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  1. Are you on any other sites?

    1. DaddysCub


      I’m not. I use to have BBRT but never got any hits on it so I just let it deactivate. 

  2. Chubby cub bottom boy needing some cock.....one more multiple.
  3. Got it. So essentially being thinner is better but it doesn’t affect how the big is deal with medication. Thank you for your response.
  4. Just was curious does being a heavier guy when your Poz make the virus harder to deal with and conquer? Just curious
  5. You should post this in the back room. That’s where most those types of guys are. Just an FYI. And make sure you think about this a lot before deciding to go poz. Once you are poz there is no going back and there are strains that are harder to combat against. Just my two cents. Have a blessed day.
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