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  1. Chapter 1: By the time I was 23 I had become quite a cum slut. I couldn’t seem to get enough cock and cum inside me, I would hook up with younger guys, older guys – I had to have cock. Before that It took me all of about a year to go from just being a bareback bottom to full on bug chasing and I wanted a man to convert me. I’ve always barebacked. I think bare is the only way I men should fuck, and I was getting fucked a lot -- especially right before I converted. To a point, I mostly didn’t think a lot about getting infected, I just wanted to take loads from as many guys as I could and occasionally share mine. The anonymous encounters were the best and always got my cock squirting. Then something happened that had not happened before, one of my favorite fuck buds informed me that he had just tested positive for HIV. I didn’t react badly, to be honest, we wound up talking on the phone and in person about it. We were pretty close for fuckbuds and one thing led to another … he fucked me and stayed the night, neither of us seemed to care. We had been chasing HIV, we weren’t dumb, and so it wasn’t entirely a surprise when one of us tested poz. I even created a profile on BBRT with a status of 'Positive' and began exclusively hooking up with guys whose status was listed as 'Positive', 'Undetectable', or 'Not sure'. The versatile 'Not sure' guys were my favorite guilty pleasure. Sure enough at some point, one of the many loads of cum I took, maybe even the one of the ones from my fuck bud, sealed the deal for me. I remember the day I got the news. Since the time my fuck bud told me he tested poz I had tried to mentally prepare myself for those words, I had been having a lot of bareback sex with him and lots of other guys, and I thought to myself, 'I guess you got what you wanted. Now you’re a poz cum slut'. To some it might seem perverted but I boned up when I got the call about my test results. The nurse confirmed it and, of course, the doctor, who I thought was kind of hot, wanted me to come back in to discuss treatment. I honestly had a raging hard-on the entire time he talked to me, and while part of me hoped he didn’t notice, part of me hoped he did. Anyhow, he told me that day that my viral load was very high, in fact it was almost one million. He also told me my viral load might well continue to rise for a while, and I should avoid sexual contact, as there was a substantial risk that at this point, more than down the line, that I would infect any guys with whom I played. I got back to my car, a little sweaty, head spinning, and realized I was incredibly turned on; I’d had a lot of sex chasing this bug and testing poz just now was the result of that. I was just 23 years old, and I was HIV+. An evil grin crossed my face, I knew that a lot of other men, hopefully, would end up HIV+ at the firing end of this boy’s rock hard dick. I jacked off right there in the hospital parking lot. Sweaty, tired and covered in poz cum, I took off my shirt, wiped up the mess, and drove home. (The backstory ... I decided to create a new story ... more chapters to follow soon, hope you guys enjoy)
  2. This is a fictional story based on a few real life things. It'd dedicated to PartyandBreed -- I wrote this just for him. ***************************************************************** I always fucked or got fucked bareback and when BBRT came along it facilitated that itch in a mostly easy manor. At first I only hooked up with men who listed their status as negative because, years before PREP, I didn’t want to become infected, but being a dedicated barebacker, and having a filthy mind, led me to consider HIV+ top men when I was horny. Even so, I still was not quite ready to take that step. I started using the website a bit later. I was mostly lurking, reading stories, adding the occasional comment until I decided I wanted to add something to the 'Bug Chasing' fiction section. I wrote “Cody’s Return” (which evolved into “Cody’s Bareback Adventures”) and the flood of years of depravity in my mind rushed out, including plenty of things I have never done and will likely never do. I was horny and the culmination of every porn scene, every dirty story, and every sex club I’d ever been to all culminated into characters and a story of things I get off on (mostly bug chasing, incest, piss). Suddenly my profile got a lot more attention and my inbox grew. I continued the stories later writing “Kevin Is HIV+” (a still ongoing story on this site). I heard from guys who loved what I wrote, some with suggestions, and others just loving the spank material. More than one of them I wanted poz cock from, if they were ever local. By the time I began writing these stories any fear of being HIV+ or taking cum from HIV+ men was gone and I was full on bug chasing and writing about things I actively wanted to do. A hot member named PandB messaged me and said he wants me and him to act out some of the fuck scenes from my stories. He said he’s not on meds and that he’d love to be the guy that infects me. With all of those stories, and several filthy messages, we agreed it’s what we both wanted to do. I wanted him to infect me, converting me into a HIV-positive bottom, and he wanted to do it … we’d tell each other this over and over several times over the course of a few months while planning for him to visit. He doesn’t live that far from me, but my life has been busy so we finally agreed to meet on a weekend after things calmed down when it’s convenient for both of us. He drove to my house and I let him in, we hugged, we looked at each other and things got very quiet for a moment. A smile crossed his face, a smile crossed my face and in that moment we both knew I’d have his cum inside me before we did anything else. I showed him around the house, and when we got to my bedroom he unceremoniously pushed me on the bed in a show of confidence, leaned down over me giving me a deep kiss, then, when the kiss was broken, he asked "Why aren’t you naked?” I pushed off my shoes and stripped off my clothing. Although he gave me another quick kiss, I'd estimate he had shed his clothing - his glasses, shirt shoes, socks, trousers, in three second flat, the entire time staring at me. Young guys are so fun and eager. At this point my cock was raging. We had talked at length about what we both wanted and needed. There was really no reason to talk anymore; he was here and we were going to fuck. That was it. He looked into my night stand but it was empty. “Lube?” he asked. “Bathroom, top drawer.” He grabs the Gun Oil and by this time I was naked, on all fours on the bed. “Get on your back,” he instructed as he lubed cock. 'Fuck yeah', I thought. I had thought he might want it doggie, but my favorite way to be fucked is on my back, legs up, especially if the guy fucking me is poz as I love seeing the face of a poz guy as he enjoys my hole. No sooner was I in position than I felt PandB's hands working some of the lube into my hole. He climbed onto the bed, looking at me, and pushing my legs back so they rested on his shoulders. Then he looked down at my ass, lining up his cock, I could feel his cock head slide around, and when his head penetrated my hole, and involuntary "Ahhhhhhh, go slow, aahhhh,” escaped my lips. PandB leaned forward, a smirk on his lips as his cock slowly sunk into my tight neg ass. “Ohhhh…. Ahhhhh … feels good,” he remarked. I couldn't take my eyes off his. “Yessss," he hissed in pleasure. This continued until his nuts were resting on my ass. “That’s all of it, dude. Now you've got an eight inch poz cock in your ass.” "An unmedicated poz cock,” I added, giving his cock a squeeze and a playful look. "Yup. Unmedicated,” and giving a push to emphasize the words, “Poz cock.” His cock lodged inside my ass, we made out. While I really, really wanted him to fuck me, and I was definitely ready as I was horned-up and absolutely wanted it, but but I also love being kissed. He held himself a bit more erect, my legs anchored on his shoulders, and rode my tight hole. I don’t get fucked enough and I imagine the friction on his cock told him as much. We stared directly into each other’s eyes. We had talked for months about what it will be like when we hooked up, what it would be like when he fucked me bareback, and how much he got off on the thought of infecting neg bottoms – especially when the bottom begs for it. I finally blurted out, “Fuck me man … I want your poz load inside me,” somehow sensing that he'd understand how desperate I was to have his poz cum inside my body He doesn’t say a word he just looks at me with a grin that says, “yeah fucker … you’re gonna take as much poz cum as I give you, I want you poz”. His eyes close a moment as he slowly fucks me and a moan escapes his lips, “Yes …. Fuck yes…. Been waiting for this”, “Me too man”. He fucks me like that for a good 10 minutes, not a lot of talking just the sounds of his cock and balls using my ass, but we know what we both want him to do and that mental connection is enough to keep thinks hot and heavy. When he leaves and drives back home I know we both want the HIV in his cum to have made its way into my bloodstream so that the next time I test I will get a positive result. Just thinking that he wants this as much as I do really makes me hard. Finally I feel I need to state that I want that first load, and I start talking filthy, “Fuck yea dude … you’re gonna fucking infect my neg ass, gonna give it to me, fuck me the way you did that guy told me about … convert me like you did him”, “Yes, yes … ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes”. I just keep egging him on and on using my ass muscles to squeeze his cock on the outstroke while saying nasty things I know will make him need to cum. His face is sweating against my hairy leg and we’re both working him towards an orgasm that’s been several months in the making. My cock is leaking tons of precum now but I rarely cum during sex and being a bottom I want all of the attention focused on his cock and anything that makes him nut. “I want it PandB … I want your poz virus in me, … fucking infect me”, “Yeah … yeah”, he doesn’t say much. He’s sweating, the room is warm, and I know he’s focused entirely on using my ass as a receptacle for that unmedicated poz load. I’m pretty sure we’re going to do this 10 more times over the course of the weekend, but right now I just need his cum inside me so I can carry around his bug while we watch tv, kiss, cuddle and goof off. Also, the longer his load is in me, the more likely it’ll be absorbed into my body, and I’ll end up HIV-positive. “I want this dude … I want to be poz like you … I want to be poz”, that sets him off, “Hot fucker!! I’m gonna breed that neg ass … Gonna fuck it, breed it, and when I’m gone I guarantee you, you WILL be infected with HIV”. Then I hear the orgasm coming, “Uhhhhhhh… ohhhhhh god,…. Oh fuck, I’m close … I’m close”, I use that to squeeze down on his cock harder, “You want this”, “Fuck yeah I do”, “You want it … you wa…. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH FUCK !!!! OH FUCK !!!!!”, and his first load of poz cum is squirting into my ass. “Fuck! Give me that poz … “, but he cuts me off, “FUCK FUCK….. OH FUCK I’m cummmming so hard babe”. The rest of weekend went much the same, I took 12 more loads from him (gotta love youth). I messaged him on the 9th day after that weekend; I had the flu. I felt shitty but he had no sympathy for me. He told me it was fucking hot and exciting that we’d had sex and now I was sick. He said I was a bottom who barebacked and I deserved this for letting him cum inside me. I knew he was right, but I also knew I wouldn’t get hard over it until I got to feeling better.
  3. Here's a 2nd chapter ... Over the course of a few days PandB added 11 more unmedicated poz loads to my neg ass. We were lying in bed having recovered from load # 1, the room smelled like sex. It felt oddly intense lying there with his body next to mine – my ass finally holding one of his detectable loads. This isn’t us talking about what we were going to do, this is us having done it and the real possibility of me being infected with HIV. I chased for a long time, but now I might actually be poz. I felt excited, scared, crazy, sweaty, tired and a bit nauseous all at the same time thinking about it. I’m not sure how much time went by but it didn’t seem that long. I feel him rubbing his cock against my hip, without so much as a word, I know he’s ready for round two. He wants to infect me. He wants me HIV+ with his strain. We look at each other and we kiss, I feel his cock leaking and I want it. We don’t need to discuss this and without words I turn over so that my vulnerable neg hole is now exposed and ready for that raw cock. I want him – I hope this is how most HIV-negative bottoms become HIV-positive. He rubs his cock in the crack of my ass, kissing my neck ... "Feel that, Daddy?”, he says playfully, “Feel your son's diseased cock about to stuff your hole full?”, I don’t say anything. “I’m gonna fill you full of toxic POZ seed Dad, ... that's what you want isn't it? “, I remain quiet letting him go on. “Loads of your son's dirty cum flooding that neg ass, right?", finally I can’t help myself, “Oh fuck PandB ... that’s exactly what I want son … I want my son’s dirty, poz strain … deep in my ass”. “Ahhhhhh …. “, I groan, as we’re speaking he pushes the head of his cock into my ass for the second time ever and the filthy verbal is like a torrent. “I want it son, I want your dirty, raw, unmedicated, poz seed flooding my ass again. I want to be poz like my boy”. That’s nearly enough to set him off and he slides the rest of the way in without so much as a pause – I feel his balls touch my ass. “Feel that Dad … feel my sac, I’m forcing the first load in deeper and you’re gonna get another big one”, “fuckkkkkkk”, I moan as my only response. He starts fucking me, gentle at first, but then harder and more urgent. I might already be full of his cum, but I can tell he’s determined to see me take another load. “Fuck boy … fuck that feels good”, “Yeah Dad … feel your son’s sweaty body rubbing against you …. you hear those poz nuts slappin’? Gonna seed this ass again”. His strokes definitely seem to carry more intent this time than last; this isn’t just sex for him, this is intentional infection with HIV at the end of his cock. “So fucking hot …. So fucking hot you want it Dad – dirty fucker”, “Fuck yea I do … fuck I do, fucking breed me … knock me up”, the words all coming with heavy breathes in rhythm with his strokes. PandB keeps fucking me like this for several minutes. The dirty language also continues, “Take that infected dick. Did I tell you?”, “Ahhhhh…. Ahhhh…”, “Two guys I just recently bred both tested poz. You’re next Dad”. I moan, “Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk … fuck yea, fucking breed this ass”. “One of them is a successful bug chaser, he definitely got what he wanted from me ... JUST LIKE YOU'RE GONNA GET IT DAD!”, and he pokes my ass hard as he’s saying the words. “The other guy ... let's just say, he told me he tested poz because he worried I might have been exposed!”. The thought goes through my head, “I hope you pretended to be worried”, and knowing that if that situation happens to me I might wait a week and then tell the guy I think he infected me because I just “tested poz” too. My cock is rock hard and leaking from all the filthy verbal between us. “I want it boy”, “Fuck yea … you’re gonna get it Dad, tell me what you want”, “I want that poz cum boy … I want to get infected from your poz fucking dick”. “Fuck that's so hot”, “Yeah … yeahhhh ... love young poz guys who share”, “I'm a young guy who shares … so I guess you're gonna love me ain't you stud dad?!!”, his cock now banging into my hole as I feel his chest. It hasn’t been an hour of him arriving and he’s already bred my ass and now he’s almost ready to do it again. “What do you love most about me Dad?”, I moan, “The fact that you're HIV+ and willing to share it through that hot cock of yours is what I love most son”, my groans interrupting the words. “I'm willing to share it all thru this hot TOXIC cock of mine ... just like Cody!!”, he says, reminding me of one of my stories. “I love that cock … so hot, … so fucking hot, and ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk I feel your nuts against my ass”, “Yeah Daddy!! My nuts are continually filing up with thick potent life-changing poz cream every fucking day!! I’m so ready to flood your craving hole with another load! I wanna hear you BEG for it just like Jake and Mark and Chris and Cody!! You taken anymore loads from that undetectable guy you told me about?” I’m moaning much more loudly now, “Ohhhhhh fuck that feels good … breed my ass … FUCKKKK! Yeah … he has … he fucked me last week, it was hot”, “But not like this huh?”, he says making hard strokes – pistoning that cock in and out of me, “… and I know wha you’re thinking ... the answer is yes, yes I've bred a few neg guys lately … like I said, two recently converted! Hoping another lets me know”. My thoughts are racing as he fucks me, his cock feels amazing and I can’t believe after so long he’s actually here and we’re barebacking and fantasy is now reality – and a load of his HIV+ cum is in my ass. From the sweat and talk and his grunts I know he’s about to add another to that first one. He kisses my neck and his hands are hard fixed on my hips as he fucks me. I can feel the warmth of his breathe and smell his armpits – I know I’m going to be HIV+ by the time he leaves. Between the grunts, the conversation continues, “The latest neg hole I converted is a 38 year old hot, divorced dad of 2 ... I've fucked him on and off for the last several months. He was nervous at first”, and I feel him pull back and drive it home. “I knew how to make him so horny for this young jock cock that he wanted it bad enough to risk exposure to HIV. Last month he finally started telling me he WANTED my POZ cum – he wanted me to knock him up! I get me so fucking turned on when I hear that!!”, and the long strokes continue. “Ohhhhhhh fuck … fuck …….. fuck yea … fuck yea, fill me with that death seed PandB …. Give me all the fucking poz nut from your cock! FUCKING INFECT ME!”, I say it so loud I’m glad the windows are shut or the neighbors might have heard me. Good choice of words on my part because saying that causes him to hump me faster. I know he’s gotta be close to firing that thing off, and we both know that cum will have nowhere to go but deep inside an uninfected ass. His strain may already be in my bloodstream, and if it’s not, this delivery might do the trick. He’s not speaking, just breathing hard, “Fucking infect me boy … fucking knock up your Dad. That’s what you want ain’t it… you love knocking up Dads”, I just keep egging him on. For his part he can’t speak, he just bears down and attempts to unload his poz swimmers into my ass. Part of me can’t believe I’m letting him intentionally infect me, but my cock is rock hard and leaking – it’s obvious we both want this to happen. “Dirty fucker … I know a number of guys not on meds ... but I'm the hottest and most potent!! Once that guy gave into the desire to be converted he became a nasty, horny POZ pig ... just like you and Mark and Cody!”, “Fuck yea”, I moan my response. “My twisted fantasy is for him to fuck and breed one of his sons and knock them up”, “FUCK YES”, I know he’s trying to push my hot buttons with language like that. He knows I love incest. “I've played with his son a couple times, flip-flop fucking with him, got him to go bareback last time, and he likes older guys”, “So it’s a maybe huh? … That’s so fucking hot”, “Fuck Yea Dad, it’s definitely a maybe”. “I’m so fucking turned on right now, and I’m so close … you want these poz babies”, “Yeah boy … yeahhhhh, I really do … fucki…”, but he cuts me off, “FUCK! FUCK! OH FUCK! I’m so close …. so close … Oh fuck… oh fuck”, “Yeah I do…”, “I’m gonna fucking cum, I’m gonna fucking cum!”. I feel his body tense up, “FUCKKKKKKKK! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! OH FUCK! TAKE MY CUMMMMMMMMM… “, and the fucking stops and he starts squirting another load of his seed deep in my ass to go with the other one. “Fuck … that’s so hot”, I moan as he’s grunting and unloading. As he starts to come down, he doesn’t remove his cock. We just lay there close to each other … sweaty, heaving, him kissing me and me now full with a second load of unmedicated poz cum.
  4. Not yet negbtm
  5. This thread will contain the new adventures for Cody, his Dad, and his friends. You don't need to have read "Cody's Return" Part 1 and Part 2 to know what's going on here [Moderator's Note: Links Added] , but it can give you some back story. Also, I want to say a huge thank you to all the guys who's reached out to me... there's a few of you who've messaged me here and on BBRT and got my cock very hard (you know who you are), this first chapter is dedicated to you (and what I hope we get to do). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTER 1: Cody: There is a tingling, a pleasurable stinging sensation, when a man’s raw cock slowly snakes its way into your ass that feels like no other kind of sex; when that man is your Dad it's even hotter. My Dad might have been asleep, but his cock was wide awake and ready to play. Considering all of the time I had recently spent with Sam, I really needed my father’s cum. I also needed to have 'the conversation' with Dad about Sam, but while my ass was quite sore, still I couldn't sleep as I was insatiably horny. I wanted Dad’s cum in my ass; his boy needed it right then. Dad was so good, so practiced at breeding my ass. It wasn't, perhaps, fair of me to let something like his need for sleep to get in the way of breeding his boy’s tight (but well used) butt. Still, as Dad and I almost always cuddle at night, and as on this night he was on his back, well, with a little lube, a little precum and a little patience, his cock slid into me nice and slow. I gritted my teeth a bit, wincing from the stinging sensation. Sam, and his friends generally fucked me hard and hung me up wet, but I didn't care; I needed Dad’s bare cock. I work him into me slowly until I can feel that familiar hairy sac brushing against my ass cheeks. I love how he feels inside me; it’s amazing how he can stay asleep. It’s well past 3am and his breathing is restful and calm, I know he’s still sleeping as I slowly ride him. Sitting on top of him like this, with his fully engorged cum stick lodged inside me, I start thinking about the first time he fucked me and our first sex; I had just turned eighteen two weeks prior. When I was too young to completely understand, my Mom died; Dad later called it “Pancreatic Cancer”. All I knew is one day, Mom is there, and then she’s not, and then it’s just me and Dad. Life slowly returned to normal and he and I grew very close. Around the house Dad rarely wore clothes, and subsequently neither did I, he never said it wasn’t normal and I never gave it a second thought. As I got older it crossed my mind that my friend’s Moms and Dads all wore clothes at home, but I didn’t care, I just kept those things to myself. I’d get home from school and the clothes were off – it was just a normal part of our life. Dad and I had always been open and he shared everything with me, he never talked down to me, or lied, even when I asked questions about adults or sex or the body. As I got into my teens I became a bit awkward around him even though I knew our home life wasn’t an abnormal thing. Dad and I had the conversation and he told me what he thought was right but also said I’d eventually decide what I want and what is right for me. The other thing we did that I didn’t see others do is we never closed doors, even when using the bathroom. More than once at night, from my room, I could hear him moaning. I always wanted to go to his room and see, but I never did. As I found the internet, and my hormones, I had a pretty good idea what was going on but I pretended not to hear it. The year I turned 18 my Dad planned a big birthday party for me and several of my friends and we had a great time. As it got late, and everyone finally left, I immediately went to my room and got rid of my clothes. I’m bent over pulling off my shorts when my Dad comes by, already naked, and stops for a moment. By now he’s relaxed and had a beer or two and we’ve seen each other naked more times than I can count. I didn’t give it a second thought – it did seem like Dad is checking out my body though. “Thanks for the party today, it was great.” He smiled, replying “You’re really growing up to be a handsome young adult, Cody.“ I think I blushed a little, then he offered, “And … You’re welcome.” With this he walked over, giving me a big hug and a kiss on my forehead. I remember feeling like a kid again, warm and safe in his hug, but then it happened: I felt my Dad’s cock rubbing against my stomach. My cock awkwardly comes to life, but then Dad releases me and left the room, but my cock continued to rise, thinking about him. It seems like whenever I jack off all I can think about is Dad, he’s my whole world, and his cock was literally just pressed against me. I can still smell him … I cut out the light and lie down, horny as fuck. I imagine his cock pressed against me again, my mind is racked -- I want him, but I don’t know what to do about it. I’m lying there in bed, beating off, imagining his body and his cock, when suddenly I hear him moan … my Dad is beating off too, and like all those times before, I’m curious. I decide I’m 18, I’ve decided what I want, and I want to see his cock again. I sneak towards his bedroom with the intent of watching. I make my way down the hallway, doing my best to be conscientious of my body and any noise it might make, doing my best impression of a Cat. I get on the floor to crawl in, Dad’s bed is positioned in such a way that, with the lights off, if I crawl in I can hide at his footboard unnoticed. I really do love his bedroom it smells like his body, my heart is pounding and my cock is hard and leaking – “FUCK IT! I’m going to jack off, too”, I think. “Ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh yeah…. “, I hear Dad moaning, and I hear the sound of him beating his cock, “Cody… Cod… oh fuckkkk … ohhh baby … ohhh baby boy … that’s it yeah”, I freeze, Dad’s calling my name. I think, “Did he see me? Hear me?” My cock feels too good to care though, “Ahhhhhhhh”, and I subconsciously let out a moan of my own. As I’m wondering if I’m too loud, I feel a hand on my shoulder, “Cod baby ... you don’t have to hide … you can come up here. We’ve always been open with each other … you don’t have to sneak around … we can jack off together”, I look like a deer caught in headlights “GUILTY”, I don’t know what to say to him, “Ok”, is all that comes out, and I swallow hard, my eyes completely trained on the shadow above me. I can hardly see him as I move to the side of the bed, “Get under the covers with me son”, he pulls the sheets back and I can just make out a shadowy naked form; I look down trying to see his cock. I realize he’s looking right at me, “Come on boy”, and I look back at him and climb into his bed. He turns on one of his lamps very dimly, now I can see his face, “Dad … I …”, “It’s ok son … I told you no secrets between us, I love you”, “I love you too Dad”, “… and it looks like I’m not the only one who’s horny”. I turn a little red but smile, then he smiles back, and it breaks the tension of the moment. “Dad … I … I’m just … “, “You what baby boy? Its ok … it’s me, we share everything, you can tell me anythi….”, “I love you!”, “I lov...”, “I want you!” interrupting him and literally blurting out the words. Then I immediately look away feeling awkward; Dad puts one of his hands on my chin and turns me to face him. “Dad …”, but Dad puts his finger over my lips, “Shhhh…”, his eyes looking through me, then he looks down towards my cock. Before I can think, he takes my left hand and puts it on his cock, and then he puts his on mine and we start to slow stroke each other not speaking and not breaking eye contact. I can feel his precum – I can’t believe I’m stroking my own father’s cock. Dad leans in to me smiling with our eyes trained on each other. Dad’s face is now right against mine and he’s looking at me and my mouth and then my eyes, back and forth. This is the first time I’m jacking off with my father when he suddenly presses his lips to mine and kisses me, not like all the other times he’s ever given me a fatherly peck, this is a lover’s kiss. I can feel his precum on my hand and I do my best to kiss him back the way a lover will do. After that Dad invited me to sleep with him every night. It wasn’t long until I learned to suck and appreciate his big cock; my Dad, my boyfriend. Dad said, “Once you become an adult you can decide for myself what you want Cod”, and he made it clear this is how he thinks of me. This is what I had fantasized about, my first boyfriend – my own father. “Ahhhhhhhh……….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. ”, a huge groan and exhale and Dad’s hands are on my thighs; I’m riding my father’s cock and he’s fast awake. At this point though I’m impaling myself on his cock, and as much as it stings, I really want his cum inside me – I’m working him hard to get it. “Ohhhhh fuck boy ... ohhhhh fuck … you needed Daddy’s cock huh?”, I let out a long moan, “Yeeeeeeeeess….”, “Do it boy… ride Daddy’s big cock”. The sounds of sex in the room is obvious as we can both hear the sloshing sound of a raw cock fucking a cummy ass, “Is that cum in there boy”, “Yes, Daddy”, trying to sound younger than my 22 years since I know it makes him a little crazy, “FUUUUCCCKKK that’s hot!” Dad seems so horny, but he also seems completely happy to just lie here and let me do all the work for to get his spunk. I start wondering if I’m really HIV+ now from all sex with Sam and his friends, and then it crosses my mind again, “If I’m positive from Sam fucking me, is Dad HIV+ from him, too?”, “ohhhhhh…. Ohhhhhh…. It feels so fucking good Dad”, “Yeah boy… ride me… I’m getting close”, and I know my Dad is about to cum inside me; he never lasts long after he says he’s close. The thoughts of Sam fucking me flashes through my mind and me literally begging him to fuck poz cum into me, which he more than happy to do … if I really am positive now, what can I say? I asked him for it … more than once. “Dad … I … I …. “, but the words aren’t coming, and then, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck … Daaaaa…..” and my ass clamps down on his cock as a huge load comes flying out of the business end of my cock, “Oh fuck…. Oh fuck… “, my orgasm racks my body. “Cod! ... FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” and I know Dad’s cock is releasing its pent up load. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck Cod…. Ohhhhhhhhhh … Ohhhhhhhh”, the moans and the breathing are heavy between us as our orgasms quell and we start to come down from the release. “That is so fucking hot”, I moan between breathes, “Yes it is baby boy … needed that so bad”, he says to me all breathy, “…and I’m soaked now”. We both laugh. I climb off his cock and lie down beside him and we kiss… he leans into me and presses almost all of my cold, wet cum into my stomach; I love him so much. I can’t think of how to tell him I might be infected, he’s always been there for me, and been open with me, I have to find the words. “Did you have a good time with your friends last night?”, I ask him. “Yeah it was good … this is better”, as he kisses me, “You?”. “Same with me … “, I pause, “Dad, I’ve been having sex with …”, “It’s ok Cod I’ve been having sex too”, “Sam?”, I blurt it out. “Yes, … “, he pauses, “Sam … how did you?”, “Uhmmm… well saw a message from him on your phone once, and then didn’t know it was him, but met him on BBRT and we started talking and well ... He’s fucked me a couple times”. There’s an awkward pause, then he says, “Same with your old man I guess … I don’t ‘always’ go jogging”, a laugh escapes us both, “Haha… uhmm yeah … figured”. “Dad it’s just that … well, I’ve been fucking bareback “, another pause, “Me too baby boy… always hated condoms. I got tested last week”, “You did… what did…”, “Negative “, I look at him pausing then the thoughts run through my mind, “I haven’t actually tested poz … so who says I am until they tell me otherwise?”, then he pipes in, “Why don’t we go this week… we can get tested together?”, “But you just …”, “Doesn’t matter, plus the guy that works there…”, I pipe in, “Chris”, “Yeah… how did you?”, “Fuckbud brought him over once, he’s hot”. “Yeah he is ... anyways, not that you’re positive, but you can see how easy it is to test, and maybe it’ll put your mind at rest”, “Yeah … uhmmm… ok”, my only reply. A day goes by and Dad and I spend it together then the next morning he’s out for a jog when it hits me, “I bet Sam is fucking him right now”, part of me is jealous. I’m really horny, I decide to find out. Me: I’m horny Sam: Me too Sam: Busy today though Me: Breeding my Dad? Sam: Maybe: P Me: Fuck! I want Sam: What do you want? Me: + cum Sam: Dirty boy Sam: Jake asked if he can text you, gave him your #, hope that’s ok Me: That guy you told me about before? That’s cool, can I have his # too? Sam: Yeah I’ll send it, one sec Sam sends me Jake’s # and I decide to message him instead of waiting when literally a message from an unknown contact appears on my phone. Jake: Hey this is Jake, … Sam gave me #, hope it’s cool to message you Me: That’s weird Me: I was just going to text you lol Jake: LOL Me: Yeah it’s cool … Sam told me he gave you my # Jake: He talk about me? Me: A little lol Jake: Oh really? What’d he say? Me: Nm … just said you guys had some group fun Jake: Yeah we did … that it? Me: He said you’re HIV+ … prob from that night Jake: Yep I’m poz Jake: About a month now Me: Hope its ok he told me that … don’t wanna seem nosey Jake: Its cool Me: So you got it from him? Jake: Always bb’d here Jake: We think his hot friend Sergei is the one that actually gave it to me Me: How do you know that? Jake: I’m horned. Can we get together? Horny? Me: LOL… always Me: Yeah that’s cool Jake: HOT (includes a pic of his cock) Me: Damn… that’s a hot cock! Jake: And it’s poz … sure it’s ok? Me: Yeah Jake: Cody gives me his address and I tell him I’m headed that way. It makes my cock leak thinking that we’re both HIV+, and he will find out at some point when he gets tested. I intend to make him beg me for poz cock and then when he does test poz, we’ll hopefully discuss it, and I’ll let him know he got it from me. Also be hot to see him fuck and breed a few guys before he gets tested, just in case he gets weird about being poz, or goes on meds right away. Personally I don’t intend to take any meds until I have to… I want to share this with as many guys as I can. I start driving to Cody’s house when that hot guy Chris at the testing center crosses my mind, the way he flirts with all the guys there, I wonder if he’s just a flirt or if he’s already poz? Or maybe he’s still neg and chasing it? I think I’ll just have to find out.
  6. Cum visit Atlanta
  7. Took another poz load this afternoon


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      Fucking hot! Both that you took another poz load...and that pic! I don't know if I want to suck the poz cock or clean your hole? I know...I'll do BOTH! You and I have the the same things we want...I think I know! 😉

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      BOTH is the only option that makes any choice! No need to have to choose between the two, right versbbguy? :P

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      Great pic. Wish i could breed that sexy butt.

  8. Thank you oinker, I appreciate that!
  9. CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party - Part 3 I see Trevor turn around as he’s walking off, he leans down whispering in my ear, “I can usually spunk more than once mate, if you want it in just a bit”, looking directly at him I nod, he kisses me and then he’s gone. As much as I want to stay here and take more loads while watching Mike, I’m feeling adventurous, I want to get a sense of everyone that’s here. I make my way around the room checking out every cock I see. I see the host, a dude with a huge cock, several others before running into Mark again, “That was such a hot fuck”, he leers at me, “Yeah it was”, he touches my ass … “I need more”. “Let me come back in a bit”, he nods, and I keep moving to see who and what else is here. Our host did a great job with the party list, there are a good variety of ages and body types – the pig inside me wants every cock I see. I guess Mark can cum more than once, I wonder if the host can, I need to thank him properly. After several minutes of ogling and touching cocks, and noticing red wrist bands everywhere, I realize I haven’t seen one white one. There are no HIV-negative men at this party, except maybe us bottoms. Then it occurs to me, “Maybe the host didn’t approve any – maybe this party is as much about HIV-positive men sharing their HIV as it is about HIV-negative bottoms being infected”. I wonder if any of the bottoms tonight will be negative when we leave. These dark thoughts make my cock tingle in its cage. I finally make my way around to another one of the beds and find Alec, the cute 19yo that showed up near the end of the introduction, and there’s a big line of red wrist bands waiting to plow his hole. I wonder how many of the red bracelets he’s already collected. I glance over to another bed just near him and see Steve’s caged cock bouncing around as he rides a hot bearded guy wearing a policeman’s hat. These sights and smells are overwhelming … this much fucking makes my trapped cock hurt that much more. All the guys seem to be in their zone though, either fucking an ass or touching and feeling, waiting to fuck an ass. “FUCK standing around … I need another poz cock in this ass”, I mumble as I watch Alec getting fucked, the other tops encouraging the top to infect him. I move to the other side of Alec’s bed, cruising more than one of the waiting tops. It doesn’t take too much of me feeling him up for him to want in my hole; we assume our roles. I bend over onto the bed, facing Alec. He looks up at me, his eyes glazed over and a look of lust on his face, and our faces close enough to know exact what’s going on with the other. “Ohhhhhh fuck … ohhhhh fuck .. yea … yea”, he starts moaning in my ear, “I’m … I’m takin’ poz cock dude”, I moan, “me too … me too”, as the top behind me enters my cum-lubed fuck hole. “Fuck yea!”, I can hear him moaning. “Gonna take another poz load … took 2 so far”, I can’t believe I’m saying this to Alec, “Already took 6, I think”. “Fuck… fuck… fuck me! I’ve got … ahhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh… oh fuck, ohhhhhh god that’s so good”, he says. I feel like I’m behind, and I’m determined to catch up. “Fuck yea dude … take that poz dick, AHHHHHHHHHH”, I moan right into Alec’s adorable face, “Fuck … FUCK ME!”, I feel the top penetrating me and the sweat on his balls touching my ass, “Fuck! I gotta catch up dude … I need another poz load”. We aren’t looking directly at each other, but I can hear his moans and I can feel his breathe, "Please. Oh yeah man, fuck … oh fuck, dump another poz load in there," he moans, he’s completely lost in the moment. It’s then that I realize Alec and I aren’t any different. I can feel Alec’s breathe, he can feel my breathe, and we’ve accepted the fact that we’re both likely to be HIV+ from tonight’s sex. I’m encouraging his top to infect him, and he’s doing the same for me. "You want this load fucker?", the top riding Alec asks. Maybe the guy hasn’t heard us, "You want this?!". Alec is nodding and blurting out the words, “YES! … YES! … FUCK YES! FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!”, he nearly shouts in my face with strong, heavy breathes. Not to be left out, I shout, “Fuck that’s so hot … FUCK MY ASS MAN! FUCKING BREED ME!”. “I want that fucking poz cum man ... Do it!", Alec shouts again. I’m fairly certain the inner pig is in control of each of us right now. The cock cage binding me is hurting so I try to focus on my top’s bare cock. It occurs to me, that right now, my whole world is centered on my ass and the only thing the filthy, dark, sex-fueled part of me intends to do is leave this party infected with someone’s strain of HIV. "Right on, boy. Uhhhhh…. Uhhhh…. You’re about to get another load." The dude fucking Alec is relentless and I know he’s just moments from delivering another load of poz spunk into that ass. "You're gonna get … ohhhhhhh …. Ohhhhhhh fuck …. FUCK!", and in the space of just few those seconds Alec’s top goes from rhythmic anal masturbation to holding him tight against his crotch as his toxic dick injects a load of infected sperm. Down another load, compared to Alec, just like that. "FUCK! FUCK!”, my cock hurts, “Fuck me. C’mon … Fucking breed my ass!", I yell. Watching another bottom this close to me, taking a violent orgasm deep, is more erotic than I ever imagined it can be. Alec’s looking at me, smiling, kissing me and using his tongue to lick some of the sweat off of my face. But his face changes and his eyes roll back in his head as the next top moves in and another red wrist band wearer’s cock disappears into Alec’s body. I lean up against Alec again, “Dude, we’re both gonna be poz … we’re …”, but I can’t finish my thought. I’m so horny and I want that cum, I start squeezing my ass muscles tight, letting my top know I need his load. “Fuck Yea … fucking do that … FUCK!”, I guess it’s enough for him to realize this pig needs cum, “Fuck that feels good… gonna blow my load … gonna … oh fuck, keep that up”, so I give his cock several more squeezes. He picks up his pace, piston-fucking me in and out now. I can feel every millimeter of his shaft raping my insides. He’s stretched out, exploring, and seems determined to mark me with what will be my 3rd infected load of the night. My cock is leaking pre-cum, without thinking I try to stroke it, and I’m quickly reminded that it’s not gonna happen. My top takes this as his cue to pull back and slam deep, reminding me who’s in control. Then, without any fanfare, he returns to a constant, steady fucking rhythm. He’s definitely ready to cum, his breathing is labored, he’s grunting, and his pace is quickened. This HIV+ man is pounding my ass. I wonder if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew – how did I become this hardcore of a pig around all of these positive men. The pig in my head isn’t hearing any of this and I start pushing back hard in rhythm, I use some of Jacob’s words, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Poz my ass man … knock me up”. I say all of this right into Alec’s beautiful face, “Fuck yea! Fucking knock me up!”, and as he looks me directly in the eye, he mimics my movements pushing back on his top’s cock. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH…….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH FUCK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”, I look up thinking Alec is getting yet another load and realize its Steve that’s getting the load this time and that’s not the same top as when I came over here, that guy works fast. “Fuck yea”, pops out of my mouth and Alec’s almost at the same time. I started wondering if the guy fucking me ever actually infected anyone, and will his load be the one that knocks me up. I know he’s close to dumping his load but I feel like I need to earn it. He’s groaning and grunting and I know he’s close to an orgasm from the sounds of our sex as his balls slapping hard against me. “’bout to …. ‘bout to cum”, “Fuck yea” my only response, "Want my poz babies?", he asks, although I’m not sure he expects an answer. I speak right into Alec’s face, "Fuck yea! Fucking breed me… fucking knock me up!" "Ahhhh… ahhhhh… fuck, fucking take it … fucking taking my cum" and I feel him slam his cock all the way into my hole and hold it there. "Fuck yea! Taking my fucking load ... Oh yea …. Oh fuck", “fuck yes … fuck yes”. Alec can see I’m momentarily satiated and we start making out a bit more while I’m being loaded and he’s being fucked. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”, the top fucking him starts to groan and I see a devilish smile as Alec takes another positive load. Nearly as soon as our tops dump in our asses they are gone and another top is already mounting Alec – that boy is popular. Almost immediately I feel another hard cock playing at my back door and the guy leans over, “Hey babe … how’s that ass? Having fun? Sore?” It’s Chris’ voice, and as I turn my head he kisses my mouth before I even say a word. We break the kiss, “Fuck yea, I’m good … so is Alec”, and I nod over in his direction. I know as I’m saying this Chris’ bare cock is making its way inside my ass like it has so many times before. “Ohhhhhhhhhh….. Ohhh fuck“, I feel it, and my eyes rollback, “Love that cock … love that fucking poz cock Chris”. He’s still leaning into my ear, “I think you’ve found your calling babe … you know you’re gonna be poz after this, don’t you”. I glance back and smile. “You know I also stopped taking meds”, this statement catches by surprise and he can see it on my face. “You ok?”, nearly holding still, we’re making eye contact and I close my eyes and squeeze down on his cock, “Yea”. He starts riding me again, “Good … I stopped taking ‘em about two weeks ago”, and punctuates the message with several hard jabs. “Owwwww… owwwwww”, my cock is hurting in the cage, “You sure you ok?”, he asks. “Just don’t pull out Chris … don’t pull out … cum in me”, is all I tell him. He smiles at this, both of us now knowing that Mike and I have been taking unmedicated loads from Chris for at least a week now. I feel like an idiot, but I feel relieved, I start humping back on Chris’ cock, “Yeah sexy … fucking breed that ass… fucking poz me Chris, fucking give it to me”. Chris leans back up, and like he always does, start pounding me with intense jabs mixed with smooth strokes. “The time for talking, the time for contemplation, the time for fear, for analysis, shame is fucking over and all that matters right now is his cock and making sure Chris infects me”, is all I can think. I do wonder if Mike knew, not that he’d actually care. “Oh yeah … Brace yourself babe, … I’m in the mood for a rough fuck", he says quite loudly. I think Chris loves fucking me as much as I love his cock. He pulls back and slides in hard nearly taking my breathe away. He must be worked up now that he’s told me his little secret – he’s never banged my ass so quickly or so hard. I can feel his hard cock push aside my insides as that unmedicated poz cock once again gets into me deep. It’s almost like a dull ache when he bottoms out. “Ohh yea… so good”, I hear him moaning as he withdraws until only the head remains. Knowing its Chris’ cock in me has me panting … I find myself wanting him as much as I ever do Mike … I hope I get his strain. This withdrawal though, its leaving me feeling almost empty and it pulls at my ass lips in a way that is making crazy-horny with lust. I’m not sure if he is teasing me or what. Chris is literally just massaging my ass cheeks as he holds his cock right there on the edge. I hope he loves the feeling of my warm hole … my warm, most likely poz hole. You know that anticipation when you get to the top of a roller coast and it feels as though everything pauses as you see the coming drop? I’m filled with that kind of sensation now with Chris. It may literally only be a few seconds but it feels like much longer before he plunges back into me, continuing his fuck with hard, deep thrusts. He puts both of his hands on my ass as he nails my hole in a way he hasn’t done before. Maybe he is more turned on, now that he knows I know he’s off his meds, and I’m more than ok with it. The front part of my body starts to collapse to the bed, under Alec from the forward motion, but he grabs onto my ass and helps keep me upright. I’m grunting now with each thrust and trying my best to push back against his dick. I love Chris, I want him to see I’ve made peace with being poz, and I want this to be a sizzling hot ride for him. “FUCK ME CHRIS! FUCKING POZ MY ASS!”, I start shouting into Alec’s face yet again. "Oh fuck, babe, oh fuck! That tight, wet hole of yours … it’s milking a charged load out of my cock," Chris moans. I know this can’t last long, and he realizes it, too. He slows down a little and starts to take longer, slower thrusts. Each time he reinserts his dick, he moves a little bit. This isn’t how he usually breeds me and the different angles cause new sensations in my ass. Maybe it’s the scenery, but his dick seems like it’s the hardest it’s ever been. His hands are on my hips, pulling my ass back onto that poz dick as hard as he’s thrusting forward. "FUCK! That ass is so fucking wet! I fucking love that!", he says to me. He nearly collapses on top of me. Most of his body now covering mine and he’s humping me hard; his hips rising and falling with short, quick movements; he’s been taken over by the lust and desire to infect me. I’m glad it’s me getting his infectious load. Chris moves his face to my shoulder once more but this time he bites down while he’s humping my ass. I gasp, leaning against Alec, both of us being serviced. Chris is in my ear, “Gonna poz that ass babe … gonna knock you up … you want it?”, we both know it isn’t a question, he’s going to cum inside me. “Ahhhhhh…. Ahhhhh…. Fuck …. Ohhhhhhhh fuck babe …. Fuck!!”, and suddenly Chris is dropping another load of his poz sperm in my ass, but this time I know there’s a real chance of him actually infecting me.
  10. This chapter is dedicated to a very hot lad on here ... you know who you are CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party - Part 2 As Mark fucks me, I can feel my sweat, I feel it in my pits and I feel it in the small of my back. One of the best parts of this experience, though, is that I can also smell most of the other guys in the room – man smells make crazy. Besides that there’s this wondrous sensation of a bare cock sliding back and forth, scraping across my anal ring, like a dull hacksaw being dragged across hot butter. Even with the shadowy lighting my senses are on overload. There are sites available to me, the shadows, the men, the smells and sounds of fucking. Seeing Mike getting bred and then ultimately taking poz cock myself, I feel as though all of my rational thoughts are gone and I’m being completely satiated now by my inner pig. At this point – I almost can’t believe what’s happening with my hormones – I’m eagerly pushing back on Mark’s cock in an attempt to show him how much I want my ass full of his poz cum. My dick is aching in this fucking evil cock cage. I will say this though, it’s making me focus more and more on my ass than my cock; it’s making me feel like a true bottom pig. I remember Chris telling me, “True bottom pigs always end up poz”, but the irony that some cheap, plastic sex toy might be the end of me, much faster than any strain of HIV, is not lost on me right now. “Uhhhhhh… uhhhhh… fuck that’s good”, he groans as he’s fucking me. My raging hormones and need for sperm are the only things in charge right now, "I WANT YOUR POZ CUM MARK! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Ohhhhhhhh….", he pauses for only a moment, “Turn over”. He pulls out and I flip over, legs up, and he’s right back at it, “Wanna see your face … when I cum”. Mark picks up his pace, banging me harder, “Fuck yea… oh fuck, oh fuck … gonna breed that ass … fuck, you feel so fucking good”. “Give me that fucking poz load Mark … breed me deep, … give it to me”, that almost sends him over the cliff, and the pounding of my hole becomes fast and furious. "You’re so fucking hot and twisted, I fucking love it when bottoms beg me for my poz load. Love that you wanna take it ... you’re about to get it sexy”. "Fuck yeah! FUCK! Ahhhhhh… ahhhhh…. Oh yeah! Poz my hole Mark! POZ MY FUCKING HOLE!", I’m nearly shouting, I kinda hope Mike hears me. He lunges forward viciously, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..”, and his raw cock starts to spasm, “OH Fuck! FUCK! … take my poz load”, “FUCK YEA!”; Mark is holding me tight and I know he’s squirting poz cum deep in my ass the same way Chris does. I want him to see that I acquiesced about my decision to take poz loads; I reach around to his ass and try to pull him in deeper as that weapon of his is unloading. “So fucking hot Mark”, I kiss him, I need him to know how much I need that seed in me. He removes his tongue from my mouth, “Fuck yea it was”, and then just as quickly he stands back, and my ass is empty except for the first poz load of the night. I don’t want to move, but I’m curious, so I do a quick half twist to check in on Mike and Jacob. The tops fucking Mike and Jacob are both in a rhythm, piston fucking them … I know it won’t be long before they each of them gets another positive load. It seems like only a few seconds go by when I feel hands on my ass and turn back around … it’s the hot top guy from BBRT I want. “I’m Trevor”, he’s says in an unassuming English accent, I melt. He feels me up and moves my legs so he can lap at Mark’s cum in my hole. He’s young and slim and looks so hot down there servicing me. This goes on for a while with me bending up and feeling his head, the sides of his face, his glasses. His tongue feels so good sliding and lapping at my hole, but it’s making my cock red and angry and it “FUCKING HURTS!” I try to relax my cock and focus entirely on the sensations in my ass. Trevor stops for a moment and climbs up on top of me, face-to-face, “Gonna breed you poz mate”, as he’s saying this I can feel his precum and the cold metal of his cock piercing rubbing against my balls and in the crack of my ass. We get a good look at each other, he’s 30, slim, dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. With him lying on top of me I can’t see his cock, but I remember from the profile that hot, uncut, 4mm pierced cock swinging between his legs, “I want it”. That’s when I hear the sounds of another top unloading and I can’t help but wonder if it’s Mike or Jacob getting the load. Mark returns and comes around to my side of the bed, he bends down and he’s close enough so he can speak softly in my ear, “Your bud over there is so hot, he’s taking poz loads like a champ, … he might leave here infected”, I have to ask, “How you got it right?” He nods and continues, “First guy that fucked him, been poz ‘bout 5 years or so now”, “Fuck”, “And Jacob took the host’s cum, he’s resistant to Truvada, pretty sure that’s who tagged me”. I’m not sure what all that means but between Mark’s words, and the cute guy lying on top of me, a steady flow of precum is draining from my soft cock. I feel like such a cum slut and I know I need another poz load inside me. I look over and a 3rd top is taking his place behind Mike’s ass and begins working his cock into him. “Ahhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhh’ … I hear Mike moaning, maybe he’s a little sore after those first two guys worked him over. Top #2 fucking Jacob is groaning I know he’s gotta be close. I move my head to try and kiss my sexy new top friend, but he moves his head towards me, “Which one’s your mate?”, “One on the left”, “Nice”. Then he finally kisses me, “Let’s move, I wanna breed you in front of him”, “He’s gotta blindfold on”, “Doesn’t matter … c’mon”. He helps me up and we walk around the fuck benches to one of the other beds. The room is dimly lit but as we’re walking I can see Steven and then Alec, both of them being fucked. As we pass Mike the top fucking Jacob begins to groan, “Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh… oh FUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCK!”, and I know he’s adding a load of unmedicated poz cum to what the host already dumped in there. I think, “Oh fuck … Jacob and I both got a load that’s resistant to Truvada – bet he doesn’t even know”. “FUCK YEA! FUCK! POZ MY ASS!”, Jacob is begging for that second load. I guess both of them fully expect to be infected when it’s all said and done. “FUCKKKKKK!!! OWWWWW! FUCK!”, I see a 3rd top, big hairy chest, with a decent sized, thick cock and a beard line up and slam right into Jacob’s ass. The top fucking Mike is giving him nice even consistent strokes. Now that I can see his chest I notice a red biohazard tattoo around his left nipple, and that ominous glowing red band on his wrist. In front of both of each of them, on the floor, are 2 glowing red bands; seems the tops are shedding them after dropping their load. I wonder what Mark did with his? I do a quick check and sure enough Trevor’s wrist is glowing red – every top must be poz. He guides me to the bed and positions me on all fours, not quite face-to-face, but nearly facing Mike. I know Mike can’t see me, but I also know, he’s going to hear every dirty, filthy, fucking thing that comes out of my mouth as Trevor makes good on his promise to poz my ass. I feel hands, then lube then bare cock, his piercing is kind of cold but he pushes firmly and that uncut English cock slides through my ring and disappears into me; I feel the warmth again. He pushes himself in further and now I really feel him, I’ve never had a pierced cock inside me, “OH fuck … I love this”, bubbles out of me. I see Mike’s head move a bit like he hears me, but I’m not sure if it’s from my words or the top guy banging his ass. That’s when I feel Trevor’s sac touching my ass and he leans down, “Not on meds either mate, hope you’re gettin’ what you want”, “OH FUCK!”, escapes me combined with a moan. “Beg for my poz load mate … beg for it”, I feel him holding steady, waiting to hear my affirmation. I squeeze my ass muscles on his cock to signal my intentions, “Yes … FUCK YES! Breed me! FUCK ME!”, I hear a soft “Fuck yea” from him. I slowly rock my hips back and forth getting his engorged cock moving out to the tip before pushing all the way back so he’s completely buried in me, then back again. “Want that poz cum, Trev”, that turns him on and he slams his cock down on that instroke, “oh goooood …. Ahhhhhh … ahhhhhh”, I moan under my breath. I think Mike realizes it’s me this time though, because suddenly he’s more verbal, “Give me that poz load man … fuck me full, poz my ass”, over and over again. It’s so dirty and fucked up but it’s turning me on, “Owwwww… owwwwww… fuck that hurts!!”, and I see an almost evil grin take over Mike’s face. I blurt out, “Oh fuck yeah … give me that poz load Trev!”, Mike responds, “Yeah … FUCK YEA! FUCK YES! SO HOT! TAKING POZ LOADS!” Now I know he knows it’s me. He pushes harder against me, leaning over my back, I feel his sweat on my back, “Ready for that poz load?”, “Yeah … yeah”, “Ready for that poz load?”, he asks again. Instead of waiting for my answer, he just leans back up, and at this point he starts rabbit fucking me. He’s pressing down on my ass, going in and out in fast, quick strokes, the kind that will cause almost any top to lose his load. “He’s unmedicated”, I think, he must want to see me poz, “Fucking give it to me Trev … Give me that poz load!”. “FUCK YEA!”, I can hear Mike as if he’s speaking directly to me. Pre-cum is boiling out of me and going all over the place. Trevor is fucking me solid, I might not be hard, but I’m making a huge mess on this bed. "Oh yea, fuck me!" I moan, as his hard cock pushes and pulls from the quick jabs against my ass lips. Between those fast jabs he’s giving me, and a few solid thrusts mixed in, I can really feel his piercing. Right now he’s so far up my ass I think I might end up tasting his load when that thing goes off. His heavy balls smack again and again against my ass cheeks with a wet “(smack)” from each thrust. I don’t know how long it’s been since that gun last unloaded, but his nuts feel wet and heavy. His fucking is so intent; I have no doubt you can see it on his face, as if he’s concentrating on his performance. All I can do is pant and try to breathe, as he fucks that hot English cock into me. I feel his cock begin to swell even larger, as his balls work hard to fill me with large squirts of his deadly white, male seed. I know it’s insane, but I want this so bad, “POZ ME! Breed my ass Trev!”. “OHHHHHH … OHHH FUCK ... I’m close … ‘bout to cum … ‘bout to cum”, he says as his cock starts spewing his toxic load into me. I instantly feel the warmth of his poz swimmers painting the inside of my ass, as he fills me with an unmedicated poz spunk; my second unmedicated load ever. "OH FUCK YEA!!! FUCK!!!", he nearly screams as he dumps his load in me. I keep grinding my hips into him, wanting that cock to fill every inch of me with his bug, even when his hips stopped gyrating, and his cock seems spent. I love the feeling of his massive cock just resting there inside me. He leans down and lays nearly on top of me again, “So hot mate … you got my unmedicated load now”, and I know Mike can hear him saying this by the look on his face. I feel like everyone is watching us have our little moment, but I know everyone is actually busy fucking or being fucked; I’m pretty sure Mike knows what just happened, though. When Trevor slides out of me, I think, “I hope he fucked Mark’s cum in deep”, the words, “SO hot”, coming out of my mouth. “Fuck yea mate… love that hot ass”, his accent driving me wild every time he speaks. He moves around to the front of the bed, “Looks like you earned another one”, showing me his red wrist band as he walks off. I look over and two different men are fucking Mike and Jacob. I didn’t think Trevor fucked me for that long, but there are now 5 wrist bands in front of Mike and 4 in front of Jacob. I’m not sure how I missed all the action, but these guys have obviously been busy.
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  12. CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party - Part 1 We park a distance away from the house. As we’re making our way towards it, it strikes me how ordinary it is compared with the others; nothing about it seems particularly special here. I feel a light buzz from the alcohol and the butterflies are creeping up on my stomach. I’m pretty sure with that firm grip Mike can feel my left hand sweating. I feel light headed, I think, “How many times will I get fucked tonight?” I feel like there will be lots and lots of hot sex – I’m horny, excited and scared all at the same time. The scared part of me feels as though, if I’m going to go through with this, then I really need to make peace with the very real possibility of ending up HIV+ now. Honestly. An HIV+ man is fucking me bareback on a regular basis right now and I beg for his cum every time – I must be ok with this outcome, right? Chris is fucking me regularly I’m just not sure I’ve thought this through, or how I’ll even react if I get that news one day. The carnal part of my brain isn’t having any of this nonsense. Mike is holding onto me, there’s obvious lumps in our pants and right now I know we both want to be rode hard and put up wet. I know I need it raw, and I want lots and lots of cum, deep in my ass. I refuse to let any fear of being HIV+ interfere with what my body is craving. I look at Mike, “Hey … you ok …”, “I’m good”, “No … I mean, are you ok if, … if I, …if” … I can’t find the words. I lower my voice, “You know,… if one of us ends up poz-itive”. Mike pulls me closer … he just looks at me and smiles, “We still gonna fuck?”, is all he says and laughs -- pig. I’m not sure why but this makes me feel better, I just nod and we both laugh. Mike squeezes my hand tighter and pulls me close against him, “Lots of hot fucking tonight babe”. When we get to the front door I’m thinking we should knock, but Mike knocks just once and we walk right in like we own the place. The house is elegant, nice architecture, there is crown molding nearly dripping off the walls. The lights are dim. I can barely make out the sounds of music and voices nearby, but can’t tell where exactly they are coming from. Mike guides me out of the Foyer to a room off to the left and it’s also quite striking. The room is nicely decorated and someone has setup a computer monitor with gay porn playing. I watch it for a moment, yep, guys fucking, guys breeding ass then the collage flips to a solid back ground with text on it, “ - Clothes up here - Come downstairs - Bareback only “ I look at Mike and he’s already got his shirt off, “Get naked babe”. Having not done this before I look a little lost but I follow Mike’s lead and soon we’re both naked, “Clothes over here”, and he points to a piece of furniture with some cubby holes for storage, “Follow me”. I’m glad he’s here. Mike grabs my hand again and we go down what seems to be the only obvious staircase. When we get to bottom of the stairs Mike release my hand and we enter another room that is even more dimly lit; it feels almost like another Foyer. The music and voices are louder now and it has an almost club like feel to it. Unlike the upstairs though this isn’t nearly as formal, and there’s actually someone waiting here for us. “Hey guys … hey Mike”, he says, and grabs Mike and immediately pulls him in for a hug and a kiss. He’s a very hot guy and for a moment I naively think he might be our host. He looks late 30’s, short black hair with a smattering of gray, well-trimmed beard and enough chest hair to give me ideas. He’s wearing a glowing red arm band, a leather chest harness and a shiny chrome cock ring. “Fuck … I hope he’s a top”, escapes my lips softly before I even realize what I’m saying. He breaks the kiss, “And who’s your cute friend?”, as he looks right at me, “Mark this is my friend Kev … Kev … Mark”. “Nice” is the only word that comes out of my mouth as I’m looking down at his cock. When I look back up he grabs me and pulls me in for the same greeting he gave Mike. Releasing me, “Ok first thing… assume you saw the monitor upstairs, bare only”, he smiling widely as he says this, “Also”, pointing at a small table with a whole bunch of stuff on it, “I guess you guys didn’t wear a jock tonight? It’s alright … all bottoms are required to cover their cock, the host likes it that way and always provides a few extra or…“, and his voice changes slightly, “…if you’re feeling adventurous there are some of these” and he points at a few odd looking contraptions. Mike pipes up, “Chastity device?”, Mark just nods, “Yep”. Without so much as a word Mark hands Mike a red jock, Mike kind of laughs, “And … Kev will take one of the cock locks”, I know I must look like a deer caught in headlights as they both laugh, but Mark hands me one of them. “Your cock and balls go in there… then this goes on … “, and he’s demonstrating as he explains, “Do I really need to…”, he looks at me, “No no… you can wear a jock too if you want actually, but these things will definitely test how much of a committed bottom you are”. I’m feeling playful, I look at the device a bit and nod, “What the hell … I’ll give it a try”. Mark smiles. He helps me lock my cock up as Mike gets his jock on, now our cocks are covered; its snug, but I honestly feel like a total bottom wearing this thing. “If I get a hard on this is gonna hurt like hell”, “Yeah … don’t do that”, he says. “One more thing, the host always provides OraQuick tests for the bottoms, so you guys can maybe find out more than ‘I don’t know’’, if you haven’t tested in a while”. I just look at Mike with a question on my face. He realizes I’m still a little confused, “It’s just a mouth swab babe … “, and then he mouths the words, “H-I-V test”. Mark interrupts us, “Results take ehhhh… ‘bout 20 minutes”, I must look surprised, “… you don’t have to wait for ‘em sexy” and he’s opening the packs and handing us cotton swabs. “Swab your gums and then drop ‘em right in here”, he says as he’s coordinating all the little pieces and parts. We both swab our gums, “Then what happens?”, I ask. He smiles, I must seem so naïve, “Well when all is said and done, I’ll put a little envelope with one of these babies in your pants pocket for you”, holding up two colored cards. One of the cards is red with a “+” on it, and the other is white with a “-“ on it. “You can check out the result when you get home or whatever … white card means you got a negative result, and …”, I interject, “Red means poz”, he just smiles, “There you go!”. After put the swabs into the viles and he closes them up, I think, “That’s a hell of a way to find out you’re HIV+ after taking raw cock from positive men at a sexy party all night”. “Still think you’re neg, Mike?”, “Think so… dunno”, “And you sexy?”, he asks me. I sit there for a second thinking about just how much Chris and I have been fucking, “I … I don’t know either I guess”, Mike looks at me, “It’s cool babe”. “We the only ones here?”, I ask, “Nope couple of other guys got here just before you”. “When the party gets going you’ll notice that all the tops are wearing glowing wrist bands like this one”, as he makes obvious the glowing red band on his wrist, “Same colors as those cards … same meaning”, the muddles the rest, “Good luck finding a white one”. Then he looks slyly at me and grabs my ass, “Sure hope I get some of that tonight”, Mike laughs, “*cough* PIG *cough*” and that breaks up any sexual tension. My mind is going a million miles a second, but I’m not frightened, Chris has been breeding me for a while now, I’m used to taking poz cock, and I’m horny as fuck. When I look down at Mark’s big cock, I can see the veins, all I can think is how much, “I want that thing inside me right now”. “You gonna’ be doing this all night?”, I ask almost worried, “Haha … hardly … don’t worry, I’ll be joining the fun as soon as whoever else is coming gets here, things are locked up and these”, shaking one of the viles, “finish”. Then he says more seriously, “k guys … Got all that?” We both just respond with a, “Yeah”, but I can feel I’m still a little jittery. I look at Mike, he just gives me that sexy look of his, and I calm down. I start to ask Mark, “How long have …”, but Mike grabs my arm and shakes his head at me, and I realize it might be rude to ask that question and cut myself off. Mark seems to know what I’m getting at though and responds, “It’s cool Mike … I got diagnosed almost a year ago … I think I converted at one of these parties honestly”, and he laughs. I smile, I can’t take my eyes off that hot cock, “And you’re? … top? Nice.”, I want to feel him fucking it in and out of my ass. “Versa Top … “, he catches my attention and looks me directly in the eyes with a look that could cut steel, “… and incredibly horny tonight too, better watch out”, grabbing his dick and raising his eyebrows at me for emphasis. His faces changes to a shady grin saying those last few words in a tone that really says, “I’m gonna breed you hard, deep and raw”. I feel my heart racing –poz or not, I want that cock and his cum inside me. I look at his eyes, then his cock again and then back to his eyes. “Ok guys, before things get too hot and heavy in here let me show you where the other bottoms are ‘til things start”, and he points as the room continues around a corner. We go through a couple of small rooms and into another room with a bar and some couches and chairs for sitting. There are two guys already in the room talking and having a drink. I start thinking, “This is it then”, and as if Mark can read my mind he says, “This is where all the bottoms meet up before it gets crazy. Once I lock things up upstairs, the host will come by and get this show on the road … shouldn’t be long. Drinks over there, Mike I think you met Jacob last time, … and that other cutie’s name is Alec. You guys have fun.”, then he disappears. Jacob is wearing a red jock that looks exactly like Mike’s and Alec is wearing a white one, odd; I feel like the odd man out with my cock locked in this thing. Jacob looks like he’s about 23 or 24, 5’9” with blonde hair and a trimmed go-tee. Alec is Indian descent, young, he barely looks 18, then I kind of remember his face from one of the BBRT profiles, I think his profile actually states that he’s 19. As they greet us I can tell he’s about 5’6” with very dark brown hair, and unlike Jacob, clean shaving. Both of them are really cute, “Too bad they are bottoms”, I think. I start making a drink, “Kev … come over here”, Mike says and I see him sitting next to Alec and as I pour a drink they start lightly making out. I take a large sip of my drink and set it down and walk over plop down right next to Mike. Mike kisses me, “Guys Kev … Kev”, Jacob looks over at me, “Nice to meet you … been before?”, I shake my head no. “It’s a lot of hot sex”, Mike nods, and I hear Alec, “I haven’t been before, either”. “You guys … Bottoms?”, I look at them with my question, “Haha … nahhhh my boyfriend Hayden is, but I’m versatile, … tonight I’m fucking horny for cock and he’s working”, and Alec pipes up, “I am too! I’m mostly a bottom though.”, he says. Jacob looks and me and tugs at my cock, “Love that dude, I’m glad someone chose to wear one”, I give Mike a bit of side eye. “Gonna find out who’s the biggest whore tonight”, Mike says as he laughs and he continues, “See who ends up …” but his voice trails off before finishing and him and Jacob both look at each other with a laugh and a knowing smile. It only seems like a few minutes when Mark appears with another body to join us. We all look over at him, “Guys, Steven … Steven guys,… why don’t you go ask them who’s the biggest whore”, and we all immediately break up laughing. Steven chose a chastity device like me and Mark reaches around and gives it a bit of a tug before heading out of the room – such a flirt. Steve looks like he might be in his 40’s or 50’s, rugged face, some gray mixed in with a head of black hair, and that jaw of his is amazing. Steve definitely has a nice build to him for a bottom. “Come on over man … join the pile on the couch”, Jacob says in his most flirtatious sounding voice yet. I think Jacob is a bit drunk, he’s so open right now, and touchy -- I like it. After a few minutes of “touchy feely”, someone, that I can only assume is the host, enters the room. “Hey guys … Mark says the doors are locked now and we’re ready to get things going. Few things,… should be lots of hot fun tonight, I had a lot of tops request to join, more than usual”, several of us cheer, “Just remember, bareback only, and in case you don’t know, most of the tops are poz,…”, showing the red arm band again for emphasis, “don’t ask about it, … just go with the flow, and have fun”, he says as he rubs his cock. I see Jacob and Mike look at each other. “Also, no going upstairs, unless you’re leaving. All of the sex stays down here. There’s 2 full bathrooms down here, some beds, a sling, some couches, and 2 fuck benches … but those are already spoken for“. I guess I must look kind of puzzled at the “spoken for” part of that, but all of us are just sitting there completely caught up in his words. As if he’s reading my mind, “Mike and Jacob messaged me and asked to be used on the fuck benches, since no one else asked, that is where you guys will be”, they both high five, “FUCK YEA!”. It starts to hit me, “Holy fuck I was right!”, this entire downstairs area is just one big fuck dungeon. I have to admit I’m curious about the fuck benches. As he’s telling us all this I can feel my hand and cock fidgeting against the acrylic, trying to rub my caged cock – I’m so horny right now and this thing is making me aware of every inch of my soft cock. Mark re-enters the room, “Hey Mark … we good?”, the host asks, “Yeah… all ready to go”, he says. “Mike, … you and Jacob, you’re coming with me and Mark”, they both stand up. Then I see Mark pass a red blind fold to the host, and holding one himself, he and the host blindfold Mike and Jacob. The theme of red is not lost on me, I’m very curious to see what happens next. This is an interesting twist, I think, it looks as though Mike and Jacob will be getting fucked anon all night. “Ok guys … we’ll lead you in just follow carefully”, as they start exiting the room, “The rest of you can follow us … I hope everyone has some hot fun tonight”. We all walk through another hallway into a much larger room lit in red and with what appears to be all of the things the host mentioned. There are naked men and glowing red bands everywhere, and I think all of us want to see what’s up so we follow and watch Mike and Jacob being led to the fuck benches in the center of the room. I start to wonder how much cum our tight little asses will take tonight, and if we’ll leave here poz or neg. The host, Mark and a few of the other guys help Mike and Jacob onto the fuck benches and latch them in, “You guys good?”, I can hear them both answer, “Yeah”, and like good bottoms, their asses are raw, exposed and ready. With the guys secure, several hands begin lightly lubing up Mike and Jacob’s ass using their fingers to play and massage in the lube. As I’m standing there watching, I can see that even with the blindfold, Mike and Jacob both seem horned and ready to be fucked and bred. I’ll admit I’m kind of jealous I was hoping Mark will fuck me. The host nods at one of the other guys and he brings over a container with two solid white lumps sliding around in it, my mind is wondering what that is. I wonder if its cum, but I can’t tell. Sure enough Mark and the host push one of the white lumps into each of them, “Ahhhhhhh… fuck… fuck”, they both start to groan, “Just some frozen seed guys … relax, relax … it’ll warm up”. I had my answer. Steven and Alec start to wonder away probably to cruise some of the tops. My mind wonders if they are ready to be HIV+, then the thoughts hit me, “Will I end up positive, too? Am I even ready to be HIV+?” Before I can get the thoughts out of my head, I hear the host’s voice, “Guys … listen up, we’ve got 5 horny bottoms tonight, but these two, specifically want to be brought into the brotherhood… just try to remember there are 3 other bottoms here that want to be fucked and bred. Tops not on meds get first go at the fuck benches.” I feel my face going white, “Mike” softly escapes my lips, and then I feel a warm hand on my ass. I hear a voice, “Looks like they got a bit of the Devil’s dick”, its Chris, I’m so glad it’s him, I just look at him with a question. I’m still in a bit of shock, “Its a frozen lump of poz cum to get ‘em properly lubed. Mike told me he’s ready to be positive.”, Chris rubs my ass, “Makes my cock so hard”, I look down and sure enough he’s rock hard. I look at my own and cock and realize that without this cock lock I’d be hard as a rock over this news, too. “You into that too babe?”, he says. I can only agree, I nod again. “Good.”, he smiles as he says it, then he kisses me and walks away. Now his statement, “…might be more chance of you getting infected from Mike’s cum than mine”, comes back to me, and starts to make more sense; he knew Mike wants to be infected. I knew that no matter what news either of us get, or what happens tonight, Mike’s cum will still end up inside me. I watch the scene playing out with Mike and Jacob, the hands, the naked men. Both of their asses are exposed and look so pink and tight under the light … honestly, I almost want to fuck one of them. My cock tries to expand and I feel it ache… “ow… ow… ouch… fuck, calm down”. Our host turns around and makes the first move by mounting Jacob, the red glowing band around his wrist very real to me. As he starts I hear that kind of guttural moan, the kind that lets you know a man is being fucked. A few of the other tops gather around Mike when something unexpected happens – Mark steps away from the action. Most of the tops are touching and feeling both of them and at both ends of the benches. I’m almost in aww just watching the action. I know any second a poz cock will find its way into Mike’s hole, like Jacob, and I want to see him get penetrated. A hot looking Latin guy with a nice chest lines up behind Mike and starts to work his cock into him. I think, “It’s so fucking hot knowing they are taking all of these loads anon.” I suddenly snap out of my trance when I feel Mark touching my ass and as he waves his hand in front of my face, “Kev … hey bud”. I smile as I look at him and my eyes are instantly on his cock again, “Hey”. He moves one of my hands to his cock and I can really feel how big it is, “You ready to play?”. “Fuck yea I am”, is all I can say as I stare at his cock. He leads me over to one of the beds and I climb on my back, “Turn over sexy”, he says, and I instantly flip onto all fours, “This way you can watch your buddy getting knocked up”. My cock hurts now, those words, the action, he’s right, I can see the top’s balls as he’s bangs again and again into Mike’s ass. The cock lock is doing its job on me; I feel like such a slut now. Mark pushes the head of his cock against my hole and suddenly the bareback sex part of this sex party becomes real for me. I think, “POZ men are going to fuck and breed us all night, and right now it’s what we all want”. It occurs to me that maybe I’ve accepted that my testing positive may or may not happen and may or may not be a bad thing. I reach back pulling my ass cheeks open to show Mark I’m ready and willing to take what he’s offering me. “Good boy … I love slutty bottoms. You want raw dick huh?”, but he doesn’t wait for me to respond and I feel the head of his cock already in my ass. “Fuck yeah … oh fuck that feels good Mark … fuck me”, and he uses my hips to brace himself as he applies steady, slow pressure, pushing all the way into my ass. This time it’s him, “Oh fuck yeah … so fucking tight … you feel so good”. Mark starts fucking me with slow, even strokes as I watch Mike and Jacob groaning while an unmedicated HIV+ top bangs each of them. I can feel Mark’s sweaty balls touching my ass, “Fuck yeah Mark … breed me deep, fuck me full of poz cum man”. “Oh fuck yea … beg for my dirty seed you slut … you’re getting it”, and Mark picks up the pace of fucking me. It goes like this for several minutes, him using me, and me begging him for his load. I can feel every inch of him inside me. This continues on and on with the grunts and groans of man on man sex filling the room. When I hear it, Ahhhhhhhh…………. fuck………….. fukkkkkkk…. fuckkkk… “ and I realize the Latin guy fucking Mike is cumming, “Fuck yeah …. Fuck!”, he goes on. His cock is pushed in tight against Mike’s back side and it seems like his load will never stop cumming. The entire scene turns me on, “FUCK! FUCK! OWWWW…. AHHHH”, Mark thinks I’m just encouraging him but my cock is in serious pain due to the cock lock. Watching Mike and Jacob being fucked and taking Mark’s cock is making me want to bust out of this thing, but I know I need to resist. The Latin top pulls out and of Mike and a taller black top wearing leather boots and a cop’s hat takes his place. Then our host pulls his cock from Jacob and a glob of semen comes streaming down the crack of Jacob’s ass… I put my tongue out, I want that.
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  18. CHAPTER 6: The house seems a little spooky as we drive up, Mike parks, “Let’s go sexy”. I look around the street, it seems dark and a little creepy, and the house isn’t well lit up, “You sure this is it?”, “Yeah babe … I’m sure”. There are cars parked in the driveway and on the street, and as we walk around back, I can’t get over an odd chill. Mike knocks 3 times on the back patio door and we just walk in. We walk through what is obviously someone’s living room, down a hallway into a bedroom. “It’s in here?”, “No”, he says, and then he starts undressing. I looked at him, Mike really is smoking hot, then without prompting I remove my clothes, too. “Follow me”, he grabs my hand and completely naked we head out of the bedroom and down a flight of stairs. I can hear music playing. The stairs lead down to a finished basement, club music is playing, and it’s very dark except for a few strategically setup red lights here and there. I have no problem making out the sounds and the smells of guy on guy sex along with the requisite shadows, dimly lit faces and shapes. Mike grabs my cock and proceeds to lead me around, letting me take it all in as I grow firm in his grip. “C’mon”, and he moves in one direction, then another, each time we get close to some action and I think I’m going to get to watch someone being fucked we start moving again. Suddenly we’re standing beside Chris, he smiles and kisses me, “Hey sexy boy … having a good time yet?” I look down at the twink sucking on his cock, then back up at him, I feel a little drunk… I nod at him, and we kiss again. He moves closer to my ear, speaks softly, “You ready for some poz cock?” I look at him, a wild grin on his face, I smile and nod. Hearing that Chris pulls his cock from the twink’s mouth. The twink stands him up, Chris whispers something to him, and he leaves. I hadn’t really noticed the couch when we approached Chris, but he moves around to the “sitting” side of it, gently grabbing my hands and pulling me forward, “C’mon … bend over for me sexy boy”, he says as he pulls me toward him. My head feels like its swirling, the room has an odd glow, I look at Chris smiling and I feel a firm, wet cock being pushed into my ass … its Mike’s, I groan as that familiar fuck stick of his slides its way home. I look at Chris, he looks so sexy and devious, my cock is reeling as Mike pushes me into the back of the sofa. I feel like I’m leaking precum all over the leather. I can smell Chris’ armpits and the room is warm … the sound of guys fucking is overwhelming. I look to my right and there are 2 other guys, like me, pressed against the back of the couch getting their ass used. The guy closest to me seems completely lost. I know he’s being rode hard, but I can’t really make out the guy fucking him. In that moment as I feel Mike’s cock going in and out of my ass, he bends forward kissing the back of my neck, and Chris leans in towards me, kissing me … “You like that? You like that poz cock inside you?”, he says. I groan. Then I think, “Mike is poz now? When did that happen?” “Fuck yeah I do … Fuck me … Please fuck me Mike, give me your poz cum”, we’re both groaning and Chris is egging us both on … as I feel the hard cock and balls banging against and into my ass over and over. Mike has fucked and bred me so many times before, but for some reason right now I want this poz cock so bad, “POZ ME! POZ ME Mike!”, I shout. I can hear him groaning, “Yeah … give me that poz cock! Fuck me full of poz cum”, I can hardly believe what I’m saying. I hear him groaning harder, I know he’s close, I feel compelled to beg him for it again and again. I just keep saying the words. I jerk awake. I’m disoriented and feeling a bit of cotton mouth, but it’s quickly obvious my cock is wide awake and Mike is full bore using my ass. “Oh fuck … oh fuck”, I know that sound, I know he’s close. I decide to encourage him, “Yeah babe, that’s it… fuck me… fuck me… fucking breed me”, his breathing is heavy and labored. “Ahhhh… Yeahhh…. I’m gonna… oh fuck,… oh fuck”, he’s full on pumping my ass, and I know I’m about to receive another load of his sperm. The dream is sticking in my head, but I don’t use the word “POZ”. “Oh fuck … you want it”, he’s huffing, “Yeah”, “Ahhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCKKKKKKKK…. “, I feel him press all the way in, “CUMMMMMMING!!”, and he unloads what seems like a gallon of his cum into me. We lie there for a bit, I don’t cum, but I’m slow stroking a few times feeling his body, sweaty and heaving, cuddled close, then I remember how Mike came over last night. We ended up getting drunk and playful, but we passed out in my bed before we even fucked. I guess he woke up and decided to just go for it. Here we both are, naked, cuddled, my cock still hard as stone and his thick member deeply seated inside my cummy hole – other than the slight hangover, this is a perfect way to wake up. “Fuck that was hot”, he says as I feel him kissing the back of my neck, “Yeah”. “What were you dreaming … you talk in your sleep”, he says with a laugh. “I do not. Do I? What did I say?”, I laugh, a slightly nervous laugh recalling bits of my dream. “Well let’s just say you were really begging me for it. I think you’ve hanging out with Chris too much.”, “OH really?”, we both laugh. He hesitates a little, then says flatly, “You were begging me for poz cum”. The room goes quiet for a second, “Oh”, my only response. I lie … telling him I can’t really remember any of it. “Did you cum?”, “No, but its ok for now”. The thought of tonight’s sex party hits me … will it be anything like my dream? Will anyone besides Chris and Mike fuck me? All these crazy thoughts are criss-crossing my mind. I really had no idea what to expect, but my mind is now going in 100 directions thinking about it. Mike’s cock slowly deflates. As soon as his cock slides out of me I realize I want it back in there -- we separate and climb out of bed. I can hear him brushing his teeth as I make my way to the computer. Apparently I left BBRT open in a tab and logged in. I’ve got a few emails, but decide to only look at the one that reads, “Party detail”. Basic stuff … address, parking instructions but the intent seems clear … “Lube provided. Barebacking only. Bottoms should know most tops are poz. Guys that wanna be fucked use front door, guys that want to fuck use rear entrance near pool. Front and back door unlocked for ONLY 30 minutes starting at 8pm.” At that moment I realize my cock is hard and my pits are damp. I guess the direct approach works. I clicked over to the party listing to see it again, and sure enough, lots more guys have been accepted to attend since I saw it the first time. I click through several of the profiles wondering how many tops are actually HIV+, and how many of the bottoms are “Negative”, but are going to be just fine letting these poz men fucking them (like Mike). It doesn’t seem like a lot of bottom and versa guys have been approved. Even so there’s a decent mix of ages and body types. I count … there are 3 versatile guys and 8 bottoms on the list, including me and Mike. One of the bottoms is this hot guy in his 50’s, then there’s a 28yo and one twinkish looking guy who is really cute. All 3 of their profiles say they are “Negative. The twink’s got that short brown hair I love and his profile say he’s 18. He’s selected “Positive Okay” under the “Your status” option. There are lots of top and versatile top guys. I do a quick scan through several of them … almost all of them say “Undetectable” or “Positive”, with a few reading “Ask Me”. One profile reads “Negative” and another one reads “Neg + Prep”, but it seems like it’ll be impossible to avoid poz cum tonight. One of the tops I’m really attracted to is 30 years old. He’s got short dark brown hair, and a slim build. His HIV status says “Positive” and he’s chosen “No Preference” under “Your status”. I start thinking, “Mike and I really could end up testing positive after tonight is over”. My cock’s so hard, I feel weird but it occurs to me, I want this guy’s cock and cum inside me. “He’s hot!”, Mike says as he leans against me from behind, “Yeah he is”. “You should feel that big, uncut cock of his,… pierced, 4mm, feels amazing when he’s fucking you”, I turn around to look at him a little surprised, he has this shit-eating grin and just nods his head. I think I’m jealous. I turn back around, my head is swimming. I can feel Mike rubbing that beautiful penis against my skin, “Better be careful Kev … Might end up with something you can’t get rid of …”, he says in that not-so-serious sounding tone of his as his voice trails off. “I want that cock . . . in me”, I say it without even thinking. “This cock?”, he says pressing it firmly against me, “Or that cock?” “HA! That one”, I say flatly and with a slightly sarcastic tone. I can feel Mike continuing to rub against me as I look at the profile, I’m not lying, I really do want this guy to fuck me. Knowing the guy bred Mike makes me want him that much more. I feel Mike rubbing his precum on me, I unlock my pics. Here lately Mike and Chris are fucking me more separately than together, and Chris seemingly moreso than Mike, is becoming my regular fuck buddy… the thought occurs to me, “I wonder how often he’s breeding Mike now?” I love Chris’ cock, I try put the fact that he’s HIV-positive out of my head, and just let him use my hole. Mike seems like he’s totally stopped worrying about the whole thing or even thinking about … he used to talk so much about it when a HIV+ top fucked him, but now, he rarely mentions. I started assuming they were all poz. I think Mike is either completely indifferent about it now, or seeking it out, or I don’t know. The other day I noticed he changed the status on his BBRT profile back to “Negative”, and the “Your status” option now reads “Positive Only”. He also changed his profile text to state, “POZ guys welcome”. I turn and give Mike’s cock a kiss and suggest we hop in the shower. We try to relax and enjoy the warm water, Mike is obviously feeling playful and touchy, but I’ve got to piss and with all of this water flowing it won’t wait. His hands are on my neck as he kisses me, and my mind starts thinking about all the times he and Chris have cum in my ass; I start to plump up a bit and I know he can feel it, but I really need to let this piss out. Finally I decide to just lean back against the wall, I grab my cock, and with the shower water hitting both of us, I point my cock upwards, relax, and my yellow morning piss rifles out of me. It feels good … I really need this release. My stream is hard and fast as my bladder empties its contents on our upper bodies. My piss feels warm, and the smell is fairly stronger than normal as it streams down. Mike stops kissing me, brings his head forward and down, letting my stream fire directly into his gaping face hole. We’ve played around with piss before, but morning piss is rare, and I know that hot, salty taste he’s going back for seconds with, are my fluids at their most potent. My stream is strong but after a minute or so its tapering off and Mike takes me completely into his mouth to finish me off. He stands back up and grins at me, his cheeks bulging a bit. A quick kiss and my mouth is flooded with the fucking strong taste of my own pungent morning piss … “I want to do this again … and also with Chris sometime”, is all I can think. We break and I look down at Mike’s beautiful shaved cock, so much of his cum has been absorbed into my body, and here it is hanging over his smooth balls. I reach my hand and take hold of his cock. He just looks at me, his eyes slightly close, and then it starts with a short blast. Soon his cock is spraying piss all over my entire upper body. It’s yellow and the smell is strong like mine. Since I’ve momentarily got control of his manhood, I use it to piss-paint up and down my body, rinsing myself in everything he’s giving. I can’t resist though, I’ve got to get a taste. I lower my head into the stream to soak my hair and face. My mouth opens, and is immediately rewarded with the taste of Mike. I swallow, gulping it all down, until finally my mouth covers the head of his cock and I can drink from the tap. His stream begins to dwindle and his cock begins to expand in my mouth. What goes around comes around though, and I pop back up with puffy cheeks to feed this sexy man a bit of his own golden nectar in a kiss. He swallows before grabbing the back of my head and returning the kiss with everything he’s got. We shared sloppy, drunken kisses last night, but this is totally different. This is a tongue haphazardly getting rammed into my mouth. This is energetic, complex, lustful, passionate and delicious all at the same time. The whole experience is overwhelming – we’re both in heat. I haven’t cum yet and I’m incredibly horny; I can't let this need slow down or lose momentum for even a second. I slide my hands down Mike's hairless back and pull his hips into me. He responds with a slight gasp as our cocks make contact. I grind forward and backward and side to side and a jolt of pleasure runs through my whole body. As this erotic scene plays out in my bathroom, one of his hands starts to trace a line lightly down my spine. When he reaches my waist, he slides his fingers and reaches down to gently cup my left asscheek. Not to let him feel left out, I move both of my hands from his hips back onto his two perfect mounds. We pull each other in tighter and I relish the contact between our slippery, smooth stomachs when they come together. I slide myself up and down against him, causing wonderful, erotic sensations from our chests all the way down through our cocks. We’ve had lots of sex but somehow, at this moment, this intensity feels so much more erotic to me. I finally break our kiss to catch my breath. I drop to my knees in front of him and run my hands up his wet thighs. Because of our grinding Mike is fully hard again. I reach for his cock. The instant I make contact, his cock jumps and a light moan escapes his lips. I wrap my hand fully around his rigid shaft and wipe his piss slit all around my lips and use my tongue to get any remaining piss droplets. It might be my imagination, or just raging libido, but he looks even longer and thicker to me right now. I look up at Mike and he makes eye contact with me. His face seems flush and it’s more than obvious what we both want. I lean forward and wrap my mouth around the outline of his head. I follow the path of my hands and slide my lips all the way down to the base, all while looking up directly into his eyes. "Oh, fuck, Kev." Mike throws his head back and pushes his hips forward, trying to get more of himself into my mouth. I take a few more seconds to explore the shape of his manhood as I suckle him. I gently lick and suck, removing it and letting it rub against my face. I love it when Mike fucks me, he’s so good at it, but I don’t enjoy it quite as much as I like getting to put my mouth all over him. The taste, the feel, the smell – I love every second of it. Warmed up from our earlier fun and then the hot water in the shower, Mike looks bigger and juicier than ever, like his cock is just begging me to put it in my mouth. And, that’s just what I do. I take the head again into my mouth, tasting it and loving how full it makes my mouth feel. I swirl my tongue around the end, savoring the contours and ridges of his big, flared head. I run the tip of my tongue up and down his flesh, feeling him twitch again. "Oh my god," Mike starts to moan, reaching a hand down to cradle the back of my head. He pushes forward gently, and I don't fight him, instead driving my head forward onto his shaft. I bob my head up and down while he lightly rocks his hips in time with the motion, our smooth, toned bodies under the spray of the showerhead. He tastes so good. Once we have a good rhythm going, I raise up my hands to explore his hips, stomach, thighs, and ass. Mike is like an Adonis to me, with all the right edges, ridges, and curves. I love the way his hip bones jut out ever so slightly. His rippled stomach is amazing. His ass muscles are firm but layered with the perfect amount of soft padding over the top of it. And then there's the masculinity of the band of neatly trimmed pubic hair above his cock. "Ahhhhhh … I'm close babe ..." His voice seems shaky and takes me out of my reverie of body worship. I look up to see what he wants, sliding back until just the head of his dick is resting on the top of my tongue. He's close, but does he want me to stop, or is going to let me have my reward? He looks down at me … "Oh fuck babe, gonna cum … gettin’ close" I don't need him to tell me twice. I rarely get to swallow his seed and in for an ounce, in for a pound I guess. I take him back into my mouth and take a few slow strokes over the first inch or two of his member. Then I extend to the first three inches. I know where I want to go with this, but I want it to build up a little bit. I keep up my rhythm, slowly taking more and more of him into my mouth. I can hear his breathing getting louder, and I know I have him right on the edge. It's time for this guy to take another one of Mike’s loads. I grab handfuls of both his asscheeks and pull him as far into my mouth as I can, burying him in me to the hilt. I hold him there in my throat, and I can feel his cock swelling with the start of his orgasm. Here it comes! I pull back just enough to take the first shot of his cum directly on my mouth. It's warm and salty, just how I remember it. I swallow. A second, a third and a fourth volley, I swallow every drop, then hold him there for a few more seconds, gently cleaning off the last few drops of cum with my tongue as they leak out. "Holy fuck!," he says breathlessly, "…that was amazing babe." He takes a few gulps of air and then pulls me up to my feet. I partly expect him to drop down and return the favor, but instead he turns me around so my back is facing him. He slides up behind me and reaches around to put his hands on my chest and stomach. I close my eyes as his fingers explore my body and bask in the sensations. He pulls away and I pop my eyes open, wondering what he's up to. Then he's back pressed against me, and his hands feel silky as he moves across my torso. Mike is in his own little world as he wraps his hand around my rock hard tool and starts gently stroking it. For something as simple as a handjob it feels amazing. As Mike continues jacking me off, I feel his spent cock, pressing lightly into my backside. It's pushing into my crack, and I push back into him. Mike’s cock, even soft, pressing into the space around my ass is sending erotic sensations all through my body. Feeling his deflated, raw cock in my crack is all it takes to get me right to the brink. I twist my head around and let my mouth find Mike's. He locks his lips over mine and I feel my cock start to swell in his hand. He stops jacking me, but holds his hand there as I blow my load, a huge explosion of cum blasting out across the bottom of my shower. I groan and almost lose my footing as I'm swept up in my orgasm, but Mike holds me in place, one hand around my waist and the other wrapped tightly around my erupting dick. We finish up in the shower both looking a bit spent. “I guess all I’ll be good for tonight is bottoming”, Mike says with a laugh, “Me too”, and we both laugh. Mike decides to dress and go home for a bit, but is quick to remind me the party starts at 8pm and he’ll be back about 7 to collect me. Mike and I say our goodbyes and he promises to see me in a few short hours. I text Chris: Me: Hey sexy … horned? Chris: Hell yes! … Hard and needing to breed ass Me: Haha come over : ) Me: I’m horny, Mike just left Chris: He didn’t fuck you? Me: Oh he did : ) Chris: How many loads Me: 2 Me: Only one in my ass though, … want more Chris: Hot! Keep it in there Chris: You’ll get more tonight Chris: See you in a few hours Me: Dammit! Chris: LOL Me: LOL … Cool Chris: you want my poz cock? Me: Yeah I do I decide to relax for a bit and make sure I’m good and clean and prepped for some fun tonight. The time seems to drag on but finally as its getting toward dusk I get a text from Mike: Mike: omw Me: k Mike: Let’s have shots before we go, ..also bringing something for you Me: k … what? Mike: You’ll see I dig out some Vodka and some other ingredients trying to think of whatever kind of shot to make when Mike arrives. He lets himself in and hands me an “energy shot” … “I thought you meant alcohol”. “HA! I do, but we’re gonna be there a while … thought you might want some caffeine, too”, “You know for a minute I thought you were bringing drugs or something”, “HAHA! Ummm nope ... none of that”. We kiss, down the energy shots and I make a couple of Kamikazes, followed by a “Cock Sucking Cowboy” and whatever we can think of … they are sweet, but tasty. “You wearing that?”, he asks as he feels for my underwear. I’m in a t-shirt and shorts with my 2-xist underwear, he’s not dressed much differently, “Yeah thinking about”, “That’s cool … but lose the underwear”. Mike kisses me again and I get images from my dream coming back to me… a cold chill hits my neck, and the hair on my arm raises a bit, what were we about to go do? I feel the alcohol settling in. I’ve never been to a sex party and I’m not sure what to expect, and how much of it if any will be like my dream. Will I be “poz” after tonight? My head is swimming, but I tried not to let Mike in on my queasiness and move my arm around him to pull him tight as he kisses me. “Ok sexy, let’s go”, and we head out with Mike driving. “Tonight is going to be amazing babe … gonna seriously break in your sex party cherry”, “Oh yeah … you been to one of these before?”, “HAHA! You could say that”. “Will there really be 40 or how-many-ever guys there”, “Hmmm … Idk, always seems like a lot, not sure it’s ever that many”, and I start to wonder how many of these things Mike has been to. “We meeting Chris there?”, “Uhmmm … yea, he says he’ll be there”. We drive what seems likes forever but finally enter what is a quiet residential area, if you can call it that, in the middle of nowhere. The homes are nice enough with lots of land between them, … it’s all very private really, and feels remote. We park, there are lots of other cars scattered about, but for this area the house seems a little small, “C’mon babe ... let’s go.” I grab Mike’s right hand with my clammy left one and we walk towards the front.
  19. For those of you who enjoy this story I'm sorry its been so long ... there will be another chapter in another couple of days.
  20. I'd love to take some of that unmedicated seed
  21. CHAPTER 5: Last week Mike stayed at my house, or me at his almost every night, and he bred my ass every single time. Mike cums harder, and in a larger volume, than most any top I’ve been with … as least seems like it – since when we’re together, almost all of his cum ends up in my ass. Mike likes taking cum too, apparently. Several times, when we’re naked together, I’ve reached around to feel his hole, and I’d swear it’s wet with a load. I know someone is breeding him, and I’ve got a very good idea of who. The last time we fucked I begged him, “Fuck me the way Chris fucks you … breed my ass babe … cum in me”, Mike just moans when I talk nasty to him like that. I still have mixed feelings knowing that Chris is fucking Mike bareback, and squirting HIV+ cum into his him; but it’s his choice. I know Mike could end up testing positive, but when we’re together, and his raw cock enters me, all of that goes out the window, and all I do is beg for cum. This week hasn’t been nearly as exciting for me. Mike and I haven’t been able to get together for our regular fuck sessions. I’m so fucking horny – I want a man’s seed in my ass right now – I need to be fucked. I sign into BBRT, it’s often hit or miss for me, but it feels like my best shot for getting bred right now. The “Local Parties” link catches my eye, it reads “(5)”, which is odd because usually it just reads “(2)”, and more often than that, none. There are the usual “Cum hole visiting” type parties, but what’s interesting to me is a party labeled, “HUMP Day Cum Party”, and it’s tomorrow night; Tops, Bottoms and Versatile guys welcome. I haven’t had a lot of group sex but suddenly I’m interested. I click into it, and the detail pretty much confirm it. This is a group sex party for a mix of guys. I click on the host’s profile link, he’s a hot looking guy in his 40’s. He’s a versatile top and his status reads “Undetectable” – I think, “Damn that’s a hot poz dick”. I shake my head, my libido is betraying my logical thoughts. I say “fuck it” and unlock my pics for him. Going back to the party invite, in the 2nd paragraph of text, the host stresses that he doesn’t want to end up with all tops or all bottoms but interested guys should unlock and wait for a reply. My cock is obviously interested, I can feel the precum. So far, fifteen guys have been accepted. One of the tops has a hot looking cock, so I click into his profile, and it’s Chris. I give it all of two seconds thought and unlock for him, too. Back to the party list, and the next shoe drops, “that’s Mike’s profile”, I mouth. I decide to click on his profile link. “He’s changed a few things”, I think. For one thing his preferred position now reads, “Bottom”; which feels odd considering how much he’s been breeding my ass. Largely his profile is the same, but his HIV status now reads “Not Sure”, instead of “Ask Me”, and his looking for HIV status reads, “Positive Only”. My face immediately feels flush. The hot guy who’s been breeding me lately, and that I have close feelings for, is telling everyone on BBRT that he wants to bottom solely with HIV+ tops. “How long has this been going on? Did Chris convince him to do this? Is Chris trying to give Mike HIV? Does Mike want HIV?”, the thoughts all criss-crossing my mind. My head starts to swim a bit. I feel weird, I enjoy sex with Mike so much, and Chris too. I think, “How did it comes to this? When did it happen? Why the hell hasn’t he told me about his decision?” I wasn’t sure what to do about all this, but after a few minutes, I resolved that in some way I had started down this path, and I wasn’t backing out now. I like Mike, I like Chris, I’m not about to push away guys I’m seriously into – even if one of them is poz. I gulped and went in to edit my profile. I changed my status to “Not Sure” too, and my looking for status to “No Preference”. It felt oddly comfortable. Chris has fucked me, and I know Chris is fucking Mike a lot lately, and Mike is fucking me a lot lately; I can’t be 100% sure I’m still negative. This feels more honest. I still wasn’t sure about it, my head still lightly swimming, then I hit the save button; I wouldn’t be able to change anything for another 24 hours. I logged out and tried not to think about what any of it means, my cock is rock hard, I texted Mike. Me: Hey sexy Mike: Hey babe Me: Can I have Chris’ #? Mike: Yea … sure Mike: 713-555-5555 Me: Thx Mike: Have fun : ) I could have explained why I wanted Chris’ number, but Mike knows how horny I am, he knows why I want it. I text Chris. Me: Hey Chris … What’s up? Horny? Chris: Ummm … sorry, who is this? Don’t have this # Me: Sorry, its Kevin, Mike’s friend Me: Horned as fuck here Chris: Haha yep yep Chris: I remember that hole Chris: I’m always horny Me: Wanna fuck? Chris: Can’t host Me: You can come over lol Chris: You are horny, aren’t you? Chris: Almost done with work, after? Me: How long you think? Chris: ‘bout an hour Me: Cool Me: Remember where I live? 1392-B Selmfield Lane Chris: Cool … yea think so Chris: Message you when I leave, prob take 15 minutes to get over there Me: Cool I decided to make sure I’m ready. True to his word, Chris texts me with “omw” almost an hour later. I’m horny and so ready for his cock and cum. I responded with “Door unlocked, in bedroom”. About 10 minutes later I heard a car pull up and I peek out of the blinds – yep that’s him. My heart rate skyrockets, and I can feel my hands get a little sweaty. I grab the lube and a towel and set them on the bed beside me and get into position, head down, ass up. I hear the front door open and shut and footsteps followed by his voice, “Hot”. All of this immediately followed by the sounds of clothes being removed … then I feel his hands on me, “Hey sexy … thanks for inviting me over”, then I feel a tongue in my ass, and I moan, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh fuck… ahhhhhhh so good”. He knows he’s got me. Using his thumbs, he spreads my ass cheeks and starts to really work the crack of my ass. His tongue making long, slow trips the entire length. When his tongue passes my hole he pauses and makes his tongue into a point, and pushes against my hole. Soon this pressure becomes full insertion of his tongue into me. Grabbing solidly onto my hips, he begins to tongue fuck my hole. I wasn’t expecting this kind of penetration from him, but I love it. The feelings coming from my ass are mind blowing. I’m moaning and crying out, loudly – it just seems to egg him on, as he presses more firmly into me. His tongue is making me crazy; I grab my cock and began to jack off. He quickly pulls my hand off and stops eating my tight hole long enough to tell me not to touch my cock or cum just yet. I’m going crazy; his tongue has me hard, wet, and begging to be fucked. The head of my cock is dark purple, and a huge spot of precum is forming on the bed beneath me. Then it all stops. I feel him squirt some of the lube on my hole making me jump. I hear the slick sounds of him applying lube to his cock. Without thinking, I blurt out, “Fuck me Chris …, please hurry, please fuck me. I feel his hands and cock as he positions his cock in my crack, rubbing it just over my hole. “Relax sexy … I’m going to breed you right”, he says. All I can do is moan my approval. “FUCK!”, I think, as he presses the head in, “This is taking forever … It’s stinging, but I need his cock and cum so bad”. “Fuck me Chris! Give me your poz cum”, is all I manage to get out. I freeze, realizing what I’d just said. Chris doesn’t seem to notice and continues to slowly work his cock into my hole. I can feel his ball sac pressing against my cheeks, as he strains to get all of that hot cock into my ass. He groans and I know he’s got it all the way in. He starts to fuck me with, long, intentional strokes, “Fuck yea … love that ass … my raw cock feels so good in there … you loving my bare cock?”, “Oh yeah … oh holy fuck you feel so good”, “Yeah ... keep taking it, gonna give that ass another load”. His breathing is labored, and his rhythm is making my ass feel so good, that any thoughts about asking him not to cum in me are nonexistent. I want this raw cock, poz or not, I want his cum inside me. That realization makes me groan and squeeze down on his cock, “OH fuck yeah ... What you are … that makes my cock feel good”. “I’m not going to last too long man, this ass of yours is just perfect?”, “Oh yeah?”, “Yes … ahhhh ... so good”. Despite the warnings he’s going to nut soon, he keeps banging my ass, withdrawing his cock almost completely and then sliding it all the way back in. After relaxing a second, he spread my legs further and began a rapid assault. It isn’t but moments later when he grunts that he can’t hold back any longer, “Gonna nut … gonna cum”, “Fuck yea … breed my ass … fucking breed me!”, I blurt it out, I can’t believe I’m saying the words. “Fuck yea dude, you want another load of poz cum huh?”, and I said it, “Yes. Yes. Yeah … I want it. I want your poz cum Chris”. He’s still going, barely able to speak between breathes, and with one last full insertion, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ahhhhhhh… Fuck!! Fuck!!”, his cock throbs and I know another load of Chris’ poz seed is flowing deep in my ass. His cock is flooding my ass and I can feel some leaking out as he slows down. We’re both sweating, I’m now fucking full of his poz cum, and I’m still hard as a rock, “That was so fucking hot”, is all I can manage. He groans a “Fuck yeah”. He doesn’t move though, I know he can shoot multiple loads and with his hands on my ass and his still hard cock in my ass, I think he might be going for round two here in a just minute. I lay there, head down, wondering if I’m HIV+ now or what, when he speaks, “You ok if I keep going … I got at least one more in me”. I’m quiet for only a second, “Yeah … I’m good ... fuck, go again, I’ve been wanting this all day”. “Turn over”, I immediately flip over and notice an evil grin on his face. I raise my legs and drape them right over his shoulders, making my hole available to him. Without so much as a word he inserts his cock back into my hole, this time though my ass is well lubricated with his cum, and there’s no resistance. He pushes as far forward as possible so that we are nearly face to face. He just sits there a moment completely buried in my ass. I can feel his cock twitch occasionally, and I instinctively squeeze my ass muscles around him. He chuckles, "So hot when you do that!", I nod not able to say anything. I’m completely focused on his cock. He’s so close, I can smell his body, "Mmmmm, you worked up quite a sweat! You smell so good." I stick out my tongue and taste some of the sweat from his chest and neck. He sees what I want and moves his arm over my face, I lick my way right into to his armpit. "Fuck yea! Get in there and slurp up that sweat from my hairy pit. You did that … got me seriously hot and bothered, so you get to clean me up." I bury my face in his hairy pit and inhale. I’ve always been into armpits and guy smells, but Mike never seemed into it, Chris smells amazing. I quickly begin licking at his pit, lapping up the sweat from the thick hair he has under there and practically stuffing my face into his hot pit. He adjusts, moving his other arm and pulling me over to his other pit. "That's so fucking hot, lick up my sweat and funk, you're making me feel good!" After I lick and suck at both pits he pulls me back to look at me. He smiles at the smear of sweat all over my face, then kisses me softly on the lips. He moans...maybe from his own scent...and shoves his tongue inside my mouth, giving me a sloppy, wet kiss, it’s the way you kiss a cumdump not a lover, but I love it. I feel his cock twitch in my ass again and pull away from his mouth. I cock a smile at him, "I hope you're going to give me another load". He gives me a sexy smirk, "Yep. You’re getting at least 2 loads of my cum today.” He immediately starts to pull out a little, then slides in then out a little more, then back in ... it obvious neither one of our cocks had gone soft. In the span of what seemed like a minute or two he is fucking me again, going out of his way to hit just the right spot with every thrust, and I’m thrashing around, moaning, and grabbing the sheets when I’m grabbing onto his thighs trying to get him in deeper. I look up into his face and see him staring right into my eyes, watching my reaction to his movements, it seems like we both want this – I’m letting a guy who is positive fuck me, and I’m ok with it, and he’s fucking a guy who could become positive. He’s just smiling at me. "Oh yea, … think I've found just the right spot, and I'm gonna make sure you feel every inch of this poz cock!", there he said, “POZ COCK”, I’m taking poz cock. “Yes … fuck yea … fuck me with that poz cock!”, it just boils out of me. “I want your poz cock, Chris!”, he obviously like what I’m saying because he started to pump faster. Even though he may act like he’s helping me learn to like poz cock, I can tell by his language, and the way his eyes kept rolling upwards, that he’s getting off on breeding a guy that’s neg. "FUCK! Fuck that feels so good … your ass is so good, I thought I might last longer with this second load, but your hole is just wrapped around my bare cock so perfectly, I'm not gonna hold out much longer." “Fuck yeah … Fuck yeah … ahhhhhh… I want it … fuck me, breed my ass the way you breed Mike”, “Ahhhh yeah … that how you want it huh? Been fucking Mike a while now … tell me how much you want this poz cum”, “Fuck yeah!! I want it Chris … I’m pretty sure I’m still HIV-negative, I might not be if you keep fucking poz cum into me”. “Tell me” … the breathing is hot and heavy, “Fuck me and cum inside me Chris! Fuck your poz cum into me the way you do Mike!”. I can feel myself getting close as well. I’m not sure if I can just lie there and let him keep fucking me after I came, so I decided to see how much he wants to breed me. "Oh yea … fuck yea, …bet my hole is nice and lubricated from that last poz load you squirted in there, fuck, is that you gets you off Chris, seeing us neg guys become HIV+?". He just keeps fucking me, he’s right over me, sweating and grunting when a response of “Fuck yea I do” escapes his lips. He admitted it he wants it, then I think, “Do I want it? Does Mike?”. I love dirty verbal talk during sex and this bit seems to have gotten to him because his eyes widened and he started pumping faster and deeper. The sheer piggishness and lust of our sex is about to push me over the edge, too. His sweat is dripping down onto me, and I reach up and pull his head down to kiss me. His tongue and mouth meet my tongue and mouth, and that does it for both of us. “AHHHHHHHHHH ... AHHHHHH”, I cry out into his mouth and he lets out a muffled roar in my mine. My cum squirts everywhere in the slim space between our bodies, and once again his raw cock is pulsing inside me. I know he’s filling me up with more of his HIV+ sperm. He releases my mouth and buries his head in the pillows beside me and rests his body on his elbows while he tries to catch his breath. After a bit he pulls back and looks at me again, “So fucking hot”, is all he says. He slowly pulled out of my ass and collapses on the bed next to me. I move to lick his still half-hard cock, trying to get up any remaining cum. We just look at each other, sweating, huffing, not really saying anything. He smiled at me, “I really enjoyed that,… you’ve got an amazing ass”, I smile, “Me too … you’ve got an amazing cock”. He hesitates, “Not to get too serious, but you know I’m on meds … might be more chance of you getting infected from Mike’s cum than mine”. That thought hadn’t really crossed my mind before, “How long you been fucking him?”. The flow of conversation was easy, conversational, more curious than anything else, “A few months … we met on BBRT, he said he was versatile but really horny and wanted to bottom”. He looks at me as if he knows the next question, “He knew I was HIV+ before we fucked the first time”, “Cool” is the only response I can give him. “Tell me about this party you guys are going to tomorrow night”, he laughs, “Haha … still horny huh? A friend of mine is putting it on, just a bunch of horny guys fucking and getting fucked – all bareback though, he’s very strict about that”. “Sounds like fun to me”, “You should go”, “I put in an invite request”. “I’m definitely going to be there if you want another load of poz cum from this”, grabbing his dick for full effect. I look down at his cock and then at his eyes, I know he’s HIV+ and I know I want more of what that cock can give me, “Fuck yea I do”.
  22. I'm so fucking horny right now, I wish I was Mike and under Chris ... another chapter soon.
  23. I really hope there will be more to this story it makes me horny as fuck
  24. Thanks guys, my cock is doing all the writing here, the idea of sharing cum makes its hard as fuck

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