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    I am a negative bottom who wants to get fucked by full blown AIDS tops so they can give me the seed that will get me pregnant
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    I have no porn experience. I want to do porn with full blown AIDS tops
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    I am looking for full blown AIDS tops with high viral loads to fuck me until I am poz

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  1. gaynudist61

    Helixstudios Twinks

    There is no doubt Andy Taylor is a hot and sexy bottom
  2. gaynudist61

    Bbrts Profiles

    Bugchaser65 on bbrt
  3. gaynudist61

    AIDS wasted top breeds muscular bottom

    I would let the top in that video breed me even if he was poz
  4. gaynudist61

    Looking for toxic tops

    I'd like to have poz tops dump their loads in my ass
  5. Horny bottom in need of a vigorous ass fucking bareback

  6. I would be surprised if there are lots of poz tops who want to breed me

  7. Getting on my hands and knees and taking a tops DNA even it makes me poz because that is my purpose as a bottom
  8. gaynudist61

    Racial cravings?? Anyone??

    I would willingly get on my hands and knees for a poz bbc so I can fulfill my purpose as a bottom. I would think it would be a big turn for a poz black guy to dominate a neg white guy
  9. Horny bottom available for breeding by HIV+ tops

  10. gaynudist61

    My Initiation

    Soon the guy with a 13" cock got hard again. That means I would have to get on my hands and knees and take it up my ass. He told me he had gone without sex for several months and was ready to give me several loads of his toxic cum. I assumed the doggie position awaiting his cock to penetrate me.
  11. I would let him throat fuck me until he cums.
  12. A nice looking guy with a large cock and thick pubic hair can get me hard and horny

  13. Willing hole for full blown AIDS tops

    1. toad2


      are we not all

  14. gaynudist61

    Black Cock

    I have no problem sucking bbc

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