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  1. Thanks. Found midtowne online today. I’ll have to google precinct. I enjoy some dark corner bb fun.
  2. Look up BBrt. It’s IML weekend in Chicago.
  3. Will be in town Friday to Monday. 6’1” 250 hairy chest beard bttm. any suggestions for ABS to take lods at or bathhouses?? Will be staying by the convention center
  4. That’s hot. Would love to have two brothers breeding me
  5. Hit our local bathhouse Friday. It’s sometimes busy with married men. Got my room, stripped and made a lap. Married guy started sucking me. Moved back to the tv room a buddy and his friend where working over this bearded daddy. My buddy pulled out of daddy’s mouth and bent me over. Fuck he felt good. He fucked me for a bit. Then his buddy slide in. Took a break. A black buddy showed up. He started pounding the daddy. So I made a lap. About 10 guys, so I went to my room. Laid there watching porn. My buddy came in flipped me over and pounded a load in me. He got up and next thing I knew before I could even move my black buddy was in me. Fuck his 8.5 felt good. He’s rough so thank god i had my poppers. He fucked me for a good 15 min then bred me deep!! He left. I took a break. Then wandered to the big bed in the back. Black buddy was laying there so I sucked how cock and then rode him and got another load. Ledt around 2 (it’s not your typical bathhouse best daytime is 12-1:30) got home this bi guy I have been talking too hit me up and I was still horny so he came over and planted a 4 day load in me. Ass up in my basement. 🐷🐷🐷🐷 successful Friday. Any other KCMO guys on here. Message me 😈
  6. I’ll be back in June. A Tuesday even so I’ll hit up 442

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