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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    I'm a 64 year old negative bottom seeking AIDS+ tops to knock me up
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    I have no porn experience
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    I am looking for AIDS+ tops to knock me up with AIDS. I need guys with full blown AIDS and high viral loads to impregnate me. If you find me desirable enough to give me your seed hit me up. I want to fulfill my purpose as a bottom which is taking an AIDS+ cock deep inside me so I wlll get impregnated

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  1. I would be considered a bitch
  2. I'd love to take Darrel's cock up my ass. He would definitely get me pozzed on the first try
  3. I want to get fucked by an AIDS+ bbc like Darrell. There would be no doubt he would get me AIDS+ on the first try
  4. I'd love to have Brian fuck me
  5. I wish I was the bottom in both of those videos. I'd love to get fucked by both of them for a long time
  6. I agree with you 100%. I definitely want to haave wild and energetic sex with poz tops
  7. My New Years resolution is to become AIDS+ in 2017.  Who wants to make it happen?

    1. bellyguy44


      Happy new year and good luck! Ihave the same goal for 2017.

    2. gaynudist61


      Happy new year bellyguy44

  8. Negative  bottom seeking a toxic twink to knock me up

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    2. gaynudist61


      I am aware that getting fucked by an AIDS+ top will likely make me poz.  Inspite of the consequencdes I am willing to do this to fulfill my purpose as a bottom which is carrying the seed that will make me AIDS+

    3. Homo60


      Like wise here, once when lucky enough to have converted, am not planning on denying my destiny of becoming full blown AIDS and carrying it through to the end as it was meant to be.

    4. gaynudist61


      I really want to take the seed of an AIDS+ top knowing that I would become AIDS+.  I reallly want this to happen

  9. I wish I was one of the bottoms in that story
  10. I would like to get fucked in the woods by a poz top
  11. I like a top who will drains his balls in me even if it takes several hours
  12. The thought of getting fucked by a poz top is arousing and erotic

  13. Poz friendly bottom looking to be bred.  The though of getting pozzed is arousing

  14. Hi😊

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    2. gaynudist61


      Nothing.  I'm a bottom all of the time

    3. Willing


      Guess it's up to me to make you my bitch!!!

    4. gaynudist61


      I'm not interested in being someones bitch

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