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    BDSM, humiliation, crossdressing, submissive.
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    I'm a 27yr old Asian male. I'm 5'6" 160lbs. I am highly submissive. I don't have a whole lot of experience but I want that to change. I work in the Loop (near Michigan and Randolph) but live in the south burbs.

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  1. I live in Mokena. I have been coup up for way too long and just want to be fucked without mercy and bred. I can't host but can travel. What sick twisted fantasy do you want to live out?
  2. What is your wildest fantasy? Well, let's explore! Let me help you fulfill your wildest desires all the while you're filling my holes with your cock, piss and whatever else.
  3. This is something I want badly but somehow it's hard to find. I want someone to use all of my hole and breed each and everyone. Fill me up with you cum, your piss, your spit. Whatever you want. Tie me up and let your friends use and abuse my holes. This is something I am actively looking for! Please fulfill my fantasy!
  4. I want to get onto PrEp however i dont want any or reduce paper trail. I dont want to utilize insurance. What is the general cost associated with PrEp without insurance? Any advice? Anywhere to get it at reduced or free?
  5. I work right at the aon building near michigan and randolph. Would love to have my holes used!
  6. I have reach about experiences of men receiving a poz load and then getting the "fuck flu." However is this a real thing? When you become pozzed do you really get a "fuck flu"? How does it feel differently from normal flues?
  7. Does anyone else have trouble feeling the cock inside of you actual cum? I have never actually felt the guy shoot cum inside my ass. I know that he does because it leaks out afterward but I don't ever get that sensation of it shooting inside me.
  8. I need help setting up a gangbang. I want multiple cock using my holes. I however don't know many people. So I need help getting guys together. I love love love bondage so being tied up would be amazing also. Please help me fulfill a long time fantasy of mine.
  9. This might be too extreme for some but I have had this fantasy for a very long time and I want it to become a reality. First I'm 1000% legit and really ant this to happen. Second I understand the risks in making this a reality. Basically I want a consensual nonconsensual experience. I want a group of men andtor women to take me and the me up and use me in anyway they want. I want to be covered in spit, cum, piss and whatever else. I want my holes to be used and will have very little if any limits. I would love to be tied and used and then left somewhere to make my way back naked and covered. L
  10. I have had this fantasy for as long as I can remember. I would basically be kidnapped and used as a slave to a Master. I would be shaved so that I am hairless top to bottom. I would be naked except for a butt plug, chastity device, collar and ankle wrist restraints. I would be held at a farm and used anyway possible. I would be given enemas, pissed on, whipped completely humiliate me and many many more. I would be given no choices. Used my who ever Master allowed. Tied outside and left in the elements. I get so fucking hard thinking and fantasizing about this. I wish to live this fantasy out e
  11. I've tried grindr but have had any success. I'll have to try scruff.
  12. Anyone have any luck on certain hooks up apps or sites? Which ones do you prefer? I've used; squirt, bbrt, doublelist and here with limited responses. Hope to be able to get more hook ups.
  13. How long after starting to take prep will it be safe to take any and all loads?
  14. Anyone have any luck on any other sites? Since craigslist has stopped I haven't had any luck.
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