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    BDSM, humiliation, crossdressing, submissive.
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    I'm a 27yr old Asian male. I'm 5'6" 160lbs. I am highly submissive. I don't have a whole lot of experience but I want that to change. I work in the Loop (near Michigan and Randolph) but live in the south burbs.
  1. Gangbang

    I was unable to reach out to anyone. I still need help with setting up a gangbang. I really want to get fucked!
  2. Visiting Oct 5 - ???

    I would be interested in playing during the day either Thursday or Friday.
  3. Gangbang

    I really want to participate in a gangbang. Where I am the bottom. I want to be fucked my as many men as possible. The only thing is I'm new and don't know how to go about it. Please help!
  4. Which is better?

    Which would be better for during the day? I am thinking about taking the day off of work.
  5. Which is better?

    I'm newer to the area. I have heard about steamworks and man's country. Which is better for a newbie. Any advice? I do wear butt plugs and have been fucked in the ass before, just not in a long time.
  6. Fantasy

    I am new to Chicago. I have a fantasy that I want to see if I can make come true. I have a fantasy of being used abused by a group of guys; basically raped. I would no control and would be used. Anyone know how I can make this come true? I am a 28yr old asian.

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