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  1. I suspect once the fuck flu sets in, it’s too late to try to mitigate the effects. The polls I’ve seen over the years regarding fuck flu were all roughly 1/3rd no symptoms, 1/3rd mild symptoms, and 1/3rd severe symptoms. I’d be happy with just knocking it down a level — mild instead of severe, or none instead of mild.
  2. Nothing (other than PrEP) will prevent HIV. In terms of just not getting sick so much, ever since I started taking zinc picolinate (50mg/day) I've pretty much stopped having serious illnesses. Now when I get sick (which is rare) it's pretty mild. I was getting nasty flus and colds pretty regularly previously. The other thing I do is a glass of non-frozen orange juice every day for vitamin C. But you gotta be careful with herbs and supplements – it's not hard to take toxic doses of them, and some of them have toxic impurities in them. If a little is good, more is NOT better.
  3. Those of you who know the science of ARVs and what happens in the body during initial HIV infection… If someone got infected and then started taking PrEP say 5-7 days after infection, would that lessen the severity of the flu-like symptoms of initial HIV infection? I'm thinking maybe… PrEP would slow down (but not stop) the replication of HIV, which would lower viral load. And a lower viral load should result in fewer symptoms because there's less for the body to react to. Correct? Or am I missing something? Another related question is whether the handful of guys who got infected whi
  4. Just curious what the best way is to get loads in Tempe/Phoenix? I'll be there (Tuesday) March 26th to (Sunday) March 31st. Unfortunately Friday and Saturday nights I'm probably not free. So that means Tuesday and Wednesday nights I can do whatever, and Sunday afternoon / evening I could probably hang out at a bathhouse. If I host a ganging at my AirBnB during the week will anyone show up? (When I did it a couple years ago I think only 2-3 guys came). How is Flex or Chute? Is one better for loads than the other? Any other suggestions?
  5. Just wondering what people use to douche deep. Unfortunately the bathhouses suck here in NYC so it's all about sex parties and the venues usually don't have facilities to clean out. So you have to clean out pretty deep to make sure you'll get through the night. I use one that looks like this (only it's red, not blue)… But the problem is that one is that it's not stiff enough and when it hits certain parts in my ass it doubles back on itself rather than continuing up my ass. To be clear… My hose bends back on itself when it gets to the "rectosigmoid junction" in the pic below…
  6. Well, I did it. I went the full 8 days without PrEP and was as a big of a slut as my body could handle. It's not like I freaked out in the middle and stopped having sex or anything. All in all I got 33 loads (which was just 1/3rd of my initial goal and 1/2 what I really hoped for). In the process I learned a bit about my body and how I feel about getting pozzed… Just a quick note to say that PrEP is >90% effective 7 days after you stop (if you've been taking it every day, which I was), but apparently after the 7 days the efficacy starts dropping pretty quickly. So most of my risk was t
  7. So I did it. I went on vacation (9 days, 8 nights) and didn't take my PrEP. It feels weird going out, taking loads, and then not taking the pill that night. I wake up every morning wanting to get pozzed, but at night I'm tired and doubtful. But can't say I've got any major doubts – it's more like a nagging feeling to do the right thing. So far Fantasy Fest has been pretty slow and I've struggled to get loads. I was hoping to get 100 loads this week, which would have required I get 13 every day. But after 3 days I've only gotten 14. I'm confident things will pick up, I'm just not sure how
  8. I skipped some days of PrEP last week, but when it came down to it this week, I took all my pills. Part of the reason is because I had a head cold this week (started with a scratchy throat Sunday night), and when I'm tired or otherwise not at 100% I tend to just go on autopilot which means going through the motions of what I'm supposed to be doing. So I took my pills. And I was thinking of being a slut tomorrow and starting my slutty week a day early (and getting an early start to my week+ off PrEP), but I'm a little scared if I push myself too hard the cold will come roaring back and ru
  9. I use Safari and it works fine. But I just had a problem with Firefox that disrupted a number of sites. It wasn't the fault of the sites but the fact that Firefox had a corrupt file. In that case deleting all my cookies fixed it. Maybe there's something similar going on in your case.
  10. This morning I was laying in bed jacking off to porn on my phone and I just had this intense urge to stop taking PrEP – to just be done with sitting on the fence and choose to actually be poz. I know if I go off it now there's a good chance I'll get pozzed when I'm in Key West & Ft. Lauderdale. I mean I'm advertising for toxic tops, so there's a greater chance risk will find me… So my heart wants to be poz, but I think my rational side will prevail – at least to a point. I'll skip my pills today (as I have a few days in the past week), but then take it the next few days before leavin
  11. Just bumping this thread. I wanna take as many loads as possible next week. Hoping some of you might be going to Fantasy Fest and can breed me…
  12. I went to a gangbang yesterday. I'm vers and love seeing cumdumps take anonymous loads, love the feel of a cummy hole on my dick, etc. Yeah, I wish I were the one taking the loads, but the next best thing is giving one to a hot cumdump. So I get there and there are already 3 other tops in the room. One of the tops (an older daddy) pulls out and lets another of the tops (a smooth muscular guy with a curved dick) fuck the bottom. Then that top pulls out and lets the 3rd top (a black guy) fuck the bottom. Then while he's fucking the bottom a 5th top joins the group. He's jacking his dick but
  13. I'm not so sure I can hit the 100 load goal. I'll do what I can, but I'm pushing 50 with a few extra pounds (but that's gradually improving). And it seems Fantasy Fest (the week I'll be in Key West) is mostly straight. So I've got to figure out how to get straight guys to breed me. I'll also count "indirect loads" towards the 100. Stuff like guys who cum in my mouth – I'll spit it out into a condom and then empty then contents into my ass. I'm also thinking of a "used condom recycling service" where I'll advertise on Craigslist and pick up condoms that have fresh loads in them (and then empty
  14. So I started taking random loads before PrEP came out. And then just around the time that it was approved by the FDA was when I finally got comfortable with the idea of being a cumdump, taking any and all loads, and eventually getting pozzed. I went to a few sex parties, bent over and took loads from anyone who'd fuck me. But then I realized I could be a cumdump and stay neg if I went on PrEP, so that's what I did. That was the spring of 2013 – nearly 5 years ago now. But I gotta say there's something really anti-climatic about PrEP. I miss the risk – whether I'm taking the risk or the b
  15. Yeah, be careful about too much pressure. IMHO, it's better to use gentle pressure, but go deep. Pair an ErgoFlow Pro with a 15-16" hose that can get up past your "2nd sphincter". Spend 20-30 min putting water as deep as you can (make sure the hose doesn't bend otherwise it's not going deep), then wait an hour and check with a long dildo for any remaining water that's come down, and you'll be clean for 18-24 hours (assuming you stop eating 3-4 hours before you clean out).
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