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    None I want to do porn where I would be the bottom
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    I'm seeking poz tops to give me their seed

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  1. I don't think it should be a crime for poz tops to fuck negative bottoms provided they say they're poz
  2. I'm one of many gay men who won't vote for Trump in 2020
  3. Today there was a guy from Oklahoma with a slight viral load who is serious about fucking me

  4. There was a guy from New York with a 4,800,000 who wanted to fuck me bareback

  5. There is a guy with a 4,000,000 viral load who is interested in fucking me

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. gaynudist61
    3. Sarif98


      Can't wait to hear about it!


    4. melvin0095


      Making me horny just reading about it.

      I hope you post details.

  6. There is a guy who wants t o poz me tonight or tomorrow

    1. Sarif98


      Right on! Go for it!

    2. gaynudist61


      He wants to do it on Saturday

    3. boybottom4use
  7. Who wants to see me become full blown and deteriorate very slow?
  8. I believe that the purpose of breeding for poz tops is to give negative bottoms their seed for the purpose of converting them to poz
  9. I like having a guy who can fuck me for an hour or more
  10. I would lke a poz top to fuck me bareback because I want to take his seed deep inside me. I want to know who my gifter is so I can have a connection to him.
  11. Having other guys watching me get fucked turns me on
  12. I want to be gangbanged by poz tops

    1. boybottom4use
    2. gaynudist61


      If I am gangbanged by poz tops it will guarantee I will become poz

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