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  1. This thread will contain the new adventures for Cody, his Dad, and his friends. You don't need to have read "Cody's Return" Part 1 and Part 2 to know what's going on here [Moderator's Note: Links Added] , but it can give you some back story. Also, I want to say a huge thank you to all the guys who's reached out to me... there's a few of you who've messaged me here and on BBRT and got my cock very hard (you know who you are), this first chapter is dedicated to you (and what I hope we get to do). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 1: Cody: There is a tingling, a pleasurable stinging sensation when a man’s raw cock slowly snakes its way into your ass that feels like no other kind of sex; when that man is your Dad it's even hotter. My Dad might have been asleep, but his cock was wide awake and ready to play. Considering all of the time I had recently spent with Sam, I really needed my father’s cum. I also needed to have 'the conversation' with Dad about Sam, but while my ass was quite sore, still I couldn't sleep as I was insatiably horny. I wanted Dad’s cum in my ass; his boy needed it right then. Dad was so good, so practiced at breeding my ass. It wasn't, perhaps, fair of me to let something like his need for sleep to get in the way of breeding his boy’s tight (but well used) butt. Still, as Dad and I almost always cuddle at night, and as on this night he was on his back, well, with a little lube, a little precum and a little patience, his cock slid into me nice and slow. I gritted my teeth a bit, wincing from the stinging sensation. Sam, and his friends generally fucked me hard and hung me up wet, but I didn't care; I needed Dad’s bare cock. I worked his cock slowly, ever so gradually lowering my ass onto his crotch, eventually reaching that happy moment when I could feel Dad's familiar, hairy sac, brushing against my ass cheeks. I loved the sensation of his cock being fully lodged in my ass. It was no less amazing he didn't awaken. Still, it was now well past 3:00 AM, Dad's breathing was restful and calm, so I knew he was still asleep. Sitting on his crotch, with his his fully engorged cum stick lodged inside my ass, I found myself remembering the first time Dad had fucked me. I had just turned eighteen two weeks prior. When I was too young to completely understand, my Mom died; Dad later told me she died of pancreatic cancer. All I knew was one day Mom was there, and suddenly she wasn't, leaving Dad and I alone. The funeral and burial completed, the funereal luncheon over, and now even her clothing donated to charity, Dad and I were left with each other. Any how, after Mom died, life slowly returned to normal. Not surprisingly, I suppose, Dad and I grew very close. Around the house Dad rarely wore clothes, and subsequently neither did I. He never said nudity wasn’t normal so I never gave it a second thought. As I got older it crossed my mind that our custom of stripping immediately upon getting behind the closed door of the house was perhaps not the usual practice of my friends' households, but I reasoned it was a matter of choice, and Dad and I had made the decision to make nudity a normal part of our life. Dad and I had always been open and he shared everything with me, he never talked down to me, or lied, even when I asked questions about adults or sex or the body. As I got into my teens I became a bit awkward around him even though I knew our home life wasn’t an abnormal thing. Dad and I had the conversation and he told me what he thought was right but also said I’d eventually decide what I want and what is right for me. The other thing we did that I didn’t see others do is we never closed doors, even when using the bathroom. More than once at night, from my room, I could hear him moaning. I always wanted to go to his room and see, but I never did. About the time I found the internet, my hormones were raging, but while I had a pretty good idea what was going on with Dad, I pretended not to hear it. The year I turned 18 my Dad planned a big birthday party for me and several of my friends and we had a great time. As it got late, and everyone finally left, I immediately went to my room and got rid of my clothes. I was bent over pulling off my shorts when my Dad entered my room. He was already naked and, having had a beer or two, was relaxed. We chatted about the party for a minute, but when I thought I noticed Dad checking out my body, I really didn’t give it a second thought - we had seen each other naked far to many times for his curiosity to mean anything. “Thanks for the party today, Dad, it was great.” He smiled, replying “You’re really growing up to be a handsome young adult, Cody." I think I blushed a little, then he offered, “And … you’re welcome.” With this he walked over, giving me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead. I remember feeling like a kid again, warm and safe in his hug, but then it happened: I felt my Dad’s cock rubbing against my stomach. My cock awkwardly comes to life, but then Dad releases me and left the room. My cock, however, continued to rise, thinking about Dad. I hit the lights and climbed into bed, of course being a late teenager, I immediately thought to jack off as I was horny as fuck. As I reached for myself, however, it first occurred to me that, for the past several months, the thought of Dad's body had permanently worked itself into my 'jack off fantasies' with the result Dad had become a major part of what got me off. He had become my entire world - and his cock had quite literally just been pressed against my body. In fact I could actually still smell his scent. I imagined his cock pressed against me again, my mind was racked with the thought of engaging with him in a full blown fuck session. I wanted Dad, but honestly didn't know what to make of my yearnings. So I lay in bed, beating my cock, imagining Dad's body and cock, trying to work myself to release, when suddenly I hear Dad moan. Clearly Dad was also beating off, and, as I was more than curious, I made my first major decision as an 18 year old: I was going to watch my Dad blow a load. I soundlessly moved towards his bedroom with the intent of watching, making my way down the hallway, doing my best to be conscientious of my body and any noise it might make, doing my best impression of a cat. Dropping to the floor, I crawled into Dad's room, knowing that, giving the position of his bed and the fact that the lights were off, I had a good chance of being able to crawl to the foot of his bed without Dad being aware of my presence. I really loved his bedroom as it bares the scent of his body, which left my heart pounding and my cock hard and leaking. 'Fuck it,' I thought, 'I'm gonna jack off too.' At that point Dad moaned as he worked his rod. Then, to my surprise, I distinctly heard him quietly grunt “Cody… Cod… oh fuckkkk … ohhh baby … ohhh baby boy … that’s it yeah.” I froze, asking myself 'Dad's calling my name?' Did he hear or see me? My cock felt too good, however to allow me to dwell on the question, and involuntarily I quietly moaned “Ahhhhhhhh.” At least I thought I had been quiet, but apparently not as I then felt a hand on my shoulder as my Dad gently said “Cod baby, you don’t have to hide. You can come up here. We’ve always been open with each other. You don’t have to sneak around. We can jack off together.” My eyes must have looked like those of a deer caught in the headlights of a car on a country road. “Guilty," I muttered, not really knowing how to respond to him, followed by the croak "Okay", as I swallowed hard, my eyes completely trained on the shadow above me. I could barely see him as I got to my feet, moving to the side of the bed. “Get under the covers with me, son,” Dad said as he pulled the sheets back. I could just make out a shadowy naked form. Still I looked down, trying to see his cock, only to realize my father was awaiting me. “Come on boy," he urged. Looking back at him, I climbed into bed as he turned on a side lamp, which gave a dim light, enough light, however, that I could now see his face. “Dad, ..." I stammered. “It’s okay, son. I told you no secrets between us. I love you.” “I love you too, Dad.” "And it looks like I’m not the only one who’s horny.” I blushed a bit, but smiled, a smile which Dad returned, which broke the tension of the moment. “Dad … I … I’m just …." “You what, baby boy? It's okay, it’s me. We share everything. You can tell me anything." “I love you!, no, I want you!” I blurted out, interrupting him. There it was out in the open. Then I immediately look away feeling awkward; Dad, however, took my chin in his hand, turning my face to his. “Dad .…” Dad placed his finger over my lips, “Shhhh…”, his eyes looking through me, then he looks down towards my cock. Before I could think, he placed my left hand on his cock, and, taking my cock in his hand, we began slow-stroking each other, not speaking, but also not breaking eye contact. I couldn't believe I was actually stroking another man's cock - in fact, my Father's cock. For that matter his precum was slicking-up my hand. Dad leaned in towards me, a broad smile on his face, our eyes trained on each other. Dad’s face was now right against mine and he’s looking at me and my mouth and then my eyes, back and forth. This was it, the first time I was jacking off with my father, when he suddenly presented me with another first: without preamble, he presses his lips to mine and kissed me. Not a kiss such as he had given me in the past, a fatherly peck, no, this was a lover’s kiss. I did my best to match the intensity of his kiss, and as I did, his cock spurted a particularly generous quantity of precum. After that Dad invited me to sleep with him every night. It wasn’t long until I learned to suck and appreciate his big cock; my Dad, my boyfriend. Dad said, “Once you become an adult you can decide for myself what you want Cod,” making it clear he trusted my judgment. For me, I was sold: this was what I had fantasized about, my first boyfriend – my own father. “Ahhhhhhhh……….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…,” a huge groan and exhalation. Dad’s hands were now holding my thighs; I was riding my father’s cock. He was, of course, fully awake. At this point though I’m impaling myself on his cock, and as much as it stings, I really want his cum inside me – I’m working him hard to get it. “Ohhhhh fuck boy ... ohhhhh fuck … you needed Daddy’s cock huh?” I let out a long moan, “Yeeeeeeeeess….” “Do it boy… ride Daddy’s big cock.” The sounds of sex in the room is obvious as we can both hear the sloshing sound of a raw cock fucking a cummy ass, “Is that cum in there boy”, “Yes, Daddy”, trying to sound younger than my 22 years since I know it makes him a little crazy, “FUUUUCCCKKK that’s hot!” Dad seems so horny, but he also seems completely happy to just lie here and let me do all the work for to get his spunk. I start wondering if I’m really HIV+ now from all sex with Sam and his friends, and then it crosses my mind again, “If I’m positive from Sam fucking me, is Dad HIV+ from him, too?”, “ohhhhhh…. Ohhhhhh…. It feels so fucking good Dad”, “Yeah boy… ride me… I’m getting close”, and I know my Dad is about to cum inside me; he never lasts long after he says he’s close. The thoughts of Sam fucking me flashes through my mind and me literally begging him to fuck poz cum into me, which he more than happy to do … if I really am positive now, what can I say? I asked him for it … more than once. “Dad … I … I …. “, but the words aren’t coming, and then, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck … Daaaaa…..” and my ass clamps down on his cock as a huge load comes flying out of the business end of my cock, “Oh fuck…. Oh fuck… “, my orgasm racks my body. “Cod! ... FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” and I know Dad’s cock is releasing its pent up load. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Cod…. Ohhhhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhh”, the moans and the breathing are heavy between us as our orgasms quell and we start to come down from the release. “That is so fucking hot”, I moan between breathes, “Yes it is baby boy … needed that so bad”, he says to me all breathy, “…and I’m soaked now”. We both laugh. I climb off his cock and lie down beside him and we kiss… he leans into me and presses almost all of my cold, wet cum into my stomach; I love him so much. I can’t think of how to tell him I might be infected, he’s always been there for me, and been open with me, I have to find the words. “Did you have a good time with your friends last night?”, I ask him. “Yeah it was good … this is better”, as he kisses me, “You?”. “Same with me … “, I pause, “Dad, I’ve been having sex with …”, “It’s ok Cod I’ve been having sex too”, “Sam?”, I blurt it out. “Yes, … “, he pauses, “Sam … how did you?”, “Uhmmm… well saw a message from him on your phone once, and then didn’t know it was him, but met him on BBRT and we started talking and well ... He’s fucked me a couple times”. There’s an awkward pause, then he says, “Same with your old man I guess … I don’t ‘always’ go jogging”, a laugh escapes us both, “Haha… uhmm yeah … figured”. “Dad it’s just that … well, I’ve been fucking bareback “, another pause, “Me too baby boy… always hated condoms. I got tested last week”, “You did… what did…”, “Negative “, I look at him pausing then the thoughts run through my mind, “I haven’t actually tested poz … so who says I am until they tell me otherwise?”, then he pipes in, “Why don’t we go this week… we can get tested together?”, “But you just …”, “Doesn’t matter, plus the guy that works there…”, I pipe in, “Chris”, “Yeah… how did you?”, “Fuckbud brought him over once, he’s hot”. “Yeah he is ... anyways, not that you’re positive, but you can see how easy it is to test, and maybe it’ll put your mind at rest”, “Yeah … uhmmm… ok”, my only reply. A day goes by and Dad and I spend it together then the next morning he’s out for a jog when it hits me, “I bet Sam is fucking him right now”, part of me is jealous. I’m really horny, I decide to find out. Me: I’m horny Sam: Me too Sam: Busy today though Me: Breeding my Dad? Sam: Maybe: P Me: Fuck! I want Sam: What do you want? Me: + cum Sam: Dirty boy Sam: Jake asked if he can text you, gave him your #, hope that’s ok Me: That guy you told me about before? That’s cool, can I have his # too? Sam: Yeah I’ll send it, one sec Sam sends me Jake’s # and I decide to message him instead of waiting when literally a message from an unknown contact appears on my phone. Jake: Hey this is Jake, … Sam gave me #, hope it’s cool to message you Me: That’s weird Me: I was just going to text you lol Jake: LOL Me: Yeah it’s cool … Sam told me he gave you my # Jake: He talk about me? Me: A little lol Jake: Oh really? What’d he say? Me: Nm … just said you guys had some group fun Jake: Yeah we did … that it? Me: He said you’re HIV+ … prob from that night Jake: Yep I’m poz Jake: About a month now Me: Hope its ok he told me that … don’t wanna seem nosey Jake: Its cool Me: So you got it from him? Jake: Always bb’d here Jake: We think his hot friend Sergei is the one that actually gave it to me Me: How do you know that? Jake: I’m horned. Can we get together? Horny? Me: LOL… always Me: Yeah that’s cool Jake: HOT (includes a pic of his cock) Me: Damn… that’s a hot cock! Jake: And it’s poz … sure it’s ok? Me: Hell, yeah -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake: Cody gives me his address and I tell him I’m headed that way. It makes my cock leak thinking that we’re both HIV+, and he will find out at some point when he gets tested. I intend to make him beg me for poz cock and then when he does test poz, we’ll hopefully discuss it, and I’ll let him know he got it from me. Also be hot to see him fuck and breed a few guys before he gets tested, just in case he gets weird about being poz, or goes on meds right away. Personally I don’t intend to take any meds until I have to… I want to share this with as many guys as I can. I start driving to Cody’s house when that hot guy Chris at the testing center crosses my mind, the way he flirts with all the guys there, I wonder if he’s just a flirt or if he’s already poz? Or maybe he’s still neg and chasing it? I think I’ll just have to find out.
  2. Chapter 1: By the time I was 23 I had become quite a cum slut. I couldn’t seem to get enough cock and cum inside me, I would hook up with younger guys, older guys – I had to have cock. Before that It took me all of about a year to go from just being a bareback bottom to full on bug chasing and I wanted a man to convert me. I’ve always barebacked. I think bare is the only way I men should fuck, and I was getting fucked a lot -- especially right before I converted. To a point, I mostly didn’t think a lot about getting infected, I just wanted to take loads from as many guys as I could and occasionally share mine. The anonymous encounters were the best and always got my cock squirting. Then something happened that had not happened before, one of my favorite fuck buds informed me that he had just tested positive for HIV. I didn’t react badly, to be honest, we wound up talking on the phone and in person about it. We were pretty close for fuckbuds and one thing led to another … he fucked me and stayed the night, neither of us seemed to care. We had been chasing HIV, we weren’t dumb, and so it wasn’t entirely a surprise when one of us tested poz. I even created a profile on BBRT with a status of 'Positive' and began exclusively hooking up with guys whose status was listed as 'Positive', 'Undetectable', or 'Not sure'. The versatile 'Not sure' guys were my favorite guilty pleasure. Sure enough at some point, one of the many loads of cum I took, maybe even the one of the ones from my fuck bud, sealed the deal for me. I remember the day I got the news. Since the time my fuck bud told me he tested poz I had tried to mentally prepare myself for those words, I had been having a lot of bareback sex with him and lots of other guys, and I thought to myself, 'I guess you got what you wanted. Now you’re a poz cum slut'. To some it might seem perverted but I boned up when I got the call about my test results. The nurse confirmed it and, of course, the doctor, who I thought was kind of hot, wanted me to come back in to discuss treatment. I honestly had a raging hard-on the entire time he talked to me, and while part of me hoped he didn’t notice, part of me hoped he did. Anyhow, he told me that day that my viral load was very high, in fact it was almost one million. He also told me my viral load might well continue to rise for a while, and I should avoid sexual contact, as there was a substantial risk that at this point, more than down the line, that I would infect any guys with whom I played. I got back to my car, a little sweaty, head spinning, and realized I was incredibly turned on; I’d had a lot of sex chasing this bug and testing poz just now was the result of that. I was just 23 years old, and I was HIV+. An evil grin crossed my face, I knew that a lot of other men, hopefully, would end up HIV+ at the firing end of this boy’s rock hard dick. I jacked off right there in the hospital parking lot. Sweaty, tired and covered in poz cum, I took off my shirt, wiped up the mess, and drove home. (The backstory ... I decided to create a new story ... more chapters to follow soon, hope you guys enjoy)
  3. Cody: Sunlight streaming in the bedroom window caused a bit of haze as I very slowly awoke. The two day drive from Seattle to Dad’s house in the suburbs of Chicago had really taken a lot out of me, but after a couple of very groggy minutes I realized I was in his bed, alone. I figured he had likely gone for a run. I really love sleeping in Dad's bed. Although I would have preferred to find him sleeping next to me, at least I could still smell him. My Dad and I started having sex several years before I left for college. It wasn’t an affair as much as it was pure hormones. Being a horny teen, I was eager to learn about sex, and Dad was more than willing to be my guide. I never complained, especially since I had long since adjusted to the reality I was gay, and, as my relationship with Dad expanded to include sex, I was more than ready and receptive, especially since then as now, Dad maintained had a nicely toned body. As I lay there in his bed, it occurred to me my morning wood was in complete agreement. After high school I was accepted at an out-of-state university. Fast forward several years of fun and hard work, and now, post graduation, I had a degree in finance and was back at my Dad’s house. I was horny and wanted his body more now than ever before. I couldn’t get enough cum. In college I had been a real pig, and sucked off more than one roommate. I’m surprised I came away from college without coming down with one STD or another. Anyhow, Dad was now 43 to my 22 years, but as he exercises religiously, he is still really young in my eyes. I was always slim and had been on my high school’s swim team, which helped get me a scholarship and to tryouts for the college swim team. I was trim, and I definitely like my body, but my 'little Cody' was doing all the thinking. I imagined if Dad were here right now I’d be sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. I wondered why we hadn't fucked the night before. I know I wanted him, and he had been very happy to see me, but as I had been exhausted by the drive, I guess I just passed out. The thought of Dad fucking me got me rock hard and horny to the point of distraction. Something needed to happen soon; I wanted, no, I needed Dad's cum inside my hole, especially when I thought back to my experiences in years past with Dad. I really liked it when, as we fucked, Dad would get verbal and nasty, calling me his cum hole. My cock started to leak. I got up to piss, and afterwards checked my phone. There was a text from Dad that read, “Getting an early run in, back soon Cod.” My name is Cody, but as long back as I could remember Dad has used the nickname 'Cod'. The kinky part of me wanted him to call me his “cum hole,” and tell me how he was breeding my ass. Fuck, I wanted to taste his cum. I decided to shower and get myself together before Dad got back. I was horned as fuck and thought about jacking off but decided to wait until Dad got back. I was determined to get his load. Dad: It was nice watching Cod sleep was nice, and knowing he needed the rest, I decided to let him sleep in and use the opportunity to hook-up with one of my regulars, Sam, I guy I met on Grindr. Sam and I have been fucking a couple of times a week or so for nearly a year now; with Cod away at college I had to have relief, and Sam satisfied my needs quite nicely. I have always barebacked, and had always topped with Cod but after he went away to school I decided to explore the role of a bottom and started taking bare cock from several guys, Tom, Alan, Nick, and Sam - just a few of the guys I had fuck me at one point or another over the last few years. I loved taking it bareback. I initially asked about the top's status but when Alan answered "I don't know," I decided to still take his load. After taking Alan's load I stopped asking the guy's status. I just wanted to be fucked hard and to take big loads of cum in my ass. I really had no idea if I’d ever taken a poz load of cum until I met Sam. He’s now 28, 6’ tall and lean. He reminds me somewhat of Cod, even if he is a couple of years older. He told me upfront that he was HIV positive. I replied I was HIV negative, but didn’t care either way; the truth is my cock had never been harder. What I didn’t know is that Sam did care about my status: he only wanted to fuck guys who were negative, and since he and I had hooked-up and I made switch to being a cum pig, one who had no trouble that an HIV positive guy was regularly fucking me, Sam had decided me wanted me to convert. Meanwhile I couldn’t get enough of Sam, and was flattered Sam couldn’t seem to get enough of me. He asked if I was still negative, but as I hadn't been tested for quite some time, more than a year or so, even if I had taken many of Sam's loads, still I had to answer that I didn't know. Sam frequently commented "I hope you convert," and "I'm gonna make it happen," but as far as I was concerned it was more of a matter that maybe he would, maybe he wouldn't, but as he was on meds I knew the chances were slim. Whatever the case, however, I definitely wanted him to fuck me - either way. I took a very short run and made my way to his place for sex. I was horny and given the thought of Cod laying naked in my bed, I needed poz cum right now. Sam and I had a fairly regularly routine: I would let myself in, strip naked and climb into his bed, and then we fucked hard and heavy while he told me how he was going to knock me up. “Hey sexy, fuck I’m so horny,” I called out. “Get on your back. I want to see your face while I breed you,” he replied as he entered the room. I flipped over, legs up and he thrust in roughly with no lube. He had fucked me so often that his cock goes in easily, and honestly it didn't really hurt, although I was surprised he was balls-deep on the first thrust. “Gonna’ really breed you deep this time, Mark. You want my poz cum?” “Fuck yeah, give it to me" was all I could mumble as he road my ass. Sam looked down at me, smiled, and leaned over, giving me a deep kiss. I could feel his sweaty nuts resting against my ass. I love that sensation. Somehow it really makes me feel like the top is in complete sexual control of me. “Sam, I’m so fuckin' horny. I want you to blow your poz cum into my hole. I want you to give IT to me.” “Oh yeah, you twisted fuck," he grunted, asking “You want me to poz .. uhhh... maybe both of you?” Sam knew Cod was back at my house. I knew what he meant. I was conflicted, but grunted approval. Sam knew we’d be fucking and if I was, or converted, I might pass it to Cod. “Yeah, you do want that. So fucking hot." He kept banging me, keeping-up a good rhythm, grunting and banging my ass. And, as he did so he remarked “I stopped taking my meds. I want you to be HIV positive." “Uhhhhhh… uhhhh… fuck me”, was all I could manage, “Fuck, it into me.” Sam was in full stride now, kissing me, he was looking me right in the eyes with a very devious grin and he knew that I wanted this as bad as he did. “Fuck… fuck… fuck… close”, he was kissing me hard now and “Uhhhhhhhhh…. FUCK… cummmm… ” and like that, he unloaded in my ass. It seemed like a really intense orgasm for him. As he lay on me, his hard cock plugging my ass, french kissing me, he sweated profusely. “I’ve been wanting to do that since we met,” he eventually commented. “Stop meds?” “Yeah. I wanted to convert you before we were really open about it and I knew I’d probably have to take a break from the meds to do it for real." “That’s so hot that you told me the way you told me just as you were about to blow. How long have you been off them?” "About a month or so, now, so I'm sure I'm toxic." We kept making out, Sam was so hot and his cock was still hard and still inside me. I knew I was a horny pig and I liked it bareback but I never thought of myself as chasing. Right now I couldn’t think of anything I wanted more than another load of his poz cum, so I murmured “I want more.” He, on the other hand, was still out of breath, and replied “Let me rest. Maybe you’ll get something you can’t get rid of.” I was hard and leaking. I hadn’t cum, I rarely did when Sam fucked me, but I started thinking about Cod and my cock started to leak. I felt an odd pang thinking I was going to give Cody cum, knowing I might seroconvert from my sex with Sam. Cody: I finished my shower, ate something and started to think about Dad. I was about to text him when I heard the door open, and in walked Dad, looking a bit sweaty and worn-out. "That must have been a good run," I commented. “Good run? Uh… yeah, good, wore me out. I think I’m going to get a shower." I could smell his arm pits as he walked by and it made my cock hard as he walked past me. “Dad?” “Yeah, Cod?” I walked up close to him and looked him in the eye the way a lover does, “I’m glad I’m home.” “Me too, Cod.” He smiled, kissed me, and then entered his bathroom, I nearly passed out in anticipation of the pleasures in store.
  4. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    CHAPTER 17: Chris: I wake up the next morning and quickly realize my arm, along with most of my body, is wrapped around Tyler. Pressing my nose into his neck I inhale a lung full of the scent of his body. For a few minutes I savor the sensations as my brain slowly wakes itself up. I can feel his feet touching mine, his legs, his ass against my cock and my stomach firmly pressed against his back. I kiss his neck. He doesn’t flinch. “Someone got used pretty hard yesterday”, I softly mumble. I know Jake jackhammer fucked him and gave him two loads, and he took two other loads from me. I pull back, the sensation in my hard dick is pressing against the lower part of Ty’s back. I pull backward and I feel the hairs on my stomach rightly complain from the combined stickiness of lube and precum probably from both of us. With a slight wince, and a tug, I pull backward enough to free my body from his. I reach down to feel Ty’s hole. Its puffy and wet. Feeling that, my cock is more awake than I am right now. Reaching down to my cock the tip is dripping wet. I know Ty is sleeping but he’s about to take another load of his big brother’s poz sperm. I look down at his body, touching him, touching his hair, feeling him. A delicious grin covers my face. I think, “I want him to test positive”. Part of me feels dirty thinking this, but at the same time I feel closer, and more like a big brother to him, than ever. Right now I have to power to pump a load of cum into my baby brother’s ass that will change his life, and the best part is, we both want me to do it. Bug chasing for me was a natural evolution of bareback sex with hot guys I met and wanted to get naked with, but I’m not sure how Ty got into it. I want us to have that conversation when he’s poz. Then it dawns on me, “Jeremy!”, and I realize his ex must have somehow turned him on to the bug. I suddenly feel a little guilty, “Am I any better than that guy?”. I rub my fingers through Ty’s hair I quickly put any thoughts of backing out, out of my head, and focus on his body. I turn away from him just enough to grab some lube from the nightstand and get a bit of it on my raging cock. I set the lube down and again press my stomach against him. This time I push my dick into the crack of his ass where it glides against his skin easily. My phone buzzes, probably a text, I ignore it. Right now nothing will keep my horny cock from filling the Ty’s ass with an infected load. I use my hand to guide my cock to Ty’s hole and press against his body. Applying slow, even pressure the tip disappears into his ass almost effortlessly. I can still feel some of the cum trapped inside him. Looking at his back and body I mouth the word, “POZ”, its the only thing I can think of as I work my dick into him. I drive my cock deep inside, going as slowly as I can, the bright pink head pushing his hole apart, digging its way in. Pressing more firmly my dick continues its invasion and its not long before my balls are pressing firmly against his ass. Ty is still asleep and hasn’t moved but now he’s got nearly 8” of poz dick attached to him. I press myself more closely, running my tongue over the back of his neck. I rub his dark brown hair again and again, moving my mouth close to his ear. “I want you poz, Ty”, I whisper to him, more for my own pleasure than expecting him to hear me. I pull my cock back slightly and work it in again. “I want you poz, Ty”, this time I grunt as I say it, feeling dirty. I know he’s asleep but I say it over and over again kissing him each time as I do, using his body to help get myself off. I keep pushing my dick into my little brother when finally he turns his head slightly. He realizes I’m using his ass and I get a groggy, “fuck yea” out of him as he moves his left arm to my ass and I feel him trying to pull me in deeper. "Ohhh fuck!", I hear Ty’s soft voice, rolling his head around as I enter him again all at once as if to drive home the point that we’re having sex. "Awwww, fuck yeah...", I moan, slowly beginning to thrust myself in and out of his trembling body. “You want this Ty? … You want big brother’s bare, poz dick?”, he moans, “Yes”, “That what you wanted with Jeremy? Wasn’t it? Wasn’t it babe?”, I ask bluntly, working my dick into him. "Ohhh god... oh god, oh god!", Ty gasps, almost wailing … I can feel his skin getting hot, “Think I nailed it on the head”, I respond. I’m pretty sure Ty can feel my dick throbbing and I want more than anything to just spill another load him. This feels so good though, I want it to last. "Faster, Daddy", comes Ty’s response to; its an almost demanding tone. I love staring at his body and the nape of his neck while I fuck him, smiling and grunting, as I push harder into his ass, "You must really want this poz dick baby". "Yes daddy! Harder! Do it.", in what is the loudest, most demanding thing to come out of his mouth yet. My ego can hardly take it and a broad smile covers my face. Breeding my little brother Tyler is getting me hotter than ever and I can feel my pits sweating as I labor over him, "Yeahhhh… you’ll get it, don’t worry … I'm gonna breed you like the dirty faggot you are". My raging boner is stabbing at his insides, expanding his hole and piercing into the deepest parts of his anus, "Yeahhh, Daddy! Fucking do it!" It’s so hot hearing him beg me for it. "I'm gonna fuck you like a cheap whore, ... you’re gonna be another HIV-positive bottom, Ty", I grunt, smiling as his hands rub my hairy thighs, "You and your dirty cunt", slamming my dick in to emphasize the point. “Ohhhhh fuck Daddy… fuck … ohhhhh fuck!”, "Shut up," I tell him, "No one else is here, its just me, you and my poz dick". I slap his ass a few times and a bright red handprint appears. "UHN!" Ty moans, almost as if it hurts. I keep fucking him, faster now, pumping in and out of him -- drilling him hard. My hips slapping into Ty's ass and my legs almost entirely surrounding his, keeping him right where I want him. My waist bucks up and down, thrusting me deeper and deeper inside his boy hole. With each passing second, I’m growing closer and closer to fucking another load of unmedicated HIV+ cum into my littler brother. Part of me feels conflicted about all of this, the angel on my shoulder feels shame, but the devil on my other shoulder is turned on as fuck and beating off. My hips bang his body repetitively with my hairy groin, deep dicking him good. I’m going at it, lost, throwing caution to the wind as I pull on his body and shove my bare dick into him, over and over. Right now I don't care about Ty's well being … I just need to breed him. All I care about is getting off in Ty’s neg ass. I’m mating with my dirty fag brother like he’s my bitch in heat. I’m intent on making sure the next time he tests, he gets two lines. My bedroom is filled with the smells of man sex and the sound of testosterone-filled fucking, mixed with horny grunts and deep moans of power. I can feel Ty quiver a bit each time my hairy mess of pubes tickles his crack – its almost like he’s turned on, but a bit scared. My large, hairy balls are banging against his sensitive hole, and I can feel his ass clench a bit around my dick each time they do. They’re pulling up tight, getting in position ready to fire out another load, ready to impregnate this horny little bitch. I grip tighter onto Ty's arms, there’s a bit of sweat in the light dusting of his hair, unlike my nuts which are almost entirely bathed in sweat now. When I decided to bug chase I knew I’d want to share it. It gives me a bit of pride and stokes my horniness knowing that my own brother is the first guy to receive the poison from my dick. I’m fucking him like an animal, and my full, heavy balls are proof of that. "Uhhhnnnn... Daddy! Fuck! Breed me ...", he’s moaning, barely able to get it all out, but he knows just the words my dick wants to hear. I’m sweating, mouth wide open and the drool beginning to run down my lips. I love the feeling of his ass tightly wrapped around me. Having mostly bottomed I’m enjoying being rough and primitive with some twinky ass, even my own brother’s, and now I’m finally getting a chance to play things out as a Top. "I'll breed you right, baby," I grunt, some of the saliva dripping on Ty’s back, "And I'll fuck your hole up good". I never called Ty “baby” before but I like the sound of it, part of me wonders, “Could Ty and I have a thing like Cody and his Dad?” I’m pulled back from my moment by his voice, "Do it, daddy. Fill me …", then out of nowhere, loudly, “FUCKING BREED ME!”. I’m pulling hard on his arms. It feels like they might be ripped away from him at any moment, but he doesn’t seem to care. Ty is letting me have my way with his body, feeling his neck, his back, his groin again and again, pound after pound, my body crashing into his. "Fuck! Ughhh! Fucking take that cock boy!", I yell back, the veins in my biceps popping as I keep hold of his arms. He’s spasming a bit, and each time, his hole squeezes down a bit on my cock, “…you want my poz cum, you’re gonna get my poz cum”. Ty’s hand flows over my body, feeling me, “I’m gonna fucking fill you up with my salty, poz spunk, Ty”. I continue our sex, fucking him wildly, slapping my crotch against him, as though I’m sex-starved. I can feel my orgasm coming, the semen is welling up in my balls. I grunt and huff at the air coming off his twinky body, both of us barely able to speak more than a grunt. Then, finally, I feel it. My balls jerk against his skin and my whole body tenses, my dick stiffens, rigid and losing it’s deadly payload. "Awwww fuckkk... FUCKKKKKKKK!! I'm cumming! CUMMMING!", between heavy breathes. Ty moans like a schoolgirl, "Yeah daddy! Yeah!" In the span of these seconds a huge wad of toxic sperm lurches from my nutsac and shoots out the end of my fat penis, all while buried deep inside of Ty's hiv-negative hole. I groan in pleasure, driving my dick hard against Ty and dumping a hot load of cum all over his insides. I stay like that humping his waist over and over, my seed spilling into my little brother’s hot anus that’s locked around my dick. My dick shakes as more and more my sperm explodes out of the tip, “Want you poz Ty … fucking want you poz”, I groan. I wrap my arms around Tyler's waist, pressing my torso hard against his back. My sweaty chest and erect nipples digging into his backside. I slow hump him, gripping him tight and push, trying to get deeper and deeper into his throbbing hole. My eyes close as the feeling takes over my entire body. Spurts of cum escaping my cock head, my boner still pointing upwards inside his body. Then, I rub his pubes, reaching down to the his erect cock. I want to suck him off, but I’m spent, he’ll have to settle for my hand at this moment. My phone buzzes one more time with a text, “FUCK”, I groan under my breathe. I won’t be pulled away from what’s important to me.
  5. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    CHAPTER 16: Chris: I never realized how intense making out with my own brother could be. I never even thought about it once, honestly. Hmmmm… ok, maybe, once. Ty, who is momentarily wrapped up in all that’s going on while kissing me, is almost entirely ignoring Jake. But I can feel Jake move and it feels like he’s going to go for round two on Ty’s neg hole. I love that Jake is such a perv when it comes to sharing poz loads with neg guys, and I’m glad he’s here now to help knock up my little brother. “Ahhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh…. “, Tyler groans breaking our kiss. The feeling of Jake’s cock re-entering his body makes itself obvious, “Fuck yeah…. “, I moan, “Give it to him … breed that hole”. Jake looks at me, giving me a dirty grin, and then slides in, deep dicking our little pledge. "Oh fuck, yeah man, … fuck! Want … another … load", I hear Ty almost mumbling. “Cumslut”, pops out of my mouth before I can stop myself, but I not sure either of them actually hear me say it. Ty’s cunt is again stretching to take Jake’s bare cock. "You want another poz load in that tight pussy? You gotta cunt that needs to be knocked up? That what you need?", Jake asks him, rhetorically. When Jake fucks me he’s not so verbal, it turning me on watching and hearing him treat Ty like a cum dump. "Yes… fuck yes! Fill my cunt with poz dick. Do it .. Fucking drill me hard", Ty’s voice very clear this time. "I’m in the mood for a rough fuck, not sure how long I’ll last this round", Jake tells him. Jake pulls back and then slides all eight inches of his meat back into Ty's ass. He’s grinning at me as we both watch my brother's thin frame devour every last fucking inch of poz dick. The same poz dick that, I’m pretty sure, infected me. “Yeah … “, I moan, “Fucking give it to him like you did me”, I say out loud. Ty gasps and is breathless for a minute. “Hope you love that poz dick as much as I do baby brother”, I tell him, but Jake forces his cock down into Ty more quickly than before and it takes his breath away. “Ahhhhh…. Owwww…. Ohhhh… Oh fuck … wow”, I know Jake's hard cock is pushing aside Ty’s insides as it invades his cummy-filled bowels. There is always a dull ache when Jake fucks me – its so hot to be able to watch someone else take his cock. Then, without pause, Jake withdraws his long dick until only the head remains. He glares down at Tyler. Ty’s face begins to sweat and he’s panting. I know how that withdrawal can leave you feeling empty as it pulls at your ass lips in a way that makes you crazy with lust; all you want is that poz dick back in again. Jake massages Ty's ass cheeks. “Fuck yea… fucking squeeze my cock head babe, twitch that hole and milk my dick for cum”, say Jake. Ty is grunting at his words, then Jake adds, “You’re definitely gonna get it”. Jake looks at me and winks as he’s lording over Ty’s hole. Then suddenly Jake dips back in and picks up the pace once more. Ty is grunting with each thrust and tries his best to push back against Jake's dick. Jake moans, "Oh fuck, babe, oh fuck. Your cunt is literally trying to milk a poz load right out of me". Jake slows down a little and starts taking long, determined, slow thrusts. Each time he reinserts his dick, he moves a bit. It looks like all of the different angles are causing new sensations for both of them. I grab my camera and move behind Jake to record Ty’s breeding. I think this is the hardest I’ve ever seen Jake’s cock, and I know Ty's neg chute is driving him wild. Jake's hands are still on Ty’s hips, pulling his ass back onto his dick as hard as he’s thrusting forward. "FUCK! You're so goddamn tight! He’s tighter than you", Jake says, obviously speaking about me, but his words aimed at the both of us. Jake moves up and collapses on top of Ty, pummeling his ass. I move with him to continue recording – I think, “We will definitely beat off to this later”. All of Jake's body is now covering my little brother, and Jake starts humping Ty harder. His ass rising and falling with the brutal, short, quick thrusts. Ty’s eyes are closed, but if he could see my face he’d know I’m as caught up in lust watching him take poz cock as taking it myself. I move the camera up and around to catch their love making. Jake is moving his face to Ty's shoulder and he bites down on him while they fuck. Ty gasps and turns his head toward Jake. Jake moves in to kiss him, but it turns into more of sloppy, animalistic kiss than a romantic one. As the hot stud who knocked me up, pounds my brother, they just pant into each other’s mouth … sharing saliva. "I'm gonna cum … gonna shoot", I hear Ty. I move so that I can I record him getting off while being bred. "Yeah," Jake says, "You like poz dick in that pussy, huh? Gonna shoot your load while you’re being fucked and bred?" Ty is sweating and he doesn't need this much encouragement. His dick, rubbing against Jake’s abs, and suddenly he spews another load. As he does, he bucks up a little so that he can drive his cock harder against Jake’s body. Jake pushes in deep when Ty lifts his ass, and I know the added sensations are bringing Jake closer to his orgasm. He raises his body and grabs on to Ty's ass and drills him. Ty's ass tightens and convulses. I can see Ty’s sticky cum blasting out in between their bodies and rolling down the side of his stomach. His abs are covered in cum and all I can think about is how much I want to slurp that neg load up right now. "Fuck! Fuck! Your cunt lips are making me crazy", Jake moans, "Your quivering hole is fucking amazing". Jake pumps into Ty a few more times, then Jake uses his hands on Ty’s hips to grab on tight. "Here comes my load! Gonna dump another unmedicated load in you!", I hear Jake in his most direct voice yet, "My poz nut is going to be swimming in you all night". I move back behind Tyler so I can record Jake’s cock as it dumps its venom in my little bro. “Ahhhhh… fuck… ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhh”, Jake groans and it happens. I know his cock is swelling and with each pulse of cum, he plunges deeper and deeper into Ty’s ass. The way Jake is pulling back and hugging Ty, it almost looks like he’s trying to climb inside of him. After his orgasm finishes, Jake rolls off of my brother. A sticky, cum covered cock slides out of Ty's ass and starts to shrink from all the abuse. I get a shot of Ty’s wrecked ass. Jake lies down beside Ty, both of them sweaty and panting. Ty looks over at Jake, and Jake flashes him a quick smile as they catch their breath. I decide to get one more shot of the damage, and Ty’s cum covered stomach, before putting the camera away. I look at them both. My bedroom smells like guys, sweat, cum and sex and Jake's body is covered in sweat; his hair, damp and messy. Right now I’m so turned on I just want to bury my face in his body and lick him clean.
  6. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    CHAPTER 15: Jake immediately assumed the spot between Ty's legs, pulling Ty’s hips close, lightly teasing and touching his hole. Then, in one swift movement, he turned Ty over onto his back. My adorable little brother's face, relaxed and yet slightly fatigued, his brown hair sporting a serious case of bed head, emerged from the pillows, as did his very stiff dick. I had to admire Ty’s body which was mostly hairless, as I was some 10 years in the past. He was so damn, adorably cute. I had to admit to myself that a part of me always wanted him for myself. I watched with interest as Jake pulled my brother's ass up close to accommodate the business of breeding ass. Using his middle finger, he applied a little pressure, teasing Tyler before placing the head of his poz dick at the entrance, wiping some precum onto Ty’s well lubed hole. Then, with a quick push and a grunt, Jake pushed his cock head into Tyler. “Ahhh... ahhh... fuck… fuck… so good… feel so good,” Ty moaned as Jake’s dick worked its way into his body. From where I stood, holding Ty’s toothbrush, which was covered in his own blood, I was completely enthralled. It looked to me as if Jake’s dick was fitting into Ty's ass like a custom made glove. “Fuck yeah” softly escaped my lips. Jake pushes his way in further, eventually balls-deep, as he soaked in the pleasure of Ty’s warm ass. From experience I knew the wonderful sensations of Ty’s hole when it is surrounding a cock, in this case, a poz cock, and as Jake tantalized Tyler's body by rubbing, stroking and tweaking his torso, I could almost feel what Tyler was experiencing, especially as the slight amount of hair on Jake's body must have teased Tyler, who was virtually hairless. Studying the two of them go at it, I felt my cock starting to ooze precum, which could only mean I would need to top Tyler sooner rather than later. Ty's eyes seem glued to Jake's body, too. Jake seemed interested in Ty as well, appearing to be fixated on the lead pipe jutting up from my brother’s crotch, which struck me as somewhat odd as, when we have fucked, Jake has almost never even noticed my cock. I wasn't sure why he would, in particular, notice Ty’s. Honestly, I wouldn't expect him to give Ty’s dick any attention. "Chris, come here dude, suck your little brother’s neg dick for me," he said half-smirking, without breaking his gaze from Ty's eyes. I couldn't help but notice Ty didn't even glance at me as Jake spoke. I put the toothbrush down, and obeyed Jake’s words like one of Pavlov’s dogs, leaning over and sucking my own little brother’s dick right into my mouth. Initially my head was positioned perpendicular to Ty's body, but Jake gestured to encourage me to change my position, so I climbed over Ty, so we were into more of a “69” position, but I was intent on just taking care of him, I didn't try to get my ass or cock into his mouth. 'Jake must love the idea of his sweaty abs banging against my head' I thought as I focused on pleasuring Ty's cock. Not that I was unhappy. To be in the middle of the action, in this position in particular, was excellent. Talk about having a ring-side seat. By holding Ty’s nut sac, I could easily see past Ty's junk to where Jake's dick was moving in and out, and as Jake's cock slid out it tugged at Ty's ass lips much the way my cock did, only to push them back as he slid home again. The sheen of Jake’s cock, which was oozing with ass juices, bits of cum, and a tinge of what seemed likely to be Ty’s blood was thrilling. I remember thinking 'Ty’s ass must be bleeding some now, and is getting a dose of unmedicated poz sperm'. Which, I concluded, was not a good combination if one wanted to remain neg. I didn't know, of course, how often guys sucked Ty's cock, but on the assumption it was a relatively rare occasion, I put my heart into it, wanting to give Ty a treat. As I've hinted, Ty’s dick isn’t particularly big, so bottoming came natural to him, but his modest size had the happy result that my mouth easily formed a nice, warm cocoon around the shaft. A dark thought crossed my mind, “Bottoms who bareback end up HIV-positive, not gonna be squirting neg loads much longer gay boy," but that didn't distract me from my appointed task. Ty, meanwhile, was continuously moaning as a result of the stimulation he was receiving at both ends. I could feel his hair against my legs as his head thrashed back and forth, followed by Ty's body tensing up as he groaned “Gonna cum Chris … gettin’ close.” Somehow I got the impression he was actually asking permission of Jake to cum, and apparently Jake heard the same request as he gasped "Let it go boy … spill that last neg load," without, however, pausing in his assault on Ty's ass. Looking up from Ty's crotch I could see Jake’s body was wet with sweat, and rivulets ran down his torso, some splattering, I imagined onto my neck and into my hair. Without forethought the thought "Mmmmm… I’d love to get in those arm pits of his right now,” flashed across my brain. Sensing a change in Ty’s body, I knew his need to cum was taking over, and sure enough, abruptly his second orgasm of the night ripped through his body. This time, however, with his cock deep inside my mouth, he involuntarily squealed as he unloaded, his load erupting into my mouth, my lips tightening around his cock to ensure I got every drop of his cum. "Keep sucking Chris," Jake urged, adding "Help your little bro squirt." Jake was clearly getting off on the sight of some brother-on-brother incest and maybe thought of my swallowing Ty's load. In any event, Jake puts his hand on top of my head as I swallowed Ty's cock, clearly approving of the turn of events. I was turned on by the taste of Ty’s cum, although I mumbled “I want this cock poz,” even if, as a result of Ty’s softening cock which was still stuffed in my mouth, my words were unintelligible. I barely finished sucking down Ty's salty cum when Jake took me by the hair commanding "Get behind me and lick my hole, babe." I was spellbound by the control he was exhibiting. He was apparently quite an Alpha when fucking. I looked him and without a word, stood-up, moved around to his ass, finding myself transfixed by the vision of Jake's ass bulging and contracting as he pistoned in and out of Ty. Spreading his muscular cheeks, it occurred to me his hole was almost certainly tight as, now that he was poz, Jake mostly topped. It also occurred to me his crack was also beautifully furry, and his hole seemed to be winking at me. I drooled in anticipation, wanting to lick it, suck it and tongue fuck his until Jake lost some of that self control. "Get your mouth on my hole, dude … make out with it", he demanded. Yeah, Jake was in the Alpha-zone and fully expected me to comply. He reached behind himself trying to find my head, but I manage to get my mouth into his crack before he could force me. Running my tongue over Jake's pucker, I slid my tongue up his crack. The salty smell and taste of his ass sweat filled my nostrils and mouth, inviting me to move south again to really go after the prize. I pushed my way in, as best I could giving his incessant movement, although he slowed his his rhythm a bit to allow me to slip my tongue into his hole, tensing up as I made entrance. "That's it dude, … get in there," he moaned. Pushing deeper, I was lost in his words. Jake's asshole occasionally clamped down on my tongue, which added to our mutual pleasure. I did my best to lick and suck as Jake attempted to increase push himself over the top. I was certain Ty's ass would very soon receive another toxic load of sperm. “My baby brother … intentionally pozzed," I thought as I pleasured Jake’s hole. Jake leaned forward, kissing Ty. The angles were weird, and they could scarcely connect, so I pulled back for a moment. Ty wrapped his arms around Jake, which allowed Jake's strong hands to pull Ty's back up so they could make out, without disturbing Jake's cock was was still deeply buried in Ty’s ass. From my earlier sexual experiences with Jake, I knew Jake as a fierce kisser and sure enough his lips pushing Ty's mouth open as Jake's tongue licked the inside of Ty's mouth, which led them both to pant and moan. "I'm gonna cum so hard in your hole, boy! I’m gonna dump a poz load in you. Your ready for this?" Jake asked. "Breed my cunt … breed me. Fucking fill my ass with poz cum." I was somewhat stunned by the Ty's command. I had never heard him make such a definitive statement - or seen or heard him be so filthy. Looking back, it is somewhat amusing to see how one's perception of another as innocent could be so easily shattered. I watch Jake bite down on Ty's lower lip, “Ahhhh… ahhhh… fuck … fuck," as his orgasm hit. I slid under the two of them, taking the opportunity to lick Jake's balls and shaft as the poz cum flowed out of his dick and into Ty’s body. His big balls lifted and contracted rhythmically as the cum flowed. The position also gave me the opportunity to recall my experiences as a bottom with Jake as prominent among such memories is the thought of the smell and the sensation of his body and his beautiful dick. From the position where I was crouched I surmised Ty was also caught-up in the smell Jake’s breath and arm pit sweat. When he was done, I quickly extracted myself and Jake pushed forward, collapsing on top of Ty. His dick slipped out and the two continue making out. I could see Jake’s poz dick hanging right there in front of me, and I couldn't help but go for that last drop of cum oozing out of the head of his dick as I generally cleaned-up the poz rod. After I had carefully savored the last drop, I swallowed Jake's entire cock, even as I realized Jake's cock tasted like Ty's ass. Jake and Ty are making out and I get up and move my face closer to them. “Fuck yeah,” I moaned in agreement. Ty looked over at me, broke his kiss with Jake, and commenced making out with me.
  7. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    This chapter is dedicate to @RotzBBengel, because I think he will appreciate the story line. CHAPTER 14 As I’m about to head back to the living room a dirty thought occurs to me, I say it to Ty softly and with a lustful tone, “Get on all fours sexy. I only wanna see that hot hole of yours teasin’ me when I get back … face down, ass up”. Ty just looks at me his tongue hanging slightly out of his mouth and his best “fuck me” eyes and I quickly leave the room before my dick ‘accidentally’ falls into his ass again. I feel perverted. I’m intentionally putting my own health at risk by having raw sex with Jake, and I’ve made peace with being poz. Jake and I glorify it when we fuck, and personally, I keep hoping one of his toxic loads does the deed and knocks me up. But the fucking dirty pervert in me really wants Ty to take a poz load from Jake, and the truly perverted part of my brain wants him HIV-positive, too. Just the thought of that waiting hole is making me leak. I feel like a horny lab rat testing the effects of too much caffeine, I’m hard, energized, and running circles in a maze. I can smell the dampness in my pits; its nearly too much for me. When I get to the living room, Jake is sitting there on the couch looking hot as fuck – naked and ready. “Hey sexy”, I say as he moves toward me, and grab on to his cock while planting a kiss on him. “Ready to breed my tight neg …”, and I momentarily pause. He looks at me deliciously and reaches around to feel my hole, I know he thinks he’s fucking me. I quickly add, “… baby bro, Ty?”. I can see the words register as he looks intently at me. A smiles slowly develops on his face, “Dude … you’re fucking your little brother… that’s fucking twisted!”, he says. He reaches over and grabs a framed photo of me and Ty and glares at it. I put my hand on his ass and respond, “Well… I am now”, and then gently take the photo from him and setting it back down. He gives me another evil grin. I move to get my laptop and turn the cam recording software back on. I turn it around to show Jake, “See”, I tell him. On the screen you can clearly see Ty waiting ass up, “That’s a perfect little twinky ass waiting for another poz load”. Knowing Jake, I can almost imagine the twisted thoughts going through his head as he looks at the screen, then at me, then back, smiling as he does. “Fuck I’m so horny”, he says as I set the laptop down. “Me too”, I respond, and I see Jake raise an eyebrow, “Fuck yea”, nodding at me. I grab Jake’s hand and we head toward my bedroom. I know how much Jake enjoys breeding neg ass and part of me is turned by the idea of watching him fuck and breed Ty with the same toxic semen he’s been pumping into my ass for weeks now. We stop in the doorway glaring at Ty’s ass. He leans into my ear, “He’s neg?”, I shrug my shoulders, “Think so” which prompts me to look over at the test kits. Without saying anything I grab Ty’s test, the one nearest the bed, one slight red line is showing. I show Jake, mouthing the word “Neg” while lightly flexing my eyebrows as if to say “see”. He looks at me, grinning, I know he’s horny and turned on, but then he looks away and his eyes enlarge a bit. A devilish smirk crosses his face and I realize he’s looking over my shoulder at the other test kit. I grabbed Ty’s test so quick I didn’t even notice my own, I lean into him, “That’s mine”, and I turn around to switch Ty’s for mine. I’m frozen for a second looking at it carefully, but its clear, there are two faint red lines on the test. “I’m … I’m positive”, comes out of my mouth but its barely audible. I’ve administered hundreds of these tests I know exactly what two red lines mean. I suddenly feel a bit pail, tingly and light-headed, I turn around and show Jake. He nods. He’s looking at it, then my body, he leans into me and says it softly … “Poz”. I look at the test again, then at him, then the test; time seems to stand still for a moment while I collect my thoughts. Then I just nod my head at him affirming the test’s result. I set it back down, moving back to Jake and finally mouthing the words with a wicked grin, “Jake. I’m poz!”. I know these tests can often take weeks or months to show an accurate result, and I also know once in a while they aren’t 100% accurate, but right now I’m fairly sure – I am HIV+. “I’m poz”, saying it this time in his ear, I can hardly believe the words as I’m saying them. Jake kisses me, and whispers in my ear, “You’re poz” … then waiting a second for dramatic effect he adds, “… hot fucker”. I grab his cock and whisper back, “Your doing.” "No, we both did this," he responded. Part of me was elated. My only response was to nod in agreement. Taking hold of our poz dicks, I rubbed them together, kissing him as a sign of my approval. My head was swimming but I certainly wasn't surprised by the test result. Jake hadn't been taking any meds and we had been having lots of bareback sex; we were both intent on me converting. If I was surprised, it was only that my conversion occurred rather quickly. Jake looks at over Ty’s ass, then back to me, “He know?”, he asks softly. I shake my head. A grin covers our faces. I know Ty is about to be fucked and bred with more unmedicated poz cum. I feel almost a little weird and twisted about trying to convert my own brother, but a dark part of me hopes the virus that’s in my cum takes him over the edge. I climb on the bed behind Ty, my breathe on his hole, “You ready for more babe?” He responded with a soft 'Yeah'. “Open it up for us," I instructed. Ty reaches behind himself with both hands and starts to pull his cheeks open. His hole is still wet with cum from me and Cody. He’s already taken two poz loads today. I blow on his hole and he reflexes a little and the I spit and lick at it, “fuck” comes out of his mouth in a slow moan. "Fuck," Jack muttered as he gazed at my little bro's wet hole. Ty rubs the spit into his hole and then I spit on him some more, "That hole needs to be wet." “I’m already wet Chris," , he says, “… please fuck me again”, I hear him. I look up at Jake with a huge smile, and he’s giving me his most devious grin that says, “Again, huh?”. Ty is fingering himself a little bit and working my spit into and around his ass. I know he’s horny and he can’t resist touching himself. Taking that as a cue that he wants it, I line up my poz dick with Ty's hot little hole. "You ready for this babe?", I ask. “This what you want?”, pressing against his hole teasing him, “You want poz dick in your ass?”. “OH fuck… fuck … fuck me Chris … please fuck me”, he responds from the pillows covering his face. Fucking Ty earlier I tried to be gentle at first. I loved the way his body tightened up, shook, spasmed, and then relaxed; his ass seemed to resist before suddenly giving in. Right now though, he’s been used, he’s wet and I’m just going to lay into him. I push forward plunging into my brother's ass. The thick head of my dick disappears into Ty inch after inch. Without a cock in my ass I can focus solely on using Ty to get me off. The sensations coming from my dick are amazing and if I hadn’t just unloaded a bit ago I’d worry I might blow this load too fast. I can already feel my dick leaking some of its venomous precum into him, and that perverted thought gives me a bit of a thrill. I get most of my poz dick into him and I can hear him grunting a little, but I’m not stopping until my balls are resting against his ass. I push just that extra bit harder to get it in all the way. Ty is twitching, and his stretched out asshole is tightly grabbing the base of my dick. I could feel him squeezing down on my cock, “Ahhh… fuck yeah, Ty. you want this?” "Fuck yeah," he answered, giving my dick an additional anal squeeze, just for emphasis. I was so wrapped up in breeding Ty that I’m completely ignoring Jake right now, but I feel like he’s ok just watching us, taking in brother on brother sex. Lowering my body on top of Ty's, it occurred to me that while Ty was young and twinkish, he wasn't tiny. Still I loved the undeniable fact that my build was overall taller and beefier than was his. In fact I'd say every part of me is a little wider or longer. “Why haven’t we done this before? He let that fucker Jeremy breed him, but he can get his HIV from his own brother now”, I say in my own head grunting and forcing my hips against Tyler’s tight ass as I think those thoughts. Fucking him, sharing a poz load with him, it feels so right. My cock feels like its buried in it's rightful home. Jake is standing close, slow jacking his cock, and occasionally rubbing my ass; I know he wants his turn at some new meat. I move my hands over Ty’s nipples and twist them just enough to get the requisite “Ahhhhhhh….”, out of him. I keep a constant rhythm of fucking him going but I stop supporting myself, laying almost completely on his back. I want him addicted to the feeling of sweat from my chest and the smell of stink from my pits. We live together, he’s seen me naked plenty and likely smelled my pits more than once. I want that smell to connect him to our sex. As I fuck him my strokes tug on his ass lips, as I withdraw, and then I dive back in pushing at his stretched hole. I sit back up and pull on Ty’s shoulders encouraging him to move up with me in a half twist; I use this opportunity to make out with him. My fucking motions slow as our tongues battle. I reach over to Jake pulling him in close and suddenly the three of us are locked in a three-way kiss. The kiss breaks and I push on Ty again, my arms are locked around his shoulders and arms as I ram my cock into him over and over as I announced “I wanna cum inside you so bad,” going in for another kiss with that announcement. I can feel every inch of my dick as it moves in and out of Ty. I position my mouth close to his ear, "You’ve got a fine ass, babe". My tongue traces over the lobe and then I bite down gently and a growling noise escapes me. I want this – I want my cum in his ass. My mouth moves to his neck. I bite down one more time, this time getting a groaning and noise from Ty. I look at Jake, “Give me your boxers," I instructed. A quizical look on his face, he stepped out of the room, returning immediately, his shorts in his hand. I reached for them, and promptly shoved Jake’s dirty boxers into Ty's noisy mouth. In this moment I pick up the pace a bit more on his ass. I’m holding on to his waste, pounding him hard, I know I’m about to dump a poz load in this ass and I want him to feel it. My strokes are short so I’m able to keep the majority of my dick buried in his butt. I want to deposit this load as far up inside my brother as possible. This will, hopefully, increase the change that if he isn’t poz yet, that this is the fuck from which he converts. Ty grunts around the boxers as I slam fuck his willing hole, slamming my poz dick in and out of him. As I grind and use Ty, I feel myself getting progressively louder. Dirty, filthy, twisted thoughts and ideas are coming to me as I bang my bro’s butt. "That's right Ty, take my dick. Fuck! Take my poz dick! Your hole is so tight, feels like it was made for pulling poz loads out of me”, he grunts, “ I bet you've been dreaming about taking this dick forever. Haven't you? Did you even think about your own brother breeding any when Cody was using this ass? Huh, Ty?", I ask, indignantly. Ty doesn’t really respond to me. I grab onto his hair and get real close to his ear again. I know he can feel my hot breath on his cheek, "Did you ever eat your own cum dreaming that it was mine?". “Fuck”, I hear Jake moaning as he watches me use Tyler. I’m completely lost in the moment of our sex. Ty finally nods from my prodding. We both know he’s done all of these things and probably more. With a sharp thrust I push my dick into Ty. I’m getting so close to cumming now. "Oh, fuck, … fuck … I'm gonna overflow that ass with poz cum Ty. Gonna breed you … gonna make up for lost time." Ty is thrusting his body back against mine. He’s arching his back to try to connect us and get that skin-on-skin feeling again. I’m leaning back but I can see what Ty is doing and I lean forward against him instead. Our hot, sticky skin slides against each other as my tight balls bang up against him. Ty groans. He spits out Jake's boxers and he’s pants now – loudly. "You gonna cum Ty? Do it.”, Ty is jacking his cock feverishly, “Get off on me fucking you, babe", I tell him. Ty's is racing back and forth, then I feel his hole tight even more and I know he’s dumping his load all over my bed. He clamps down on my cock, and I can see the waves of pleasure that are breaking over his body are augmented by my own grunts as I get closer and closer to delivering another load of charged seed to that ass. "Fuck… fuck… so close … I'm so fucking close Ty. Gonna cum … Where you want it?", I ask him. "Ahhh… ahhhh… All the way in … deep", he responds. I thrust deep inside of Ty. I bend forward licking one of his ears. "Here it comes… fuck… oh fuck.. It's gonna be a big load. Fuck!", I can barely think or speak. I can feel the cum welling up and I know Ty’s about to take all of it. Then I let out a long moan, grunting and shoving into Ty, with short, bone shaking thrusts. Ty can feel me pushing his whole body moving forward as my poz cock expands and stretches him to the limit, and then violently, my hot cum begins flowing into his gut. I know he can feel my hot breath on his neck as I hump my load into him, but I also hope he can feel my cum squirting into him. This the first of many poz loads he’s going to receive from me. I slowly pull out of Ty’s ass and he turns around to kiss me. We make out for a solid minute. Its at that moment I again realize I’ve forgotten Jake, and that he’s still in the room, and watching us intently. I can see some sweat on his body and his cock is hard as granite. I kiss Ty again, “Get back on all fours babe, Jake’s turn." Ty looks over at Jake, then at me, then he kisses me again and lays down in his own cum. He reaches back with his hands and pulls his cheeks apart exposed his hole. I can see some of my load leaking out of it, “Fuck … the little bitch wants it”, I hear Jake, “Yeah he does”, I respond. Jake leans down and uses his hands to pull Ty’s ass up like before, then he buries his tongue in it. “Ohhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… “, Ty groans as Jake makes out with Ty’s cum filled hole. I lean down to Jake’s ear, “Be right back”, but he ignores me. Jake is literally making out with Ty’s ass, trying to force his tongue inside. I return and just watch, like Jake did, as he teases and licks and eats at Ty’s well fucked hole. He finally pulls back, looking at it, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and lapping at his lips. I squeeze a little lube onto the toothbrush I brought back form the bathroom, “Let me in there for a moment”, I tell him. Jake moves. I kiss Ty’s hole and blow some cool air onto it again, and again he responds, “Ohhhhh ohhh… fuck… fuck me”. I don’t answer him and instead start using the brush to tease and tickle his ass, his hips jump, “ahhhhh” as the brush rubs roughly against his skin. “Hold on to him”, I tell Jake. Jake just looks at me, we haven’t used any toys in our sex play and the toothbrush I guess seems odd to him. I lightly brush back and forth against Ty’s hole, up and down, trying to get him used to the feeling. He’s moaning, he isn’t telling me to stop, so I start pushing the tip of the brush with increasing pressure until the head disappears in his hole. I read in a few places about guys using a toothbrush to make it more likely that poz cum will infect a bottom. I pushed in deeper slowly, not wanting to hurt him. After I get a few inches of the brush in I stop. Tyler is panting and moaning but he doesn’t appear to be in pain. Jake moves down the bed to face Ty and they start making out. I use that as my cue to keep going with the brush. I begin slowly then adding more and more agitation until I’m brushing the insides of his ass back and forth with a nice, steady motion. Then it occurs to me that I mean for Ty to convert today – I’m infecting my own brother with HIV. Whenever any other man fucks him he’ll always know this is the day he converted. The brushing keeps up for a few minutes and I slowly work it back out. The bristles are a deep red, I hope I haven’t injured him permanently, but he’s still making out with Jake and doesn’t seem in pain. I look down at Jake, and he looks at me, he knows its time for him to breed my brother.
  8. I'm working on a new chapter in Cody's adventures when the wrote the following (my cock instantly got hard):

    I feel perverted.  I’ve been putting my own health at risk by having raw sex with Jake, and I’ve made peace with being poz.  Jake and I have even been glorifying it and I keep hoping one of his toxic loads does the deed for me.  But part of me really wants Ty to take poz loads from Jake too, and the truly perverted part of me wants to see him HIV+, too.


  9. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    This chapter is dedicated to joethomas and his hot, unmedicated poz dick. CHAPTER 13: Chris: Watching Ty being bred and then seeing him naked and blindfolded in front of us was almost too much. My cock was very hard and very wet. Just then my phone buzzed. Our exchange follows: Jake: sup My mind reeled at the thought of of Jake. That guy has impeccable timing. Chris: Hard and horned. And wet. Jake: Oh, yeah? Wanna fuck? Chris: Hell yeah. Come over. I wanna see this hole bred. Jake: Hot! Can be over in about a half hour or so. Chris: Cool. Jake: Hope you want it. I must be potent. I knocked up two guys recently I’ve been fucking. I mouthed the words 'Fuck yeah', a perverted grin crossing my face at the idea of Jake breeding Ty. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark: The sight of my son fucking and dumping a poz load in a young guy’s ass normally makes me hard as fuck, but at that moment my cock was locked down in a cock cage, which was becoming somewhat uncomfortable. Tyler might just be 20, but he was hot and ready, and apparently taking unmedicated loads like a champ. I knew Chris said he was on PrEP, then went off of it for his at-the-time boyfriend, then started taking it again, but now he’s obviously off. So young and full on bug chasing. Chris and I watched as he flushed a nearly full bottle of Truvada down the toilet, returning with an empty bottle, all to entice Cod to breed him. I had never known Cody to be so adamant about something. He must been determined to poz Tyler, although, to be honest, I was somewhat jealous that Cod chose to fuck Tyler rather than fuck me. I really wanted Cod's poz swimmers deep inside my ass. In front of us, Tyler was on his knees, leaning into the large chair as Cody teasing the crack of Tyler's ass, even as he looked at me, licking his lips. They were both teasing us. Precum leaked from my cock as my boy gave the impression he wanted to fuck the chrome off my bumper. If at that very moment I wasn't poz, I definitely intended to convert and Cody was just the man to make it happen. I wished I was at home with him right now having hot, sweaty, piggy dad/son sex the way should be. Mentally I could hear myself shouting "Cod, POZ ME!" as I watched him wipe his precum all up and down the crack of Tyler’s perfect little ass. Chris was watching as intently as was I, so I gave him a hint of my condition by taking his hand and moving it so his fingers were bathed in the precum flowing from my cock head. Smiling, Chris licked his fingers clean as we both watched intently as Cody's poz dick continued slowly torturing Tyler's ass. “You need more boy," Cody piped up. “Yeah, yeah,” Tyler softly murmured, his lips barely moving. “Good boy. I think there’s at least one more load for you. I'm gonna ruin that hole for you, boy. That what you want?” “Fuck yeah,” Tyler again murmured. “Gonna knock you up boy,” Cody softly grunted, adding “Now, move over to the couch for me,” instructed, gently guiding Tyler into position. Chris and I were occupying the couch so we stood and moved out of the way, conscientiously moving quietly, but I got the impression Tyler suspected he and Cody were not alone, that there was one or more present in the room, and he apparently was on the cusp of saying something when he was distracted when Cody who gently guided on his knees, towards the couch, instructing him “That’s it boy … don’t talk … just move your body, gonna get you in position, ready for more cock.” Complying, Tyler didn't say a word but moved into the position as Cody directed. Chris and I re-seated ourselves at opposite ends of the couch so that Cody and Tyler were in the center. Once in position Cody reached around giving feeling Tyler’s cock a feel, noting “You need to nut, Ty. You really need to get off.” Tyler nodded in agreement as Cody felt him up. Cody gestured to me, indicating he wanted me closer. When I was re-seated, Cody placed my hand on Tyler's ass, gesturing that I should explore Tyler's butt. "Aahhhhhh….” moaned Tyler as I played with him. As Cody was also exploring Tyler's body, using two hands, Tyler must have known there were at least two in the room, although he didn't actually say as much, rather he indicated his understanding with subtle bodily movements. Leaning in, Cody kissed me, whispering very, very quietly “Suck him … suck him off … don’t swallow the load, though.” I grinned, gave Cody a quick kiss, nodded and squeezed into the space between Tyler and the couch in order to get at the boy’s cock. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris: My arm pits were sweating profusely as I watched my little brother being fucked and bred on cam, but as I witnessed this all play out in front of me, I felt dampness not only in my pits, but also at my crotch. Not only did I crave sex with Tyler - I also wanted Cody’s poz cock. And both Tyler and Cody were right in front of me. I needed to play with these guys, and I also knew it was possible I had already converted, if only because Jake had been regularly fucking me as of late. I relished the possibility that in fucking Tyler, I might, through my rigid cock, transmit Jake’s virus into his body. I thought to myself “I’m in heat … I need to fuck and I need to be fucked,” adding the thought "Tyler is such a hot little slut he deserves a big, possibly poz load from his older brother. Right?” Cody told Tyler to move toward the couch and guided him in that direction. Mark and I moved out of the way. When Cody and Tyler were situated, Cody went back to teasing Tyler’s hole. “Mmmmm...”, I heard Tyler moan as Cody rubbed his cock up and down Tyler's ass crack. “You need to nut, Ty, you need to get off,” Cody commented as he continued to tease Ty, simultaneously reaching around to feel him up. Tyler moaned his approval as he pinched his tits. I could see the sea of sweat pouring down his chest. Cody was virtually torturing Ty, rubbing and licking the back of his neck, and nudging his hole. Cody looked over at at the two of us, and motioned for his Dad to move in closer, and when he was sufficiently close, Cody pulled him in very close, gave him a kiss, and whispered a couple of words in Mark's ear. Mark returned Cody's kiss, stooped down, taking Tyler’s cock into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhh...” escaped a moan from Tyler, and a part of me was a bit jealous of my little brother. Perhaps recognizing my sheer need to get some action, Cody shot me a grin, and gestured for me to make a silent approach, and when I was within reach Cody asked “You need some more cock in your ass Ty? That what you need?” as his cock continued to massage Tyler's ass crack. “Ahhhh… ahhhhh … mmmmm yes … yes, … please,” Ty answered, almost purring as he responded to the invitation and to Mark's expert ministrations to his cock. Cody spat in his hand, took my cock, smiled, and then positioned my cock against Tyler's hole murmuring “You’re about to get it Ty, you’re about to the cock you want so bad.” I suppose Ty could most certainly recognize Cody was accompanied by another guy, but he didn't seem to respond as if he knew what was about to happen. Pushing me into position behind Tyler, Cody spread Tyler’s cheeks apart with one hand as he simultaneously scooped the precum oozing off of my cock and smearing it onto Tyler's hole. Cody further prepared us by rubbing a bit of cool lube onto my cock and into Tyler's crack. I took great inward pleasure in the thought of playing a role in Tyler's seroconversion. As a counselor at an HIV testing and outreach center, I had counseled many men on ways to avoid HIV, and Tyler and I had had more than one conversation on the subject, yet there we were, horny, naked, and wet. I was about to fuck and breed my brother’s ass, and I was about to do so, knowing that after several extremely hot and extremely unsafe fuck sessions which culminated in Jake filling me with his poz sperm, I might well have also seroconverted. One or two rubs and Cody made it clear he wanted my cock inside Tyler and, applying pressure to the small of my back, he guided my cock into Tyler's ass. “Ahhhh…. Ahhhh… so good,” cooed Ty. Cody leaned over and in a quiet, soft voice asked “That what you want boy?” “Yes … ahhh… yes”, moaned Tyler. “Glad you like it, boy. You can have this cock any time you want it," Cody remarked. Before this occasion I had never fucked Ty, but I remember thinking, hoping that this would be the first of many such occasions. My rock hard, well lubricated cock ground its way ever deeper into Tyler’s beautifully smooth butt. I took hold of his waist and slowly pull him onto my dick, allowing his weight to drive it even deeper. “Ahhhh…. Fuck… Fuck… so good,” I involuntarily moaned out loud. Recognizing my voice, I felt a jolt surge through Tyler. It was my turn to smile at Cody. Now Tyler knew my bare cock was inside his ass. Of course what Tyler didn't know was the frequency with which Jake fucked me, and likewise the relatively high probability I was actually poz. Sadist that I can be, I thought “Maybe I’ll get tested later.” Tyler and I got into rhythm, pumping our cocks in unison, my hard cock slipping in and out of Ty's ass, matching Ty's every motion. Then hands grabbed my waist, held us still for a moment, as a large knob pushed against my hole. Cody’s hard, fat cock was sliding deep inside my ass. I moaned uncontrollably as it completely filled my fucking warm asshole. The rhythm of the session had now completely changed as Cody, in joining the group, immediately took control. With each thrust of his pulsating cock deep in my ass, the power of his plunges pushed my cock deeper into Tyler, causing his cock to echo the motion inside Mark's warm wet mouth. With each cycle Cody almost completely withdrew his hard-on from my ass, with only his cock head remaining inside my hole. I did the same, and supposed Ty was doing the same inside Mark's mouth. Soon we were all in unison, and another vigorous, urgent cycle of pounding cock ensued. I knew Cody had just blown a load, and therefore could fuck me without concern of cumming, but with each thrust into my little brother I was closer and closer to falling over the edge into the abyss. It was so hot: fucking my brother while he mouth-fucked Cody’s Dad and as Cody fucked me. Gradually Cody increased the tempo of his assault on my ass, which caused me to do the same to Ty, and Ty followed suit to Mark. “Ohhhhh fuck… so good… your cock is so fucking good,” I heard Tyler murmur, as, over and over, the hairs of my sweaty crotch slammed against his ass. Notwithstanding the intensity of the three-way, not until Ty blew his massive cum load into Mark's mouth did a chain reaction result in everyone else getting off: just as Tyler's balls were draining themselves into Mark, Tyler's ass muscles tightened around my cock, causing me to violently orgasm, with the result I completely filled Ty's amazing ass gobs and gobs of hot white, possibly poisonous, semen spurting from the head of my dick. Each volley of cum caused me to gasp in pleasure. Not surprisingly, my orgasm pushed Cody over the edge: his hard cock swelled in my ass, his balls retracted, readying themselves for an explosion, which immediately followed with Cody filling my ass with his infected seed. As Cody’s orgasm began to take control of him, his grasp on my waist clamped even stronger and he repeatedly plunged his hips against my ass, sending his angry cock deeper than ever before. Shot after shot of cum fired from his cock deep inside my hole, filling me with his own special sauce. He gave me his warm, gooey, toxic cum, as I filled my brother with a concoction which I hoped to be similarly toxic. It seemed to me each man's orgasm lasted a life time, that my cock just kept filling Ty's ass, even as my ass was being filled by Cody. Still, eventually we all began to slow our violent thrusts, eventually coming to a complete stop as the last drops of spunk drained from our rock hard cocks into each other’s body. I softly kissed and licked Tyler’s neck the way Cody had, softly murmuring “Love you Ty,” thereby letting him confirm my identity. "Oh my god, that’s fucking fantastic!" Cody enthusiastically commented, as, having caught his breath, he withdrew from my ass. No one could possibly have missed the plopping sound which accompanied his withdraw. We separated and Cody reached around me, pulling off Tyler’s blindfold. Tyler looks down at Mark, who's mouth was closed and presumably full of cum. Glancing first at me, and then at Cody, I could see Tyler was processing what just happened. A smile passed over his face. “Dad,” Cody expectantly commented, prompting Mark to rise to his feet and give me a deep, French kiss, a kiss that seemed endless. From my peripheral vision, it seemed Tyler was watching intently, so I'd like to think he was well aware Mark and I weren't merely tongue wrestling, but rather Mark was actively sharing Tyler’s load with me, that, for the first time, I was tasting my baby brother’s semen. Eventually Mark and I parted, and n so doing, a few drops escaped our lip lock and dribbled down onto my chin. No words are spoken as we’re all enjoying the light of our orgasm. I look at Tyler. His eyes, pleading, looking at me. Subconsciously I leaned in toward him, and he leaned in towards me. Suddenly we were kissing, and as we did so, I remember thinking “I sure hope he can taste some of his own delicious spunk." Cody and Mark dressed and left as Tyler and I made out. I couldn't get enough of my baby brother. The thought that I had dumped a load in his ass kept my cock wet, and it was clear Tyler was excited, if only because of the kisses with which he showered me. Eventually, however, we broke off kissing, and simply gazed at each others, only to smile, and resume kissing. After several minutes passed, I found my lips to be all but numb - there's only so much making out one can undertake - apparently. I couldn't believe we had waited so long to play with each other, so I got to my feet, took his hand, and suggested "Let’s go to my room.” Tyler shot me a quick smile and nodded in agreement. Once there, we climbed into bed, and I reached over him to confirm the camera was still recording - I wanted a record of the hot scene of two brothers about to have sex. Then an idea hit me, "Be right back Ty… don’t go anywhere.” Jumping out of bed, I walked into the living room, searching the closet for two of the test kits from work. Before I found the kit, however, Jake’s head appeared in the window of the front door. I opened the door even before he could knock, and gestured for him to enter. Giving him a quick kiss, I softly welcomed him saying “Come on in sexy … you’re just in time for some fun … get naked.” Jake smiled, gave me another kiss, and removed his shirt, ad I returned to the closet, finally locating the two HIV test kits of which I was thinking. Giving me a quizical look, Jake gestured at the kits. “Just gonna run a test for Ty and myself," I explained, adding “Stay here for a minute, get naked and let me start these,… be right back.” Taking the test kits into my bedroom, I placed them on the night table, sat down, and gave Tyler a kiss. He asked “You wanna test? Can’t we...." “Yeah, we could wait but I wanna know now,” I responded as I opened the kits, swabbed our arms, and put the test strips into the liquid. Kissing Tyler another time, I commented "One more time, be right back sexy."
  10. Cody's Raw Sex Adventures

    Been a while since I've touched this one, but a new chapter is in the works.
  11. Kevin Is Hiv+

    CHAPTER 10: “ahhhhhhhhhh… ahhh… ……. oh fuck………. oh fuck………. oh fuck………..”, “FUCK YES! FUCKING BREED ME!”, there’s much heavy breathing and we’re both moaning like crazy as Mike’s raw cock scratches my most urgent itch. “I want it … oh fuck … yeah, I want it … fucking load me up Mike, fucking poz my hole!”, I’m practically yelling at Mike as he pounds my ass; our sex is usually loud and verbal. I just feel I need him to know how much I want him and how much I want his cum inside me; I also know how much hot verbal gets him off. “Fuck babe… fuck yea… gonna fucking load you up”, “Fuck yea … “, the breathing is heavy and our words are labored, erotic and filthy. Between breathes and expletives Mike kisses me. I’m in my favorite position for being bred, on my back, legs up, ass vulnerable. When Mike and Chris fuck me lately its everything I can do to tell them how much I want this and how much I want to convert. I can hardly believe I’m saying the words considering how afraid I’ve been in the past. But, now I’m full on bug chasing, and I intend to test positive from one of their loads if I haven’t already. “My poz cock’s so hard … Gonna fucking knock you up Kev … Gonna fucking poz that hole, gonna fucking breed you”, he says to me in his usual determined tone. I know the home test says I’m neg, but I also know I can already be HIV+ and the home test just isn’t sensitive enough to pick it up yet. “OHHHH Mike … oh fuck, … If I’m not already, I’m gonna be soon”, I think. “FUCKING DO IT MIKE! FUCK!”, I groan again as he long dicks me and the head of that perfect poz dick stabs away at the walls of my ass. I can feel every part of his raw dick, every vein, every inch. “I want that poz load … I wa… “, but he pulls his cock all the way out of me, interrupting me. Mike gives his cock a few quick strokes, “Yeah you’re a twisted fuck like me, aren’t you? … You’re gonna get it babe. You’re gonna end up an HIV+ bareback pig slut just like me. You like that idea don’t you?”, I love it when he’s verbal and aggressive, he doesn’t wait for me to respond, “That it huh? That’s what gets you off?”. He continues stroking himself, getting closer and closer. I didn’t need to think about it though, I only need the heat of his body and the raw sex to answer for me, “Fucking poz me Mike! Fucking tag this hole … knock it up!”. I can smell the sweat in Mike’s armpits and the beads from his forehead are dripping on to me. His breathing is so heavy that his words are mostly groans. “Open up”, he says with a groan, “Ahhhhh… ahhhhhh……… fuck…. Fuck………. You want this? OPEN UP!“, he demands. Mike groans loudly, and then collapses on top of me, and almost immediately I feel the warm flow of his cum squirting into me, as it pulses and throbs deep inside my asshole. “Ahhhh, fuuuuck, babe; thats so hot!", he says, breathless. I seize the moment and squeeze down with my ass trying to milk the last drops of Mike’s toxic load as he lifts his head to look at me. One final kiss, followed by a, “Love you babe … but gotta finish up and get out of here”, and Mike pulls out, leaving my hole feeling empty. I find a butt plug and work it in to keep his poz load inside me. I take Mike to the airport for his business trip, two weeks without him will suck. Chris and I will finally have some private time though, and as much as I love Mike, I think Chris and I both are needing some sex together with just us. On the way back the phone buzzes, and its Chris, I mouth the words, “Speak of the other devil” and look at the message: Chris: “Sup” Me: “Dropping Mike off” Chris: “Cool. Headed your way, horned af” Me: “MMMMMMM” Chris: “Be wearing your little present for me” I shouldn’t text and drive, by now, Chris knows what I want and need. I hope he’s there when I get back. As soon as I walk in the door the clothes come off – I hate them – I love being naked almost as much as I love being bred. I’m naked in the house most of the time now anyways. I put my cock cage on, per Chris’ direction, and suddenly I’m very aware of my equipment. I hear his car, then foot steps, then the key. I greet Chris at the door, “Hey sexy man”, and I kiss him passionately, “Hey you”, kissing me back. “Got you all to myself now huh?”, he asks with a little hint of darkness in his voice. I nod. He looks down and notices me wearing my cock cage, he smiles, “Key?”, he asks bluntly. I knew he’d want it, so I have it with me, I press it into his hand. “Good boy … you’re gonna be in this all week … turn around”, kissing me again, “Gotta couple of surprises for you”, he says. Chris is being coy, and a little dramatic … its almost maniacal on his part. I honestly have no idea what he’s means by “surprises”, but I’m good at taking direction, and I turn around presenting my ass to him. Chris feels me up, “I’m so fucking horny … been wanting this hole all fucking day”, I moan feeling his hands on my ass. Chris drops to his knees, and just like clockwork, I feel the scruff of his facial hair and then his tongue on my ass. “Bet he’s searching for Mike’s load”, I think, but all that comes out of my mouth is a soft, intense moan. Chris grabs my cheeks, kissing and biting each one before pulling me in closer to his face. His tongue laps at the folds of my ass lips with long, erotic strokes. "Oh fuck Chris … feels so fucking good", I moan as he’s digging his tongue deeper into me. I can feel his nose run over my hole over and over as he runs his face and tongue up and down the crack. Getting my hole ate is one of the most intense, erotic things I can ever imagine – I love it – I crave it. I can never get enough. Chris continues eating my ass like a starving man, I moan and unconsciously find myself pushing my ass back into his face, literally trying to fuck myself on his tongue. "FUCK! That ass is so good, I can eat this pussy all night", he doesn’t realize I might just take him up on that. I reach back, spreading my cheeks for him, begging him to go deeper. “That Mike’s load?!”, he barks. I know Chris loves felching and I’m doing what I can to help give him a taste of Mike’s cum. Chris’ spit is going all over my ass and I know he’s not only trying to get at Mike’s load, but he’s also prepping me for what comes next. For the next five minutes, Chris goes to town on my ass. After plunging his tongue into me again and again, he starts to move outward. Licking the skin of my cheeks and sucking on my taint. When he gets as far as my balls, he pauses to huff my nut stink before diving back down on my hole. “Ahhhhhh… . ahhhhh… “, through this intense torment, I’m moaning, and I can feel my dick trying to breach the cock cage without any luck. My eyes are closed and I’m lost to what his face is doing to my ass – its pretty clear I love it when Chris eats my ass. Mike also eats my hole, but its nothing like when Chris does it. Suddenly Chris stands up, hovering over my backside, holding me close. I can feel his rock hard cock, I’ve awaken the weapon, and now its letting me know that its loaded and ready to fire. Chris guides me to the back of the arm chair pressing his cock against me. Pressed against me, he just holds me there for a moment, letting me know who is in control. “Fuck me”, I beg him, feeling his precum leaking out onto my body. Chris moves his cock up and down in the crack of my ass coating it with toxic precum and teasing me all at the same time. Chris likes doing this, he likes showing how he’s the top and you’re the bottom. I’m just a hole to him, and he’s about to inject a big load of HIV+ cum into it. When Chris fucks I know his intent is to convert the guy he’s breeding. "I want you to ride me", Chris moves around to the front of the arm chair and sits down, "Just come up here and sit on it". With Chris moving to the chair I’m nearly sex starved without his touch, my mouth is hanging open as I crawl up onto the arm-chair, it creaking slightly underneath the weight of our bodies. I let Chris line up his cock with my hole before lowering myself. “Fuuuuuuck”, a moan escapes me, I didn’t realize how much I’ve been craving his poz dick. I do my best to stay focused on the dick in my ass, not the pain in my thighs from our position. Part of me worries that I’ll slip and impale myself painfully on his cock. I know my ass is well used, and pre-lubed with Mike’s load, but not so well that Chris’ big prick can go balls deep all in one shot. With guidance I finally reach the base and nestle my ass into his groin. My cock is straining against the cock cage, it stings, and I know its no joke that Chris intends to keep me locked down all week. Chris groans loudly, "Kev …, fuck babe, I need you to ride this dick, not just sit there. You want some more poz seed? You better fucking work for it". Not needing to be told twice, I start bouncing up and down on Chris’ cock. I quickly realize that I’ve got nothing to get leverage on, so I grab Chris’ shoulders, using his body to lift myself up and down, impaling myself. We kiss, “Fuck”, I moan again, as I thinks about Chris being both a boyfriend to me and a lover. I can’t focus, each time Chris’ cock thrusts into me, its like fireworks, it makes it so hard for me to concentrate on anything. The hot, wet kisses continue as he fucks me. I can tell the movement and the sensations of my ass are working Chris over and making him more than a little crazy. Chris brings his hands up along my torso and he rubs my back, then he moves his fingers over my ribs and starts to pull and tug on my nipples. “Fuck! … oh fuck!”, escapes my mouth, both from the tit play and the girth of his poz dick in my hole. Chris grabs the back of my head and pulls my mouth to his face again, his spit and tongue invading my mouth as we start a longer, sloppier make-out session. Our tongues wrestle as they lick and kiss each other's open mouths, lips, and cheeks. After about a minute, Chris breaks away from me and leans back into the chair, letting me full on ride him. He starts moaning, almost like he’s in a trance. "Oh fuck, that's so good", he says, "Oh yeah babe… that's good … So fucking good", he repeats over and over. I know Chris’ body, and I know the onset of his orgasm, and I know my ass is about to take a second load of unmedicated poz cum for the day. Chris grabs onto my hips and starts to really fuck me. He pulls his dick out five or six inches and then plunges it back inside. We’re both sweating, the pace is quickened, and Chris starts to grunt. "Ohhhh fuck … oh fuckk… Here it comes. Another dirty …. AHHHHHHH … AHHHHHHHHH… FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!", Chris groans loudly into my body, holding me tightly. The feeling of sudden pleasure and warm wetness rocks me and I can't help but yell out an incomprehensible string of sounds that taper off into a moan. I watch Chris' face as he starts to blow his load. His lips are slightly open and his facial expressions change as the blast wave of pleasure hits him. I always try to imagine Chris' poz dick swelling up deep in my gut and then the ropes of his load spewing from the flared head when he orgasms. I can hardly take it, its sensory overload, and I start bucking up and down, doing my best to get every drop. Chris leans up and kisses me again, both of us moaning our assent of the rough, sweaty sex that just took place. We both know he just pumped another load of poz cum into me. “That’s so hot baby… your ass just took a big fucking load”, “I know … I felt it”, I can bare speak between breathes. I climb off of the chair, sitting on the couch, and we both relax and enjoy Chris’ orgasm for a few more minutes. “Let’s take a shower babe”, he says popping up off the chair. I follow him into the bathroom and get the warm water going. The shower in my house is a glass cube and its got room for all of us. It strikes that Mike and I have sex in the shower all the time but I’ve almost never done this with Chris, “That needs to change”, I think. I open the glass door to the shower to lead him in, “We need to fuck in here, too”, "I can handle that any day of the week!”, he follows me in, “Right now though I need to piss" he says. I know what I want and I move the shower head back so its not hitting us so directly. I immediately sink down to my knees in the shower stall. "Don't waste that", I say with a sinister tone in to voice. He looks at me and his eyebrows shoot up, then he’s got the biggest grin on his face. He moves to face me, pointing his cock squarely at my chest. His piss splashes out, in a burst onto me, and he guides the stream down to my crotch, then to my hips. As the stream jets out Chris moves his cock methodically back up to my chest, hitting each of my nipples with his piss bath. The titillation is too much for me and I lean forward, gobbling the tip of his pissing cock into my mouth and do my best to guzzle it all down – fresh from the tap. "Oh fuck baby ... oh fuck yea ... oh yea, swallow that piss ... oh fuck ... yea, drink down that man piss like a good pig." I look up to his eyes and he’s watching me intently as I drink him down. "Yea babe, been wanting to share piss with you all day and this is just what I need, watching you drink it all down. FUCK this is too HOT!" I swallow as fast as I can, but he’s not holding anything back and some of his piss overflows my mouth, coating my chest and crotch. I gulp and gulp his hot piss, trying to groan around the head of his dick as I realize how much my dick is throbbing in the cock cage, being contained from the excitement of the piggish thing I’m doing right now. Finally, I can tell his piss flow is slowing down, and then he does exactly what I long for, he pulls his cock from my mouth with his hand and shakes the remaining drops right onto my face. I stand up, moving the streaming water back onto us, and Chris kisses me, tasting his own piss in my mouth. After a few minutes of kissing and touching we actually wash our bodies and get cleaned up before leaving the shower and heading back into the living room. With our towels in hand we plop down naked on the couch. Chris proceeds to tell me about his “surprises”. He tells me that later this week he and I will visit a doctor friend of his, and I will get properly tested for HIV. “I think its time we find out if you’re poz babe … “, I nod, then he drops the other shoe, “I want to know if you’ve got my strain, Mike’s strain or someone else’s”, he says, “Sounding a little hopeful that its his”, I think. How does he know what Mike’s strain is, “How do you … “, “I took Mike three weeks ago … he doesn’t have my strain”. “How…”, “They can test if it’s the same … plus my strain is partially med-resistant. I’m resistant to both of the medications in Truvada, Mike’s isn’t”. I nod again, the reality of all this “reality” is hitting me a bit cold; I feel myself go a bit pale. Chris can tell the information is a bit much and pulls me close, “Don’t worry babe … this is all part of everything about being poz … and we both know you’re probably going to test positive”. I nod again, Chris’ hands on my body make me feel loved and more comfortable with his words. “I know … I know … “, I say trying to sound more comfortable. Then I grin devilishly at Chris and whisper, “I hope its yours”, he smiles, kissing me, “Me too”. Then it occurs to me, “That your only surprise? I thought you said ‘surprises’”. “There’s more”, he says. I look at his eyes, like a puppy, awaiting explanation. “There’s this boy … “, he starts, I nod thinking, “There always is”. “He’s 18 … maybe 19 now, he’s on Prep and always teasing me on Grindr about how he’s ok taking poz dick and that we need to hook up and so on… and on and on”, he continues. I nod, but he pauses, my mouth must be hanging open. Just as I’m about to ask him, “He’s doesn’t know I’m resistant to Truvada and he’s coming over here with me this weekend.” It occurs to me, “He must think he’s safe on Prep”, then Chris continues, “You and I are going to fuck and breed him and try to … ”, but I finish his sentence, “Poz him”. We both stop, then, “Oh fuck that’s hot”, softly escapes my lips.
  12. Kevin Is Hiv+

    Thanks joethomas and I'd love your poz cock deep in my ass
  13. Kevin Is Hiv+

    Does it make you want to take poz cum negparis?
  14. Kevin Is Hiv+

    Sorry for the delay ... more soon CHAPTER 9: A couple weeks went by, and Mike and I are feeling closer than ever; it feels like we’re dating. We are dating. Mike is making public habits of kissing me and holding my hand when we go places, but more important to me, he breeds my often – sometimes twice a day. Chris is nearly moved in with us, too, and sleeping with us in my king-sized bed most nights. If I’m being honest with myself, I think I may be in love with both of them. I know both of them are trying to get me pregnant as I’m getting loads from each of them, usually in the same session, but sometimes separately. Between these two hotties the walls of my ass are taking 2 – 4 loads of unmedicated jizz every single day. When we have sex, they both seem so adamant about infecting me. Four weeks after the sex orgy, and finding out Mike tested positive for HIV, I decide I want to try another home test. I haven’t felt sick and I know these things can take months to actually show a positive result, but the curiosity is killing me. Part of me feels like I’m already HIV+, mentally its already a part of me, and when Mike or Chris fucks me, its part of our sex. I wake the next morning, with Mike cuddled close to me and I realize Chris didn’t stay the night with us. I love waking up to these guys, but I need to piss. In my half-groggy state I slink out of bed. As quietly as I can, I tear open the OraSure test and swab my gums with the cotton. I put the swab into the test vile and leave it sitting on the counter while I make my way to the toilet. I’m still not quite awake and my aim isn’t very good. My piss sprays out and hits my hand, my leg and my foot before I can wrestle the rest of it into the bowl. After some dribbles and spirts my morning piss fires out and then finally ends with a whimper. In an act of silliness I let the last bits drip onto my right-hand and leg. I don’t know if it’s desire, need, or what, but one second I’m finishing up and the next I’m bringing my pissy hand to my mouth and licking up what the spillage. It’s bitter and I grimace a little, then a giggle hits me, imagining kissing Mike with this mouth. I finish and decide to move the testing container to the nightstand so I can keep an eye on it after I climb back into bed. I return to my comfy “Mike” blanket – his warm, naked body and cock feel so good. I feel him stir and his body, as if acting on instinct, forms itself against mine and his hand comes around my waist, pulling me in close. I love how this all feels but I don’t want to fall asleep, these OraSure tests need to be monitored, and its only been a few minutes. I lie there a minute thinking about the possible, and of Mike, when I feel his cock swelling and pressing against my ass. I need to stay focused on the test but his poz cock is all I can think about, which is all the more evident by my own raging boner leaking and pressing up tight against my stomach. I like to leave Mike is in charge of my ass and breeding it, but I’m finding myself distracted by this test, well that, and all the precum oozing and running down the head of my cock. Pulse after pulse of the clear liquid is dripping into my open hand. I move Mike’s hand to my cock then his fingers to my mouth so I can get a taste. I reach behind me and lightly stroke Mike’s dick. “Is he awake and just letting me do this?”, I wonder. I push my butt away from him, and angle that poz dick down until I can feel it press against my ass. At this point I hear a slight moan leave Mike’s lips and he rolls over on to his back; my hand still attached. "Hey fucker … ", I whisper, "I’m busy using that cock of yours", “Well, you'll just have to climb on and ride it!”, he says, turning his face towards me. I glance over at him and see the slyest look on his face … we both know what’s about to happen. I let loose of him for a moment, moving toward him, and throwing the comforter off the bed. I end this quick combination of movements with a savory kiss on his lips, “So hot”, I speak the words softly into his mouth. My cock is rock hard and sticking straight out from my naked waist. When I grab his hard cock again he pulls me forward, until my dick is pressing against his lips. He quickly opens his mouth and my cock sinks past his lips, teeth, and tongue. Soon I’m lodged deep in his throat as I begin to move my hips back and forth allowing my cock to slip in and out of his mouth. His tongue is like velvet on my cock, the feeling is pure pleasure as he sucks and licks the pre-cum, and probably the last few drops of piss, from the head of my dick. I can feel my balls slowly contracting as my need to nut begins to rise – I stop him. "NO! I wa… need you to fuck me, NOW!", I say matter-of-factly and pull my wet dick from his wanting mouth, falling back on his crotch. I look over at the test, “Still not done”, I think. I can feel his hard, fat cock pressing against my ass, making me need it more and more. I lift my ass up off him and he reaches down, pulling that infected dick upright, and I sink my ass back down on him nice and slow. I let him slide all the way into my ass, relishing each and every inch as it invades my fuck hole. "Oh FUCK yea, … that's what I’ve been fucking waiting for", I spout as his cock fills me, not moving, just enjoying the feeling of his cock deep inside me. He pulls my face to his and we kiss, but this time its not soft, his tongue forces its way past my lips. I open my mouth inviting him in, immediately feeling the warmth of his mouth, as our tongues fight. I raise myself up, his cock slipping effortlessly within my ass, until the head is pressing against the rim of my hole. Then I lower myself once again until he’s fully penetrating me – until he’s balls deep. Our lips are locked as my ass is floating up and down on that cock. All too soon, I feel his hard, fat, poz fuck rod swelling deep with in me and I know he’s about to blow another load of toxic spunk inside me. I release our kiss and look down into his eyes, his orgasm is building and he’s lost in it. Soon, his hips are bucking me up and down on his cock, his hands are holding onto me tight as his cock is fucking my ass vigorously. “Ah ... Ahhhh ... Ohh fuck … oh fuck", he moans loudly as his body is slamming it's self against mine, lodging his cock deeper and deeper within the hot cavity of my ass and spitting load after load of his cum from those tight balls deep into my ass. "YES! ... OH FUU...... OH FUCK …. I CUMMMINNNNGGG......", he screams, and I feel it, as my whole body is being tossed about on top of him. I love the warmth engulfing me fully as his HIV+ cock spews and spews and spews deep inside me. My own cock is gyrating up and down against our stomachs as he pounds away at my ass, releasing all of his infected jizz inside me. This is one of Mike's more intense orgasms and seems to last for several minutes, filling my ass with cum, but I know in the real world its probably not even a whole minute. I am a bit surprised at his stamina, until I remember it’s been almost 24 hours since he last came inside me. With his balls empty and his cock momentarily satisfied, Mike slowly stops fucking me, and lays there with his arm pits exposed, completely spent. I look down at him, still attached to him by his cock in my ass, and kiss him. "I … I really do love you Mike", I say looking for some sort of reaction in his eyes. "Kevin", and I can see its his first word. "I love you too babe, I really do." I kiss him again as I feel his cock deflating. He rolls me over onto the bed as we kiss, and then he pulls away, climbing out of bed. I grab his hand as he’s walking away, "Where are you going?", I ask as he turns around and I’m staring at his hot body, his cock slick from our fuck, pointing out but down, still fat and semi-full of blood. "Gotta take a piss babe, … then I am going to come back and suck every bit of neg cum out of your cock until your balls are as drained as mine", and he gives me that sly look I love so much. I give him my best devious grin, and pull him back into bed. He sits on the edge and looks at me questioningly. As many times as we’ve shared piss you would think he’d get a clue about what I want. "What?", he says looking at me. Instead of telling him, I don't say a word, I just push him down on the bed, both of us now face to cock, “mmmmm”, I moan. "Kev, I have to take a wicked pi.......", and he stops as my mouth takes his soft dick inside and I hold it there without moving. I can taste the sex and cum on him, this just makes my own cock that much harder. "Gollll", I say as best I can with my mouth full of his dick, and I then re-close my mouth. He looks at me for a moment and then lowers his head to my cock and takes it completely in his mouth. He begins to suck me softly as I did with him when I feel the first few drops of his piss ooze out of his cock, but he holds back, not quite being able to release yet. I just stay there as he expertly sucks me deep into his throat. And again, I felt the slight flow of his yellow stream fill my mouth. I drink and swallow as it dribbles out, but there is little there to savor. Then he stops sucking my cock for a moment, its still lodged in his throat, and then it happens. My mouth is soon filled with his hot piss as his bladder opens up and feeding me a healthy helping of piss for breakfast. I gulp and gulp and swallow as he empties himself into my mouth. As soon as he feels himself filling my stomach with his piss, he returns to sucking my cock. I don't know if its the way he’s sucking me or that he’s pissing in my mouth, but I can’t deny it turns me on and my orgasm blasts forth. My rock hard cock fills his mouth with cum as I drink him down. We’re emptying ourselves into each other, drinking from each other’s cock. Our mouths filling and then swallowing each others juice as it erupts from our bodies with force. His piss is hot and salty as it runs down my throat, and to make it more interesting as if I didn’t already know, the smell and deep yellow flavor tells me it’s morning piss. My orgasm doesn't last as long as his piss, but soon we’re both spent. My body is momentarily drained of all the cum it can produce, and his bladder is freshly emptied, I think, “Note to self … we really need to do this more often”. We lay there, our cocks still in each others mouths enjoying the afterglow of our sex. I look up at him, both our cocks now soft, then I remember my test results and I jerk my neck up to look over at them. I can see a faint line, one faint line. Mike sees what I’m looking at, moving his body to get a better look. He leans up to touch, kissing me on the neck, “Still neg babe”. I don’t say anything with him against me like this, I know a Doctor can provide a more sensitive test, but I haven’t been to one and I know Mike hasn’t been to one since he found out. I’m thinking, “We’ll just have to try harder”, when Mike pipes, “Gotta be out of town the week after next babe”. I look over at him, I groan, “I know”, he says.
  15. Kevin Is Hiv+

    Thanks negbtm, there will be more.
  16. This is a fictional story based on a few real life things. It'd dedicated to PartyandBreed -- I wrote this just for him. ***************************************************************** I always fucked or got fucked bareback and when BBRT came along it facilitated that itch in a mostly easy manner. At first I only hooked up with men who listed their status as negative because, years before PrEP, I didn’t want to become infected, but being a dedicated barebacker, and having a filthy mind, led me to consider HIV+ top men when I was horny. Even so, I still was not quite ready to take that step. I started using the breeding.zone website a bit later. I was mostly lurking, reading stories, adding the occasional comment until I decided I wanted to add something to the 'Bug Chasing' fiction section. I wrote “Cody’s Return” (which evolved into “Cody’s Bareback Adventures”) and the flood of years of depravity in my mind rushed out, including plenty of things I have never done and will likely never do. I was horny and the culmination of every porn scene, every dirty story, and every sex club I’d ever been to all culminated into characters and a story of things I get off on (mostly bug chasing, incest, piss). Suddenly my profile got a lot more attention and my inbox grew. I continued the stories later writing “Kevin Is HIV+” (a still ongoing story on this site). I heard from guys who loved what I wrote, some with suggestions, and others just loving the spank material. More than one of them I wanted poz cock from, if they were ever local. By the time I began writing these stories any fear of being HIV+ or taking cum from HIV+ men was gone and I was full on bug chasing and writing about things I actively wanted to do. A hot member named PandB messaged me and said he wants me and him to act out some of the fuck scenes from my stories. He said he’s not on meds and that he’d love to be the guy that infects me. With all of those stories, and several filthy messages, we agreed it’s what we both wanted to do. I wanted him to infect me, converting me into a HIV-positive bottom, and he wanted to do it … we’d tell each other this over and over several times over the course of a few months while planning for him to visit. He doesn’t live that far from me, but my life has been busy so we finally agreed to meet on a weekend after things calmed down when it’s convenient for both of us. He drove to my house and I let him in, we hugged, we looked at each other and things got very quiet for a moment. A smile crossed his face, a smile crossed my face and in that moment we both knew I’d have his cum inside me before we did anything else. I showed him around the house, and when we got to my bedroom he unceremoniously pushed me on the bed in a show of confidence, leaned down over me giving me a deep kiss, then, when the kiss was broken, he asked "Why aren’t you naked?” I pushed off my shoes and stripped off my clothing. Although he gave me another quick kiss, I'd estimate he had shed his clothing - his glasses, shirt shoes, socks, trousers, in three second flat, the entire time staring at me. Young guys are so fun and eager. At this point my cock was raging. We had talked at length about what we both wanted and needed. There was really no reason to talk anymore; he was here and we were going to fuck. That was it. He looked into my night stand but it was empty. “Lube?” he asked. “Bathroom, top drawer.” He grabs the Gun Oil and by this time I was naked, on all fours on the bed. “Get on your back,” he instructed as he lubed cock. 'Fuck yeah', I thought. I had thought he might want it doggie, but my favorite way to be fucked is on my back, legs up, especially if the guy fucking me is poz as I love seeing the face of a poz guy as he enjoys my hole. No sooner was I in position than I felt PandB's hands working some of the lube into my hole. He climbed onto the bed, looking at me, and pushing my legs back so they rested on his shoulders. Then he looked down at my ass, lining up his cock, I could feel his cock head slide around, and when his head penetrated my hole, and involuntary "Ahhhhhhh, go slow, aahhhh,” escaped my lips. PandB leaned forward, a smirk on his lips as his cock slowly sunk into my tight neg ass. “Ohhhh…. Ahhhhh … feels good,” he remarked. I couldn't take my eyes off his. “Yessss," he hissed in pleasure. This continued until his nuts were resting on my ass. “That’s all of it, dude. Now you've got an eight inch poz cock in your ass.” "An unmedicated poz cock,” I added, giving his cock a squeeze and a playful look. "Yup. Unmedicated,” and giving a push to emphasize the words, “Poz cock.” His cock lodged inside my ass, we made out. While I really, really wanted him to fuck me, and I was definitely ready as I was horned-up and absolutely wanted it, but but I also love being kissed. He held himself a bit more erect, my legs anchored on his shoulders, and rode my tight hole. I don’t get fucked enough and I imagine the friction on his cock told him as much. We stared directly into each other’s eyes. We had talked for months about what it will be like when we hooked up, what it would be like when he fucked me bareback, and how much he got off on the thought of infecting neg bottoms – especially when the bottom begs for it. I finally blurted out, “Fuck me man … I want your poz load inside me,” somehow sensing that he'd understand how desperate I was to have his poz cum inside my body He doesn’t say a word he just looks at me with a grin that says, “yeah fucker … you’re gonna take as much poz cum as I give you, I want you poz”. His eyes close a moment as he slowly fucks me and a moan escapes his lips, “Yes …. Fuck yes…. Been waiting for this”, “Me too man”. He fucks me like that for a good 10 minutes, not a lot of talking just the sounds of his cock and balls using my ass, but we know what we both want him to do and that mental connection is enough to keep thinks hot and heavy. When he leaves and drives back home I know we both want the HIV in his cum to have made its way into my bloodstream so that the next time I test I will get a positive result. Just thinking that he wants this as much as I do really makes me hard. Finally I feel I need to state that I want that first load, and I start talking filthy, “Fuck yea dude … you’re gonna fucking infect my neg ass, gonna give it to me, fuck me the way you did that guy told me about … convert me like you did him”, “Yes, yes … ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes”. I just keep egging him on and on using my ass muscles to squeeze his cock on the outstroke while saying nasty things I know will make him need to cum. His face is sweating against my hairy leg and we’re both working him towards an orgasm that’s been several months in the making. My cock is leaking tons of precum now but I rarely cum during sex and being a bottom I want all of the attention focused on his cock and anything that makes him nut. “I want it PandB … I want your poz virus in me, … fucking infect me”, “Yeah … yeah”, he doesn’t say much. He’s sweating, the room is warm, and I know he’s focused entirely on using my ass as a receptacle for that unmedicated poz load. I’m pretty sure we’re going to do this 10 more times over the course of the weekend, but right now I just need his cum inside me so I can carry around his bug while we watch tv, kiss, cuddle and goof off. Also, the longer his load is in me, the more likely it’ll be absorbed into my body, and I’ll end up HIV-positive. “I want this dude … I want to be poz like you … I want to be poz”, that sets him off, “Hot fucker!! I’m gonna breed that neg ass … Gonna fuck it, breed it, and when I’m gone I guarantee you, you WILL be infected with HIV”. Then I hear the orgasm coming, “Uhhhhhhh… ohhhhhh god,…. Oh fuck, I’m close … I’m close”, I use that to squeeze down on his cock harder, “You want this”, “Fuck yeah I do”, “You want it … you wa…. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH FUCK !!!! OH FUCK !!!!!”, and his first load of poz cum is squirting into my ass. “Fuck! Give me that poz … “, but he cuts me off, “FUCK FUCK….. OH FUCK I’m cummmming so hard babe”. The rest of weekend went much the same, I took 12 more loads from him (gotta love youth). I messaged him on the 9th day after that weekend; I had the flu. I felt shitty but he had no sympathy for me. He told me it was fucking hot and exciting that we’d had sex and now I was sick. He said I was a bottom who barebacked and I deserved this for letting him cum inside me. I knew he was right, but I also knew I wouldn’t get hard over it until I got to feeling better.
  17. How I Got Pozzed

    I'm so horny for a poz load right now ... my cock is caged and I need to be fucked bad, so here's another chapter. I woke the next morning, Jake’s left arm was draped over my shoulder and his face was directly in front of mine. “Yeah… yeahh”, he kept saying, panting, his breathes falling on my face, his body rocking gently. I saw PandB’s head move and rest against Jake’s left shoulder, “Mornin’ babe … ohhhhhh fuck that’s good”, PandB said softly; he was already fucking Jake. I moved in closer to Jake, mashing my body against his, a moan, “Ohhhhhhhh fuck” came out of his mouth and I pressed my lips to his. My tongue entered his mouth and his mine. PandB reached his arm over Jake, gripping my ass, and pulled me in closer while he used the boy’s hole. Barely awake and we had already trapped Jake between us again and I was loving every second of this as I made out with him. PandB quickened his pace, “UHhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhhhh….”, I could hear those grunts I knew too well – he was about to blow his load. Jake broke our kiss, and literally yelled into my mouth, “Breed me Daddy…. Poz my hole Dad”, “Yeah boy … fuck… fuck… oh fuck!” – Jake didn’t miss a beat and the kissing resumed as he took another load of poz sperm into his tight 19yo body. At this point my cock was leaking precum all over Jake and he had moved his hand so he could feel it, and me. This time I broke our kiss, “Round 2 boy … turn over”, is all I said. I knew Jake was old enough to make his own choices, but I loved it when we called him boy. PandB moved slightly as Jake repositioned himself so his back was now facing me and he started making out with PandB, “Pig!”, I said in a soft whisper, turned on and nearly scoffing at him all in the same breathe. I didn’t waste any time, lining my cock up with his wet hole and sliding in with a direct, forceful push. Jake’s smooth hole is tight, but its so full of cum and lube now its no problem going in dry. It only took a second for my balls to be touching his ass and I leaned into his ear, “Time to give you another load of poz cum”, stressing the word “poz”, he broke his kiss with PandB, “Fuck yeah”, and the kissing resumed. I slid back and forth, I could feel all of the cum we had been pumping into him. I thought about my dick sliding into PartyandBreed’s poz cum and it made my cock leak; he mentally turns me on. I picked up my pace to get into a good rhythm. I was determined to see Jake seroconvert. I felt like it was my duty to help PartyandBreed share the strain he shared with me and make sure it infects as much hole as it could … “starting with our boy Jake”, I thought, and a slight evil grin covered my face as I fucked him. I pushed all the way in, forcing as much of my dick into him as possible. I started grinding in slight motions back and forth, imagining I was grinding PandB’s toxic load into Jake’s body thereby speeding up how quickly he tests positive for HIV. My breathes were shallow and tainted with the word “fuck” as I used Jake for sex. I moved my hips back, took a long stroke back and then “Ahhhhhhh……. ahhhhhhhhhhh”, I heard Jake groan as I deep dicked him with as much force as I could muster in our current position. I looked longingly at Jake’s body, PandB had his arm raised and most of Jake’s face and mouth were buried in PandB’s arm pit. My cock lurched a little bit, “I want the other one”, I thought. I love ripe arm pits and seeing Jake’s face cleaning one was all I needed to dive head first off the spunk cliff. The sparks were coming and the sensations continued only for a few seconds when I felt that feeling… the cum boiling up from my toes and finding its way to the base of my balls and into that deadly sperm injector between my legs. “Ahhhhh... Ohhhhhh… Ohhhhhh”, my breathing was labored, I was about to cum inside of Jake – again. Three more strokes and, “Fuck…. Fuuuuuuuuuuck …. Oh fuck”. PandB’s hand reached over Jake again and again pulled hard on my back as I dumped my load. The three of us were now one body as I could only feel lightly sweaty flesh from my body to PandB’s and I lied still as cock finished squirting and sharing its seed. Jake started kissing PandB again and I started kissing the back of his neck. I left my cock inside of him as long as I could but it started to shrink and popped out softly. Jake rolled over onto his back and started to beat his cock. With all of the times we had had sex Jake really hadn’t shot his load. PandB and I were both more concerned with filling Jake with HIV+ cum than whether he got off. Jake was flogging his cock. He had a nice one too, about 7 inches long, it was rock hard, and the head was purple and angry. PandB moved down and put his tongue out, I did the same, and PandB and I shared a kiss between the jacking movements at the head of Jake’s cock. We moved to keep from being hit in the face with his hand when I noticed the piss slit was open and wet… I moved up with my tongue out just enough to get a taste of fresh precum. “Ahhhhh… ahhhh… its… fucking… coming”, we were transfixed watching as Jake picked up some speed. Then violently, his cum came blasting out, one squirt, two squirts… “Fuckkkkkkkk!”, he growled as the orgasm hit, his seed was going everywhere. After several squirts his orgasm slowed and then the seed came to a dribble, his body was covered in a fine layer of semen and sweat. PandB and I, must’ve looked like the greedy pigs we are, as we swooped in and gobbled up all of the seed. When we felt like we’d done a good enough job of cleaning Jake we looked at each other and kissed. I hadn’t swallowed mine and forced most of the spunk into PandB’s mouth – this made him crazy and his tongue was all over mine. Our extremely wet and sloppy kiss broke and I looked at Jake. He just laid there looking so hot with his arms over his head, his arm pits covered in just a light bit of brown hair, exposed, I wanted them. PandB leaned up to a very satiated, but tired and sweaty Jake, I knew what PandB wanted to do, “Open your mouth boy”, I said. Jake opened his mouth and PandB spit the remains of Jake’s spunk into his mouth.
  18. How I Got Pozzed

    This chapter is for Gymguy8 because I cum so hard reading his stories. After a few sex fueled days I reluctantly went home, and another week flew by. It was Friday night again and I was expecting my two favorite boys. The bell rang. I'm always naked at home and this day was no different. I opened the door to a stark naked, and very happy, Jake with PandB fully clothed standing directly behind him. Jake's cock nearly crushed mine as he jumped me, kissing me, "He wanted to be naked for you when you opened the door", PandB says shrugging his shoulders slightly. As PandB starts to follow him in I put my hand up, momentarily breaking away from Jake's lips, "Ummmm … You must be naked to enter", I say, trying to sound “official”. PandB and I both smirk at my words. Without taking another step he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt, tossing both into the foyer, and as he steps past the threshold he loosens his shorts and they fall to the floor. I shut the door and now my house now has 3 naked guys in it – this is so much better. Jake resumes making out with me like a lover he hasn't seen in ages. Behind me I can hear pills rattling, "Hold these", PandB says, shoving something into one of my hands ... the kisses are not interrupted. I hear noises in the kitchen and then PandB returns with one of the empty 16oz glasses I often use for beer. I just look at him, then Jake, then him, trying to kiss Jake, but also trying to understand. “Time for meds”, PandB says softly, “Okay ... then let’s go upstairs”, I tell him. PandB heads up the stairs and Jake breaks our kiss and follows immediately in behind him like a puppy. We head up to my bedroom and I swear I think I could just eat Jake’s ass for days watching his cheeks undulate right in front of me. My tongue involuntarily falls out of my mouth, “I want that hole”, I think. I give the pill bottle back to PandB, and he opens it, fishing out one of the blue pills. He hands the pill to Jake. I’m not sure exactly what PandB has in mind, but then he positions the empty glass beneath his not quite soft cock. There’s a quiet moment of focus and then a trickle and suddenly PandB is filling the glass with urine. "Been needing to go since we got here", he says with a sound of relief. Jake and I watch intently at his piss foaming and fogging up the side of the glass as the warm liquid jets out of him. With bubbles, and little bits of splatter, and an "ahhhh... so good", the flow comes to a dribble and the glass is nearly filled to the top. PandB lets go of his cock and hands the huge glass of light-colored piss to Jake. Jake doesn’t even flinch, looks at it, and then swallows down the pill as he chugs down almost all of the piss – staring directly at me as he does it. As Jake is drinking, PandB leans over to my ear speaking softly, "He’s three on ... three off right now, and been taking his pills this week with a full glass of my piss". My mouth is open and my tongue salivating watching Jake gulp down the PandB’s brew. Just as he gets close to finishing he stops, hands the glass to me, nods and I swallow the last little bit of it. PandB moves back in front of Jake, "Good boy", and he takes the empty glass from me. “Wait”, he pauses, “I need to go … too”, I tell him. “Fuck yea”, Jakes says, grinning. PandB holds the glass in front of my cock, and after a few seconds, I let loose filling the glass nearly to the top again. PandB looks at me, holding it up to my lips and I take a gulp, then he takes a huge gulp, then hands the glass back to Jake. Jake apparently loves piss and doesn’t need to be told to drink up … he gulps downs the rest of the glass. PandB moves to the take the glass back to the kitchen, but I put a hand on his shoulder, "Keep that babe ... might need it again later", we both just smile at each other. I turn my head and Jake is looking at me dead in the eyes and we pick up where we left off kissing intensely. I pull PandB in closer making a Jake "sandwich". I want to fuck and breed this boy so bad right now. I want Jake to convert. I want to share PandB’s strain with as many young guys as I can. We move and I push Jake on the bed, looking at him, I’m hungry and I want that ass. I grab his legs and turn him over. PandB is in sync with my horniness and he hands me lube as I’m approaching that sweet hole. I lube Jake a little, then my cock, and I slide home in one shot, “Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh”, Jake moans, “Fuck yes”, my only response. I start slow fucking Jake and PandB climbs up on the bed directly behind me, “So hot babe … so hot watching you poz that hole”, “Yeah”, I moan. “You want this?”, I ask, pulling out and boning Jake hard as I say it over and over a few times. “Yes … yes … fuck yeah… I want it”, he says, begging me. “Want what boy?”, PandB asks over my shoulder, “What boy? What do you want?”, he says again. I keep boning Jake hard coaxing a response, “Fuck … fuck ... I want it, I want your load, I want your poz load”. I can feel PandB’s breathe on my shoulder, he’s so hot, I love being naked with him. I return to smooth strokes and turn my head to kiss PandB, the taste of my piss still lingers in his mouth, “Keep fucking him babe”, he says to me. I turn my head back and continue fucking Jake’s tight willing ass. My cock is rock hard thinking that he’s just barely 19 years old, ready and begging, to be fucked full of HIV-positive spunk. I keep fucking Jake but I can feel lubed fingers rubbing my asshole – it feels good. “Ahhhhhhh… yea” I moan remembering how much I love PandB’s poz cock. PandB lines up behind me and I feel his cock touching my hole, “Fuck yea babe”… “This what you need? You need some of Dad’s dick? That what it is babe … you been missing this poz cock?”. I keep fucking Jake, and without words coming out I nod. I pull most of the way out and hold still for a minute and with some pressure I feel the head of PandB’s cock slide into me, “That’s it babe… gonna give you what you need … gonna breed you while you breed our boy … want you to fuck that neg hole up”. PandB holds still while I get back in a rhythm giving Jake my raw cock then sliding back and taking the cock that pozzed me. This continues for several minutes and I can feel the tell-tail signs that my cock is getting ready to blow a huge load, “Ahhhhhhh fuck … fuck … I’m so close … so close to breeding this ass”. “Fuck me… fucking breed me”, Jake is moaning and begging for me to breed him; he’s such a good pig. I know the pressure in my ass is getting PandB close so he pulls back and his cock slips out of me, “Ahhhhhhh…………AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… FUCK! FUCK!”, I groan as I feel my nuts tighten up and the toxic sperm comes flooding out into Jake’s body. “Fuck yea … FUCK YEA! Take my load”, I hear PandB encouraging him, “Fuck yea … Fuck that’s so good”. I cum so hard in him, I’m sweating, and I can barely think at the moment. I pull out of Jake and a dollop of my deadly sperm pools up at the opening of the hole, “Hot”, I hear PandB whisper and then he plunges his cock hard enough into Jake to make him jump. I know he’s doing his best to make sure that HIV finds its way into Jake’s bloodstream where it will take hold – another HIV+ bareback bottom is born. “This is how bottom’s become HIV+”, I think, “Being a whore … a bareback pig”. I can tell PandB is super horny, he always is, and he finds his fuck rhythm quickly. I move around in front of Jake, sitting so that my cock is directly in front of his face, “Clean me up boy … clean the poz cock that just bred you”. He moans and starts sucking my cock without so much as a word. PandB road Jake’s ass and fucked a huge load into him while I lay there letting him lay against my abdomen sucking and licking on me. I couldn’t believe Jake had just taken two more loads of poz cum. I know he’s well on his way to being poz and likely Truvada-resistant. “I hope we can encourage him to top after he converts”, I think. After fucking him we all cuddled on the bed, and before I knew it, I fell asleep. Later, I woke up to the sounds of grunts and groans and what sounds like someone fucking the dresser in the other bedroom. I quietly walked into my office and there is PartyandBreed fucking Jake … on my desk. My ass began to twitch as I just stand there watching their raw sex. I know I’ve been topping Jake, but I want PandB’s hard cock up my ass again too, fucking me until I squirt another load of my toxic cum. My cock is hard as a rock and my hand is stroking it slowly, until I can't take it anymore. I moved slowly, walking right in towards the desk, not saying a word, I just stroke my cock and stare the two of them down as they both finally notice me. My hole is desperate for attention right now, and I don’t care if it’s from a cock or a tongue. I waist no time, climbing right on top of the desk, turning my back to PandB and squatting my hole right over Jake's open mouth. I feel his hands and then groan loudly as his tongue slides up to my asshole. I know this will temporarily fill the large void that is me aching to be fucked and bred by PandB. Jake gets it and starts making out with my ass. I can feel Jake’s body move as PandB continues to fuck him with long, hard thrusts. This only continues to drive Jake wild, and his tongue presses deeper and deeper into my ass. I’m nearly gasping each and every time I feel the tip of his tongue penetrate me. The three of us moan and grunt in unison, as the fucking continues feverishly. My cock is leaking precum, and some of it gets into Jake’s hair, as the sex escalates. The slapping sound of PandB’s balls against Jake’s ass are nearly drowned out by the moaning. PandB's nut pops first, I can tell as he slows his fucking motions and pumps a couple of long hard thrusts into Jake. The thrusts are strong and he nearly knocks both of us off the desk, but Jake is holding on to me and PandB is holding on to Jake as he works to breed him. “Ahhhhhhhh………ahhhhhhhhhh…….”, I hear and then one last forceful shove, and I know his balls are dumping another load of HIV+ cum into that ass. Jake gasps loudly once or twice and then I feel warm fluid as several squirts, of what must be his cum, hitting my back. My own cock begins spraying and my jizz flies all over the wall in front of me; I was shooting like I hadn't released a load in weeks. It just kept coming and long full ropes of my cum shoot out over and over again. It seems like the largest volume orgasm that I had ever had to date … I only wish it had gone into Jake’s ass. I backup slightly and Jake has his tongue hanging out of his mouth desperately trying to reap some of my cum for himself. I give it a few strokes and a few nice sized globs land on the target and he quickly swallows them … eager for more. I climb off of Jake. I look up at him, and again he had his mouth open with his tongue hanging, with a look of desperation and desire on his face. PandB pulls Jake forward, off the desk, and he gets him on his knees to clean that spent cock.
  19. Revenge

    Another fucking HOT chapter!
  20. How I Got Pozzed

    For PartyandBreed: It took me 3 weeks before I could drive up to PandB's place to meet up with him and Jake. Jake greeted me naked at the door, "Hey hey!", with a kiss and a hug, "Hi back", and I moved my hands down to feel his bare ass. PartyandBreed, also greets me in a hug, squishing Jake's body between us, "Hey you sexy HIV+ man", he says, I'm sure mostly for Jake's benefit. I kiss him over Jake's shoulder, "Hey you sexy hot gifter", I say back to him. The hug breaks and without saying a word they both proceed to strip me of my shoes, shorts, t-shirt and underwear, "Much better", PandB says, "Let's go up stairs". "Be right back", he says, and I follow Jake up the stairs. PandB shows up with a large glass of water and then I hear him digging through a pill bottle, "Time for meds sexy", he says to Jake. I notice this time Jake is taking a whole blue pill, and I share a bit of eye contact with PandB as Jake swallows the pill down. I move to kiss PandB, and whisper in his ear, "That's so fucking hot". His only reply, "I know". I look at the open pill bottle, it should be almost empty but its mostly full, maybe 8 or 9 of the pills are missing. Later PandB will tell me Jake is sometimes getting a whole pill, sometimes a half, and there are almost always several days between doses. "I need you to put that poz fuck stick in me", I need to feel it again, I say to him. He smiles. I lie back on the bed. His grin reminds me of the first weekend he ever fucked me. It was morning, and he had fucked 2 loads into me the night before when he arrived at my place. I went to bed that night with his cum inside me, hoping my body absorbed all of it. The sun was coming in my bedroom window, we're laying there naked and cuddled. I like how his dick feels in the crack of my ass but I turned over to face him; he's still asleep. I reached down to feel his cock, its wet, and all I could think about is how he's here to breed me and how much I want him. We'd talked it through so much, how much I wanted to test HIV-positive and how much he wanted it to be the one to do it. I felt his cock firming up through my touches, and asleep or not, I wanted to see if I could coax another infectious load out of him. We'd talked about guys he's already pozzed and how he fucked them and bred them and told them he was giving them HIV, yet now with him here beside me, it feels almost surreal. I'm hard as a rock, I know what I want. I smeared a small amount of lube on that 8" cock of his and turn over -- I wanted to see if he could breed me without waking up. I moved back toward him, guiding his raw dick to my hole, then with a little bending on my part I feel it sliding home. The head is in, then the thick girth and the rest as I push back to get all of it inside me. His balls just touched my ass when I feel a hand on my hip ... "He's awake", I think to myself. I squeeze down on his cock and he moans out, "Yeahhhhh baby", he might be barely awake but he knows what's happening. We start to fuck with me assisting while he's waking up, "Fuck", I moan softly, "Fuck I want this PandB ... I need another load of ....", and he moves his hips to show me he's awake and in charge. "Yeah... another load of poz cum ... that what you need?", he asks. The fucking motions continue, "yes ... fuck yes ... I fucking need another load of poz cum in me ... need to poz too, babe", "Fuck yea", he responds. We continue to fuck like that through the begging and the moaning and the confirmation from him. We both know whats happening to me, he's going to fuck another load of unmedicated HIV-positive cum into my ass with the intent of infecting me, and I'm going to beg and plead for him to do it. "I want it ... I want it... please", I begged. In my head I'm imagining the next time, whenever I got tested I would be receiving a positive result, my cock would get hard, and it would be because we chose to fuck bareback and we both wanted me intentionally infected. "FUCK.........FUCK .... FUCK", he moaned more loudly, he was definitely awake now and my ass was taking the brunt of it for waking him up. "Gonna fucking nut soon... gonna fuck breed that ass ... fucker", he screamed out into my neck, "Fuck yea... fucking do it ....... fucking give it to me", I said it, again and again. I was begging for him to infect me with HIV and he was doing his best to comply with my request. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.........ohhhhhhhhhh.........ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... FUCKKKKKK", a few more hard lunges, and then BAM! His body stopped moving and his cock stayed buried deep in my ass, I could feel it pumping his seed into me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... fuck", we both moaned. We had waited and worked for so long for him to be here to poz me and now it was happening... thank you for toxic load # 3 babe. I jerked my hard cock a few times quickly while he's unloading and just thinking about all of this made me shoot off; my cum flying everywhere. PandB pushes and grunts, and with Jake watching me, his dick slides right in, "Ahhhhhhh... feels so good", we both moan. Jake moves up in front of me and offers me his cock which I greedily accept. I thought he might be all bottom but I'm glad he at least likes his dick sucked. PandB rides my ass for a few minutes getting his cock nice and slick, "C'mon babe", I hear him say to Jake. Jake removes his cock from my mouth and lies on his back right beside me with his legs up like mine. PandB pulls his cock from me and moves over to Jake. It looks like he's almost ready to go balls deep, without hesitation or pause. I put my legs down and lean over to kiss Jake and we start making out as PandB works on his hole. I move back to watch. "This is gonna feel great ... gonna poz that hole", PandB says, applying pressure and pushing into him. "Ahhh ... okay", Jake says, swallowing while looking down at PandB's crotch; watching what he can of his dick. I watch both of them intently as poz top on neg bottom sex takes shape. PandB places a hand on the front of Jake's neck, pulling him back slightly so they can look into each other's eyes. "Fuck yea", he moans. I'm so turned on, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I notice Jake giving PandB a small nod without breaking eye contact. "Ahhhhhhh.... ahhhh... so good", PandB moans as works his cock against Jake's hole, adding pressure. I know from fucking Jake how the head of your cock feels as it slides past the tight muscles and into him, spreading around the thick head of your dick. Jake is so tight and fucking a load of poz cum into him is heaven. PandB lets out a long, airy moan and I smile watching him. He holds steady for a few seconds and closes his eyes, reaching around and grabbing Jake's hand, "You want more boy?", he asks. Jake nods and lets his head fall to the pillow. PandB spits some on his cock, just above that tight ass and slowly presses his cock in, his hand gripping Jake's as he slides inch after inch of that hot, poz dick into him. "You got half boy", he says. Jake nods a bit and breaths heavy but steady, its obvious his sphincter is relaxing a bit as it adjusts once more to PandB's thick meat. "Good boy", PandB says, pausing again, letting Jake get adjusted. I know PandB probably wants to speed this up, or even force it in, but instead he's taking slow to start. After a few moments, I see Jake's grip on his hand lessen and he swallows as PandB pushes more cock into him. PandB pauses again briefly before pushing the rest of his cock into him, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhhh... , feels so good... so good", Jake moans loudly. PandB leans forward and kisses his neck, holding him steady as he nearly lies on top of him, that hot ass surrounding PandB's cock. "I'm all the way in, baby", he says, a devilish smile again crosses Jake's face. PandB grabs one of Jake's hands, putting it on his chest as he slow rides the boy's hole. I swear to God, watching Jake take poz cock, is one of the most erotic moment's of my life. PandB is balls deep inside Jake now, even though I know for a fact Jake is 18, he's still a teenager. I can't believe he's already taking poz cock and bug chasing. I never want to leave here, I just want to watch him being bred over and over, and take part in his conversion. PandB pulls back, and pushing back in, holding it for a moment as he moans into Jake, "Does that feel good boy?", he asks quietly. He gets a nod as they make eye contact and continue feeling each other's body. PandB repeats the motion, feeling Jake's ass contract and then stretch around his cock as I watch them and slow stroke my own cock. I can see Jake's body is shaking slightly underneath PandB. PandB sits back and grab Jake's legs, pulling them apart so they can both see the poz cock buried in that neg ass. PandB repeats the motion once more before keeping it going, slowly thrusting in and out of him, feeling his hot, tight ass stretching each time. Jake leans up to look, watching intently, watching the cock disappear into his ass. "Fuck me, Dad.", he moans out, surprising me a bit. We both look at him and he nods, "Fuck yes ...", PandB moans, I know he must be close. PandB swallows and nods back before picking up the pace a bit, pulling about half of his cock out and pushing it back in. He presses his face into Jake's neck and grabs the blankets hard, his light boyish moaning muffled as PandB fucks him. Jake is so tight, but I don't think PandB cares right now whether he likes it or wants it, he just needs to cum in that hole. Jake's legs are pinned on his shoulders, PandB pulling him in tightly. Jake doesn't miss a beat and starts to lift his hips up and down, fucking himself on it, getting a deep moan from PandB as he does. PandB rubs his hands up and down Jake's chest and stomach, feeling that ass flex as he rocks his hips, riding on the hard cock. "Fuuuccckkkk..." He groans as he lets his ass fall to his hips, taking the entire cock inside of him over and over. "This feels so fucking good, Dad.", he says it again. Jake lays his head on PandB's shoulder and PandB grabs his cheek, turning his head and kissing him deeply as he rides the boy, his cock throbbing and leaking precum inside of him. After a minute or so, PandB grabs his hips and pulls them up, pulling him off his cock and letting him lay beside me. He gets on his knees and grab the boy's legs, pulling him up and then grabbing his waist as he gets behind him. This breeding session isn't over by a long shot. PandB smiles at me as he lines his cock up and then sucks in a breath through gritted teeth as he pushes his cock back inside of Jake. He closes his eyes as he starts to fuck Jake again, not wasting any time working up to a pace, going roughly the same speed as he did riding me before. PandB goes faster, his sensual moans getting louder as he does. His hands find Jake's back and he drags his nails down, leaving red marks as he does. "Cum in me, Dad", Jake says blankly. PandB makes a "Hmmmmmm" sound, Jake doesn't miss beat, "Poz me Dad, poz me", he says. PandB turn his head and looking directly at me, "AHHHHHH YEAH... FUCK", groans loudly. I give him the same devious smile in return. I move in closer to Jake, kissing him hard. "No problem, son", I hear PartyandBreed say as I kiss Jake. One of his hands grabs Jake's hip, the other wrapping around his neck. Our kiss breaks as PandB keeps up the pace, feeling his cock getting harder and harder the closer he gets. His hands wrap around Jake and scratch down his back. Jake is moaning and bucking, I know he must feel me that positive cock getting harder inside of him. PandB continues to pound him, his ass slapping against Jake's hips as he thrusts, his hands scratching down his back. "Ahhhhhhhh.........fuck yeah", Jake moans, shit, he must like it rough. PandB sits up, his left hand pressing Jake's neck a little bit, choking him just slightly to get his reaction. Jake closes his eyes and flashes me a quick smile, loving this with each second, maybe even more than I did. I know his ass is tightening around PandB's cock and I look down, his own cock throbbing a few times before shooting his load, spraying his flat stomach, his chest and the bed with his hot cum. PartyandBreed just fucked the cum out of this boy and gave him what seems like a seriously intense orgasm. I know PandB's cock must be throbbing at the sight of this, mine sure is, and the feeling of that ass clenching around his dick. "I'm about to cum, baby, 'bout to give you more of that... poz... cum", he mutters between thrusts. I move in towards Jake again and he almost instantly pulls me into a kiss, pressing his own tongue into my mouth. This drives PandB over the edge and I can feel him give a few more hard thrusts into that teen hole before losing it. The kissing, the watching, the being fucked earlier all has me on edge and I know I'm about to lose my load, too. "Move over babe ... let me in him!", I state, practically demanding it. PandB moves just in time to let me at Jake's ass and I shove my cock in without waiting for spit, lube or anything else. I wrap an arm around him and pull him close as I start to cum, moaning as I pump another unmedicated poz load deep inside his ass. My hot, sticky cum, that's now toxic like PandB's, shooting deep inside of him once more. I continue to thrust my cock into him, making sure to get every drop of my seed as deep into his ass as possible before coming down. Jake smiles and we kiss one more time. He lies forward, I look at his body, covered in a light coating of sweat, my cock still deep inside of him. "Fuck!", he says after a moment, catching his breath.
  21. Kevin Is Hiv+

    Thank you Partyandtakeloads7
  22. This is how I like ass to be (covered in poz cum)


    1. PartyandBreed


      Preferably YOUR ass, right stud?  Except I know you want YOUR ass covered INSIDE with hot unmedicated toxic POZ cum!!

  23. I need a load of poz cum in my ass, if you're young and want to breed a neg hole hit me up on bbrt

  24. Kevin Is Hiv+

    I'm so fucking horny, and I need poz cock in my ass. This chapter is dedicated to PartyandBreed. CHAPTER 8: I woke up late the next morning, Mike’s body next to mine fast asleep, and my hand resting on my piss-hard cock. I pull on it a few times, but realize there’s no way my balls are getting any relief with my bladder so full of piss. I pull back the blanket and sheet from my naked body doing my best not to wake Mike – I think he needs the rest after last night. I have no idea know how many loads Mike took last night, but I know he was exhausted driving back. Those thoughts need to wait, though, I need to piss now! I quickly get up, as much as I’d love to hose Mike down, I don’t need to piss in the bed. Standing at the toilet, my cock pulsing, I’m trying, but I can't push it down far enough to go. I try sitting, and still, with the raging stiffness of my cock, no matter how far I push, my bladder simply won't release its golden nectar from this angle. “FUCK!”, I scream out in my head. I get in the shower, and attempt to relax, my cock standing rock hard against my pubes, my balls tight against the base, and ... “ohhhhh… ohhh yea” ... it starts. It feels so nice to relieve the pressure. My balls are aching I’ve had to piss so bad. The hot liquid begins as a dribble, and then grows steadily into ‘Old Faithful’. The strong, hard stream is soon showering my chest, and eventually over my head. The golden stream cascades over my body, covering me in my own special salty, pungent, and dark yellow brew; it smells, but fuck, it feels so good to let it out. I quickly take a shower to rinse, and dry off, then I wish I hadn’t – the thought of my body covered in piss makes my cock return to full mast. I get back into the bedroom, and look at Mike, still fast asleep. “Screw him”, I think, I seriously intend to take care of this swollen prick. I pull open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the bottle of Gun Oil Mike and I usually use to fuck. I think, “This morning it will just have to be me”. I’m just about ready to flog my cock when the doorbell rings. “Who the fuck?”, I wonder. I look at Mike, he’s almost sweet and innocent when he’s sleeping … but, he’s still sleeping. Irritated, I make my way to the living room, not bothering to put anything on, my heavy, hard cock bouncing around violently with each step. When I get to the door and peep out the hole I see Chris and instantly a smiles comes over my face, and precum forms at the tip of my cock. I open the door. "Fuck, it's cold this morning, babe", he says as the door opens, and a blast of chilly air hits my dick like a ton of bricks. I quickly let him, “Are you always so fucking hot!", adding, “You should always answer the door this way”. He cups his cold hands under my balls, "Wow, … whoa dude!", I yelp, as I jump back from his freezing touch, "Watch the boys; they hate the cold!" He grabs my face and pulls me toward him; our lips meet, and Chris’ tongue is instantly in my mouth. His clothes are cold though, and against my naked skin, even though that magical tongue of his is stoking my furnace. I can feel his denim-clad hard cock pressing against me as our kiss lingers. I grab his ass, pull him in closer, and crush my hard-on filled crotch against that pent up poz cock. "Fuck, babe, I’m so fucking horny to breed you right now!", he says, pulling his mouth from mine, and looking me straight in the eyes. The eye contact, punctuated with kisses, says what we’re both thinking; we both want more of his poz cock and cum inside me right now. A small groan escapes me as he pushes me hard against the wall and the kissing continues, his tongue invading my mouth, before I can say or do anything. He lifts my legs and I fall into him, and as he’s cradling me in his arms, he carries me up to my bedroom. Our mouths are locked in a deep French kiss the entire way – our tongues in a battle to the death. As we enter the room I see Chris’ eyes wonder and I turn my head to look – Mike is still fast asleep, “Guess he’s worn out”, Chris says with a grin between kisses. Ignoring Mike he throws me on the bed, and I bounce from the force. I look over at Mike, but so far nothing. "Show me that ass, babe; get those fucking legs in the air, spread your hole for me," Chris roars in his most commanding voice. I pull my legs up and wrap my arms around my knees, exposing my hairless hole to him. He pushes my ass up further in the air with his hands, and his mouth plunges into my asshole, I feel his tongue sinking deep inside me. Right now I couldn’t give one fuck if we wake Mike. “Oh fuck … oh fuck … eat my hole! Oh fuck yea I want it”, “yea", his only response as I’m moaning loudly from the feeling of his tongue darting in and out of my ass. Chris is making me crazy, "Eat my ass Chris; Fuck yea, that's it, fucking me with that tongue!" He is, and the faucet of precum between my legs is leaking all over me. A big dollop drops into my open mouth and I savor it as he continues. Obviously wanting more, he pushes me up further, and his mouth devours my ass like a starving man at a buffet. The shift in my body causes my hard wet cock to fall even more directly over my face, and, with some concerted, long strokes the precum flows right onto my tongue. I’m savoring my cock's emissions, as the clear gooey liquid slides over my tongue and I gulp it down my throat. Part of me wishes this was Mike’s precum I’m eating, but I’m horny, and I’m well and good at eating my own right this moment. Chris’ face is wet and greasy looking when he pulls his mouth off my ass. His tongue wiping his mouth clean in one swipe, as he looks at me lustfully, then smiles. That's when I reach up and grab onto his shirt and pull him into me. Our mouths meet, as do our tongues, and the kiss is passionate, yet masculine; another lover’s kiss. I spread my legs wide, as his clothed body falls into mine. I can feel his weight on my naked frame – his groin pushing into mine. That cock of his humping into me with a simulated fucking motion from his hips, our kiss is still strong, and I’m holding onto him tighter than before – I may be falling for Chris. He jerks his lips from mine and in one quick motion, gets up off my body, and is standing next to the bed. His hands frantically working the buttons of his dark red collared shirt. I reach up, grabbing his belt to assist, and work it out of its buckle. As his shirt opens and his hot chest is exposed, I’m able to see the elastic ribbing of his boxers, I start to salivate and that drives me to continue working on his pants. Finally, he’s standing there, only in those boxer shorts; I smirk at the “It isn’t gonna suck itself” verbiage printed over the front of them. He gives me his best “I’m gonna breed you” eyes and I grab at the tented cloth feeling his hard, thick girth of cock. I pull the boxers from his body, suddenly realizing I need that poz cock more than I knew. He’s hard, and its standing up past his pubes, snaking its way toward his belly button. Chris must be seriously horny for my ass, there’s already a small clear bubble of pre-cum oozing out of the slit. I get a moan from him as I lean forward, and lick it up, wiping my lips with the tip of his cock. With a gentle, but firm push, he pushes me backward, and we both fall to the bed. His naked body now against mine, his positive cock touching my neg cock. “I might be poz now”, my mind starts to wonder and he can see the conflict on my face. “You ok babe … you with me?”, he asks. “I’m good … I was just … I was …”, “Wondering if you were poz…”, another voice quickly interjects, its Mike. We both look at him like we’ve just been caught fucking on his Mom’s “good sofa”. My stern look turns to one of slight worry. “Did I really get infected with HIV?”, I think. Mike doesn’t hold out and grins at the both of us – raising his eyebrows for effect. He then produces the two envelopes from last night’s shenanigans and hands the one with my name on it to me. This is almost killing my moment with Chris but when will ever be the right time? “Find out at the same time?”, he asks. I look at him, still not certain but I nod, “Just open the top flap enough to see the color, don’t show us yet”, he says. We both, as privately as is possible, peel back the top of the envelope. I’m pretty sure neither one of them can see the color of my card – I can’t see Mike’s. Then, just in that second, Mike folds his envelope flap down and simple says, “Ok”, and sets the envelope back down without saying another word. Chris and I just look at him incredulously, with eyes that say, “WELL!?”. He doesn’t say a word and simply gives us both a cryptic smile. I groan and push the flap of my envelope down, sitting my envelope down on my side of the bed without saying a word. Chris is sitting on top of me hot and horny, I want him so much right now, “FUCK!” comes out of my mouth and I kiss him, our tongues immediately in each others mouths. I grind my crotch into him to let him know I’m in the mood to be fucked rather than play games. I lift my legs, wrapping them around his ass, exposing my asshole to his cock, until I could feel the tip of that large, poz cock head pressing against the lips of my asshole. In the matter of just a few seconds we are ignoring Mike again, and those pesky envelopes, and return to the sex at hand. He presses against me slightly, and my body stiffens, as the large girth of his cock finds its way into my body. Honestly, I’m still a little sore from last night, and I know what’s coming. I know the couple of minutes will be a little uncomfortable until it turns into an incredibly hot fuck. I can see Mike watching us, jacking off, but I’m focused on Chris and what he intends to share with me. I hold my breath as the full length of his huge cock penetrates my ass. When he’s completely inside of me, he stays there motionless for a moment, other than his tongue, which is doing its best to touch every spot on the inside of my mouth. With all 8.5 inches of him inside me, precum is now free-flowing from my cock again and its going all over me, him, the bed … everywhere; the fucking has barely started and I’m completely wet. Slowly, his hips begin to stir, and his cock moves slightly. "Oh yea, fuck me Chris! Fucking breed me" I moan, as he pushes and pulls ever so slightly against my ass lips. The discomfort is gone and I begin to gyrate my hips, desperate to get my ass pumped full with another load of that unmedicated cum. I know my status now, at least according to last night’s test, “Chris please fuck me… please”, I moan. I’m ready for him to dump another big load in me before I show either one of them, though. Chris responds to my movements immediately, plunging his mammoth cock deep inside me, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh…..”, causing me to scream out with pain, it hurts, but it hurts so good. Chris’ enormous poz dick is so far up my ass right now, I can nearly feel him pressing against my bladder. “Ahhhhhh…. So good… so fucking good”, he moans. Chris isn’t fooling around, he’s horny, and he intends to give me a hard ride. He’s pumping his hips rapidly up and down in my ass filling me; I can feel his fuck tube, hard and tight, hitting my ring. His heavy balls slap my ass cheeks, and make that skin-on-skin sound with each thrust of his hips. Fuck his balls are huge, just like his cock, and I know they are full of his virus – the same virus he intends to plant in my ass. They hang well below the base of his cock, in a large hair-covered sack, which is swinging wildly now, as his body rocks against mine. “Ohhhhhh fuck … fuck me Chris, breed me … fucking breed me”, we both groan as his big poz dick pummels my asshole. “FUCK!! Give it to me Chris … gimme more of that unmedicated load … fucking poz my hole”, I blurt out. “Fuck yea!”, I hear Mike moaning as he’s jacking off, he’s getting off to our sex. I think Mike has been trying to get me poz for a long while now, and him jacking off, listening to be beg for the bug confirms it. He sticks a finger into his precum and reaches over feeding it to me. An “Mmmmmm” escapes my lips as I lap up his fluids. Chris is such an intent top, you can see it on his face, its as if he’s concentrating on an algebra test. All he can do is pant and try to breathe, as he works up a load to pump from his body into mine. I know Chris is intent on being my gifter, we kind of established that last night. I have no intention of stopping him from fucking me full of his HIV; I’ve become a bug chaser. I feel his cock begin to swell larger, his balls working hard to fill me with a large gushing load of white hot toxic male seed. It’s so hot thinking that Chris and I are not just fucking we are intentionally trying to infect me with HIV; this is clear to us. A few months or so ago I might have been nervous about all of this but Mike convinced me to go bareback with Chris, Mike convinced me to take that first poz load, and Mike convinced me to take loads at his conversion party. When I’m HIV+ Mike will be as responsible for my infection as Chris or anyone else. Here we are like a lot of times before it, Chris fucking my ass, and Chris about to share a load of infected semen with me. I subconsciously mouth the words, “He stopped taking his medication”, as he’s banging my ass, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!”, I cry out loud as I think about that. “Did…”, I start to speak but cut myself, “…you do that just for me”. “Did what babe?”, I hear Chris. “Just fuck me… fuck me Chris, give me that load”, I speak up so I don’t have to explain all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. My musings haven’t registered with him and I can tell by his groans that the sex is bringing him closer and closer to the edge. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… babe….. oh fuck…. So close”, he moans out. One final hard thrust and his cock begins to spew its toxic load deep inside my ass. I can feel the warmth of his sperm coating my insides as he squirts deep. "OH FUCK YEA!!! FUCK!!! FUCKING TAKE IT!!”, Chris screams, as the load pumps into me. I keep grinding my hips into him, wanting him to spray paint every square inch in my rectum with that special spunk. When his hips stop gyrating into me, and he seems spent, I’m going to milk him for every last drop. I love the feeling of his huge cock in me, just resting, knowing he’s dumped his cargo. Even as he’s just laying there, that fat cock motionless inside me, I’m in total bliss. I know Chris just sent another infected load from his body into my accepting body. I’ve become a poz cum receptacle for him. Chris falls on top of me exhausted. My legs are still tightly wrapped around him, and for at least a moment or so, his wet cock remains lodged in me. I wrap my arms around him; and, with one quick jerk, I spin us around, until I’m lying on top of him. His eyes open instantly, as he looks up at me. I push myself up, until I’m on my knees, as I sat on his crotch. My cock is hard and leaking, sticking straight up against my bare pubic bone, as I look down at my sexy gifter. His cock is still wedged in me, but I can feel it shrinking. I pulls myself free from his cock, and lean forward, my precum making a huge mess on this chest. It’s at that moment Mike perks up, “Don’t move babe … time for round two”, he says. Mike hops up and moves so his legs are over Chris’, he intends to breed me, with me hanging over Chris’s body. Mike groans, “Ahhhhhhhhhh… hang … hang… ahhhhhhhhhh … yeah”, and the cock of the other man I love glides easily into my cummy ass. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah”, I moan, ignoring Chris for a moment, even though I know I’m soaking him in precum. I feel four sets of hands on my body, Mike pushing me down and forward a bit, so he can more easily ride me. I kiss Chris and moan against him as Mike starts to ride my ass. “Ahhhhhhhh…. Fuck yeah, … breed me Mike … fucking breed me … fucking …”, I moan but he’s interrupts, “Ahhhhh…. So good … don’t move”. I feel something odd like paper on my back and then he’s holding an envelope in front of my face, “That’s you babe”, but I can’t open it as I’m using both hands to brace myself. “Chris … please”, I groan. Chris grabs the envelope from Mike. Mike’s fucking motions have almost stopped, he’s all the way in though, and I can feel his cock throbbing. Chris opens the envelope, looks at it, and then pulls out a blue card holding it up for me. The card reads, “NEG” in big, white letters. I’m not entirely surprised, but my only response is a meager, “k”. My mind wonders and now I want to know what’s on Mike’s card. I squeeze down on hiss cock to remind him I’m still impaled on his dick and I still expect to be bred. Mike holds another envelope in front of my face ... “Mine”, he says, “He’s such a drama queen sometimes”, I think. He holds completely still, opening the envelope. He hands the card to Chris, and pulls out, and pushes back into me hard. I still can’t see the card, but Mike wasted no time in returning his focus to my ass. Then Chris let’s out a, “Fuck yea!” and slowly turns the card around to show me, its red and reads, “HIV+”. I wrap my hand around my hard cock, and stroke more of my leaking pre-cum from my shaft onto Chris’ chest. It’s oozing from the slit, and mixing with the hairs on his chest. Chris is now watching me intently as Mike picks up the pace. I tighten up my ass muscles to resist some until the head plunges all the way into my asshole. He pulls back and gives several quick, hard pumps and I jump as pushes hard and the head of his now poz cock is completely swallowed into my dark warm hole. “FUCK!”, I moan, “FUCKING breed me Mike!”. I know Mike gets fucked a lot, and probably took loads from everyone last night, but I also know he loves hot verbal and my begging is definitely working. Mike wanted to be infected, and now he is; and now he’s trying to give it to me. Good luck to him … I think Chris has already punched that ticket for me, but that shouldn’t stop me from goading Mike into a wild fuck. “I want it Mike … I want this … I want it so bad … fuck me”, I moan into Chris’ face as he’s leaning up to kiss me. “Fuck yea … pozzing my first hole”, I don't want to move around too much, I just want him to go for it and breed me deep. My asshole relaxes around the his cock as he’s pounding me. Mike pulls almost all the way out, fucking me with short, rough jabs, then his cock sinks deeper into my asshole, until my pelvic bone is nearly shoved up tight up against Chris’ face. Mike's cock is rock hard, filled with poz blood, I know very soon I’m getting my second load of unmedicated poz sperm this morning. I’m so fucking horned up from Chris, and now Mike, working me over that my cock and my mouth are drooling. Chris leans up to me and some of my drool literally goes right into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhh… fuck I love that ass babe”, Mike moans, as Chris and I start kissing again. Chris’ hands move from my chest to my hips and his grip helps my legs tighten up and keep me stable as Mike lays into me hard and heavy. I know Mike is intent on trying to poz me, so I reach back, pulling him deeper into me. I want his load, I know I’m ready for a serious breeding, and I want to be sure he knows it too. “Do it Mike … fucking nail me … fucking knock me up”, I start speaking directly into Chris’ open mouth. Mike grabs my hips and the pace of the fucking picks up. I look at Chris’ sexy face, with his brown hair, Mike is pumping my ass up and down. My cock is all over the place between Chris’ nipples … my precum is slinging out all over the place in small threads as my asshole puts a death grip on Mike’s poz fuck stick. Mike begins to moan out loudly ... "OH FUCK YEA! FUCK! OH FUCK ! HARD! JUST FUCKING LOVE THAT ASS KEVIN, FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS!!!" He goes on and on, as his cock violates my insides. Part of me feels like I’m riding his cock almost like a cowboy from Texas riding a wild bull. I plant my hands further into the bed, and push my ass back against his cock, causing our fuck to be even harder; all while trying to kiss Chris. At one point, I think my bed is going to collapse, we’re bouncing on it so hard. Mike moves his hands down, and is pushing his body up to mine, he’s fucking his cock down into my ass. Mike is jackhammering me, trying to get his seed in as deep as he can. We fuck like that for a while with him fucking me hard like the fucking pig sluts that we were. I haven’t even cum once; I'm not even sure if Mike cares, but my cock is rock hard, as he’s plunges in and out of my stretched hole over and over. I move my face into Chris’ neck, my ass high in the air waiting and wanting his poz load as he rides that hole. "Oh Fuck, baby; OH FUCK! I’m going to cum ... HARD!!", he says lashing out at my back, and I do my best to grip his cock tighter with my ass. I move my face into a kiss with Chris and his hands find my the steel girder between my legs. That last bit triggers something in both of us, because we begin to buck like animals, pounding away on each other, his cock slamming into his ass, hitting faster and deeper. “UHhhhhhhhhh…… uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. “, I hear him, his orgasm coming fast. Then it happens, his cock begins to pump massive loads of freshly infected HIV+ jizz into my wet, well-fucked hole. It’s fucking wild; I can feel his balls tighten up as they pump, spewing huge globs of cum. Its amazing that Mike literally just found out he’s HIV+, and now the first poz load he spills is being jettisoned from his cock slit, deep into the darkness of my body. I swear if Mike cums any harder I’m going to taste his jizz. “Ahhhhhhhhhh……Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck”, I’m screaming, my knotting up like a dogs, filled with my babies, until I’m ready to explode with force. The first shot of my cum rockets over Chris’ head splattering against the headboard and wall behind us. It hits hard, with enough force to hear it, and immediately begins to stream down toward the floor. My second and third shots land on Chris’ face, mouth and chest, causing my spunk to puddle in large amounts on his body. It seems like a lot, but I know from experience my balls have a lot more cum to produce, especially with me still being impaled on Mike’s dick. Thinking that my cock is going to start spewing cum all over the sheets, I grab my erupting cock, and aim the rest towards Chris’ mouth. He gets it and instantly, his mouth and lips are covered in my hot, white, and creamy load; which he licks and swallows down greedily, not realizing that the torrent of liquid from my balls isn't going to end soon. As my cock continues to lose its load, we all grip each other in the throws of the orgasms. I know Chris’ stomach is drowning in my boys and my ass is drowning in sperm from both of them, even though Mike’s seed might be more potent at the moment. Finally, when the orgasms pass, we all collapse, side by side, naked. Our soft cocks are lying on top of our stomachs and we’re drenched in sweat, drained, and exhausted. I’m trying desperately to catch my breath. "Fuck that was so hot”, I hear Mike as he looks over into my eyes. I can’t wait for them to fuck me again.
  25. How I Got Pozzed

    ***** Keep in mind guys this IS fiction, but it doesn't meant I don't want it to happen I waited 3 months after my original fuck weekend with PandB to test myself for HIV. I also remained abstinent during that time. I needed us to know that if I tested positive for HIV that it was his cum that finally did the deed. When the 91st day after arrived I broke out the OraQuick test I had bought online just a few days before and tested myself, putting the swab into the vile and setting it up. The worst part came now ... the waiting. They say a watch pot "never boils", but I knew this "pot" would boil over in 20 minutes. Not forever, but still ... it seems like ages waiting. I went into the other room, brought up some bb porn and slow stroked my cock thinking about the real possibility that I might be HIV+ because of my sex with PandB. He may have changed my whole world and I was going to find out soon. We had stayed in touch over the last 3 months, mostly using text messages, and he knew I was going to test today. I flipped through some of the tumblr sites looking for poz on neg verbal fuck videos, stroking my cock while my heart raced, and 21 minutes passed in a breeze. I went back into the bathroom to check the test. I looked at the test swab. There's a solid line at "C", and a slightly less solid line at "T". A quick scan of the included pamphlet reads, "If only C-Line appears, the test is negative. HIV antibodies collecting at the T-Line indicate the test is positive". "This says it, I've tested poz", I think. "HOLY FUCK! I'M HIV+!", the words not coming out as loudly as I'm thinking them. I sit there a minute, the test directions going through my head. My cock starts to get hard. I unconsciously slow stroke it for a few minutes, not focusing on any one thing. I was expecting this result and even hoping for it, but I'm still slightly numb now knowing the truth. I decide to text PartyandBreed: Me: Hey sexy boy Him: Hey sexy man Me: What's up Him: Working, horny Him: Test day isn't it? Me: Yep Him: ? I wait a few minutes to respond just to torture him, then finally a response. Him: Well? Me: + Him: FUCK!!!!!! Him: Is it mine? Me: Yes Him: Sure? Me: No sex after our weekend together Him: FUCK! I've been thinking about this so much lately Me: Me too Him: Congrats ... you need to post that on bz I put the phone down and jack off thinking about how our sex led to me being HIV+ and how fucking horny I was trying to get it. I was also feeling the urge to share it and I know this is the most important time for me to do that. I talk to PandB on the phone and we both discuss how hot it is that I'm poz now. He tells me about his experiences and other guys he's pozzed and we both discuss how hot it will be to poz another guy together. A week or so goes by and he tells me he's got a 19yo "son" he wants us to breed and convert, but that he wants him to get on Prep first. "Won't that make it impossible for him to go poz?", I ask, "You'll see is all he tells me". Another week or so goes by and he says the "son" has gotten his prescription, "I'm looking at the bottle right now", he says. "What? Why do you have the bottle?", I ask curiously. He tells me that Jake, the guy's name, is a sub, and has agreed to let PandB be in control of him and his Prep. "When do we get to fuck and breed him? Do you think he'll still convert?", I ask. We discuss this at length, Jake is staying at PandB's place for now and he's already taken 1 of the pills and yes we will breed him, and yes he's going to convert the same way that I did. The next weekend they drive down to my house. I answer the door naked, "Hey sexy man", and I kiss PandB as he enters my house. I look at Jake and then kiss him too to make him feel welcome. Jake is super cute, 19, short brown hair, slim body, blue eyes, quite and submissive. PandB is so blantant he pulls out the bottle of Truvada and shows it to me. I look at it, opening the bottle, "Its mostly full, I thought you got this weeks ago", "He did", he says, "He takes one on Monday mornings, and one Friday nights". "But that won't ... ", my voice drops off realizing what I'm about to say in front of Jake, PandB nods, "Yeah I know... its good, he took one just last night". "Jake take your clothes off", I hear PandB say to him. I start to put their things away while both of them get naked. "Let's go to my room", I say. Jake gets up and I follow him and PandB to my bedroom, palming Jake's ass the whole way; I want Jake to know who's in control this weekend. Jake leans back on my bed and I lean in to kiss him, feeling his ass. This goes on for only a few minutes when I decide I need in that hole. "Grab the lube babe", I say to PandB and he grabs it from the bathroom and instinctively starts to lube my cock. These guys haven't been in my house 10 minutes and we're already having our first fuck session. "Put it in him hot Daddy", PandB says to me, my cock sliding into Jake's tight hole. "Fuck he's tight ... feels so good, I won't last long like this", "Fuck yea Daddy, breed him the way I bred you ... give it to him ... give him your HIV", he says to me. I love how twisted PandB is and that he's sharing this guy with me and that neither one of us are on meds. In fact, the only one with any meds in his system is Jake and "...if he keeps taking his medication like he is now he's going to develop resistance to it". My cock is completely hard and leaking as that though occurs to me. "FUCK yes.... fuck he's tight.... FUCK I'm gonna breed this ass babe... gonna dump my load in him", I practically shout. "Fuck yea babe... give him a poz load, share my strain with him", all poz talk catches my attention and I look at Jake, but Jake is loving my poz cock and if he didn't know he's getting an HIV+ load before, he does now. I have a feeling PandB told him he's going to take poz cum and the boy is so sub he can't say no. "Do you want it son?", I ask, "Do you want my poz cum? Do you wanna be poz?". I egg him on a bit. "Yes Daddy", he responds softly, "Yes Da... Dad, poz my ass Dad". "Told you he's a horny pig like me and you", PandB says. I knew that testing anonymously would allow me to stealth poz some guys, but it was hot as fuck knowing Jake wanted it and he'd be one of the first guys I might convert. That sent me over the edge, "FUCK! FUKKKKKKKK... UHHHHHHHH.........UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", and I'm groaning as the cum boiled out of my nuts and made its way down the shaft of my cock and into Jake's awaiting hole. I know he'll end up HIV+ the same way we are, and probably after just one weekend of hot sex. I pulled out and PartyandBreed stepped up and inserted his cock without waiting, using my cum as lube. I saw the boy jump a little, but I came a gallon inside his ass so I know he's well lubed. "Fuck yeah!... Fucking breed him ... fucking knock him up", I say without even thinking. "Fuck yea ... fucking knock me up", Jake pipes up in what may be the loudest volume I've ever heard from him. PandB is sweating after a few minutes, I can smell his arm pits, and I know another poz load is building, "Fucking give it to him man, fucking convert him the way you did me". PandB ignores me mostly and focuses on riding Jake's ass. "Uhhhhh....uhhhhhhhh...........uhhhhhhhhhhhhh", and PandB presses his cock tight against Jake's body. In several short minutes Jake is taking a 2nd big load of poz cum inside his body. As the weekend progresses I can tell Jake must be a chaser like I was, he's doing his best to keep the loads we give him inside his ass as long as he can. We both fuck him fuck him 3 more times so he gets a total of 8 poz loads from us. On Monday just before they are about to leave, PandB cuts one of the Truvada pills in half, throws half away, and gives the other half to Jake to swallow. I see him swallow it down and I know he's on his way to at least partial med-resistance. We agree to meet in two weeks at PandB's place and breed him further.

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