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    Surrey, BC, Canada
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    Into blindfold, darkroom anon.

    Finding a btm face down, ass up in a darkroom. Love breeding btm guys whom are older than myself.

    Have a subtle fetish for worshipping scruffy-type men: hitch-hikers, construction workers, drifters, ( some good looking homeless studs )
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Top
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    Regular joe vers top. Caucasion, shaved head, scruffy, footballer's build. Down to earth, piggish attitude.
  • Looking For
    Do you have a deep seated respect for the primal male libido?
    Do you enjoy a top using your hole as a cum-dump?

    Preference for a Caucasion, Latino, or Native btm who enjoys getting *fucked blindfolded, darkroom anon.* Bonus points if you have a sling.

    Plz, no Asian guys.

    Don't have to be in ripped /shredded shape.

    Attitude & intensity in a potential cum dump are a big factor.

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  1. Gotta let you know, I am sorry I missed a shot at giving you a load of my seed. 

    Maybe the next time I am in Edmonton.  

  2. Poz-Undetectable Vers Top Seeking New Cumdump.

    Thanks for all of the kind words, gents. I know it's been awhile since I've re-visited this thread. Ran into a few rough spots - actually visiting family in Calgary on & off ( no, I don't get to Edmonton easily... ) Likely gonna be heading back to Vancouver ( hopefully soon, but not in charhe of that timeline as much as I'd like. ) When I do head back, I'm probably gonna head to Edmonton on the way back.
  3. when you free to breed this slleazy fuckhole anon darkroom  me  blindfolded ready to be tied down?


    1. Cumdawgie



    2. hunting4anon33


      Damn,  nice to hear from ya.  

      Thought you had dropped off the radar a few months back - I had left town & tried to give you a heads up.

      I'll be back in the GVRD area, hopefully soon. 




  4. Total tops are so hard to find

    I know that in Vancouver, BC, Canada, there is a massive amount of btm's versus tops. Started out as a btm - had converted. Then my total top side kicked in. ( I consider myself a vers top because it seems hilarious that I somehow seem to only get to know neg guys. That is 2 so far that are potentially LTR material, & both neg. ) It was approx. 1 month after I go total top, ( was this hot hookup in Stanley Park, an aggressive btm just pinned me against a tree & milked my poz load right out of me. I must've been howling & cursing in a very intense orgasm, all totally anon.. Never seen his face, didn't need to.. ) ...I then meet a now ex-bf of mine - vers, but neg, didn't let me fuck him without rubber.. So I go completely btm for him.. 5 years went by with the now-ex-b/f, & going back into the total top routine now that I'm single.. I gotta admit, prefer guys older than myself. Met the odd guy with a sling.. Now those btms - they're keepers! - Guys who liked to get fucked & used as a cumdump.
  5. Very fuckin' hot,  man.  

    Definitely would enjoy planting a nice load of poz seed up in your hungry hole.   Wish I could find a regular cum dump like you. 

    1. pozpopperpig


      Fucking HOT Stud!  Wish I lived near you to be your regular cum dump taking your raw cock and poz seed anytime you wished!

    2. hunting4anon33


      Well,  man,  depending on where you are,  I would enjoy hooking up & giving you regular loads. 

  6. I guess my last hookup pissed me off far more than I thought..

    Seriously,  what the fuck is it about Asian guys in Canada that makes them think it is OK to be dishonest & bald faced lie to get a hookup?!  They must know that when the guy shows up,  & they find out they're Asian,  they'll just leave.  

    I mean - I'm not in perfect shape,  I'm not ripped,  or muscled.  I'm a fucking regular joe - and I own that shit.  But I respect the wishes & preferences of a guy who wants to meet "fit only" because if they wanted to meet a regular joe,  - THEY'D ASK FOR IT. 

    I'm a masc. vers. top gay guy who does not find Asian guys attractive.  They just seem way too effeminate & pushy in my experiences.   I mean,  I've tried to force myself to try to get to know some Asian guys as fuck buds..  No..  It just didn't work.  When the dick doesn't get hard,  it's just not gonna happen. 

    I'm sure I'll get accused of being a racist,  but I just don't care anymore.  I know I'm *not a racist* guy, I'm simply attracted to certain physical attributes - just like any other red blooded man.

    I guess I'm just pissed off to a bad degree because I wasted an hour the other day driving around only to find out that the asshole lied to me.  

    Apparently,  he didn't know what "anon" meant - he showed up at the fucking door..

    And didn't know what "plz,  no Asians" meant,  because I just turned around,  & walked out.  

    The poor bitch was whining & crying over text asking me what was the problem until I replied with "not attracted to Asian guys,  read the fucking profile" & blocked the idiot. 

    Seriously - I have nothing against Asian guys as people - I don't find them attractive,  so I'd like to think that there are all the more left over for guys who like Asians..

    FFS.. I am just pissed that some Asian bitch wasted my night.  

  7. Calgary & surrounding area cumdumps?

    Any Calgary bottoms looking for anon loads? Poz here, 34 y/o masc white gay guy. Shorter scruffy guy, shaved head, some ink, vers top.. Staying in Cochrane - can travel. Prefer my guys 30+, cum hungry, decent shape, down to earth. Must be poz friendly. Very attracted to Native, Latino, & white guys. Sorry, not into Asian guys.
  8. Any Calgary hottoms looking for anon loads? Poz here, 34 y/o masc white gay guy. Shorter scruffy guy, shaved head, some ink, vers top.. Staying in Cochrane - can travel. Prefer my guys 30+, cum hungry, decent shape, down to earth. Must be poz friendly. Very attracted to Native, Latino, & white guys. Sorry, not into Asian guys.
  9. Very fuckin' nice,  man..  

    Where are you located ? 

    1. breedinghole
    2. breedinghole


      no loads refused bttm here, no questions asked... take any loads given.

    3. hunting4anon33


      Right on.  I am out of BC at the moment.  

      Likely be back within a month or two - depends on how well business will go.  

  10. Very handsome,  man..  Would be my pleasure to fill your hole with poz seed regularly. 

  11. Bottom Neg Looking For Poz/undectable Top Any Age

    All good, man.. I prefer to play anon. I make no excuses, & I own my fetish. I stick to what that definition means: No face, no names, **no bullshit..* ** I'm not here to date. ** I'm here to fuck around, in an uncomplicated anon scene. If you can't read, well, not my issue to rectify. I'm reminded of an old joking reference I was told here in Vancouver / LM. Was told that btms out here are a dime a dozen. And your attitude doesn't particularly mark you as a btm of interest to most tops who don't want complications. Plenty of real btm men out there who want uncomplicated true anonymous sex, & not to enable pic collectors. So if you wanna be a poor excuse of a btm, save everyone on this site a headache, & please just go invest in a dildo to fuck yourself. I find pic collecting, shallow, cliqqy fags like yourself to be the true disease. But hey, I hope you find a good dildo! Peace.
  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Recently, had a hot btm drop by my place. Total pig. Fuckin' loved it. From what I could tell, a Native guy of approx. 30 - 40 yrs of age, with medium length black hair, & his hole was starved for seed, 'cause he didn't waste time.. My place was a total darkroom scene, I heard the back door close. Was sitting naked on my couch, relaxing. Next thing I knew, his clothes were in a pile at the back door, 'cause I felt his ass brush on my cock as he impaled himself on my fuckstick. He had a velvet soft hole, not like a vice, but I got the impression he wasn't gonna leave until he felt my spunk dripping from his gutz. He molded to my cut cock like he melted around me. Complimented him on his beautiful hole, trying to fight a very intense moan from escaping. I think I failed from trying to hide my intense pleasure, 'cause I heard him chuckle & felt him tighten his hole more as he slid down my shaft so that he could feel my pubic hair against his ass. I put one hand on his hip, the other on his shoulder. He was sweating, like he just came from a workout.. My head was swimming from lust & pheremones, & more so from the bottle of poppers he pushed under my nose. I felt my manhood harden like blood filled titanium. Slapped his ass playfully & hungrily, growling softly. "Fuck yeah," he whispered. Slowly starting his steady hips moving up & down the length of my shaft. "I love younger tops.." He paused to grip the head of my cock with his ass lips before forcing his ass down around my cock to the base again. I failed again to conceal a very intense moan. "Nothing like a younger top who needs to unload hard, " he said softly. As wierd as it sounds, I had a thought of two cave men fucking like primal animals, fighting to get off. "Hungry fuckin' hole, stud.." I tried to say without moaning. This native adonis, ( well it was dark, I didn't really care about how good looking he was, just his sexual prowess was astonishing, ) this cum vaccuum was trying to suck me dry with his hole. I didn't think I could fight a very intense orgasm for long. He abruptly molded his hole harder on my cock as he slid faster up & down in a rhythumic motion. Couldn't help but actually notice my normally obnoxious downstairs neighbour was playing some rather good ( for once, ) club trance beats. The delerium of hearing this primal marriage of sound & sensation sent me over the edge. In a burst of masculine fury, I attempted to flip him on his hands & knees so I could mount this btm stallion in a blaze of of sexual frenzy & plant my seed in his hungry ass like a man should. Mark my territory in his ass like an alpha dog pissing on a tree.. In theory, this was *supposed* to work.. Now, I ain't the strongest guy by a long shot. I know I can hold my own, I am nowhere near the weakest, either.. I'm a short, compact, rugged & scruffy ex-martial artist, shaved head. Fuckin' Native stud didn't budge.. I attempted a tried, tested & true maneuver that works almost flawlessly in groundfighting matches for guys whom are smaller in stature against bigger opponents.. The fact that he didn't stop was both a shock & further turn-on.. He just kept riding. I was moaning harder now, from both exertions. "I am gonna milk you dry, fucker," he said, slightly lost in his exertions. I was massaging his back, gripping his hips in a sad attempt to wrestle control of my orgasm over him. My toes were curling, uncurling, spasming in sympathetic agony with my sweaty legs. I could feel my testicles ache & bounce against his taint. Never before had I been dominated like this, but never before had I felt so utterly fulfilled as a *man* should.. Fucker was milking me like a farmer milking a cow.. I felt my cum boiling, that furious tingle in the back of every man's prick that signalled the universal need to breed, that primal silent scream in every man's skull when he feels his essence fighting it's way out of him from merely jerking off knuckle-children, planting baby batter, or seeding a fellow man. "You want my poz seed, awww, shit.." I managed to say, breathing in rhythum with the beat & his hole gripping harder. Like a newbie top, I didn't have much of a chance at warning. I felt his ass grip the head of my manhood harder, ever so gently, like I couldn't pull out, just as I said "poz." It was then, I gave into primal instinct, grabbed onto his sweaty hips from below, & attempted to demonstrate my masculinity by fucking his ass from under him.. I pounded my hips in a frenzy, in time with every pulse of my cum blasting through my shaft into his gutz. I was probably yelling. I couldn't tell if we both were moaning like wounded animals in heat or if that bitch neighbour had turned the music up louder to drown us out.. I heard him finally moaning out, "fuck yes, fill me!" I obliged.. I felt nearly 10 spurts of what felt like ropes of my DNA fly into his hungry hole.. I almost felt like bucking him off my cock & grabbing an asthma inhaler, just in case.. Breathing hard, cursing, trying to get control of the fuck haze that had taken control of me, I kissed his back, massaging his shoulders, smelled the sweet scent of his semen, groping his washboard abs. Feeling his semen drip down his stomach. First time I had fucked a load out of a guy, go figure..? He sat up, my cock softening & slick with my cum, turned around, & I noticed his blindfold. Kinky stud.. He groped his way to my dripping cock, tasted my spunk on my cut cock.. He then got up, turned the corner toward the back door, ( bumping into a wall, ouch, ) until I heard the subtle sound of the blindfold coming off. "I want your seed again, man," I heard his voice, commanding & resonant. I chuckled low.. As if I had a choice, or reason to say no, after that stud.. "Happy to be a regular sperm donor, stud." I replied, hearing a playful & mischievious lilt to my voice. Fucker milked me so hard, I heard my 33 y/o voice crack like a teenagers'.. I heard him say, "I got your number, I won't be a stranger.." A rustle of clothes, & the door opening & closing. I turned the lights on. All the stuff in the room was exactly how I had left it.. The fake $20.00 bill I left on the counter, & the toothpicks precariously balanced in specific positions on the various knobs indicated that nothing was stolen nor disturbed. "Fuckin 'A," I thought.. The guy was hot as fuck, *honest,* & more of a pig than I am... Far better than that rude little pussy boy who wanted to tease & play games. Stumbling to my bed, fighting the weak knees effect of a powerful orgasm, I fell asleep almost instantly. Maybe I'll find some more btm pigs who want seed?
  13. Poz-Undetectable Vers Top Seeking New Cumdump.

    So far, this poor excuse of a supposed cum-dump is all talk, no action, no communication. All flake. What tops like myself need is a guy who will do what he says, & follows through. He doesn't want true anonymous sex, he's a scared little shit of a boy who says he's into anonymous sex, but wants to know who the guy is because he's a shallow cunt who has absolutely no respect for the men he contacts. Otherwise, he'd follow through or be honest. Truly anonymous sex is about being face down, ass up, & not caring about the guy giving you his pent up seed because a real pig btm is all about the load itself.. No bullshit. The little shit is giving real btm pig men a bad name. Don't bother giving this immature boy the time of day, he's a waste of time.
  14. Bottom Neg Looking For Poz/undectable Top Any Age

    Need a sperm donor? Poz-undetectable, here.
  15. Poz Guys - Do You Like Being Poz?

    I could never get into the condumb craze. Never could stay hard in rubber. Always felt like I wanted to please a guy when I had btm'd, feel his load, or enjoyed a btm impaling himself on my manhood, giving up my DNA. I still feel to this day that condoms "cheapen" & make the sex lives more like a conveyer belt rather than a physical experience, regardless of whether guyz are fucking for pure primal pleasure, intense intimacy, hookups, or committed relationships. Logic would dictate that these ideal had made my conversion to being poz a near inevitability. I am man enough to have come to terms with that early in my life; even to the point of moving to a part of Canada that treated the LGBT community with respect & had some of the best leading HIV researchers in the world.. No, I was not planning on becoming poz, just planning for possible eventualities. Yes, I had practised sero-sorting, but it only takes one person to fuck you in more way than one, & not disclose, as per the law.. So I had a few private moments where I was a typical angry, young man, & raged a bit when I got my diagnosis. I died a little inside on the walk home. Ultimately, I have embraced the fact that this is a part of my life now. Taking one pill isn't a huge deal, but keeping in mind, being an asthmatic doesn't help with HIV treatment needing specific cortisol levels, & that would interfere with breathing related medication. I find it funny ( fucked up kind of funny ) that my last few b/f's have been HIV neg, & have had to supress my natural top inclinations with them out of respect & caring for their HIV status, making sure they remain negative if I can help it. Within a year of converting, I had gotten some biohazard ink, & I wear the ink proudly. I am a pig, & proud of my sexual primal needs. Just because I am a pig, doesn't mean one cannot be a gentleman, however.. lol I have never really been in awesome, ripped, shredded shape. Prety much have been the typical regular joe, avg bod. Have contemplated going off of meds at some points, inbibing plenty of protein, & allowing the virus to take it's course in terms of it's natural ability to regulate weight.. That, and one thing the docs won't tell you.. My sex drive had literally skyrocketed when I converted. It was probably a good equal mix of not having to care about sero-status, & the fact the virus was raging. Felt like my blood was calling to me to sow the wild oats in every btm who wanted my seed.. All those hot muscle tops who wore biohazard ink like myself, I finally got the guilt free pleasure of feeling those studs marking their territory with their spunk in sweaty, savage moaning sounding memories of bliss. All in all, I am truly on the fence.

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