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  1. what or who makes you start having raw bb sex?

    Time and PrEP. My sex life had stalled. Decades of fear of HIV really does a number. Seeing videos of people having so much fun, listening to people tell tales of having so much fun, I wanted that. PrEP seemed too good to be true. Then I did the research, went on it, and the majority of my fear went away. Now, it's the only way I want to have sex. Someone asking to use a condom is a turn-off. I want their load, I want it deep, and I want it again and again. I used to swallow the hell out of cum. No more, no more.
  2. Toy vs. Cock

    Toys just feel fucking odd. Damn, I got that off my chest. I use a butt plug to loosen up and a dildo from time to time to play, either with myself or with another. The plug is fine, it does it’s job, and it’s good. But dildos...damn. They are pleasurable...but wrong, almost painful at the same time. I can’t be fucked for as long or as hard by a toy as I can as with a cock, even a big cock. A guy pounding me feels better than a toy teasing me. It’s weird. Anyone else encounter this? Are you fine with toys, spending long hours or sessions with them? Or do they feel... wrong to you? What’s your reason for it either way?
  3. Younger guys fucking older guys

    It’s the main way I play. :-) I was surprised at how attractive I was to younger guys, as a dad, as bear, as a bottom. Like many here, I grew up thinking that “no one” wanted you when you hit 30 or 40. Crazy to see that wasn’t the case. It was also wild to see the guys that I went for without much success when I was younger, thin to medium, boyish, 20-30, were eager to breed my hole. I’ve even been hit on by minors, which is flattering if weird. (“Hit me up when you are legal. And watch yourself until then.”)
  4. Bottoms Forced To Cum Before Fucking

    I had a dom top fwb make me do this once. The problem was, it was damn near impossible to get fucked after, my prostate was so tender. I've been told that with a lot of practice -- toys -- you can train yourself to take a dick again even after cumming. Haven't embarked on that path yet, though I probably should as, outside of the stabbing pain, it was pretty damn hot to cum first before being fucked.
  5. Is Your Pussy/cunt Your Primary Sex Organ?

    Is it a turn on to have your fuckhole referred to as a pussy/cunt? Do you not care one way or the other? Do you hate it? It's one of the hotter things about being bottom. I wouldn't want to be referred that way in "real" life, but in the bedroom -- or over the kitchen table -- being told to offer up my cunt for use is crazy hot. Is your pussy/cunt your primary sex organ? No, my brain is. :-) Not being snarky, but it really is about the mind fuck....and the cock in my cunt. But I've had plenty of bad fucks just in my cunt. It's the whole experience that pops it into another realm. Do you have internal orgasms? Never had that. Hopefully one day. Do you like getting bitched out? On my list! Does your cock get hard when you are getting fucked or does it flop around like a useless appendage? It gets hard thinking about being fucked, when it's slapped around by a top, and after, when I'm begging to be fucked again. But when I actually get fucked, it's limp like the useless fag I am. Is there any point to getting fucked if you don't get the sacred sperm? Anyplace other than my cunt and the cum is wasted.
  6. From 18-42, my sex life was pretty boring, unfulfilling, and fear based. When PrEP turned out to be as good as advertised, taking it rebooted sex for me. I finally "got" what all the fuss over fucking was about. I just wish PrEP came along earlier. I don't know if I'll ever be able to make up for all the lost experiences I'd have loved to have had.
  7. When are you too old for this lifestyle?

    If you are older and chubbier and still chasing fucks on Grindr, then yes, you probably are getting rejected much more than you want. But there are more apps and websites than Grindr, more places to increase your odds of finding people interested in fucking older guys. And people -do- want to fuck older guys. The one thing the internet has revealed is just how diverse people's interests are. The idea that you are socially dead at 30 simply isn't true -- it never was. Find apps and websites that have "Daddies" or "Silver Daddies" as tag or status options. Better yet, find a website like Silver Daddies and sign up there. I've seen more than enough profiles where guys are only into people in their 60s or 70s. Change your game up a bit and you'll create more opportunities for yourself!
  8. Sub here. I love being called faggot, whore, cunt, bitch... bit of a turn on thinking about it... when it comes to sex. When a dom top uses any of those words when fucking around with me, I melt. There's a hell of a lot of us bottoms that like it. :-)
  9. Ass to mouth

    All the time. If you've cleaned out your rectum, there won't be any shit on a dick. The only taste you get is the mixture of cum and lube.
  10. Younger Tops

    It's all been younger tops for me. I was completely surprised with the number of younger guys into fucking daddies, and a bear at that. I don't know if they are working out issues or if I am. Not complaining, either way. :-)
  11. Getting fucked vs getting bred

    I pretty much need to see or feel a guy cum inside of me. The look on his face, the thrust in his hips, the ecstasy in his eyes combined with the knowledge that my pussy did its job taking his cum deep, is one of the best satisfactions possible in life.
  12. Right now, we've seen a big drop in self-reported condom use. I believe less than half of MSM state they use a rubber every time. While STI rates are still high, between PrEP and U=U, we're seeing drop offs in new HIV infections in communities, the result of their being less infectious HIV out there and less people for it to infect. A recent bit of research notes that were we to get to 40% of MSM on PrEP, over 10 years we'd knock out STIs in the total community by over half. The higher the percentage of people on PrEP, the closer we'd get to nearly (we'll never completely) eliminate STI transmission. Less HIV puts a downward pressure on using condoms. If we're able to use our healthcare services to reduce STIs, that's going to put even more downward pressure on condom use. Though the OP posted his question in 2012, I think we're much closer to the day when condoms between guys are rarely or never used than we were 5 years ago.
  13. Do Any Of Your Friends Know You Bareback?

    Since I'm a vocal advocate for PrEP, I think they've put the pieces together. :-)
  14. I remember the moment I put a buddies' hand on my head while I was sucking him, he held my head down on his cock, I gagged, and he came. It was heaven. It's been my regular MO since, cum or not. It is a little scary. But that's part of the ride.
  15. tips for letting go 100%

    I'm going to make the opposite point to the common one here: perhaps you aren't wired that way? Some people love chocolate ice cream. Some people love pistachio ice cream. It's hell if you are expected to like pistachio but chocolate is the only thing that makes you salivate. Same thing with sex. There's an common expectation here that taking every load offered, from every person, every time, is the only way to be a good bottom. That's true -- if you are into it. If you aren't, it's not going to work for you, no matter how hard you try. It's okay to want some kind of closeness with the guys who drop loads in your ass. It's okay if some guys don't turn you on and you aren't interested in having sex with them. It's okay if you aren't into bathhouses or glory holes. If you've tried it and it doesn't work, or if you can't even see it within yourself to make the attempt, figure out what you -do- like and then go after that. After beating myself up for failing as a no-loads refused bitch, I changed course. What did I like? Who did I like? Was the sex better with the kinds of people I liked? Was I able to do more, push through more limits, have more fun, when I worked with my interests instead of against them? Hell yes. In short, it's okay if you want to take every load offered to you. It's okay if you don't. Figure out what works best for you.

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