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    I'm a 64 year old negative bottom seeking AIDS+ tops to knock me up
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    I have no porn experience
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    I am looking for AIDS+ tops to convert me.. I need guys with full blown AIDS and high viral loads to impregnate me. If I'm desirable enough to give me your seed hit me up. I want to fulfill my purpose as a bottom.

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  1. There must be lots of guy who would top you Knet113
  2. I agree that it is tough to get loads when you're a bottom over 60
  3. Hey ... thanks for the rep, Nude :*:*




  4. I would like to do bareback pron
  5. I prefer being nude while having sex
  6. I would have my ass in the air and head on the floor so a top can get his piss deep inside me. I would think it would feel good to have a guy piss up my ass
  7. I would get on my hands and knees to take 2 10" cocks separately even if they are toxic
  8. I wish I was the bottom getting fucked by the black guy in the first pozitively piggy thoughts blog
  9. Wanted: An AIDS+ top to  breed me

  10. I would be considered a bitch
  11. I'd love to take Darrel's cock up my ass. He would definitely get me pozzed on the first try
  12. I want to get fucked by an AIDS+ bbc like Darrell. There would be no doubt he would get me AIDS+ on the first try
  13. I'd love to have Brian fuck me
  14. I wish I was the bottom in both of those videos. I'd love to get fucked by both of them for a long time
  15. I agree with you 100%. I definitely want to haave wild and energetic sex with poz tops

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