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  1. The first time I was ever fucked in the ass was also the 1st time I ever smoked a bowl of meth. The combination of tina and a gorgeous Latino guy with a thick curving cock put me in a very sleazy mood. He fucked me with a condom for my first time but that was before we smoked that bowl of tina. After I got high, he barebacked me. That first squirt of hot cum flipped a switch in me. As soon as his cum filled my hole, I knew beyond any doubt that I was a bottom, a total cum craving, cock hungry slut. A mere 12 hours after i took that first cock in my ass, I was at a bathhouse straddling a man old enough to be my grandfather, my mouth wrapped around his cock, my fingers deep inside his asshole, desperately fingering his prostate so I could get him to squirt a few more delicious drops of cum into my mouth, all while the semen of half a dozen men dribbled out of my bare ass. That was 5 months ago. In the intervening months I've smoked, booty bumped and slammed my way into sex with a least a hundred men, . I've begged for cock. And I've also come to the realization that I never wanna stop being Tina addicted junkie cum
  2. Proud tina whore here. Started as a safe, total top and now I am a voracious bottom. Tina did that to me.The first time I smoked a bowl I ended up taking seven loads. Seven loads in 1 night. I thought behaviour like that would make feel like trash, instead it invigorated and excited me. Tina makes me crave cock and lose shame and any bullshit inhibitions
  3. Very similar to my life. Wife would not fuck me with a strap on so I started cheating on her with shemale hookers, the shemales got me into tina and that led me to the partying scene and I started barebacking 5 months ago. Love partying, and now I know I am a total sleazy piggy bottom who is addicted to tina, cock and cum
  4. Personally I like it when it leaks out, dripping out of my asshole and trickling down my legs
  5. Would love to be chem slut trained by you 

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