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    Surrey, BC, Canada
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    Into blindfold, darkroom anon.

    Finding a btm face down, ass up in a darkroom. Love breeding btm guys whom are older than myself.

    Have a subtle fetish for worshipping scruffy-type men: hitch-hikers, construction workers, drifters, ( some good looking homeless studs )
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Regular joe vers top. Caucasion, shaved head, scruffy, footballer's build. Down to earth, piggish attitude.
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    Do you have a deep seated respect for the primal male libido?
    Do you enjoy a top using your hole as a cum-dump?

    Preference for a Caucasion, Latino, or Native btm who enjoys getting *fucked blindfolded, darkroom anon.* Bonus points if you have a sling.

    Plz, no Asian guys.

    Don't have to be in ripped /shredded shape.

    Attitude & intensity in a potential cum dump are a big factor.

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  1. Homeless guys in Calgary..

    Hey guys, Vers. & masculine guy with a unique fetish for homeless guys. From time to time, I've found myself very much attracted to rough trade, & the odd scruffy guy whom is sleeping rough on the streets or in a shelter, the odd ex-con, as well.. Have actually met the odd guy down on his luck in the past, helped him out with a place to crash the odd time, grab a shower, offer up my hole or mouth to him if he needed a good b/j or needed to fuck a cum hungry ass, maybe tag team a btm with me.. Or switch from top to btm, etc. Actually had an old room-mate whom was an ex-con.. I had met whom was originally from the streets. Helped him get back on his feet. ( And no, never got hurt, or had any stuff missing. ) Anyone know of some places in Calgary where a guy might go to find a guy down on his luck ? Any streets where they're known to hang out around ? Any spots I should know about ? Wondering if a helpful Calgarian might give me a few constructive pointers & heads up, etc.. Oh, & if the replies were to be free of toxic sarcasm, insults, & other miscellaneous bullshit, I'd like to thank you in advance for your co-operation. Peace.
  2. TIRED of size queens

    That said, I'm a vers top. I am an average guy. I do not hide that fact, I embrace it. You want a dick that will tear you apart ? Well, keep your eye open for porn stars, because I am man enough to be realistic about the fact that I am not a porn star. You're wasting my time after I said that I am a regular joe. I don't like inflicting pain, I'd rather be known as a guy who can fuck you, fill ya, & not tear you open because I have respect for my fellow man. I am told that I am "just right." And I am happy with that. I'd like to think that the guys I've known as regular cum dumps are happy with what I offer.
  3. TIRED of size queens

    I've never understood why most gay men have a shallow toxicity to them. The gay male community bashes itself almost as badly as it is bashed by homophobia. Yes, we all have our attraction factors. Nothing wrong with knowing yourself & what makes you interested in a guy.. What makes a btm want to bend over to get fucked, what makes a top's dick hard & ready to fuck.. So many average guys out there whom are potentially good friends, fuckbuddies, & more. A big dick, I've found, personally, is usually attached to a bigger dick. In & of itself, cock size is nothing. It may be a status symbol, but let's face it, it is no guaruntee he's good in bed, just fucking lucky that he has some decent genetics in that body part.. All in all, when it comes down to it, our community should incorporate some new rules. It's alright to not be attracted to someone, but show some fucking class & respect. Be polite, but not apologetic about your turn ons. Be aware of their feelings, & give them the same courtesy that you would like if you were in their position & turned down. Size queens are a huge problem, because that trait usually comes as a passive & unnecessary part of the shallow, smug, toxic asshole package. Personally, I find that sort of shallow, callous disrespect to be worse than murdering your fellow man in cold blood. At least the damage is done & the person does not usually suffer. Yes, I am a proud sexual pig. When I hook up, I've always asked myself - what's the point if he's a shallow blank slate in terms of a carbon copy stereotype personality, & has no respect for his fellow man ?
  4. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    Talking angrily to the screen about how the top should not have pulled out.. You sir, I believe, have hit the note that we all have done but have not admitted to.. Well said!
  5. I Do Not Want To Pull Out!

    If the btm cannot handle the simple fact that the load is gonna end up balls deep in his ass, then he may as well go fuck off. This is why I prefer online hookups. ( Yeah, I met one of my b/f's in a face to face encounter, I get the sense that it is rare.. ) The online hookup guaruntees that all the guys involved in the hookup know exactly what is gonna happen, the status of whoever, & to drop the bullshit. We poz guys get trashed way too often for supposedly pozzing against someone's will, especially after we trust that a verbal disclosure was enough, & the shallow asshole has accepted the fact that they willingly hooked up, & now they're pressing bullshit charges because their pozzing session wasn't as hot as they thought they wanted, & now they want monetary compensation.. No.. I do not pull out when I fuck. I give into my primal instinct to fuck as deep as my cock wants, to bury that bone & let my balls empty my DNA. I will get it in writing that you are gonna take my load as you said, & I am not ashamed of having to cover my ass against bullshit shallow assholes that are infecting our society with absolute "he said, he legally said" beauracracy because you have $$$$$ & few morals, & I am poz, yet law abiding..
  6. Poz-Undetectable Vers Top Seeking New Cumdump.

    Hey man, I'm not in the GVRD these days.. Hoping to get back into the area soon. If I was around, fuck yeah, it'd be my genuine pleasure to seed your hole regularly.
  7. Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    Yeah, I have the odd regret. In a naive perspective, I had thought that if I had become poz - ( note, had not been actively looking to get pozzed, but if it happened, well, I'd continue to have responsibility for my actions & consequences ) - I thought I would have a community to belong to. Well, I got the shock of my life.. I was rather naive, thinking that one not-so-dark & twisted side effect of HIV meant that my genetic predisposition to being an overweight guy at the time might be "solved" with HIV.. How wrong I was, still am. Medicated or not, I have to basically forgo any sort of food that isn't absolutely nutritious. No cheat days, no junk food whatsoever, or fat redistribution occurs. For those fat shamers who want to do the "world's smallest violin routine," try being a person with no addiction issues, yet the only real weakness you have to keep your sanity is a sweet tooth. And people wonder why I jabe a temper like any other human being. Furthermore, being a person whom has had to go on disability, facing poverty, yeah, life with HIV sucks. Have tried suicide multiple times. Have not been able to access any real assistance in regards to HIV being an episodic disability. I personally have been poz for 9 - 10 years, but have not been medicated for the past few months due to inter-provincial beauracracy & bullshit - living in Canada - & a part of me has made up my mind about not going back on meds until I can get proper assistance & help for my episodic disability. After 2 failed major relationships - the last one that had placed me in poverty - I have pretty much tried to fight the good fight in terms of trying to meet good people. I'm a regular joe, I'm comfortable with my being a guy whom is not in perfect shape. I'm not a popularity whore, I'm not a narcississtic asshole, & I am pretty much tired of fighting shallow assholes. I've basically given myself a timeframe for getting my life on track. If I'm not in a better situation in many aspects by the age of 40, I'm gonna be going for assisted suicide. People say that life with HIV has changed ? OK.. Prove it.
  8. Question for the Tops!

    I don't consider myself a complicated man. When I go cruising ( say in a wooded area for example, ) I like an aggressive btm. Show me how bad you want my load. Tell me, be verbal. Be descriptive, don't be ashamed of your libido. Can remember a few good times in Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C., Canada - had a particularly aggressive & muscled btm push me against a tree, kiss me hard, yank down my sweats, & back his hungry hole on my dick. All I could do was hold onto his hips until he milked me dry. Not ashamed to say that if didn't take long before I blew a massive load in his guts, felt like gallons, he was moaning that he loved feeling me cum in him. I'm pretty sure I had likely made it very clear to anyone in the vicinity that I had a very intense & verbal orgasm. ( Like the old joke says, sex so good that I'm gonna make my fellow gay brothers in the vicinity light a cigarette, heheh ) I literally stumbled home, knees weak, & a fucking grin on my face from ear to ear. For the most part, I like to hook up with a btm in the comfort of his home, darkroom anon. Love finding a guy in a sling, or face down, ass up, blindfolded. Lube up my dick & just use the guy's hungry hole to give him my load. I like a btm who embraces his libido as I do, likes sex as I do. When it comes to anon, I don't want to see your face. I'm not looking for a realtionship, I am all about the intensity. If I enjoy the encounter, ( and the btm wants more of my seed, ) I am happy to come by to become a regular sperm donor. I don't go for pretty boys, or conceited assholes - not my style. I go for the real men. 30+, ( younger, if they're mature, ) had a particularly talented buddy in the West End who was 55 - talented fucking hole, probably one of the good Davie Village cumdumps - loved dropping by his place, finding him blindfolded in his darkroom in his sling, just slide in his hungry hole, let his hole work his magic on my dick. I can only imagine how the horned fucker was smiling with every load - loved hearing me curse & moan when he made me cum. Never cokplained if I fucked him for an hour or only a few minutes - he was only concerned about the load. That said, I'm the kind of top whe I don't like to hurt the btm, don't like being harsh or rough, just the right intensity. I tried to get to know a guy in the Burnaby area as a regular cum-dump buddy.. I hope he knows just how much I enjoyed seeding his hole. ( I had an HIV disability related fuckup happen, room-mate had pulled some real hardcore bullshit, so I had to move. Hoping to move back, though.. ) I like a btm that can deal with the reality that most guys - unless they're looking for a relationship - don't want to be known by more than just their name, phone number, their dick, their DNA in their cum, & their voice by a good cumdump.. That is what constitutes no strings.
  9. Gotta let you know, I am sorry I missed a shot at giving you a load of my seed. 

    Maybe the next time I am in Edmonton.  

  10. Poz-Undetectable Vers Top Seeking New Cumdump.

    Thanks for all of the kind words, gents. I know it's been awhile since I've re-visited this thread. Ran into a few rough spots - actually visiting family in Calgary on & off ( no, I don't get to Edmonton easily... ) Likely gonna be heading back to Vancouver ( hopefully soon, but not in charhe of that timeline as much as I'd like. ) When I do head back, I'm probably gonna head to Edmonton on the way back.
  11. when you free to breed this slleazy fuckhole anon darkroom  me  blindfolded ready to be tied down?


    1. Cumdawgie



    2. hunting4anon33


      Damn,  nice to hear from ya.  

      Thought you had dropped off the radar a few months back - I had left town & tried to give you a heads up.

      I'll be back in the GVRD area, hopefully soon. 




  12. Total tops are so hard to find

    I know that in Vancouver, BC, Canada, there is a massive amount of btm's versus tops. Started out as a btm - had converted. Then my total top side kicked in. ( I consider myself a vers top because it seems hilarious that I somehow seem to only get to know neg guys. That is 2 so far that are potentially LTR material, & both neg. ) It was approx. 1 month after I go total top, ( was this hot hookup in Stanley Park, an aggressive btm just pinned me against a tree & milked my poz load right out of me. I must've been howling & cursing in a very intense orgasm, all totally anon.. Never seen his face, didn't need to.. ) ...I then meet a now ex-bf of mine - vers, but neg, didn't let me fuck him without rubber.. So I go completely btm for him.. 5 years went by with the now-ex-b/f, & going back into the total top routine now that I'm single.. I gotta admit, prefer guys older than myself. Met the odd guy with a sling.. Now those btms - they're keepers! - Guys who liked to get fucked & used as a cumdump.
  13. Very fuckin' hot,  man.  

    Definitely would enjoy planting a nice load of poz seed up in your hungry hole.   Wish I could find a regular cum dump like you. 

    1. pozpopperpig


      Fucking HOT Stud!  Wish I lived near you to be your regular cum dump taking your raw cock and poz seed anytime you wished!

    2. hunting4anon33


      Well,  man,  depending on where you are,  I would enjoy hooking up & giving you regular loads. 

  14. I guess my last hookup pissed me off far more than I thought..

    Seriously,  what the fuck is it about Asian guys in Canada that makes them think it is OK to be dishonest & bald faced lie to get a hookup?!  They must know that when the guy shows up,  & they find out they're Asian,  they'll just leave.  

    I mean - I'm not in perfect shape,  I'm not ripped,  or muscled.  I'm a fucking regular joe - and I own that shit.  But I respect the wishes & preferences of a guy who wants to meet "fit only" because if they wanted to meet a regular joe,  - THEY'D ASK FOR IT. 

    I'm a masc. vers. top gay guy who does not find Asian guys attractive.  They just seem way too effeminate & pushy in my experiences.   I mean,  I've tried to force myself to try to get to know some Asian guys as fuck buds..  No..  It just didn't work.  When the dick doesn't get hard,  it's just not gonna happen. 

    I'm sure I'll get accused of being a racist,  but I just don't care anymore.  I know I'm *not a racist* guy, I'm simply attracted to certain physical attributes - just like any other red blooded man.

    I guess I'm just pissed off to a bad degree because I wasted an hour the other day driving around only to find out that the asshole lied to me.  

    Apparently,  he didn't know what "anon" meant - he showed up at the fucking door..

    And didn't know what "plz,  no Asians" meant,  because I just turned around,  & walked out.  

    The poor bitch was whining & crying over text asking me what was the problem until I replied with "not attracted to Asian guys,  read the fucking profile" & blocked the idiot. 

    Seriously - I have nothing against Asian guys as people - I don't find them attractive,  so I'd like to think that there are all the more left over for guys who like Asians..

    FFS.. I am just pissed that some Asian bitch wasted my night.  

  15. Calgary & surrounding area cumdumps?

    Any Calgary bottoms looking for anon loads? Poz here, 34 y/o masc white gay guy. Shorter scruffy guy, shaved head, some ink, vers top.. Staying in Cochrane - can travel. Prefer my guys 30+, cum hungry, decent shape, down to earth. Must be poz friendly. Very attracted to Native, Latino, & white guys. Sorry, not into Asian guys.

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