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  1. Hairybttmcub43

    Routine for bottom boys

    Ok all you cum dumps what’s your routine before being ass up for tops. Recently started using PURE for men and it make clean up easier but would love to see what others do. I never want to be a messy bottom
  2. Hairybttmcub43

    Hotel Breeding.

    I wanted to be a cum dump, but I've found guys in Kansas City are often flaky, but I decided to take a chance. I got a cheap hotel room and posted on bbrt. The first guy was a buddy I had met at an orgy who had bred me a few times since we first met. He came over, found me ass-up, and went to town on my ass, rimming and fucking me. He lasted about 20 minutes before dropping his load in my ass. The next guy was a sexy ginger with a nice thick cock. He was clearly excited to learn there was a load in my ass as he fucked me hard and in many positions until he blew deep in me. As it was, his cock remained hard, and he was able drop a second load in my hole. The third guy was a hot otter with whom I had been texting for a few months. He showed up and I was in heaven: his body was hot and hairy, he had a great beard and was an amazing kisser. We made out, licked each other's pits, and sucked each other for almost an hour. He then slid his thick eight inches into my ass, using my hole for everything it was worth, dumping what felt like a gallon of cum into my ass, remaining inside me while we kissed. After he split I looked around some more guys, by as I said earlier, Kansas City guys can be flakes.
  3. Hairybttmcub43

    Three Guys. Three Loads. Less Than an Hour

    Lucky bttm!!!!
  4. Hairybttmcub43

    Kansas City mo

    Looking for tops to breed my hole sat night.
  5. Hairybttmcub43

    Kansas City MO

    Hairy cub looking for loads. Hit me up
  6. Hairybttmcub43

    Married Guys In Their Own Beds

    A married buddy bred me in his sons bed once. Was so hot. Even hotter when he called me son when we shot hit load deep in me
  7. Hairybttmcub43

    Curious: Wearing a jockstrap at the gym

    I have 4 fort troff jocks that I wear where I hit the gym or go running. Great support plus it’s easy access for tops
  8. Hairybttmcub43

    Bbrts Profiles

    Hairybttmcub kcmo area.
  9. Hairybttmcub43


    And I love taking loads from hot men
  10. Hairybttmcub43


    What a lucky Bttm boy
  11. Hairybttmcub43

    Kansas City MO

    Any tops looking for a nice halry hope to breed in kcmo or surrounding area???
  12. Hairybttmcub43

    Trucker BBC

    Was horny as fuck Saturday AM, this trucker hit me up on GROWLr said he was coming through kcmo and wanted to fuck. Was into hairy bear (that’s me). We chatted. I sent him ass Picts and then agreeed I would meet him and fuck in his sleeper truck. Got cleaned up and went to meet. My heart was racing. I had never done anything like this. Parked in front of his truck and climbed in the passenger side. He was sexy as fuck. Nice 9.5 thick cock. I stripped, sucked him for a bit while he fingered my hole and then I got on all fours and he proceeded to use my hole for his pleasure. Thank god I had poppers. He fucked me for a good 20 min and then I could hear his breathing pick up and I knew I was I’m for a huge load. He grabbed my hips and had one last thrust and bred my ass good.
  13. Hairybttmcub43

    Carnival cruise 2/17-2/24

    I didn’t. But had fun the next week in San Fran
  14. You can breed me anytime 

    1. constructionguy


      bet you say that to all the tops ...lol

    2. Hairybttmcub43


      Just the hot ones 

  15. Hairybttmcub43

    Carnival cruise 2/17-2/24

    Any one going on the carnival Miracle 2/17 -2/24 cute hairy cub here would love to find some loads on board

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