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  1. Hairybttmcub43

    Breeding party

    Hosting tops/vers guys in Kansas City MO Friday 8/7. Hairybttmcub at gmail. Hit me up for full details. 36 6’1” 240 hairy chest beard
  2. Hairybttmcub43

    Daddy cum

    Good Bttm boy
  3. Hairybttmcub43

    Nice Nine Inch Cock

    A buddy hit me up yesterday and wanted to use my hole. He’s 6’3” 260 9 thick. I cleaned myself up and went over to his place. He's an amazing kisser, so we frenched for some time, and went on to work over each other’s pits, as well as sucking each other. After this foreplay he flipped me over, prepared my ass with spit and lube, and slid into my tight hole. I hit the poppers. He fucked me hard, used my hole., flipped me over and put my legs on his shoulders and slid back in, asking if I wanted his load. Naturally I begged for it. He punched my legs back and got in me deep and bred me hard, his cock remaining lodged in my ass as we kissed. Eventually he got soft and slid out of my hole, so we lay there, making out. Once again I buried my face in his pit, and enjoyed it when he started fingering my ass. Then we moved to 69ing each other where he gagged me with his cock. I moved to eat his hairy ass, enjoying his hole for several minutes until he stood-up, stepped behind me, and again slid into my ass, quickly busting a second load in my ass as I shot my load all over my chest and face.
  4. Hairybttmcub43

    Newly on PREP

    I’ve been on prep for two year and have taken many many undetectable loads. Tested neg yesterday
  5. Hairybttmcub43

    Fucking a Daddy's Boy

    What a lucky son
  6. Hairybttmcub43

    Four anon loads in SF hotel

    What hotel were you at. I’ll be in San Fran in October
  7. Hairybttmcub43


    What lucky guys
  8. Hairybttmcub43


    Not for me. The thrill is having a guy I never see cum deep in your ass. And use my ass for his pleasure. My goal is a load deep in me.
  9. Hairybttmcub43


    The best idea ever. Love taking annoyomous loads being on prep
  10. Hairybttmcub43

    Iowa state fair

    Will be at the Iowa state fair 9-12. I’ve heard rumors of a glory hole is a restroom there. Anyone ever been?? Any guys on here that need a hole to breed wile you are up for the fair hit me up
  11. Hairybttmcub43

    442 Natoma

    Thanks guys. Love ass up annoyomous
  12. Hairybttmcub43

    Dad and Son dilemma

    I’ll offer to bottom of all 3 of you. 😈😈
  13. Hairybttmcub43

    442 Natoma

    Going to be in San Fran in October. Anyone ever been to 442 Natoma?? Good place for a hairy cub To take loads!???
  14. Hairybttmcub43

    The Cumdump Network - Locations & Phone Numbers

    36 6’1” 240 hairy chest beard bb Bttm will be taking loads at hydes 12-2 on 7/20
  15. Hairybttmcub43

    SNJ Top

    Lucky guys!!!! I’m off tomorow. Hope to get some loads. Going to hit up the bathhouse here in kc. Spend lunch ass up for The married men

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