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  1. Hey! Thanks for The Follow! :) 

  2. https://de.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5648950265fb9
  3. Now that sounds interesting!
  4. That's hot. And a perfect complement to white guys like me who, for whatever reason, have always felt that bit submissive in the presence of a black guy.
  5. A nice, firm, piece of polished mahogany is a real turn on; makes me beg every time.
  6. Nice profile pic!

  7. Thanks for the follow ;)

    1. mophost


      You're so welcome; want to get those updates on your status!

    2. MrFrost


      Bf is posting everything here and it's from his perspective but on my account. He won't let read it till its posted

  8. Thanks Man.  I'm all bottom though. ;)

  9. So much interested in sharing the SAME TYPE of action freely without any inhibitions between ourselves. 

  10. It's feeling the warmth of the seed, squirting inside from the thrusting, twitching, cock. The cock has to give, the bottom has to take.
  11. Continue the journey down the dark side, it is beautiful. Fully submit and you will unlock enjoyment you never thought existed. Hit me back if you want more knowledge.  

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