academic career -- and get gang banged for just as long and with just as much reward. There's no reason to feel guilty. There are plenty of reasons for using the best technology available to minimize the risk of an adverse event.
  11. Learning Demonology

    Be careful when summoning Abraxas. As per your link, he's a wholly owned copyright of Pazio Publishing and their Pathfinder Fantasy Role Playing Game. While demons are bad, lawyers are far more evil and ruthless. Whatever horrors Abraxas might inflict, the terrors of copyright litigation are far, far, FAR worse.
  12. 18 with experience :)

    Being cognizant of the rules here, I played those games kids play when I was a kid. Nothing to the level you mention. When I hit my early teens, I figured out I was gay at the same time the gay community -- and me -- figured out AIDS had arrived. I built a full lounge, wetbar, and and walk-in bathroom in the back of that closet to survive the teen years. I'd have loved to have been fucking around like you were. So props to you. Thankfully, I came out at 19. Unfortunately, I then spent decades pretty much only sucking cock. As I love having younger tops now seed my hole, I can't help but think I'm making up for all the tops I missed out on when I was younger. Life is crazy.
  13. I Suck at Being a Cum Whore-HELP!!

    I have to say that sex isn't supposed to be miserable. (Well, unless being miserable while having sex makes you happy.) If you aren't up for taking loads from anon stranger, don't. If CL hook-ups are failing, then don't have them. If your fantasies of being a cum slut give you pleasure, stick to them. If you are deeply in the closet, perhaps it's time to reorganize your life and find a way out. If you are always anxious when you have sex, it might be time for therapy to challenge the anxiety and put it toned. Perhaps you need to save some money and hire a pro for a few times, first to just meet them at your place or a hotel one or twice, then working up to getting them to fuck you on an additional visit. Maybe you need to join some other kind of gay group and see what sex pops up as a result. There's no -one- way to do this. You get to experiment, without pressure, to find what kind of sexual life works for you.
  14. I Suck at Being a Cum Whore-HELP!!

    We're wired like we're wired. There's not much we can do about it. If you don't like hugging people, there's zero chance you want random people cumming in your ass -- unless your lover has a role in those guys who do the cumming. It's just not you. I suppose you could spend every evening a bathhouse, ass up in the air, taking loads until you are numb, but why? Even the people on here who are no-loads refused bottoms love being no load refused bottoms. All that you can do is figure out how your psychology works, see where the joy comes from, and embrace the fuck out of that. Look, there are countless people on here who, despite their profiles, are having sex with condoms if they are having sex at all. Not everyone on this page is exactly what their profile says. You at least have reached a point where sex without condoms is fine. (I've reached that point, but it took PrEP do it.) There are people here and in the world that would love to be able to do even that. There is a way for you to find the pleasure you want. It does start with letting go of being whatever you think a bottom is supposed to be and discovering what kind of bottom you actually are. The way you are feeling right now actually isn't it. :-)
  15. I Suck at Being a Cum Whore-HELP!!

    You aren't alone. I'll be 48 next month. So you -really- aren't alone. I would love to be a no-loads refused, bathhouse every week, gang bang every fortnight bottom. Despite trying, I'm just not wired that way. Porn is great, fantasy is great, but in real life, I need some kind of connection -- fuckbuddies, friends with benefits, lovers -- to really cut loose and let go. One time, decades ago, I went to a bathhouse, all pumped up and ready for sex with anyone in side. Payed whatever the ridiculous fee was, entered into the dark and slutty environment and... turned around and left. The guy behind the glass laughed and was surprised that I didn't ask for a refund. I wasn't scared. I've shown up naked on the doorstep of a top I'd never met before, both on command and ready to serve. The point was we'd been talking for weeks. I had a sense of him, was excited by him, and had a fuckton of fun serving him. The randomness of the bathhouse, of truck stops, even the CumUnion party I went to after going on PrEP and stayed all of five minutes at, just doesn't do it for me. Random hookups? Not really. If there's some kind of chemistry when they walk in, great, but their dick doesn't do it. Again, it's about connection for me. I'd still like an orgy. I'd still like to be used by several tops at once. I still prefer open relationships to closed ones. I just need for there to be some level of connection or interest there in order to get excited. As much as I love, love, love, sex, fortunately or unfortunately, it's not just about getting a cock in my cunt. It's about the person attached to that cock, in some form or another. Find -people- that you want to fuck around with. Ones that you know going in that you are ready for whatever they have in mind. You have an open relationship. You might need a fuck buddy that you can call on to pound your ass. Since your liked your BF pimping your hole, have him do it for you more often. Find a social group that goes on hikes -- then fucks around at the top of the mountain. The nudist groups that I'm part of have events where a room is set aside for fucking. Still not exactly my thing, but if I hung around with someone for a while and was interested, I'm sure I'd take advantage of the space. There -is- a way through this. It starts with letting go of the idea that there's only one way to be a slutty bottom. There's your way -- and that's perfectly fine.

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