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  1. Hairybttmcub43

    Bred a teenager in a stairwell

    Im more bottom but something about a smooth teen ass that makes me hard.
  2. He’s hot in that new scene on TIM
  3. Hairybttmcub43

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Fuck yay!!!! We need to meet up in Chicago sometime
  4. Hairybttmcub43

    Insatiable Fuck Bud

    Lucky bttm boy
  5. Hairybttmcub43

    Chicago Visit

    Well i was in Chicago 12/16- 12/19. Had a blast and ended up with 9 loads. I had to work from the hotel Monday and Tuesday so planned to take loads all day. And that plan worked. Got up Monday, prepped and then got online and posted an ad on bbrt. First load was a cute latin guy.. came over stripped bred me and left. Load 1. married dude hit me up, but would only fuck with a condom. Luckily i had brought some. he also wanted ass up anonymous, love that.. Give him the room number, told him i would leave a condom out (i had opened it and punched a hole in the end). he came in, i was ass up on the bed, but put the condom on and fucked me.. loved feeling his cock throb inside me when we shot his load. I reached back when he was done and make sure the condom came off in my ass.. i squeezed my hold as i pulled it out and it was empty when i pulled it out... Load 2. Next guy was a CUTE bear. he came over, we made out and enjoyed each others pits, he loved my cummy hole and pumped load 3 in me. Next was the best of the week!!!. a HOT BBC, 8 THICK, it was a quick chat on BBRT, he wanted to breed my tummy hole, ass up anonymous. I propped the door open, he cam in, i was ass up. He stripped and made me suck him hard. my god he was huge.. He slide that thick cock deep in me.. and started pounded. Thank god for poppers. i would reach back to grab his ass, but he would push my arms back up. at one point he was holding my arms down just pouring my hole. he moved me up on the bed i was flat on my stomach and then just went to town. fucking me hard and then i felt him throb in my hole and flood it with him cum. he pulled out, rinsed off and got dressed and left. No words spoken. met friends out for dinner, after the BBC i was done for the night. Tuesday got up, cleaned up. and started my day. It was slow on bbrt, so i posted ass up anonymous on double list. Got two hits, one married dude one gay twink. The twink stopped chatting, but the married dude came over. I let him in, stripped and then he was balls deep in me. Next guy was a hot otter that had bred me when i was in San Fran a few months earlier, again, not many words spoken, came in ..tossed me on my back and drove into my hole and dropped a huge load in me. After he left i was looking around on BBRT. to my delight the BBC from the day before had messaged, it was shot "on my way, be ready" . i jumped up and propped the door open and waiting. Again he came in, no words spoken, he pushed me up on the bed, and rapped my ass.. my GOD he felt good in me. He left and i laid there for big feeling his cum drip out of my ass. GOD I love Chicago!!
  6. Hairybttmcub43

    Cute Visiting Twink

    Lucky boy
  7. Hairybttmcub43

    Taking loads daytime

    Will be staying for 3 days in Chicago downtown / north river area. Want my ass loaded up. Hit me up guys BBrt hairybttmcub
  8. Hairybttmcub43

    Another Trip to Steam Works

    Fuck yay. Hope to get some loads at steamworks in December
  9. Hairybttmcub43

    Jockstrap Recommendation

    Fort troff makes great jock straps.
  10. Hairybttmcub43

    Visiting 12/16-12-19

    Hey Chicago guys. Coming to town for a few days. Will be ass up taking loads during the day. Any suggestions of these two hotels?? They easy to get to the rooms?? Good location?? Figured could be a good lunch crowd, love married loads Fairfield and suites north river 60 west Illinois street or Courtyard river north 30 east Hubbard
  11. Hairybttmcub43

    Chicago Cumdump New Apartment Fuck Party

    Fuck!!!! Ill be in Chicago in December. Glad I hear it’s a breeding town!!!
  12. Hairybttmcub43

    Chicago Visit Update

    Lucky!!!!!! That’s a sweet cock
  13. Hairybttmcub43

    A Motel 6 adventure

    Hotel days are the best!!!!

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