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  1. Sorry for the delay ... more soon CHAPTER 9: A couple weeks went by, and Mike and I are feeling closer than ever; it feels like we’re dating. We are dating. Mike is making public habits of kissing me and holding my hand when we go places, but more important to me, he breeds my often – sometimes twice a day. Chris is nearly moved in with us, too, and sleeping with us in my king-sized bed most nights. If I’m being honest with myself, I think I may be in love with both of them. I know both of them are trying to get me pregnant as I’m getting loads from each of them, usually in the same session, but sometimes separately. Between these two hotties the walls of my ass are taking 2 – 4 loads of unmedicated jizz every single day. When we have sex, they both seem so adamant about infecting me. Four weeks after the sex orgy, and finding out Mike tested positive for HIV, I decide I want to try another home test. I haven’t felt sick and I know these things can take months to actually show a positive result, but the curiosity is killing me. Part of me feels like I’m already HIV+, mentally its already a part of me, and when Mike or Chris fucks me, its part of our sex. I wake the next morning, with Mike cuddled close to me and I realize Chris didn’t stay the night with us. I love waking up to these guys, but I need to piss. In my half-groggy state I slink out of bed. As quietly as I can, I tear open the OraSure test and swab my gums with the cotton. I put the swab into the test vile and leave it sitting on the counter while I make my way to the toilet. I’m still not quite awake and my aim isn’t very good. My piss sprays out and hits my hand, my leg and my foot before I can wrestle the rest of it into the bowl. After some dribbles and spirts my morning piss fires out and then finally ends with a whimper. In an act of silliness I let the last bits drip onto my right-hand and leg. I don’t know if it’s desire, need, or what, but one second I’m finishing up and the next I’m bringing my pissy hand to my mouth and licking up what the spillage. It’s bitter and I grimace a little, then a giggle hits me, imagining kissing Mike with this mouth. I finish and decide to move the testing container to the nightstand so I can keep an eye on it after I climb back into bed. I return to my comfy “Mike” blanket – his warm, naked body and cock feel so good. I feel him stir and his body, as if acting on instinct, forms itself against mine and his hand comes around my waist, pulling me in close. I love how this all feels but I don’t want to fall asleep, these OraSure tests need to be monitored, and its only been a few minutes. I lie there a minute thinking about the possible, and of Mike, when I feel his cock swelling and pressing against my ass. I need to stay focused on the test but his poz cock is all I can think about, which is all the more evident by my own raging boner leaking and pressing up tight against my stomach. I like to leave Mike is in charge of my ass and breeding it, but I’m finding myself distracted by this test, well that, and all the precum oozing and running down the head of my cock. Pulse after pulse of the clear liquid is dripping into my open hand. I move Mike’s hand to my cock then his fingers to my mouth so I can get a taste. I reach behind me and lightly stroke Mike’s dick. “Is he awake and just letting me do this?”, I wonder. I push my butt away from him, and angle that poz dick down until I can feel it press against my ass. At this point I hear a slight moan leave Mike’s lips and he rolls over on to his back; my hand still attached. "Hey fucker … ", I whisper, "I’m busy using that cock of yours", “Well, you'll just have to climb on and ride it!”, he says, turning his face towards me. I glance over at him and see the slyest look on his face … we both know what’s about to happen. I let loose of him for a moment, moving toward him, and throwing the comforter off the bed. I end this quick combination of movements with a savory kiss on his lips, “So hot”, I speak the words softly into his mouth. My cock is rock hard and sticking straight out from my naked waist. When I grab his hard cock again he pulls me forward, until my dick is pressing against his lips. He quickly opens his mouth and my cock sinks past his lips, teeth, and tongue. Soon I’m lodged deep in his throat as I begin to move my hips back and forth allowing my cock to slip in and out of his mouth. His tongue is like velvet on my cock, the feeling is pure pleasure as he sucks and licks the pre-cum, and probably the last few drops of piss, from the head of my dick. I can feel my balls slowly contracting as my need to nut begins to rise – I stop him. "NO! I wa… need you to fuck me, NOW!", I say matter-of-factly and pull my wet dick from his wanting mouth, falling back on his crotch. I look over at the test, “Still not done”, I think. I can feel his hard, fat cock pressing against my ass, making me need it more and more. I lift my ass up off him and he reaches down, pulling that infected dick upright, and I sink my ass back down on him nice and slow. I let him slide all the way into my ass, relishing each and every inch as it invades my fuck hole. "Oh FUCK yea, … that's what I’ve been fucking waiting for", I spout as his cock fills me, not moving, just enjoying the feeling of his cock deep inside me. He pulls my face to his and we kiss, but this time its not soft, his tongue forces its way past my lips. I open my mouth inviting him in, immediately feeling the warmth of his mouth, as our tongues fight. I raise myself up, his cock slipping effortlessly within my ass, until the head is pressing against the rim of my hole. Then I lower myself once again until he’s fully penetrating me – until he’s balls deep. Our lips are locked as my ass is floating up and down on that cock. All too soon, I feel his hard, fat, poz fuck rod swelling deep with in me and I know he’s about to blow another load of toxic spunk inside me. I release our kiss and look down into his eyes, his orgasm is building and he’s lost in it. Soon, his hips are bucking me up and down on his cock, his hands are holding onto me tight as his cock is fucking my ass vigorously. “Ah ... Ahhhh ... Ohh fuck … oh fuck", he moans loudly as his body is slamming it's self against mine, lodging his cock deeper and deeper within the hot cavity of my ass and spitting load after load of his cum from those tight balls deep into my ass. "YES! ... OH FUU...... OH FUCK …. I CUMMMINNNNGGG......", he screams, and I feel it, as my whole body is being tossed about on top of him. I love the warmth engulfing me fully as his HIV+ cock spews and spews and spews deep inside me. My own cock is gyrating up and down against our stomachs as he pounds away at my ass, releasing all of his infected jizz inside me. This is one of Mike's more intense orgasms and seems to last for several minutes, filling my ass with cum, but I know in the real world its probably not even a whole minute. I am a bit surprised at his stamina, until I remember it’s been almost 24 hours since he last came inside me. With his balls empty and his cock momentarily satisfied, Mike slowly stops fucking me, and lays there with his arm pits exposed, completely spent. I look down at him, still attached to him by his cock in my ass, and kiss him. "I … I really do love you Mike", I say looking for some sort of reaction in his eyes. "Kevin", and I can see its his first word. "I love you too babe, I really do." I kiss him again as I feel his cock deflating. He rolls me over onto the bed as we kiss, and then he pulls away, climbing out of bed. I grab his hand as he’s walking away, "Where are you going?", I ask as he turns around and I’m staring at his hot body, his cock slick from our fuck, pointing out but down, still fat and semi-full of blood. "Gotta take a piss babe, … then I am going to come back and suck every bit of neg cum out of your cock until your balls are as drained as mine", and he gives me that sly look I love so much. I give him my best devious grin, and pull him back into bed. He sits on the edge and looks at me questioningly. As many times as we’ve shared piss you would think he’d get a clue about what I want. "What?", he says looking at me. Instead of telling him, I don't say a word, I just push him down on the bed, both of us now face to cock, “mmmmm”, I moan. "Kev, I have to take a wicked pi.......", and he stops as my mouth takes his soft dick inside and I hold it there without moving. I can taste the sex and cum on him, this just makes my own cock that much harder. "Gollll", I say as best I can with my mouth full of his dick, and I then re-close my mouth. He looks at me for a moment and then lowers his head to my cock and takes it completely in his mouth. He begins to suck me softly as I did with him when I feel the first few drops of his piss ooze out of his cock, but he holds back, not quite being able to release yet. I just stay there as he expertly sucks me deep into his throat. And again, I felt the slight flow of his yellow stream fill my mouth. I drink and swallow as it dribbles out, but there is little there to savor. Then he stops sucking my cock for a moment, its still lodged in his throat, and then it happens. My mouth is soon filled with his hot piss as his bladder opens up and feeding me a healthy helping of piss for breakfast. I gulp and gulp and swallow as he empties himself into my mouth. As soon as he feels himself filling my stomach with his piss, he returns to sucking my cock. I don't know if its the way he’s sucking me or that he’s pissing in my mouth, but I can’t deny it turns me on and my orgasm blasts forth. My rock hard cock fills his mouth with cum as I drink him down. We’re emptying ourselves into each other, drinking from each other’s cock. Our mouths filling and then swallowing each others juice as it erupts from our bodies with force. His piss is hot and salty as it runs down my throat, and to make it more interesting as if I didn’t already know, the smell and deep yellow flavor tells me it’s morning piss. My orgasm doesn't last as long as his piss, but soon we’re both spent. My body is momentarily drained of all the cum it can produce, and his bladder is freshly emptied, I think, “Note to self … we really need to do this more often”. We lay there, our cocks still in each others mouths enjoying the afterglow of our sex. I look up at him, both our cocks now soft, then I remember my test results and I jerk my neck up to look over at them. I can see a faint line, one faint line. Mike sees what I’m looking at, moving his body to get a better look. He leans up to touch, kissing me on the neck, “Still neg babe”. I don’t say anything with him against me like this, I know a Doctor can provide a more sensitive test, but I haven’t been to one and I know Mike hasn’t been to one since he found out. I’m thinking, “We’ll just have to try harder”, when Mike pipes, “Gotta be out of town the week after next babe”. I look over at him, I groan, “I know”, he says.
  2. Thanks negbtm, there will be more.
  3. I'm so horny for a poz load right now ... my cock is caged and I need to be fucked bad, so here's another chapter. I woke the next morning, Jake’s left arm was draped over my shoulder and his face was directly in front of mine. “Yeah… yeahh”, he kept saying, panting, his breathes falling on my face, his body rocking gently. I saw PandB’s head move and rest against Jake’s left shoulder, “Mornin’ babe … ohhhhhh fuck that’s good”, PandB said softly; he was already fucking Jake. I moved in closer to Jake, mashing my body against his, a moan, “Ohhhhhhhh fuck” came out of his mouth and I pressed my lips to his. My tongue entered his mouth and his mine. PandB reached his arm over Jake, gripping my ass, and pulled me in closer while he used the boy’s hole. Barely awake and we had already trapped Jake between us again and I was loving every second of this as I made out with him. PandB quickened his pace, “UHhhhhhh… uhhhhhhhhhhh….”, I could hear those grunts I knew too well – he was about to blow his load. Jake broke our kiss, and literally yelled into my mouth, “Breed me Daddy…. Poz my hole Dad”, “Yeah boy … fuck… fuck… oh fuck!” – Jake didn’t miss a beat and the kissing resumed as he took another load of poz sperm into his tight 19yo body. At this point my cock was leaking precum all over Jake and he had moved his hand so he could feel it, and me. This time I broke our kiss, “Round 2 boy … turn over”, is all I said. I knew Jake was old enough to make his own choices, but I loved it when we called him boy. PandB moved slightly as Jake repositioned himself so his back was now facing me and he started making out with PandB, “Pig!”, I said in a soft whisper, turned on and nearly scoffing at him all in the same breathe. I didn’t waste any time, lining my cock up with his wet hole and sliding in with a direct, forceful push. Jake’s smooth hole is tight, but its so full of cum and lube now its no problem going in dry. It only took a second for my balls to be touching his ass and I leaned into his ear, “Time to give you another load of poz cum”, stressing the word “poz”, he broke his kiss with PandB, “Fuck yeah”, and the kissing resumed. I slid back and forth, I could feel all of the cum we had been pumping into him. I thought about my dick sliding into PartyandBreed’s poz cum and it made my cock leak; he mentally turns me on. I picked up my pace to get into a good rhythm. I was determined to see Jake seroconvert. I felt like it was my duty to help PartyandBreed share the strain he shared with me and make sure it infects as much hole as it could … “starting with our boy Jake”, I thought, and a slight evil grin covered my face as I fucked him. I pushed all the way in, forcing as much of my dick into him as possible. I started grinding in slight motions back and forth, imagining I was grinding PandB’s toxic load into Jake’s body thereby speeding up how quickly he tests positive for HIV. My breathes were shallow and tainted with the word “fuck” as I used Jake for sex. I moved my hips back, took a long stroke back and then “Ahhhhhhh……. ahhhhhhhhhhh”, I heard Jake groan as I deep dicked him with as much force as I could muster in our current position. I looked longingly at Jake’s body, PandB had his arm raised and most of Jake’s face and mouth were buried in PandB’s arm pit. My cock lurched a little bit, “I want the other one”, I thought. I love ripe arm pits and seeing Jake’s face cleaning one was all I needed to dive head first off the spunk cliff. The sparks were coming and the sensations continued only for a few seconds when I felt that feeling… the cum boiling up from my toes and finding its way to the base of my balls and into that deadly sperm injector between my legs. “Ahhhhh... Ohhhhhh… Ohhhhhh”, my breathing was labored, I was about to cum inside of Jake – again. Three more strokes and, “Fuck…. Fuuuuuuuuuuck …. Oh fuck”. PandB’s hand reached over Jake again and again pulled hard on my back as I dumped my load. The three of us were now one body as I could only feel lightly sweaty flesh from my body to PandB’s and I lied still as cock finished squirting and sharing its seed. Jake started kissing PandB again and I started kissing the back of his neck. I left my cock inside of him as long as I could but it started to shrink and popped out softly. Jake rolled over onto his back and started to beat his cock. With all of the times we had had sex Jake really hadn’t shot his load. PandB and I were both more concerned with filling Jake with HIV+ cum than whether he got off. Jake was flogging his cock. He had a nice one too, about 7 inches long, it was rock hard, and the head was purple and angry. PandB moved down and put his tongue out, I did the same, and PandB and I shared a kiss between the jacking movements at the head of Jake’s cock. We moved to keep from being hit in the face with his hand when I noticed the piss slit was open and wet… I moved up with my tongue out just enough to get a taste of fresh precum. “Ahhhhh… ahhhh… its… fucking… coming”, we were transfixed watching as Jake picked up some speed. Then violently, his cum came blasting out, one squirt, two squirts… “Fuckkkkkkkk!”, he growled as the orgasm hit, his seed was going everywhere. After several squirts his orgasm slowed and then the seed came to a dribble, his body was covered in a fine layer of semen and sweat. PandB and I, must’ve looked like the greedy pigs we are, as we swooped in and gobbled up all of the seed. When we felt like we’d done a good enough job of cleaning Jake we looked at each other and kissed. I hadn’t swallowed mine and forced most of the spunk into PandB’s mouth – this made him crazy and his tongue was all over mine. Our extremely wet and sloppy kiss broke and I looked at Jake. He just laid there looking so hot with his arms over his head, his arm pits covered in just a light bit of brown hair, exposed, I wanted them. PandB leaned up to a very satiated, but tired and sweaty Jake, I knew what PandB wanted to do, “Open your mouth boy”, I said. Jake opened his mouth and PandB spit the remains of Jake’s spunk into his mouth.
  4. This chapter is for Gymguy8 because I cum so hard reading his stories. After a few sex fueled days I reluctantly went home, and another week flew by. It was Friday night again and I was expecting my two favorite boys. The bell rang. I'm always naked at home and this day was no different. I opened the door to a stark naked, and very happy, Jake with PandB fully clothed standing directly behind him. Jake's cock nearly crushed mine as he jumped me, kissing me, "He wanted to be naked for you when you opened the door", PandB says shrugging his shoulders slightly. As PandB starts to follow him in I put my hand up, momentarily breaking away from Jake's lips, "Ummmm … You must be naked to enter", I say, trying to sound “official”. PandB and I both smirk at my words. Without taking another step he kicked off his shoes, pulled off his shirt, tossing both into the foyer, and as he steps past the threshold he loosens his shorts and they fall to the floor. I shut the door and now my house now has 3 naked guys in it – this is so much better. Jake resumes making out with me like a lover he hasn't seen in ages. Behind me I can hear pills rattling, "Hold these", PandB says, shoving something into one of my hands ... the kisses are not interrupted. I hear noises in the kitchen and then PandB returns with one of the empty 16oz glasses I often use for beer. I just look at him, then Jake, then him, trying to kiss Jake, but also trying to understand. “Time for meds”, PandB says softly, “Okay ... then let’s go upstairs”, I tell him. PandB heads up the stairs and Jake breaks our kiss and follows immediately in behind him like a puppy. We head up to my bedroom and I swear I think I could just eat Jake’s ass for days watching his cheeks undulate right in front of me. My tongue involuntarily falls out of my mouth, “I want that hole”, I think. I give the pill bottle back to PandB, and he opens it, fishing out one of the blue pills. He hands the pill to Jake. I’m not sure exactly what PandB has in mind, but then he positions the empty glass beneath his not quite soft cock. There’s a quiet moment of focus and then a trickle and suddenly PandB is filling the glass with urine. "Been needing to go since we got here", he says with a sound of relief. Jake and I watch intently at his piss foaming and fogging up the side of the glass as the warm liquid jets out of him. With bubbles, and little bits of splatter, and an "ahhhh... so good", the flow comes to a dribble and the glass is nearly filled to the top. PandB lets go of his cock and hands the huge glass of light-colored piss to Jake. Jake doesn’t even flinch, looks at it, and then swallows down the pill as he chugs down almost all of the piss – staring directly at me as he does it. As Jake is drinking, PandB leans over to my ear speaking softly, "He’s three on ... three off right now, and been taking his pills this week with a full glass of my piss". My mouth is open and my tongue salivating watching Jake gulp down the PandB’s brew. Just as he gets close to finishing he stops, hands the glass to me, nods and I swallow the last little bit of it. PandB moves back in front of Jake, "Good boy", and he takes the empty glass from me. “Wait”, he pauses, “I need to go … too”, I tell him. “Fuck yea”, Jakes says, grinning. PandB holds the glass in front of my cock, and after a few seconds, I let loose filling the glass nearly to the top again. PandB looks at me, holding it up to my lips and I take a gulp, then he takes a huge gulp, then hands the glass back to Jake. Jake apparently loves piss and doesn’t need to be told to drink up … he gulps downs the rest of the glass. PandB moves to the take the glass back to the kitchen, but I put a hand on his shoulder, "Keep that babe ... might need it again later", we both just smile at each other. I turn my head and Jake is looking at me dead in the eyes and we pick up where we left off kissing intensely. I pull PandB in closer making a Jake "sandwich". I want to fuck and breed this boy so bad right now. I want Jake to convert. I want to share PandB’s strain with as many young guys as I can. We move and I push Jake on the bed, looking at him, I’m hungry and I want that ass. I grab his legs and turn him over. PandB is in sync with my horniness and he hands me lube as I’m approaching that sweet hole. I lube Jake a little, then my cock, and I slide home in one shot, “Ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhh”, Jake moans, “Fuck yes”, my only response. I start slow fucking Jake and PandB climbs up on the bed directly behind me, “So hot babe … so hot watching you poz that hole”, “Yeah”, I moan. “You want this?”, I ask, pulling out and boning Jake hard as I say it over and over a few times. “Yes … yes … fuck yeah… I want it”, he says, begging me. “Want what boy?”, PandB asks over my shoulder, “What boy? What do you want?”, he says again. I keep boning Jake hard coaxing a response, “Fuck … fuck ... I want it, I want your load, I want your poz load”. I can feel PandB’s breathe on my shoulder, he’s so hot, I love being naked with him. I return to smooth strokes and turn my head to kiss PandB, the taste of my piss still lingers in his mouth, “Keep fucking him babe”, he says to me. I turn my head back and continue fucking Jake’s tight willing ass. My cock is rock hard thinking that he’s just barely 19 years old, ready and begging, to be fucked full of HIV-positive spunk. I keep fucking Jake but I can feel lubed fingers rubbing my asshole – it feels good. “Ahhhhhhh… yea” I moan remembering how much I love PandB’s poz cock. PandB lines up behind me and I feel his cock touching my hole, “Fuck yea babe”… “This what you need? You need some of Dad’s dick? That what it is babe … you been missing this poz cock?”. I keep fucking Jake, and without words coming out I nod. I pull most of the way out and hold still for a minute and with some pressure I feel the head of PandB’s cock slide into me, “That’s it babe… gonna give you what you need … gonna breed you while you breed our boy … want you to fuck that neg hole up”. PandB holds still while I get back in a rhythm giving Jake my raw cock then sliding back and taking the cock that pozzed me. This continues for several minutes and I can feel the tell-tail signs that my cock is getting ready to blow a huge load, “Ahhhhhhh fuck … fuck … I’m so close … so close to breeding this ass”. “Fuck me… fucking breed me”, Jake is moaning and begging for me to breed him; he’s such a good pig. I know the pressure in my ass is getting PandB close so he pulls back and his cock slips out of me, “Ahhhhhhh…………AHHHHHHHHHHHHH… FUCK! FUCK!”, I groan as I feel my nuts tighten up and the toxic sperm comes flooding out into Jake’s body. “Fuck yea … FUCK YEA! Take my load”, I hear PandB encouraging him, “Fuck yea … Fuck that’s so good”. I cum so hard in him, I’m sweating, and I can barely think at the moment. I pull out of Jake and a dollop of my deadly sperm pools up at the opening of the hole, “Hot”, I hear PandB whisper and then he plunges his cock hard enough into Jake to make him jump. I know he’s doing his best to make sure that HIV finds its way into Jake’s bloodstream where it will take hold – another HIV+ bareback bottom is born. “This is how bottom’s become HIV+”, I think, “Being a whore … a bareback pig”. I can tell PandB is super horny, he always is, and he finds his fuck rhythm quickly. I move around in front of Jake, sitting so that my cock is directly in front of his face, “Clean me up boy … clean the poz cock that just bred you”. He moans and starts sucking my cock without so much as a word. PandB road Jake’s ass and fucked a huge load into him while I lay there letting him lay against my abdomen sucking and licking on me. I couldn’t believe Jake had just taken two more loads of poz cum. I know he’s well on his way to being poz and likely Truvada-resistant. “I hope we can encourage him to top after he converts”, I think. After fucking him we all cuddled on the bed, and before I knew it, I fell asleep. Later, I woke up to the sounds of grunts and groans and what sounds like someone fucking the dresser in the other bedroom. I quietly walked into my office and there is PartyandBreed fucking Jake … on my desk. My ass began to twitch as I just stand there watching their raw sex. I know I’ve been topping Jake, but I want PandB’s hard cock up my ass again too, fucking me until I squirt another load of my toxic cum. My cock is hard as a rock and my hand is stroking it slowly, until I can't take it anymore. I moved slowly, walking right in towards the desk, not saying a word, I just stroke my cock and stare the two of them down as they both finally notice me. My hole is desperate for attention right now, and I don’t care if it’s from a cock or a tongue. I waist no time, climbing right on top of the desk, turning my back to PandB and squatting my hole right over Jake's open mouth. I feel his hands and then groan loudly as his tongue slides up to my asshole. I know this will temporarily fill the large void that is me aching to be fucked and bred by PandB. Jake gets it and starts making out with my ass. I can feel Jake’s body move as PandB continues to fuck him with long, hard thrusts. This only continues to drive Jake wild, and his tongue presses deeper and deeper into my ass. I’m nearly gasping each and every time I feel the tip of his tongue penetrate me. The three of us moan and grunt in unison, as the fucking continues feverishly. My cock is leaking precum, and some of it gets into Jake’s hair, as the sex escalates. The slapping sound of PandB’s balls against Jake’s ass are nearly drowned out by the moaning. PandB's nut pops first, I can tell as he slows his fucking motions and pumps a couple of long hard thrusts into Jake. The thrusts are strong and he nearly knocks both of us off the desk, but Jake is holding on to me and PandB is holding on to Jake as he works to breed him. “Ahhhhhhhh………ahhhhhhhhhh…….”, I hear and then one last forceful shove, and I know his balls are dumping another load of HIV+ cum into that ass. Jake gasps loudly once or twice and then I feel warm fluid as several squirts, of what must be his cum, hitting my back. My own cock begins spraying and my jizz flies all over the wall in front of me; I was shooting like I hadn't released a load in weeks. It just kept coming and long full ropes of my cum shoot out over and over again. It seems like the largest volume orgasm that I had ever had to date … I only wish it had gone into Jake’s ass. I backup slightly and Jake has his tongue hanging out of his mouth desperately trying to reap some of my cum for himself. I give it a few strokes and a few nice sized globs land on the target and he quickly swallows them … eager for more. I climb off of Jake. I look up at him, and again he had his mouth open with his tongue hanging, with a look of desperation and desire on his face. PandB pulls Jake forward, off the desk, and he gets him on his knees to clean that spent cock.
  5. Another fucking HOT chapter!
  6. For PartyandBreed: It took me 3 weeks before I could drive up to PandB's place to meet up with him and Jake. Jake greeted me naked at the door, "Hey hey!", with a kiss and a hug, "Hi back", and I moved my hands down to feel his bare ass. PartyandBreed, also greets me in a hug, squishing Jake's body between us, "Hey you sexy HIV+ man", he says, I'm sure mostly for Jake's benefit. I kiss him over Jake's shoulder, "Hey you sexy hot gifter", I say back to him. The hug breaks and without saying a word they both proceed to strip me of my shoes, shorts, t-shirt and underwear, "Much better", PandB says, "Let's go up stairs". "Be right back", he says, and I follow Jake up the stairs. PandB shows up with a large glass of water and then I hear him digging through a pill bottle, "Time for meds sexy", he says to Jake. I notice this time Jake is taking a whole blue pill, and I share a bit of eye contact with PandB as Jake swallows the pill down. I move to kiss PandB, and whisper in his ear, "That's so fucking hot". His only reply, "I know". I look at the open pill bottle, it should be almost empty but its mostly full, maybe 8 or 9 of the pills are missing. Later PandB will tell me Jake is sometimes getting a whole pill, sometimes a half, and there are almost always several days between doses. "I need you to put that poz fuck stick in me", I need to feel it again, I say to him. He smiles. I lie back on the bed. His grin reminds me of the first weekend he ever fucked me. It was morning, and he had fucked 2 loads into me the night before when he arrived at my place. I went to bed that night with his cum inside me, hoping my body absorbed all of it. The sun was coming in my bedroom window, we're laying there naked and cuddled. I like how his dick feels in the crack of my ass but I turned over to face him; he's still asleep. I reached down to feel his cock, its wet, and all I could think about is how he's here to breed me and how much I want him. We'd talked it through so much, how much I wanted to test HIV-positive and how much he wanted it to be the one to do it. I felt his cock firming up through my touches, and asleep or not, I wanted to see if I could coax another infectious load out of him. We'd talked about guys he's already pozzed and how he fucked them and bred them and told them he was giving them HIV, yet now with him here beside me, it feels almost surreal. I'm hard as a rock, I know what I want. I smeared a small amount of lube on that 8" cock of his and turn over -- I wanted to see if he could breed me without waking up. I moved back toward him, guiding his raw dick to my hole, then with a little bending on my part I feel it sliding home. The head is in, then the thick girth and the rest as I push back to get all of it inside me. His balls just touched my ass when I feel a hand on my hip ... "He's awake", I think to myself. I squeeze down on his cock and he moans out, "Yeahhhhh baby", he might be barely awake but he knows what's happening. We start to fuck with me assisting while he's waking up, "Fuck", I moan softly, "Fuck I want this PandB ... I need another load of ....", and he moves his hips to show me he's awake and in charge. "Yeah... another load of poz cum ... that what you need?", he asks. The fucking motions continue, "yes ... fuck yes ... I fucking need another load of poz cum in me ... need to poz too, babe", "Fuck yea", he responds. We continue to fuck like that through the begging and the moaning and the confirmation from him. We both know whats happening to me, he's going to fuck another load of unmedicated HIV-positive cum into my ass with the intent of infecting me, and I'm going to beg and plead for him to do it. "I want it ... I want it... please", I begged. In my head I'm imagining the next time, whenever I got tested I would be receiving a positive result, my cock would get hard, and it would be because we chose to fuck bareback and we both wanted me intentionally infected. "FUCK.........FUCK .... FUCK", he moaned more loudly, he was definitely awake now and my ass was taking the brunt of it for waking him up. "Gonna fucking nut soon... gonna fuck breed that ass ... fucker", he screamed out into my neck, "Fuck yea... fucking do it ....... fucking give it to me", I said it, again and again. I was begging for him to infect me with HIV and he was doing his best to comply with my request. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.........ohhhhhhhhhh.........ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... FUCKKKKKK", a few more hard lunges, and then BAM! His body stopped moving and his cock stayed buried deep in my ass, I could feel it pumping his seed into me. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.........ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... fuck", we both moaned. We had waited and worked for so long for him to be here to poz me and now it was happening... thank you for toxic load # 3 babe. I jerked my hard cock a few times quickly while he's unloading and just thinking about all of this made me shoot off; my cum flying everywhere. PandB pushes and grunts, and with Jake watching me, his dick slides right in, "Ahhhhhhh... feels so good", we both moan. Jake moves up in front of me and offers me his cock which I greedily accept. I thought he might be all bottom but I'm glad he at least likes his dick sucked. PandB rides my ass for a few minutes getting his cock nice and slick, "C'mon babe", I hear him say to Jake. Jake removes his cock from my mouth and lies on his back right beside me with his legs up like mine. PandB pulls his cock from me and moves over to Jake. It looks like he's almost ready to go balls deep, without hesitation or pause. I put my legs down and lean over to kiss Jake and we start making out as PandB works on his hole. I move back to watch. "This is gonna feel great ... gonna poz that hole", PandB says, applying pressure and pushing into him. "Ahhh ... okay", Jake says, swallowing while looking down at PandB's crotch; watching what he can of his dick. I watch both of them intently as poz top on neg bottom sex takes shape. PandB places a hand on the front of Jake's neck, pulling him back slightly so they can look into each other's eyes. "Fuck yea", he moans. I'm so turned on, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I notice Jake giving PandB a small nod without breaking eye contact. "Ahhhhhhh.... ahhhh... so good", PandB moans as works his cock against Jake's hole, adding pressure. I know from fucking Jake how the head of your cock feels as it slides past the tight muscles and into him, spreading around the thick head of your dick. Jake is so tight and fucking a load of poz cum into him is heaven. PandB lets out a long, airy moan and I smile watching him. He holds steady for a few seconds and closes his eyes, reaching around and grabbing Jake's hand, "You want more boy?", he asks. Jake nods and lets his head fall to the pillow. PandB spits some on his cock, just above that tight ass and slowly presses his cock in, his hand gripping Jake's as he slides inch after inch of that hot, poz dick into him. "You got half boy", he says. Jake nods a bit and breaths heavy but steady, its obvious his sphincter is relaxing a bit as it adjusts once more to PandB's thick meat. "Good boy", PandB says, pausing again, letting Jake get adjusted. I know PandB probably wants to speed this up, or even force it in, but instead he's taking slow to start. After a few moments, I see Jake's grip on his hand lessen and he swallows as PandB pushes more cock into him. PandB pauses again briefly before pushing the rest of his cock into him, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.......ahhhhhhhhhhh... , feels so good... so good", Jake moans loudly. PandB leans forward and kisses his neck, holding him steady as he nearly lies on top of him, that hot ass surrounding PandB's cock. "I'm all the way in, baby", he says, a devilish smile again crosses Jake's face. PandB grabs one of Jake's hands, putting it on his chest as he slow rides the boy's hole. I swear to God, watching Jake take poz cock, is one of the most erotic moment's of my life. PandB is balls deep inside Jake now, even though I know for a fact Jake is 18, he's still a teenager. I can't believe he's already taking poz cock and bug chasing. I never want to leave here, I just want to watch him being bred over and over, and take part in his conversion. PandB pulls back, and pushing back in, holding it for a moment as he moans into Jake, "Does that feel good boy?", he asks quietly. He gets a nod as they make eye contact and continue feeling each other's body. PandB repeats the motion, feeling Jake's ass contract and then stretch around his cock as I watch them and slow stroke my own cock. I can see Jake's body is shaking slightly underneath PandB. PandB sits back and grab Jake's legs, pulling them apart so they can both see the poz cock buried in that neg ass. PandB repeats the motion once more before keeping it going, slowly thrusting in and out of him, feeling his hot, tight ass stretching each time. Jake leans up to look, watching intently, watching the cock disappear into his ass. "Fuck me, Dad.", he moans out, surprising me a bit. We both look at him and he nods, "Fuck yes ...", PandB moans, I know he must be close. PandB swallows and nods back before picking up the pace a bit, pulling about half of his cock out and pushing it back in. He presses his face into Jake's neck and grabs the blankets hard, his light boyish moaning muffled as PandB fucks him. Jake is so tight, but I don't think PandB cares right now whether he likes it or wants it, he just needs to cum in that hole. Jake's legs are pinned on his shoulders, PandB pulling him in tightly. Jake doesn't miss a beat and starts to lift his hips up and down, fucking himself on it, getting a deep moan from PandB as he does. PandB rubs his hands up and down Jake's chest and stomach, feeling that ass flex as he rocks his hips, riding on the hard cock. "Fuuuccckkkk..." He groans as he lets his ass fall to his hips, taking the entire cock inside of him over and over. "This feels so fucking good, Dad.", he says it again. Jake lays his head on PandB's shoulder and PandB grabs his cheek, turning his head and kissing him deeply as he rides the boy, his cock throbbing and leaking precum inside of him. After a minute or so, PandB grabs his hips and pulls them up, pulling him off his cock and letting him lay beside me. He gets on his knees and grab the boy's legs, pulling him up and then grabbing his waist as he gets behind him. This breeding session isn't over by a long shot. PandB smiles at me as he lines his cock up and then sucks in a breath through gritted teeth as he pushes his cock back inside of Jake. He closes his eyes as he starts to fuck Jake again, not wasting any time working up to a pace, going roughly the same speed as he did riding me before. PandB goes faster, his sensual moans getting louder as he does. His hands find Jake's back and he drags his nails down, leaving red marks as he does. "Cum in me, Dad", Jake says blankly. PandB makes a "Hmmmmmm" sound, Jake doesn't miss beat, "Poz me Dad, poz me", he says. PandB turn his head and looking directly at me, "AHHHHHH YEAH... FUCK", groans loudly. I give him the same devious smile in return. I move in closer to Jake, kissing him hard. "No problem, son", I hear PartyandBreed say as I kiss Jake. One of his hands grabs Jake's hip, the other wrapping around his neck. Our kiss breaks as PandB keeps up the pace, feeling his cock getting harder and harder the closer he gets. His hands wrap around Jake and scratch down his back. Jake is moaning and bucking, I know he must feel me that positive cock getting harder inside of him. PandB continues to pound him, his ass slapping against Jake's hips as he thrusts, his hands scratching down his back. "Ahhhhhhhh.........fuck yeah", Jake moans, shit, he must like it rough. PandB sits up, his left hand pressing Jake's neck a little bit, choking him just slightly to get his reaction. Jake closes his eyes and flashes me a quick smile, loving this with each second, maybe even more than I did. I know his ass is tightening around PandB's cock and I look down, his own cock throbbing a few times before shooting his load, spraying his flat stomach, his chest and the bed with his hot cum. PartyandBreed just fucked the cum out of this boy and gave him what seems like a seriously intense orgasm. I know PandB's cock must be throbbing at the sight of this, mine sure is, and the feeling of that ass clenching around his dick. "I'm about to cum, baby, 'bout to give you more of that... poz... cum", he mutters between thrusts. I move in towards Jake again and he almost instantly pulls me into a kiss, pressing his own tongue into my mouth. This drives PandB over the edge and I can feel him give a few more hard thrusts into that teen hole before losing it. The kissing, the watching, the being fucked earlier all has me on edge and I know I'm about to lose my load, too. "Move over babe ... let me in him!", I state, practically demanding it. PandB moves just in time to let me at Jake's ass and I shove my cock in without waiting for spit, lube or anything else. I wrap an arm around him and pull him close as I start to cum, moaning as I pump another unmedicated poz load deep inside his ass. My hot, sticky cum, that's now toxic like PandB's, shooting deep inside of him once more. I continue to thrust my cock into him, making sure to get every drop of my seed as deep into his ass as possible before coming down. Jake smiles and we kiss one more time. He lies forward, I look at his body, covered in a light coating of sweat, my cock still deep inside of him. "Fuck!", he says after a moment, catching his breath.
  7. Thank you Partyandtakeloads7
  8. This is how I like ass to be (covered in poz cum)


    1. PartyandBreed


      Preferably YOUR ass, right stud?  Except I know you want YOUR ass covered INSIDE with hot unmedicated toxic POZ cum!!

  9. I need a load of poz cum in my ass, if you're young and want to breed a neg hole hit me up on bbrt

  10. I'm so fucking horny, and I need poz cock in my ass. This chapter is dedicated to PartyandBreed. CHAPTER 8: I woke up late the next morning, Mike’s body next to mine fast asleep, and my hand resting on my piss-hard cock. I pull on it a few times, but realize there’s no way my balls are getting any relief with my bladder so full of piss. I pull back the blanket and sheet from my naked body doing my best not to wake Mike – I think he needs the rest after last night. I have no idea know how many loads Mike took last night, but I know he was exhausted driving back. Those thoughts need to wait, though, I need to piss now! I quickly get up, as much as I’d love to hose Mike down, I don’t need to piss in the bed. Standing at the toilet, my cock pulsing, I’m trying, but I can't push it down far enough to go. I try sitting, and still, with the raging stiffness of my cock, no matter how far I push, my bladder simply won't release its golden nectar from this angle. “FUCK!”, I scream out in my head. I get in the shower, and attempt to relax, my cock standing rock hard against my pubes, my balls tight against the base, and ... “ohhhhh… ohhh yea” ... it starts. It feels so nice to relieve the pressure. My balls are aching I’ve had to piss so bad. The hot liquid begins as a dribble, and then grows steadily into ‘Old Faithful’. The strong, hard stream is soon showering my chest, and eventually over my head. The golden stream cascades over my body, covering me in my own special salty, pungent, and dark yellow brew; it smells, but fuck, it feels so good to let it out. I quickly take a shower to rinse, and dry off, then I wish I hadn’t – the thought of my body covered in piss makes my cock return to full mast. I get back into the bedroom, and look at Mike, still fast asleep. “Screw him”, I think, I seriously intend to take care of this swollen prick. I pull open the drawer of the nightstand and grab the bottle of Gun Oil Mike and I usually use to fuck. I think, “This morning it will just have to be me”. I’m just about ready to flog my cock when the doorbell rings. “Who the fuck?”, I wonder. I look at Mike, he’s almost sweet and innocent when he’s sleeping … but, he’s still sleeping. Irritated, I make my way to the living room, not bothering to put anything on, my heavy, hard cock bouncing around violently with each step. When I get to the door and peep out the hole I see Chris and instantly a smiles comes over my face, and precum forms at the tip of my cock. I open the door. "Fuck, it's cold this morning, babe", he says as the door opens, and a blast of chilly air hits my dick like a ton of bricks. I quickly let him, “Are you always so fucking hot!", adding, “You should always answer the door this way”. He cups his cold hands under my balls, "Wow, … whoa dude!", I yelp, as I jump back from his freezing touch, "Watch the boys; they hate the cold!" He grabs my face and pulls me toward him; our lips meet, and Chris’ tongue is instantly in my mouth. His clothes are cold though, and against my naked skin, even though that magical tongue of his is stoking my furnace. I can feel his denim-clad hard cock pressing against me as our kiss lingers. I grab his ass, pull him in closer, and crush my hard-on filled crotch against that pent up poz cock. "Fuck, babe, I’m so fucking horny to breed you right now!", he says, pulling his mouth from mine, and looking me straight in the eyes. The eye contact, punctuated with kisses, says what we’re both thinking; we both want more of his poz cock and cum inside me right now. A small groan escapes me as he pushes me hard against the wall and the kissing continues, his tongue invading my mouth, before I can say or do anything. He lifts my legs and I fall into him, and as he’s cradling me in his arms, he carries me up to my bedroom. Our mouths are locked in a deep French kiss the entire way – our tongues in a battle to the death. As we enter the room I see Chris’ eyes wonder and I turn my head to look – Mike is still fast asleep, “Guess he’s worn out”, Chris says with a grin between kisses. Ignoring Mike he throws me on the bed, and I bounce from the force. I look over at Mike, but so far nothing. "Show me that ass, babe; get those fucking legs in the air, spread your hole for me," Chris roars in his most commanding voice. I pull my legs up and wrap my arms around my knees, exposing my hairless hole to him. He pushes my ass up further in the air with his hands, and his mouth plunges into my asshole, I feel his tongue sinking deep inside me. Right now I couldn’t give one fuck if we wake Mike. “Oh fuck … oh fuck … eat my hole! Oh fuck yea I want it”, “yea", his only response as I’m moaning loudly from the feeling of his tongue darting in and out of my ass. Chris is making me crazy, "Eat my ass Chris; Fuck yea, that's it, fucking me with that tongue!" He is, and the faucet of precum between my legs is leaking all over me. A big dollop drops into my open mouth and I savor it as he continues. Obviously wanting more, he pushes me up further, and his mouth devours my ass like a starving man at a buffet. The shift in my body causes my hard wet cock to fall even more directly over my face, and, with some concerted, long strokes the precum flows right onto my tongue. I’m savoring my cock's emissions, as the clear gooey liquid slides over my tongue and I gulp it down my throat. Part of me wishes this was Mike’s precum I’m eating, but I’m horny, and I’m well and good at eating my own right this moment. Chris’ face is wet and greasy looking when he pulls his mouth off my ass. His tongue wiping his mouth clean in one swipe, as he looks at me lustfully, then smiles. That's when I reach up and grab onto his shirt and pull him into me. Our mouths meet, as do our tongues, and the kiss is passionate, yet masculine; another lover’s kiss. I spread my legs wide, as his clothed body falls into mine. I can feel his weight on my naked frame – his groin pushing into mine. That cock of his humping into me with a simulated fucking motion from his hips, our kiss is still strong, and I’m holding onto him tighter than before – I may be falling for Chris. He jerks his lips from mine and in one quick motion, gets up off my body, and is standing next to the bed. His hands frantically working the buttons of his dark red collared shirt. I reach up, grabbing his belt to assist, and work it out of its buckle. As his shirt opens and his hot chest is exposed, I’m able to see the elastic ribbing of his boxers, I start to salivate and that drives me to continue working on his pants. Finally, he’s standing there, only in those boxer shorts; I smirk at the “It isn’t gonna suck itself” verbiage printed over the front of them. He gives me his best “I’m gonna breed you” eyes and I grab at the tented cloth feeling his hard, thick girth of cock. I pull the boxers from his body, suddenly realizing I need that poz cock more than I knew. He’s hard, and its standing up past his pubes, snaking its way toward his belly button. Chris must be seriously horny for my ass, there’s already a small clear bubble of pre-cum oozing out of the slit. I get a moan from him as I lean forward, and lick it up, wiping my lips with the tip of his cock. With a gentle, but firm push, he pushes me backward, and we both fall to the bed. His naked body now against mine, his positive cock touching my neg cock. “I might be poz now”, my mind starts to wonder and he can see the conflict on my face. “You ok babe … you with me?”, he asks. “I’m good … I was just … I was …”, “Wondering if you were poz…”, another voice quickly interjects, its Mike. We both look at him like we’ve just been caught fucking on his Mom’s “good sofa”. My stern look turns to one of slight worry. “Did I really get infected with HIV?”, I think. Mike doesn’t hold out and grins at the both of us – raising his eyebrows for effect. He then produces the two envelopes from last night’s shenanigans and hands the one with my name on it to me. This is almost killing my moment with Chris but when will ever be the right time? “Find out at the same time?”, he asks. I look at him, still not certain but I nod, “Just open the top flap enough to see the color, don’t show us yet”, he says. We both, as privately as is possible, peel back the top of the envelope. I’m pretty sure neither one of them can see the color of my card – I can’t see Mike’s. Then, just in that second, Mike folds his envelope flap down and simple says, “Ok”, and sets the envelope back down without saying another word. Chris and I just look at him incredulously, with eyes that say, “WELL!?”. He doesn’t say a word and simply gives us both a cryptic smile. I groan and push the flap of my envelope down, sitting my envelope down on my side of the bed without saying a word. Chris is sitting on top of me hot and horny, I want him so much right now, “FUCK!” comes out of my mouth and I kiss him, our tongues immediately in each others mouths. I grind my crotch into him to let him know I’m in the mood to be fucked rather than play games. I lift my legs, wrapping them around his ass, exposing my asshole to his cock, until I could feel the tip of that large, poz cock head pressing against the lips of my asshole. In the matter of just a few seconds we are ignoring Mike again, and those pesky envelopes, and return to the sex at hand. He presses against me slightly, and my body stiffens, as the large girth of his cock finds its way into my body. Honestly, I’m still a little sore from last night, and I know what’s coming. I know the couple of minutes will be a little uncomfortable until it turns into an incredibly hot fuck. I can see Mike watching us, jacking off, but I’m focused on Chris and what he intends to share with me. I hold my breath as the full length of his huge cock penetrates my ass. When he’s completely inside of me, he stays there motionless for a moment, other than his tongue, which is doing its best to touch every spot on the inside of my mouth. With all 8.5 inches of him inside me, precum is now free-flowing from my cock again and its going all over me, him, the bed … everywhere; the fucking has barely started and I’m completely wet. Slowly, his hips begin to stir, and his cock moves slightly. "Oh yea, fuck me Chris! Fucking breed me" I moan, as he pushes and pulls ever so slightly against my ass lips. The discomfort is gone and I begin to gyrate my hips, desperate to get my ass pumped full with another load of that unmedicated cum. I know my status now, at least according to last night’s test, “Chris please fuck me… please”, I moan. I’m ready for him to dump another big load in me before I show either one of them, though. Chris responds to my movements immediately, plunging his mammoth cock deep inside me, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhh…..”, causing me to scream out with pain, it hurts, but it hurts so good. Chris’ enormous poz dick is so far up my ass right now, I can nearly feel him pressing against my bladder. “Ahhhhhh…. So good… so fucking good”, he moans. Chris isn’t fooling around, he’s horny, and he intends to give me a hard ride. He’s pumping his hips rapidly up and down in my ass filling me; I can feel his fuck tube, hard and tight, hitting my ring. His heavy balls slap my ass cheeks, and make that skin-on-skin sound with each thrust of his hips. Fuck his balls are huge, just like his cock, and I know they are full of his virus – the same virus he intends to plant in my ass. They hang well below the base of his cock, in a large hair-covered sack, which is swinging wildly now, as his body rocks against mine. “Ohhhhhh fuck … fuck me Chris, breed me … fucking breed me”, we both groan as his big poz dick pummels my asshole. “FUCK!! Give it to me Chris … gimme more of that unmedicated load … fucking poz my hole”, I blurt out. “Fuck yea!”, I hear Mike moaning as he’s jacking off, he’s getting off to our sex. I think Mike has been trying to get me poz for a long while now, and him jacking off, listening to be beg for the bug confirms it. He sticks a finger into his precum and reaches over feeding it to me. An “Mmmmmm” escapes my lips as I lap up his fluids. Chris is such an intent top, you can see it on his face, its as if he’s concentrating on an algebra test. All he can do is pant and try to breathe, as he works up a load to pump from his body into mine. I know Chris is intent on being my gifter, we kind of established that last night. I have no intention of stopping him from fucking me full of his HIV; I’ve become a bug chaser. I feel his cock begin to swell larger, his balls working hard to fill me with a large gushing load of white hot toxic male seed. It’s so hot thinking that Chris and I are not just fucking we are intentionally trying to infect me with HIV; this is clear to us. A few months or so ago I might have been nervous about all of this but Mike convinced me to go bareback with Chris, Mike convinced me to take that first poz load, and Mike convinced me to take loads at his conversion party. When I’m HIV+ Mike will be as responsible for my infection as Chris or anyone else. Here we are like a lot of times before it, Chris fucking my ass, and Chris about to share a load of infected semen with me. I subconsciously mouth the words, “He stopped taking his medication”, as he’s banging my ass, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! FUCK!! FUCK!!”, I cry out loud as I think about that. “Did…”, I start to speak but cut myself, “…you do that just for me”. “Did what babe?”, I hear Chris. “Just fuck me… fuck me Chris, give me that load”, I speak up so I don’t have to explain all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. My musings haven’t registered with him and I can tell by his groans that the sex is bringing him closer and closer to the edge. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh… babe….. oh fuck…. So close”, he moans out. One final hard thrust and his cock begins to spew its toxic load deep inside my ass. I can feel the warmth of his sperm coating my insides as he squirts deep. "OH FUCK YEA!!! FUCK!!! FUCKING TAKE IT!!”, Chris screams, as the load pumps into me. I keep grinding my hips into him, wanting him to spray paint every square inch in my rectum with that special spunk. When his hips stop gyrating into me, and he seems spent, I’m going to milk him for every last drop. I love the feeling of his huge cock in me, just resting, knowing he’s dumped his cargo. Even as he’s just laying there, that fat cock motionless inside me, I’m in total bliss. I know Chris just sent another infected load from his body into my accepting body. I’ve become a poz cum receptacle for him. Chris falls on top of me exhausted. My legs are still tightly wrapped around him, and for at least a moment or so, his wet cock remains lodged in me. I wrap my arms around him; and, with one quick jerk, I spin us around, until I’m lying on top of him. His eyes open instantly, as he looks up at me. I push myself up, until I’m on my knees, as I sat on his crotch. My cock is hard and leaking, sticking straight up against my bare pubic bone, as I look down at my sexy gifter. His cock is still wedged in me, but I can feel it shrinking. I pulls myself free from his cock, and lean forward, my precum making a huge mess on this chest. It’s at that moment Mike perks up, “Don’t move babe … time for round two”, he says. Mike hops up and moves so his legs are over Chris’, he intends to breed me, with me hanging over Chris’s body. Mike groans, “Ahhhhhhhhhh… hang … hang… ahhhhhhhhhh … yeah”, and the cock of the other man I love glides easily into my cummy ass. “Ohhhhh fuck yeah”, I moan, ignoring Chris for a moment, even though I know I’m soaking him in precum. I feel four sets of hands on my body, Mike pushing me down and forward a bit, so he can more easily ride me. I kiss Chris and moan against him as Mike starts to ride my ass. “Ahhhhhhhh…. Fuck yeah, … breed me Mike … fucking breed me … fucking …”, I moan but he’s interrupts, “Ahhhhh…. So good … don’t move”. I feel something odd like paper on my back and then he’s holding an envelope in front of my face, “That’s you babe”, but I can’t open it as I’m using both hands to brace myself. “Chris … please”, I groan. Chris grabs the envelope from Mike. Mike’s fucking motions have almost stopped, he’s all the way in though, and I can feel his cock throbbing. Chris opens the envelope, looks at it, and then pulls out a blue card holding it up for me. The card reads, “NEG” in big, white letters. I’m not entirely surprised, but my only response is a meager, “k”. My mind wonders and now I want to know what’s on Mike’s card. I squeeze down on hiss cock to remind him I’m still impaled on his dick and I still expect to be bred. Mike holds another envelope in front of my face ... “Mine”, he says, “He’s such a drama queen sometimes”, I think. He holds completely still, opening the envelope. He hands the card to Chris, and pulls out, and pushes back into me hard. I still can’t see the card, but Mike wasted no time in returning his focus to my ass. Then Chris let’s out a, “Fuck yea!” and slowly turns the card around to show me, its red and reads, “HIV+”. I wrap my hand around my hard cock, and stroke more of my leaking pre-cum from my shaft onto Chris’ chest. It’s oozing from the slit, and mixing with the hairs on his chest. Chris is now watching me intently as Mike picks up the pace. I tighten up my ass muscles to resist some until the head plunges all the way into my asshole. He pulls back and gives several quick, hard pumps and I jump as pushes hard and the head of his now poz cock is completely swallowed into my dark warm hole. “FUCK!”, I moan, “FUCKING breed me Mike!”. I know Mike gets fucked a lot, and probably took loads from everyone last night, but I also know he loves hot verbal and my begging is definitely working. Mike wanted to be infected, and now he is; and now he’s trying to give it to me. Good luck to him … I think Chris has already punched that ticket for me, but that shouldn’t stop me from goading Mike into a wild fuck. “I want it Mike … I want this … I want it so bad … fuck me”, I moan into Chris’ face as he’s leaning up to kiss me. “Fuck yea … pozzing my first hole”, I don't want to move around too much, I just want him to go for it and breed me deep. My asshole relaxes around the his cock as he’s pounding me. Mike pulls almost all the way out, fucking me with short, rough jabs, then his cock sinks deeper into my asshole, until my pelvic bone is nearly shoved up tight up against Chris’ face. Mike's cock is rock hard, filled with poz blood, I know very soon I’m getting my second load of unmedicated poz sperm this morning. I’m so fucking horned up from Chris, and now Mike, working me over that my cock and my mouth are drooling. Chris leans up to me and some of my drool literally goes right into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhh… fuck I love that ass babe”, Mike moans, as Chris and I start kissing again. Chris’ hands move from my chest to my hips and his grip helps my legs tighten up and keep me stable as Mike lays into me hard and heavy. I know Mike is intent on trying to poz me, so I reach back, pulling him deeper into me. I want his load, I know I’m ready for a serious breeding, and I want to be sure he knows it too. “Do it Mike … fucking nail me … fucking knock me up”, I start speaking directly into Chris’ open mouth. Mike grabs my hips and the pace of the fucking picks up. I look at Chris’ sexy face, with his brown hair, Mike is pumping my ass up and down. My cock is all over the place between Chris’ nipples … my precum is slinging out all over the place in small threads as my asshole puts a death grip on Mike’s poz fuck stick. Mike begins to moan out loudly ... "OH FUCK YEA! FUCK! OH FUCK ! HARD! JUST FUCKING LOVE THAT ASS KEVIN, FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS!!!" He goes on and on, as his cock violates my insides. Part of me feels like I’m riding his cock almost like a cowboy from Texas riding a wild bull. I plant my hands further into the bed, and push my ass back against his cock, causing our fuck to be even harder; all while trying to kiss Chris. At one point, I think my bed is going to collapse, we’re bouncing on it so hard. Mike moves his hands down, and is pushing his body up to mine, he’s fucking his cock down into my ass. Mike is jackhammering me, trying to get his seed in as deep as he can. We fuck like that for a while with him fucking me hard like the fucking pig sluts that we were. I haven’t even cum once; I'm not even sure if Mike cares, but my cock is rock hard, as he’s plunges in and out of my stretched hole over and over. I move my face into Chris’ neck, my ass high in the air waiting and wanting his poz load as he rides that hole. "Oh Fuck, baby; OH FUCK! I’m going to cum ... HARD!!", he says lashing out at my back, and I do my best to grip his cock tighter with my ass. I move my face into a kiss with Chris and his hands find my the steel girder between my legs. That last bit triggers something in both of us, because we begin to buck like animals, pounding away on each other, his cock slamming into his ass, hitting faster and deeper. “UHhhhhhhhhh…… uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. “, I hear him, his orgasm coming fast. Then it happens, his cock begins to pump massive loads of freshly infected HIV+ jizz into my wet, well-fucked hole. It’s fucking wild; I can feel his balls tighten up as they pump, spewing huge globs of cum. Its amazing that Mike literally just found out he’s HIV+, and now the first poz load he spills is being jettisoned from his cock slit, deep into the darkness of my body. I swear if Mike cums any harder I’m going to taste his jizz. “Ahhhhhhhhhh……Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oh fuck”, I’m screaming, my knotting up like a dogs, filled with my babies, until I’m ready to explode with force. The first shot of my cum rockets over Chris’ head splattering against the headboard and wall behind us. It hits hard, with enough force to hear it, and immediately begins to stream down toward the floor. My second and third shots land on Chris’ face, mouth and chest, causing my spunk to puddle in large amounts on his body. It seems like a lot, but I know from experience my balls have a lot more cum to produce, especially with me still being impaled on Mike’s dick. Thinking that my cock is going to start spewing cum all over the sheets, I grab my erupting cock, and aim the rest towards Chris’ mouth. He gets it and instantly, his mouth and lips are covered in my hot, white, and creamy load; which he licks and swallows down greedily, not realizing that the torrent of liquid from my balls isn't going to end soon. As my cock continues to lose its load, we all grip each other in the throws of the orgasms. I know Chris’ stomach is drowning in my boys and my ass is drowning in sperm from both of them, even though Mike’s seed might be more potent at the moment. Finally, when the orgasms pass, we all collapse, side by side, naked. Our soft cocks are lying on top of our stomachs and we’re drenched in sweat, drained, and exhausted. I’m trying desperately to catch my breath. "Fuck that was so hot”, I hear Mike as he looks over into my eyes. I can’t wait for them to fuck me again.
  11. ***** Keep in mind guys this IS fiction, but it doesn't meant I don't want it to happen I waited 3 months after my original fuck weekend with PandB to test myself for HIV. I also remained abstinent during that time. I needed us to know that if I tested positive for HIV that it was his cum that finally did the deed. When the 91st day after arrived I broke out the OraQuick test I had bought online just a few days before and tested myself, putting the swab into the vile and setting it up. The worst part came now ... the waiting. They say a watch pot "never boils", but I knew this "pot" would boil over in 20 minutes. Not forever, but still ... it seems like ages waiting. I went into the other room, brought up some bb porn and slow stroked my cock thinking about the real possibility that I might be HIV+ because of my sex with PandB. He may have changed my whole world and I was going to find out soon. We had stayed in touch over the last 3 months, mostly using text messages, and he knew I was going to test today. I flipped through some of the tumblr sites looking for poz on neg verbal fuck videos, stroking my cock while my heart raced, and 21 minutes passed in a breeze. I went back into the bathroom to check the test. I looked at the test swab. There's a solid line at "C", and a slightly less solid line at "T". A quick scan of the included pamphlet reads, "If only C-Line appears, the test is negative. HIV antibodies collecting at the T-Line indicate the test is positive". "This says it, I've tested poz", I think. "HOLY FUCK! I'M HIV+!", the words not coming out as loudly as I'm thinking them. I sit there a minute, the test directions going through my head. My cock starts to get hard. I unconsciously slow stroke it for a few minutes, not focusing on any one thing. I was expecting this result and even hoping for it, but I'm still slightly numb now knowing the truth. I decide to text PartyandBreed: Me: Hey sexy boy Him: Hey sexy man Me: What's up Him: Working, horny Him: Test day isn't it? Me: Yep Him: ? I wait a few minutes to respond just to torture him, then finally a response. Him: Well? Me: + Him: FUCK!!!!!! Him: Is it mine? Me: Yes Him: Sure? Me: No sex after our weekend together Him: FUCK! I've been thinking about this so much lately Me: Me too Him: Congrats ... you need to post that on bz I put the phone down and jack off thinking about how our sex led to me being HIV+ and how fucking horny I was trying to get it. I was also feeling the urge to share it and I know this is the most important time for me to do that. I talk to PandB on the phone and we both discuss how hot it is that I'm poz now. He tells me about his experiences and other guys he's pozzed and we both discuss how hot it will be to poz another guy together. A week or so goes by and he tells me he's got a 19yo "son" he wants us to breed and convert, but that he wants him to get on Prep first. "Won't that make it impossible for him to go poz?", I ask, "You'll see is all he tells me". Another week or so goes by and he says the "son" has gotten his prescription, "I'm looking at the bottle right now", he says. "What? Why do you have the bottle?", I ask curiously. He tells me that Jake, the guy's name, is a sub, and has agreed to let PandB be in control of him and his Prep. "When do we get to fuck and breed him? Do you think he'll still convert?", I ask. We discuss this at length, Jake is staying at PandB's place for now and he's already taken 1 of the pills and yes we will breed him, and yes he's going to convert the same way that I did. The next weekend they drive down to my house. I answer the door naked, "Hey sexy man", and I kiss PandB as he enters my house. I look at Jake and then kiss him too to make him feel welcome. Jake is super cute, 19, short brown hair, slim body, blue eyes, quite and submissive. PandB is so blantant he pulls out the bottle of Truvada and shows it to me. I look at it, opening the bottle, "Its mostly full, I thought you got this weeks ago", "He did", he says, "He takes one on Monday mornings, and one Friday nights". "But that won't ... ", my voice drops off realizing what I'm about to say in front of Jake, PandB nods, "Yeah I know... its good, he took one just last night". "Jake take your clothes off", I hear PandB say to him. I start to put their things away while both of them get naked. "Let's go to my room", I say. Jake gets up and I follow him and PandB to my bedroom, palming Jake's ass the whole way; I want Jake to know who's in control this weekend. Jake leans back on my bed and I lean in to kiss him, feeling his ass. This goes on for only a few minutes when I decide I need in that hole. "Grab the lube babe", I say to PandB and he grabs it from the bathroom and instinctively starts to lube my cock. These guys haven't been in my house 10 minutes and we're already having our first fuck session. "Put it in him hot Daddy", PandB says to me, my cock sliding into Jake's tight hole. "Fuck he's tight ... feels so good, I won't last long like this", "Fuck yea Daddy, breed him the way I bred you ... give it to him ... give him your HIV", he says to me. I love how twisted PandB is and that he's sharing this guy with me and that neither one of us are on meds. In fact, the only one with any meds in his system is Jake and "...if he keeps taking his medication like he is now he's going to develop resistance to it". My cock is completely hard and leaking as that though occurs to me. "FUCK yes.... fuck he's tight.... FUCK I'm gonna breed this ass babe... gonna dump my load in him", I practically shout. "Fuck yea babe... give him a poz load, share my strain with him", all poz talk catches my attention and I look at Jake, but Jake is loving my poz cock and if he didn't know he's getting an HIV+ load before, he does now. I have a feeling PandB told him he's going to take poz cum and the boy is so sub he can't say no. "Do you want it son?", I ask, "Do you want my poz cum? Do you wanna be poz?". I egg him on a bit. "Yes Daddy", he responds softly, "Yes Da... Dad, poz my ass Dad". "Told you he's a horny pig like me and you", PandB says. I knew that testing anonymously would allow me to stealth poz some guys, but it was hot as fuck knowing Jake wanted it and he'd be one of the first guys I might convert. That sent me over the edge, "FUCK! FUKKKKKKKK... UHHHHHHHH.........UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", and I'm groaning as the cum boiled out of my nuts and made its way down the shaft of my cock and into Jake's awaiting hole. I know he'll end up HIV+ the same way we are, and probably after just one weekend of hot sex. I pulled out and PartyandBreed stepped up and inserted his cock without waiting, using my cum as lube. I saw the boy jump a little, but I came a gallon inside his ass so I know he's well lubed. "Fuck yeah!... Fucking breed him ... fucking knock him up", I say without even thinking. "Fuck yea ... fucking knock me up", Jake pipes up in what may be the loudest volume I've ever heard from him. PandB is sweating after a few minutes, I can smell his arm pits, and I know another poz load is building, "Fucking give it to him man, fucking convert him the way you did me". PandB ignores me mostly and focuses on riding Jake's ass. "Uhhhhh....uhhhhhhhh...........uhhhhhhhhhhhhh", and PandB presses his cock tight against Jake's body. In several short minutes Jake is taking a 2nd big load of poz cum inside his body. As the weekend progresses I can tell Jake must be a chaser like I was, he's doing his best to keep the loads we give him inside his ass as long as he can. We both fuck him fuck him 3 more times so he gets a total of 8 poz loads from us. On Monday just before they are about to leave, PandB cuts one of the Truvada pills in half, throws half away, and gives the other half to Jake to swallow. I see him swallow it down and I know he's on his way to at least partial med-resistance. We agree to meet in two weeks at PandB's place and breed him further.
  12. I'm so horny right now ... so here's another chapter CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party – Part 5 (of 5) Mark and Trevor and myself are locked in a 3-way French kiss and I barely notice the host of the party release me and step away. Then I feel hands. I feel a body and a hard cock. “Hey sexy”, he says and kisses my neck. I immediately recognize Chris’ voice, but the I don’t want to stop making out with Mark and Trevor. “Time for a shower babe … did you even take one?”, he asks making a sniffing sound with his nose, right in my ear. The kiss breaks and I turn around looking Chris in the eyes, I nod. I feel what must be Trevor’s hands on me and I reach back to his pierced cock, rubbing it up and down in the crack of my ass. Chris finally kisses me, “Such a horny slut”, I nod again, “Let’s go get in the shower”. Not being one to disagree when a hot is guy is in front of me asking me to do things with him I agree. I look at Mark and Trevor, “Going to the shower…”, I say with an inviting tone. I look at Mark, when an idea hits me, “Will you unlock me?”, I ask. He nods and runs off, I ask Chris to wait a moment, and Mark return shortly with a key to my cock cage. “Ahhhhhhhhh… feels better”, I think. All of us make our way to the shower room, almost all of the shower heads are going, steam is filling the room and it’s nice and warm. Through the mist I can see Alec, sitting with his back against one of the shower walls, sucking on a decent sized cock. The top is a muscular Asian dude with some nice tattoos on his back and arms. I look a little too long when I feel Chris “gently” directing me to one of the shower heads. I get under the water, and the other guys get under the shower heads besides us. Chris’ presses his body against me and he’s kissing my neck again. I’m starting to think Chris is into me. “So hot”, he says as he kisses my neck, “You’re gonna be poz babe”, he whispers in my ear. Instead of responding I moan and lean back into him as he continues to kiss at my neck and rub my body. Chris’ hand slides down my chest, over my abs, and down to my hard cock. He grabs it with his fist and strokes it a few times. At this point I’m turned on and I turn my head, and our mouths meet. Our kiss is deep and forceful as the water from the shower is engulfing us. I don’t know exactly where Mark and Trevor are standing right this moment, but I hope they enjoy the show I intend to give them. Chris wedges his hard cock in between my now sloppy ass cheeks and he’s slowly grinding his hips into me. I bent forward slightly, my right hand holding the back of his head, as the kiss lingers. This is no ordinary kiss, this is a lover’s kiss, and I want Chris to know I’m feeling it too. With my left hand behind me, I guide his cock from between my cheeks. It moves right to my fuck hole, and immediately the mushroom shaped head is pressing tightly against my back door. I can feel a bit of cum leaking out of me and onto his cock. Chris continues pressing with an urgency to breed that I know we both need. With one good thrust of his hips the head of his cock lodges itself in my ass. I know Mark and Trevor are standing close, I can feel them, but I’m just too wrapped up in Chris. Momentarily ignoring our audience we both moan deeply as his poz fuck stick slowly glides deeper into me, filling as much of me as the existing loads of cum will allow. Another push, another grunt and he’s all the way in. He holds me tightly as his hips began to thrust against my ass, trying to get his cock in deeper. I know Chris feels the need to breed ass, it’s so obvious when he fucks me. I feel his hairy ball sac now resting against my ass cheeks and I feel the need to take a man’s seed. I love it when Chris fucks me. Part of me still can’t believe he went off his meds two whole weeks before tonight’s party. I know he bred me at least 5 or 6 times in that period of time … maybe more. “I’m probably HIV+. I’m poz. I’m positive.”, the thoughts hitting me, but I’m also horny and his cock feels so good. I don’t want things to stop. It doesn’t stop. Our tongues are too intently exploring and caressing each other to stop our sex. Chris is holding me close and the kissing intensifies as his cock continues to assault my hole. My hand pulls his head closer, our lips tighter against each other’s, it almost hurts. I don’t care if hurts, I don’t care if he’s HIV+ and I don’t care if I’m HIV+ now, too, I just want him to fuck me. My cock is getting tighter in Chris’ grip as he slowly strokes it. I haven’t cum once while I’ve been here and my balls are tight against the base of my cock as they are on overload and ready to produce a huge load of spunk that’s about to flow down the drain. “Uhhhhhh… uhhhhhhh… oh fuck”, I moan, our breathing, as if in unison, is labored and I can barely moan while lip-locked with Chris like this. Our mouths are mostly full of each other’s tongues, and my ass so full of his poz cock. He continues with the powerful thrust of his hips, fucking me as he always has, gliding his cock effortlessly in and out of my ass. I know Chris, and I know he’s close to breeding me a second time; I can feel his cock getting harder and fuller inside me. My ass muscles tightening around the girth of his cock as it swells and fills with another load of dirty semen that will probably find a home inside my body. “Am I poz? Is this the load that does it?”, crosses my mind. The moaning continues. “Poz me”, I whisper just loud enough for him to hear me. Chris’ grip on my cock tightens as he thrust his ass forward trying to get his cock in as deep as possible, while his balls bound up underneath him and produce that toxic sperm we both want spewing in my ass. After a few small quick thrusts of his hips, the kiss breaks, “UHHHHHHHHH ………. UHHHHHHHHHHHH…. OH FUCK babe… FUCKKKKKK!”, he body convulses. I know my ass is receiving another load of his hot white cum. Chris slowly comes down from his orgasm, he quickly begins stroking my cock. I kiss him, and I don’t so much see it, as feel a mouth on my cock. Alec takes the head of my cock between his lips as Chris strokes me and brings me to my own intense explosion, one...two, three, four, and “Ahhhhhhhhhh… ahhhhhhhh…. Ahhhhhhhhhh” ....five shots of my hot cum squirt into his mouth before I can finally catch my breath. I kiss Chris again and then look down at Alec. I’m satiated for the moment, we give each other a weak but satisfied smile. Chris removes his cock from me and I keep my cheeks together to help keep the load in as I remove my cock from Alec’s mouth. “I need to piss … why don’t you sit there next to your buddy”, Chris says to me. I give Chris a quick peck, his words seem to have the power of suggestion as I quickly realize I need to piss like a horse myself. I have no idea if Alec is into piss but I sit down right beside him because Chris asked me. I honestly want more sex but right now my bladder is aching for release. I move in close to Alec, leaning against the wall and his body, and aim my cock towards my face. I wait only a moment and my cock lets loose. My piss stream shoots forth like a garden hose, hitting my face and spraying all over me and a bit of Alec. With a quick adjustment of my cock from Alec, he’s soon lapping up large quantities of my hot piss like a water fountain. I’ve been so preoccupied with being fucked that I hadn’t pissed, and I need to badly. My golden stream is forceful when it hits the both of us and splatters. I move my cock to drink some of my juice down, as Mark and Trevor move in closer to us. They watch as my piss jets out and splashes into my mouth, my face and Alec’s. The stream of my piss continues to flow steadily. Soon Chris, Mark and Trevor are all standing close watching me and Alec share my golden shower. With our audience watching, Alec releases his bladder and his piss starts to splash out onto his body. We decide to switch it up and I reach over for his cock while he reaches for mine and soon enough we are tasting each other’s flow. I don’t know about Alec, but I hadn't pissed once since we got here, I didn’t realize my bladder is so full. So we sat there drinking from one another as these 3 other cocks, in various states of erection, stood over us watching us share our piss. Chris started this and I think it’s him that lets go first. It doesn’t matter because once I can see the first stream of piss head down towards me, we’re being showered by 3 hot poz cocks standing over us. I close my eyes, and let all of them douse my body with their hot juice. I can feel the streams of piss running back and forth between me and Alec, up and down parts of my body, and one or two streams flowing right into my open mouth. I drink as much as I can handle but most of it flows over and down my chin. If I could see Alec, I bet he looks exactly the same right now. My body is hot with piss as Trevor, Mark, Chris, and even Alec release torrents of piss soaking the both of us. The fun seems to go on for minutes, but my own cock is drained, as my stream of hot golden piss subsides, thankfully, I’m still being fed a good amount from above. I finally open my eyes, as everyone is very careful to keep their stream of piss away. I realize it’s Chris and Trevor filling our mouths, Mark seems focused on washing down our bodies. After a rinse we moved out of the shower again and I felt so happy knowing I’d taken two more loads from Chris’ unmedicated cock. Part of me really hopes that if I am HIV+, it’s his cock that does it for me. I make my way around the room again, and the hot Asian top that Alec was sucking earlier in the shower leaves a deposit in my hole, but after so many hours the party is winding down. I do my best to find an unspent cock and I’m just about to ride it when I felt a hand on me, it’s Mike. He smiles at me, “Time to go home babe… I’m worn out”. I knew he had to be, and I honestly didn’t realize how spent I was until he said those words. “Ok … “, I say, nodding to him. We both find Mark, then Trevor, then Chris, giving each of them a kiss. I took two loads from each of them, Trevor is med-resistant, Mark is resistant to Truvada and I guess Mark’s virus is the only one responding entirely to medication. I wonder, “Which of their loads will do me in?” We get to the car and as I sit down I hear the crackle of paper and realize I’m sitting on something. I pull out a white envelope with my name on it. I start to open it, then remember it’s probably the results of our HIV test. Not being in heat, my mind starts to race a bit like before, and my heart rate increases. “Do I really want to know this right now?”, I think. I can see Mike is too tired, and too focused on driving, to even realize the internal struggle going on in my head at this moment. I decide to quietly put the envelope back in my pocket. We can see these together in the morning.
  13. I would absolutely love it if a guy told me he started letting poz guys breed him because of my stories
  14. CHAPTER 7: The Sex Party - Part 4 Chris is holding onto me tightly, with that poz cock of his, still hard … and still inside me. I love taking his cum so much. I can’t believe Chris stopped taking his meds. It’s like something new has opened between us. My heart is racing a bit knowing he probably just infected me, assuming it hasn’t happened already tonight. I like this, but there’s still sex going on and I realize Alec is still being fucked right in front of us. I shift my body to make out with Alec while his ass is being reamed. “Uhhhhhhhhh …. Uhhhhhhhhh”, our kiss breaks with a few grunts from Alec, “cuuuuuuuuuuuu …. uhhhhhhhh”, he grunts, and I realize he’s cumming just from being fucked – I love that. I look at the top above him and it’s pretty clear that Alec’s hole has a death grip on the guy’s cock. It also seems like Alec is about to take a huge load – I hope Alec is getting what he wants. Alec’s eyes are still closed, but a worn smile comes over his face, “Uhhhhhhhh… uhhhhhhh… fuck……..” and in that instant I know the top’s grunts mean he is breeding that ass. I kiss Alec one more time and a bit of sweat drips down his forehead. I’m not sure what I enjoy more, taking poz cum, or watching an intense breeding. I whisper in Alec’s ear, “He’s poz dude” and he lifts his head a bit so we can make out one more time. I’m enjoying this afterglow, but seeing the intense orgasm from Alec, and the top fucking him, has me horny and I need to take another load. I squeeze down on Chris’ cock, but he’s softening up and he pops out. We finally break apart and Chris helps me stand up. “That was so fucking hot”, he says, before kissing me. I just look at him, smiling, in total agreement. “Hearing you beg for me to cum like that … and, knowing, … “, his voice trails off. We’re looking into each other’s eyes, I simply nod and he finishes, “… I might infect you now.” I kiss him again, “I think I dumped a gallon inside you Kevin”. We kiss one more time, this time I break the kiss, “I’ve made peace with this Chris, … I’m ok with … “, I pause for only a moment and he completes my words, “Being positive?”. I nod again, a silent affirmation. “I got that”, he says, this time he’s smiling at me and I feel closer to him now than I ever have. Chris and I decide to walk around for a bit, to see how Mike is doing, and watch the others. We move closer to the fuck benches to watch Mike and Jacob, both of them still taking poz cock. It’s been a couple of hours since Mike and I got here. I can’t believe they are still bent over the fuck benches taking cock like that. “How many tops are here?”, I wonder. I have no idea how they can keep going like this, but Chris will tell me later that our hunky party organizer is giving them short breaks when needed. Chris also tells me how the fuck benches are setup perfectly for breeding so that the top and bottom are comfortable and how there’s a large enough hole for the bottom’s cock and balls to slide through so he can even piss without even being let up. Being naturally curious, those words get the best of me. “Where? … How?”, Chris can see I’m confused and he grins … “There’s a large pan under the fuck bench but if you move it there’s also enough room for … “, he pauses, “… for a thirsty bottom, or top … “, and he grins, “… to get under there and drink from the tap. He smiles devilishly. Mike and I swallow and play with our piss now and again – suddenly I want to try and do this. “So how does one…. “, Chris laughs a little, “The guys are given drinks during breaks and when they request them … then whichever of them needs to piss, they just snaps his fingers a few times”. He can see I’m not quite getting it, “Unless someone stops them, they can just let it go – it goes in the pan”, “Stops them?”, “Basically”. Maybe it’s me, but when Chris talks about anything sexual his voice gets a bit more sultry, and I get instantly horned, this is no different – I really want to try this now. Chris can see from the grin on my face I’m sold. We move closer to Mike and Jacob, it’s so funny to be so close to them, yet they have no idea we’re right there hovering over them … watching. This isn’t a quick process though, we watch for more than 15 or 20 minutes when I hear it … Jacob snaps his fingers repeatedly. I look at Chris, he knows I want this, he nods at me to go for it. I put a hand on Jacob’s shoulder and I hear Chris pipe up, “Wait”, he says. Chris points under the bench and I move the piss pan and crawl under Jacob’s bench. I honestly want Mike’s piss but right now it looks like I’m getting Jacob’s. I hadn’t noticed it but the top stopped fucking while all of this is going on. I look over at Chris again and he’s just smiling at me. Under the bench my mouth is nearly perfectly aligned under Jacob’s soft leaking cock; I can reach out and touch the tip with my tongue. I hear Chris, “Go for it”. There is barely enough room under this bench for me, “Good thing I’m not claustrophobic”, I think. I hear Jacob grunt a little, then there’s a spurt and Jacob’s piss starts to flow into my open mouth before going everywhere. My mind is reeling and I attempt to swallow but his piss is coming out so violently I can’t keep up – I’m going to be soaked. I can taste his piss, feel it on my face, in my hair and it’s going all over me, but I’m loving it. “I want Mike’s, too”, I think. Jacob’s piss tastes so good, I love drinking from his cock. I’m doing my best to keep up with him and swallow it all down but every time I close my mouth, a huge splash of piss goes everywhere. By the time his bladder is empty piss will be everywhere, I’m sure of it. Finally, that lovely golden fluid starts to ease up and I know he’s almost empty, … I hear him snap his fingers again and I feel the top resume fucking him. Jacob’s cock pops out of my mouth as I try to lick up the last bits of his flow. I feel Chris grabbing my arm and helping me out from under the bench, and then he pushes the pan back into place. I’m soaking wet and smell like Jacob’s piss, Chris kisses me, “You smell good … ”, the he licks up some of the piss from my chest. I smile and look around noticing that a couple of guys are using towels to get up the mess. Chris kisses me, “…you might want a shower now …”, but before he can finish that thought, I interrupt him, “… and another load of poz cum in my ass”. Chris just looks at me with eyes that say “dirty fucker”, but we both know it’s true. I need it. “Go shower and then find me … I’ll be around here”, he says. He notices my confusion and points. I walk into the shower room and it’s becoming clear just how large this party space is, there are 12 shower heads in a gang arrangement with bathroom facilities separated by a wall. Steven, the only other bottom here wearing a cock cage, is being fucked under one of the shower heads. I can hear the clank of metal from his cage. There are a few other guys in here rinsing off too including the party host, Mark and that hot English guy Trevor. It looks like they’ve taken off any leather accessories and now I can get a good look at their bodies. I squeeze in between our host and Trevor, “Is there enough room for me?”, knowing full well there are at least 8 other shower heads no one is using. The guys let me in under the water to rinse off the piss and almost immediately I feel hands. There isn’t a lot of talking just these three guys touching and feeling my body and I can feel a large cock in the crack of my ass. I barely get rinsed when I feel them leading me over to some towels and then 6 hands are drying my body off and I see each of them quickly drying themselves off. “Where …”, I start to ask and Trevor puts a finger over my mouth, “Got this mate”. I just let them lead me. We move back into the party area and the guys move me to a large mat and almost immediately I’m on my back, legs up. “Uhhhhhhhhhhh……..uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! “, I hear a voice almost shouting, and what is obviously an intense orgasm, and snap my head over to see a guy pressed balls deep into Mike. In my moment of distraction, I feel hands, and my legs are bending. I move my head back to find our party host up against me, and his lubed cock sliding balls deep into me. “Ahhhhhhhh fuck yea … Mike was right … fuck yea … nice tight neg hole you got there”, I smile, “Mike talked about my hole?”, I think. The host slides in and out of me starting with a steady rhythm and the other guys are touching the both of us, encouraging him as he fucks me. “Fuck yea … take it boy … take it the way Mike is taking it”, he grunts. “Fuck me… ahhhhh…. Ahhhh, fuck me, fucking give it to me”, I hear Trevor, “yeah mate … poz”, he says softly. The host doesn’t respond but continues to grunt as he fucks me. I moan so he knows I love it, and then push back on his cock. His poz cock feels so good in me and I know that if one of these guys doesn’t infect me that Chris is now off meds – it will happen to both me and Mike. I feel his cock going in and out, in and out and then he pulls out almost to the tip. I’m lost in our sex when I realize the fucking stopped, I look up, and with that he rams his cock deep into my hungry ass. "Oh God, yes! That's exactly what I need, raw, hard poz cock! Fuck me!”, the words are just bubbling out, “Fuck me hard. Poz my ass. Make me feel that big fucking poz dick ramming up into my guts!" The host pulls completely out and I give him a quizzical look when I feel Trevor take his place, “Fuck yea mate … fuckin’ love that ass”, and he starts a quick, steady fucking motion without missing a beat. This goes on for a bit when Mark swaps out with Trevor and my first poz cock of the night is in me again, “Fuck yea … so good, fucking love that cock”, I say trying to encourage him to cum. These guys are interested in edging though and they keep swapping out, one after the other, taking turns ramming their poles up my tight hole, with me urging them on with pleas for "more poz cock" – "harder" – "faster" – "deeper." After, what must be fifteen or twenty minutes, Trevor yells, "’bout to cum mate … ‘bout to give you another poz load … “, he softly grunts and groans, “… you know I’m med-resistant, right?", he asks almost innocently. Then he begins power fucking in and out, round and round, as hard as he can into my spasming rectum. I didn’t realize he’s med-resistant, I start to ask, “Truvada, right?”, but then think, “Or does he mean all meds”? Before I can think, much less ask, I feel that hot pierced cock of his spasming in my ass, “Oh fuck … Oh fuck”, the only words out of my mouth. “FUCK YES! … Fucking poz my hole”, I can hear the host and Mark both encouraging Trevor as he dumps another load into me. It kind of worries me, “med-resistant”, but I already have his spunk inside me, “Can’t change that now?”, I think. The guys swap places again and the host is in me once more, “Fucking fill me up … fucking give it to me”, I decide to see how much I can work it, he grunts, “Get in there deep and give me more”. After several minutes of hard fucking the host pulls out and Mark immediately takes his place with his thick hard cock, pounding deep into my squishy guts. I can feel Trevor's poz load coating Mark’s cock as he rams up as far as he could get it and fucks me with short power strokes just pulling his cock out of my ass a couple of inches with each stroke before ramming it back in as far as it will go. I’m moaning constantly now, in ecstasy, as he pummels my well used hole again and again. They swap a couple of more times and when Mark finally begins to shoot his load, I just let out a screaming moan, "Ohhhh! Godddd! Yeeees!" as I feel him adding another dirty load of cum to my ass. Mark moves and I know the host is about to start fucking me again. Instead, as he’s standing over me, he says, “Come up here boy”, and I sit up looking directly up at him. He uses his left hand on my head to hold it in place and the thumb of his right hand to play with my lips. "This what you want, slut? Is this the poz cock you want breeding you?", I nod, "Yes! Oh yes!", moaning, delirious with desire for that fuck stick in me. He keeps using his thumb in my mouth to show me my place, "Get it ready, slut! Slurp it down and show me you can take it," he orders. He steps a little forward, and in the first oral sex of the night, pushes his huge pole into my open mouth. I do my best to press forward, taking inch by inch of his monster into my mouth. He lets me orally service him for only a few minutes, “Time to get back in that ass slut, this party is about breeding you neg fuckers”, and with a rude pop his cock from my mouth. I didn’t quite get it when we got here, but now it’s clear, the goal isn’t just for the guys on the fuck benches to leave here infected with HIV; the goal is for every bottom to leave here infected with HIV. I feel like I’ve made that my goal, but I almost though it was my hormones. I need to be sure our host knows I’m good with any outcome of tonight’s fun. “Turn around boy … all fours”, the host says and I comply without so much as a word. I can feel him running the slimy head of his cock up and down my crack for a moment, lining that poz dick against my well-used, slimy pucker and slowly forcing his way in. There’s only slight resistance from my sphincter, and it quickly gives up and allows him to get that huge pole into my entrance. I think our host knows how big his cock is and likes teasing me a bit with it. He slides slowly but surely into my tight, hot, slimy hole until he bottoms out, my ass pulled hard up against his pelvis. “FUCK that feels so good”, I say. He rotates his hips as his cock stirs around inside of all the cum that’s flowed into me tonight, then I feel him pull partially out before pushing back up into my colon. He’s obviously an experienced top and he quickly sets up a fuck rhythm, half way out, then all the way in. I do my best to squeeze down on the in strokes so he can feel my ass muscles massaging his meat as he uses my hole. We go like this several minutes when I hear the grunts and moans that indicate an orgasm is approaching. I can feel his nut sac pulling up and his cock getting harder. He slows down for a second, then pushes in hard and holds it deep up in my hot hole – he’s edging, trying to hold off just a little while longer. I want that big load though and I want it now, “Fuck me man … Fucking give hot poz load! Fucking infect me!”. He tries again, slow, then a thrust but that, and I think my words, drive him over the edge. “FUCKKKKKKKK…. “, he’s grunting and groaning and pressed balls deep inside me – I know I’m being bred again. This time as he’s cumming I can actually feel the cum rising up and moving up his urethra until it’s shooting up and out, dumping into the already overloaded confines of my guts, mixing with all the other HIV+ cum already deposited there over the course of the evening. The host pulls me up close to him and kisses my neck, “That was hot”, and Mark and Trevor step around in front of me and both kiss me. I’m in heaven.
  15. I think you need to post more pics of your boy. Here's my addition ... It wasn't until I watched my partner getting fucked and bred that I realized how much I wanted that tight little hole of his poz. We had had some group action, and him getting fucked a few times without me. In our first 3 months together he had taken loads from 10 raw cocks other than mine. If we were going to be open sexually I wanted him poz. We’d talk about fucking and getting fucked but it usually led to me breeding his ass. Andrew is just 21 and his ass is so tight and covered in this dark fuzz that I love; when I see him naked, I want to breed him. As much as I wanted Andrew to go poz, I was still neg, and since I only top, I knew it would be hard for me to ever catch the bug and share it with him. I knew I’d need someone else’s help to do this for me. I created a profile on BBRT and setup a costume sex party for Halloween. “Whoring out my 21yo boyfriend all night, no age or race hang ups – costumes preferred, but the less clothing the better”. I made Andrew help me decorate, I told him we were having a Halloween costume party. I love Andrew’s dark hair and it gave me the perfect idea for a costume for him. I handed him a pair of black thong underwear, cock covered – ass exposed, “Put this on”, “What is it?”, “That’s your costume”, he looked at it and then me a bit suspiciously, “You can put them on after your body paint dries … I’ll be doing your body make up”. It took a bit of work but I painted him from the neck down in black body make-up and used a template to get the black covering for his eyes, “You’re hardcore you know that?”, “Shushhh… I’m not done yet. Stand still for a few minutes so it can dry.” “Hurry up I need to piss…”, “You’re not dry yet … don’t you dare touch your cock”. I grabbed a large glass from the kitchen and placed it under his cock, “Go”, “Wha… “, “Piss babe … you said you gotta piss, so piss… you can’t move from here ‘til your dry – and don’t touch your cock!”. I could see him trying and then I heard his flow. He filled the glass with piss, cooing as he emptied his bladder, “finally… had to go bad … since you started”. With the glass warm and almost completely full I stood up and looked at him smiling, “Thirsty?” I said rather seriously. He just looked at me, and then feeling brave, I moved the glass to my lips and took a large sip. I could see the look of disgust on his face, “It’s just you babe, maybe I won’t share it with you”, this time I took a huge gulp and looked him directly in the eye as I swallowed it down. “Let me try”, he said. I could see his hands moving as I held the glass to his lips, “Don’t touch it, … I’ll hold it for you”. I held the glass to his lips and tilted it so he’d have to take a big gulp. He swallowed it down, then kind of grimaced. I took another gulp and held it up to him and he took another gulp. We kept this up until we finished the glass without saying another word. Now I was horny and needed to finish getting things ready instead of just holding him down and fucking him. After his black body paint dried, he put on his thong, and I finished him up with blue on his back and shoulders. “Sexiest Nightwing ever”, I said, “And what’s your costume?”, he asked. I grabbed a small bag and put on the smallest pair of green underwear I’ve ever seen, I got it from a child’s Aqua man costume for the gold band and decoration. Then I put on two gold wristbands, “What do you think?”, “That’s it … I’m almost naked and covered in body paint and that’s it?”, “That’s it … easy access boy”, and I flashed my cock at him (that always shuts him up) nearly tearing the way-too-small briefs. As our cocks got hard they made great outlines in our briefs and I knew tonight would be a very good time. Guys started to arrive in costume, many quickly realizing they were wearing too much, and the party almost immediately de-evolved into a naked flesh party with Nightwing’s hot bubble butt served up for all tops to dump in. I knew my best change to get my boy poz was an orgy, and in fact, almost all of the guys I approved were either HIV+ undetectable or not on meds. With my boy on the bed the first guy, dressed like Superman, fucked and bred him in about 10 minutes. With his costume I couldn’t really remember him from his profile, but I was pretty sure he was poz. The guys crowded around my boy and he took load after load. After an hour or so and what must have been his 7th load I still had not yet heard the word “poz” spoken, I needed my boy to know this was his conversion party and his partner had sets things up to make it happen. Once Flash finished dropping a load in him I slipped in, “Oh fuck … oh fuck babe, love that tight ass, love this fucking poz cum filled hole”, my boy didn’t even flinch he just kept sucking the guy in front of him, but at least now it was said. “That’s right boy … hope you wanted poz cum in your ass because you’re getting lots of it tonight”. Thinking about those words I fucked and fucked and fucked him, his ass was so slippery with cum I knew my cock wouldn’t last long. “Ohhhh fuck babe ... You’re gonna get my load … oh fuck … oh fuck … AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH … OH FUCK!”, and my load came squirting out of my cock at 100 mph deep into his poz-filled ass. Part of me imagined my cum pushing and forcing the previous poz loads deeper into his boy and helping convert him. The party continued for another couple of hours with some guys going twice. Unless I lost count my boy took 21 known poz loads and one neg one from me. By the time everyone left his ass and his muscles were sore from all the positions and fucking. I cuddled him with my cock in the crack of his ass hoping that my little party had done the trick and now my boy would be HIV+.

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