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  1. Married neg btm here interested in a group session too. South east melbourne preferred.
  2. As a married man and in my experience, I never say no to a raw cock or being bred. Can’t help myself.
  3. Love this. Have experienced the same. When a top comes round and he usually insists on fucking in our marital bed. Must be an ownership thing? Any tops care to comment on this?
  4. Wife knows that i like men but doesn’t know i like to be fucked and have a number of regulars.
  5. I’ve done sonething similar but different . I’ve returned home after being bred by a dominant top to then kiss my wife and fuck her in our bed. All while having a freshly fucked ass with a large sloppy load deep up there.
  6. I’ve been chatting with this indian guy for a while on squirt. I finally convinced him to meet me just for a meet, greet in public. when we met up he was as described - good looking and in shape. he was also incredibly shy but fortunately for me horny as hell too. We left the walking track and headed for the tree line out of site. By this time it was getting quite dark so very easy to play out of sight. I unzipped him, dropped to my knees and went to work on his gorgeous cock. He kept calling me a slut the closer he got to cumming and made me choke the more desper
  7. Took two loads from two separate tops while on my morning bike ride. Both tops knew of my plan and bred my ass beautifully. First time I’ve done two guys in one hour. But def not the last!
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