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    I am looking for poz tops to fuck me bareback until I become poz

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  1. Who wants to see me become full blown and deteriorate very slow?
  2. I believe that the purpose of breeding for poz tops is to give negative bottoms their seed for the purpose of converting them to poz
  3. I like having a guy who can fuck me for an hour or more
  4. I would lke a poz top to fuck me bareback because I want to take his seed deep inside me. I want to know who my gifter is so I can have a connection to him.
  5. Having other guys watching me get fucked turns me on
  6. I want to be gangbanged by poz tops

    1. boybottom4use
    2. gaynudist61


      If I am gangbanged by poz tops it will guarantee I will become poz

  7. I like bottoming raw and sucking dick
  8. I am ready to take a poz cock up my negative ass

  9. I have never taken PREP and I never will because I want to become poz
  10. Extremely HOT profile and pictures - HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - gay nudist exceptionally HOT !  

    1. gaynudist61


      Thank you.  I may have to put more pictures up

  11. It took several years to realized I was a bugchaser. Now that I hve come to grips with my feelings I'm ready to be fucked by hiv+ tops. Once I become poz I will feel fulfilled.
  12. I am a 67 year old gay negative bottom who wants to get pozzed because that is my purpose as a bottom

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