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  1. Gutted I remember having hours of fun here in 2008/2009 when I lived nearby, especially with a guy with a rose vine tattoo up his body!!! If anyone knows him, let me know 😉
  2. Sounds fun, will try to be free
  3. Hey man how are you 

    my [deleted] Tabooguy31 

    whatsapp 07506157541

  4. Having an awesome chilled night with devious thoughts, anyone fancy a chat?

    thinking about my long lost [banned word] friend Garry, he was awesome! Searched for him for years but no luck, guessing he was taken by tainted seed. #truepig


    I know his address should I send a letter or visit? 

    1. swall0w


      drop by to see him, i did to a FB i lost touch with and although he had a new, (younger) boyfriend we shared some good fun and I even ended up with his bf seed in me and to this day he doesnt know, yes I had some good fun with my friend but got to spread that love

    2. 7bb86


      Thanks gonna visit tomorrow 

    3. swall0w


      good luck, although I am sure you wont need it bet the two of you will soon be fucking like nasty little pigs in no time. x

  5. Me calling a lad a slut is a compliment, they are talented and the best at draining a load!
  6. Hot profile lad

    1. newboihorsham


      Thx. You too!


  7. Heavy night here, anyone else in the same zone. Always up for a fun chat, uk based even better…never know where it will lead!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 7bb86


      Sounds like a plan u horny …..

      up for it hard and dirty, love a strain swap

    3. SleazyscoT


      Very horny...hole and cock twitching for new strains mixed 🐷 WhatsApp?

    4. 7bb86


      Load u soon pig

  8. Hi im charlotte i am in Ripon but can travel to get converted. I am genuine and want a poz load, can you help? My kik is TSCharlotte2020 x

  9. Amazing story as always pervinmt, can’t wait for more!
  10. Hey lad well up for it

    1. Wolf666


      Feel free to message and we can try to sort something out. My arse needs a good seeing to. 

  11. u know he would breed good don’t you
  12. Any group chats on here?? [think before following links] https://t.me/k7bb86
  13. Don’t get me wrong I like a decent control vid here as a total switch, but it’s got to be believable. I have always enjoyed the intimate control of an in person meet and making that connection. If that can’t be done, I enjoy a long phone conversation that develops, making myself theirs or making them mine. Video calls are ok to verify but I find it leads to scenario where I become self conscious because of camera angles etc. Vocal sleaze and role play allows an element of fantasy to be involved. That’s a real turn on and gets my potent seed flowing.
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