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    Watching porn, writing porn, travelling around the country and outdoors
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    22 normal job normal life just love getting off on groupsex, anon loads and the feel of a poz top cumming in me telling me he's knocked me up.
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    Looking for toxic tops guaranteed to gift me. Will travel anywhere for it. Love more than one dick at a time and still looking for my first dp.

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  1. BBBH UK Kik group

  2. Tumblr acounts

    youngdepraved.tumblr.com I update now and again, write everything myself and have about 5000 followers.
  3. I too have lost count but ball park figure I'd say I'm around 6/700 at the minute. It's quite quiet where I live but occasionally go to London for the weekend and get around 50 loads of average every time I do.
  4. Saturday anon breed Nottingham

    Young (22), smooth and cumhungry slut in Nottingham with a free house all Saturday night any loads taken. Face down ass up lights off walk in breed and leave. Pm me for address / number.
  5. Trouble finding young slutty bottoms?

    Well I'm a 22 year old twisted twink I will say I might start off a bit picky but after the first couple of loads o don't care I just want more been that was since 19.
  6. London private facebook group

    Same here
  7. How to Know When You are a True Cum Dump

    Agree with all... Especially number 4!
  8. Best London Sauna For Bareback Fucks

    Just came back from a weekend in London. Locker room is best for guaranteed loadings. Sweatbox is kinda hit and miss but overall was good. Pleasuredrome was great for swallowing loads and was a lot more relaxed and social focused than the others. I don't have ID yet so can't comment on bars or sex clubs... Yet

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