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  1. bil61

    One night in Bangkok

    Looking forward to hearing more
  2. Would love to meet him so he could do the same to me xx
  3. Would love to try something of that size.
  4. bil61

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I never have but there is always a first time..
  5. bil61

    Riverbank tranny fucktoy

    Very nice story, made me twitch as well.
  6. I have been to see a few mistresses who have suggested this to me and if I was to go back they would dress me up, photograph me in compromising positions. Chastity is another favourite fantasy. Maybe one day I will go further in to this but once I do it will be a path that is of no return
  7. Many thanks for your guide, I enjoyed reading it very much.

    1. Anarko99


      Cool, glad you liked it! Check out my story called Gurl Training! If I get enough good reviews and comments I will do part 2 as well! Enjoy x

  8. etha

    thanks for following.

  9. Would love to try being banded.
  10. bil61

    Totally tricked

    Sounds ideal to me, wouldn't mind being blackmailed by these women as well.
  11. bil61

    kinky bugchaser gangbang

    Maybe I could be dressed as well and we could have a double breeding party, would love to be cuffed to a whipping horse bench.
  12. bil61

    Tranny Trixie The Kent Slut

    Im also in Kent, I used to dress but that was some time ago, maybe I should start again.
  13. bil61

    Crossdresser raped and pozed

    Very sexy, would love to be locked on to a breeding bench.

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