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  1. Smoking crack for the first time, buzzing breeding hole

  2. Can travel or accom at Village Hotel Cardiff. Looking for NSA fun. Very open minded. Watsapp 07852560570
  3. I’m headed to Cardiff if you want pozzed

  4. Hope you all had some nice BB fun for New Year. Can’t wait to spread my seed this year. Thanks for all the horny encouragement.

    Thinking of starting to write a story or two, anyone got any favourite topics? Open minded toxic and pervy here. 🐷

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 7bb86


      Deffo fit lad, will let u know all the details poz pig 

    3. barecubb


      True events would be super-hot

    4. neversayno2cock


      mate if your ever around mansfield nottinghamshire area my hole is yours to give me every drop of seed you can muster, am saving up frozen cum to use as lube too. 


      Often in hotels in manchester and liverpool if you ever want to meet up your neck of the woods. 

  5. Who’s wanting it to snow this Christmas? Need some horny fuck to get hot and horny with

  6. Oink 🐷 can’t wait to travel and stealth some horny ass
  7. Love trucker sex but hard to find in uk! Anyone any tips?
  8. Posted wrong pic...let’s smash some raw hole in 2021


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    2. Wolf666


      I'd love that cock inside me

    3. rawfilthukx


      Nothing better than smashing raw hole bro 🐷🐷

    4. barecubb


      Damn I want you! 😈🐷

  9. Merry Xmas you horny pigs. Here’s to a toxic 2021. Let’s have a good time and share our exploits!


    1. karluspig


      And make our brotherhood grow in number!

    2. barecubb


      Stunning 😈🐷

  10. Thanks for the follow! 

  11. Up for stopping of and dumping a load or receiving one
  12. Horny sleazy just wat I want
  13. Travel with work and want discreet fun. live in Lancashire and travel to Bedford, port Talbot and hull regular looking for a decent load or to make a deposit, drop me a message and will see if we can sort out a horny sesh. very open minded
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