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  1. Your best bet would be to go to Thailand. There are several reputable centres who will castrate you for a fee.
  2. Has there been any word on further parties? Last one was several months ago and with the influx for Pride surely it'd be a great time for some breeding?
  3. That's someone different: that's the guy who stole the podium. That guy is apparently married to a doctor and it's a stay at home dad to 5, so I doubt his missus is happy the child care is gone now,!
  4. The strains of HPV that cause warts are not the strains that cause cancers.
  5. I don't see why this is a problem. If anything it's hotter to know that the more loads you take the morew it solidifies your place as a bottom faggot. Your body recognises that you're a faggot so stops you passing on your fag genes. Isn't the human body amazing!
  6. A total timewaster unfortunately. Arranged to meet and then just disappeared when getting down to actual arrangements.
  7. Another orgy posted for September 29th. Anyone going?
  8. If you think you need to access PEP then most hospital emergency departments keep an emergency PEP kit. It gets used for when healthcare workers get high risk exposure to HIV, but also for when someone gets exposed sexually to HIV and can't access a sexual health clinic out of hours. May feel a bit embarrasing going in but if you're genuinely concerned then that may be the best option. In terms of odds of catching HIV it depends on a few things: Tops are far less likely to catch than bottoms If you only did oral you're far less likely to get HIV (especially if you were the top for oral) If you had cum up your arse from a Poz, unmedicated Top then you're more likely to get HIV but risk is still only 1 in 72 according to some studies.
  9. He's not going to be like this forever but it may take several hours for him to come down. If you're in a position to do so be a sitter for him. Stay with him, kleep him company, reassure him. If you've got a genuine fear for your friend's health or life then seek professional medical advice.
  10. Now that's a fantastic idea and great website. I'll be there ready to take any load.
  11. Honestly that sounds more like coincidence and bad luck. It is extremely uncommon to have that happen, and ATM is no exception - don't think I've ever gotten sick from that even if things haven't necessarily been 100% sparkling clean on the top's dick. You can PM me if you want more info cause not allowed to talk about much on here.
  12. It depends on the scene really. If I'm just in a toilet with a random giving him a quickie then I'd be pissed at getting pissed on (unless agreed upon beforehand somehow). If I'm in a bathhouse or something and I'm clearly showing what a submiissive faggot I am then absolutely the tops have the right to do whatever the fuck they want to me. I find the challenge most of the times istrying to convince guys to actually do what they want. It's genuinely extraordinary the amount of guys that will gently stroke your hair at first while you blow them, yet once you show them they can shove you down on your dick they throatfuck you like there's no tomorrow!
  13. It depends on how you're at the glory hole: - If you've seen a nice cock sticking through a glory hole and you're going to suck it and immediately after they've left someone sticks their dick through then the polite thing to do (and the right thing as a cocksucking faggot) would be to suck that dick too. If you don't want to, or you've got plans for something else, then you only got down there to suck the dick you saw so you could justify not sucking others. Can't really justify not sucking that dick yet staying at the glory hole though - if you're not wanting to suck this new dick then you should leave, let someone else suck it. - If however you've gotten down to an empty gloryhole looking to suck cock then you shouldn't refuse anything. You've put yourself in that position, you're advertising that you're going to suck dick. The dick shouldn't matter because that is not your place to decide or choose. It's like a hotel refusing to serve gay couple - you're there to provide a service and you do not get to discriminate. Only difference is your service is your mouth and cunt for men to use.
  14. Anon darkroom fucking is fantastic, but it needs to be a properly DARK room to get the best thrill. Some "dark" rooms are almost brighter than a nightclub! Best one I've ever been in was at Cuckoo's Nest in Amsterdam. Right in the middle of the basement they had a room that was pitch black. All the noises and the smells really enhanced everything!
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