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  1. We ve tried again last week. went to a car park and parked up. there were 2 other cars put the interior light on and Kath got her tits out. A guy came over and stood next to the car and Kath dropped her window and got her tits out again. The guy gave them a grope and asked if we wanted to go into the bushes. Another car pulled in and Kath got a bit spooked and asked me to take her home. I fucked her in her kitchen she was so horny that she couldnt wait to get upstairs so she stripped of as soon as we got in. She definately fancies having another guy touchin
  2. Ok so update time. We are back under lockdown so different houses cant,or arent supposed to,meet. Kath was round quite often for her "rations" as she liked to put it, and If I am honest I was enjoying it. It seems I ve opened doors that had been firmly shut for years and she is absolutely rampant now. Kath has developed a love for exhibitioning. We will be fucking in the sitting room and she will go and open the blinds. Or she will strip off in the conservatory and bend over the chair so anyone watching can see. The best was, one day the Tea delivery guy arrived t
  3. cant see it happening but we`ll see what the next few weeks bring. Katie is still living elsewhere and hasnt spoken to her mother. Kath Comes in every day for a drink and a bit play on the setee. However she mentioned us being a couple which I had to put her straight about and I dont think she is happy with me. Might be time for a break from it all
  4. We spent the night on the setee mate. I brought the quilt down and we got naked and spent most of the night having drinks and then a shag and then more drinks and another shag. She left at about half ten and i went back to sleep. absolutley drained haha
  5. I have suggested dogging and swingers clubs(when they reopen) this but she doesnt seem to want to do that. we have seen each other a couple of times in the last week because lockdown has been eased a bit. The 1st evening she came round she stayed the night and i put 3 loads in her. She is coming round tonight for a few drinks so a repeat should be on the cards haha
  6. Try it mate. Katie was very physical because of her younger years. you wont regret it
  7. Its a real turn on knowing Ive seeded the pair of them. I am starting to think that Kath is turned on by the fact that Ive fucked her Daughter as well. She has asked about the things we did. A massive turn on was fucking Kath in the car one night in the same car park I took Katie to. She has gone without cock for so long that there isnt much she will turn down. We are in lockdown at the moment so I cant do anything but she is sending me vids of herself squirting and using her doxy. When this is lifted Iam going to get her in my bedroom and not let her out till she is f
  8. About a month after Katies mother walking in on us the arguments were still going on and Katie moved out. She sent me a message at work telling me what had happend . Her mother never let up about catching us in bed and Katie had enough and left. She didnt tell her mother where she was going and hadnt spoken to her since. Her mother was one of those bitter, angry women who always seemed to be unhappy about something. not long after I moved in, her husband walked out and I never saw him again. She had that awful peroxide blonde hair that women use to try to make her appear younger. It
  9. I was working in a prison in Scotland during the 80s refurbing the place and it was rampant. We were putting a new roof on the changing rooms for the sports area and there would be guys in there fucking in full view of me. Some of the prisoners would just stand wanking at me trying to get me to join them but there was nearly always 2 warders with me Managed a couple of quick fucks in the toilets but that was about it. The best though, was when we did the new toilet partitions and the next day there was a glory hole drilled...how the fuck did someone do that?
  10. i regulary visit a guy from fab who likes to be group fucked. I always go early so I can load him up 1st. Often we get guys who cover up until they realise he has a load in him and they take the rubber off and go bare. only ever seen one guy leave because of it. His profile states safe sex only lol
  11. I got a message on fab one day from a young guy in his early 20s asking if I wanted to suck him off in his Dads garage. He sent me a pic of his cock and it looked good so I headed over. When I got there the boy waved me in and told me to come up to the office. He was sitting in a chair naked, wanking himself. His cock was huge so I started to strip off and then started to suck him. After a bit he bent me over the desk and shoved his cock up me and started to fuck me. I`d already shot a load all over the floor when the boy started to pump his seen into me when we h
  12. Think I was about 14. I was in a toilet in my local park and a guy showed me his cock at the urinals. He would have been in his 60s and he stood there stroking his cock, making sure I could see it. He then pushed me into one of the cubicles and tried to yank my trousers down. I tried to stop him but he was to strong and soon they were round my ankles. He rubbed his cock against my hole, then lubed it up and he was inside me. it hurt at 1st but he kept putting lube on his cock and it became quite bearable. He started to wank me while he was fucking me and I quickly spur
  13. Oh dear god the worst imaginable thing has happened. WEve been caught in bed by Katies mother. Katie and I had been getting on great with the occational meeting out of work and she was taking load after load from me and happy about it. Anyway her mother was away for the weekend and Katie had the house to herself. It was a nice sunny weekend and I was out in the garden on Sunday when Katie stuck her head over the fence to ask how I was. I told her I was just about to open a bottle of fizz and she was welcome to join me. She was in the garden with me in seconds. She had
  14. I was in a sauna and getting horny when I decided that i wanted spunk up my hole. I didnt want to be fucked but I wanted to feel different loads being dumped in me. So, I went into a room and lay on my back with my legs wide open and my hole on offer. A guy came in and tried to push his cock in me but I stopped him and told him to wank himself then shoot his load in me. Just as he was about to cum he pushed his cock in about an inch and blew his load. lovely feeling. I took another 5 loads in that room
  15. Well there has been a repeat performance. Katie and I were on a course from work and she asked if I would be able to give her a lift as her car was being repaired. Of course I agreed so I waited for her in the morning. She got in the car in a really short skirt and I couldnt help looking when she got in the car that I could see her white knickers. Anyway the course was totally boring and I couldnt get the sight of Katies knickers out of my head, I spent most of the day with an erection. On the way home the traffic was horendous so I took the scenic route across the moo
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