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  1. Hairybttmcub43

    Lube Suggestions

    Fort Troff silicon. Best out there.
  2. Hairybttmcub43

    Hung Bahamian

    Kinda off topic but I miss Craigslist for the married “safe only” guys that when you got the naked and hard they would be balls deep raw in your hole
  3. Hairybttmcub43

    Sex party etiquette

    Need some advise. Recently started going to our local “bathhouse” it’s ok nothing like steamworks but gets the job done. Been successful getting loads there. Saturday night I attended a sex party in a loft downtown. 3 slings, 2 beds a few fuck benches. Got fucked once but wanted more. What do other bottoms do. Hop in a sling and offer your ass up??
  4. Hairybttmcub43

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    Going to a sex party tonight. Hope for a dozen
  5. Hairybttmcub43

    Nice Nine Inch Cock

    He’s fun!!!!!
  6. Hairybttmcub43

    ABS cumslut

    Where is this?? Kcmo here
  7. Hairybttmcub43

    Nice Nine Inch Cock

    He’s so fun
  8. Hairybttmcub43

    San Fran Fun

    Was in San Fran Monday 10/1. Got to the hotel worked some while I cleaned up. This cute cub hit me up. Figured why not. Killer body. German accent. Nice cock. Left a load in me Works a bit more then took a nap. Headed to 442. Got a there and my god there were some hot guy. Got fucked and rimmed by a sexy BLk guy. Made out with an older guy Some guy tucked me in the dark alley but most guys wanted the twink asses there oh well Left around 10:30 This guy hit me up on the way back off BBrt. Nice cock. He did have a face pict but took a chance. Glad I did. He was hot!!!!! he cane in. Stripped. I sucked him for a bit then he dove into my hole. Left a nice load.
  9. How wwws your party??
  10. Hairybttmcub43

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Been chatting with this hot military bi guy. We decided to hook up yesterday. Had hinted I like it bare but never came out and said it. He showed up. How Picts did not do him justice. Lean body and nice hairy chest. We got naked kissed. Sucked rimmed. And he slid right into my hole. Pounded me for a good 20 min and then dumped his load in me. We rested and went for round 2. Another load in me and I shot on his chest. We went to shower and he fucked me again. One of the hottest men o have fuxked.
  11. Hairybttmcub43

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Sign mup up!!!
  12. Hairybttmcub43

    My first experience at 442

    Has anyone gone to the Monday night party???
  13. In town on business. Wondering how 442 is on a Monday?? Hairy cub looking for loads.
  14. Hairybttmcub43

    Pre lubes asses in dark rooms

    Fuck yay. What’s why you always prelube. Then after that first load your ass should stay wet all night.
  15. Hairybttmcub43

    6 loads in one night.

    Fuck yah. Your hole is for the tops pleasure

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