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  1. That story is such a turn on, something I'm sure I would love to do following lockdown.
  2. Down in Devon, have a tight hole that needs some action. Would love to be placed in a sling and feel vulnerable. Looking to explore some Chen's. I also like being dressed sometimes.
  3. Not yet had someone cum inside of me, however I know I will the next time I meet someone. Spent sometime adjusting to the idea and and now desperate to be filled. I have always known that once I start you could say it will open the floodgates.
  4. Cheating husband in Devon.
  5. I love poppers, they make me so suggestible and turn me in to a slut.
  6. Would love to meet him so he could do the same to me xx
  7. I never have but there is always a first time..
  8. I have been to see a few mistresses who have suggested this to me and if I was to go back they would dress me up, photograph me in compromising positions. Chastity is another favourite fantasy. Maybe one day I will go further in to this but once I do it will be a path that is of no return
  9. You want to fuck me full of spunk stud x

    1. bil61


      Maybe one day, your very tempting x

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