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    Chub, bear, cubs, bb, guys who like dark meat.
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    Curious, into BB, Big bears and chubs, love reading and talking about it.
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    Big butt, nice attitude, open minded.

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  1. I'd love to see this ass that all the black guys supposedly love

  2. Cub_Top

    N'awlins' second breeding

    Good boy.
  3. Now I wanna know this cub...
  4. I like the part about how you know guys want a fat ass no matter the skin color.
  5. Cub_Top

    Bear piss

    Deal. Just take my load after.
  6. White southern bear butt is the best butt. That’s all.

  7. I might have a type...


    1. barecubtop


      One of those looks familiar lol

  8. There is way too little porn featuring fat white chub/bear butt and big dark meat raw.
  9. Cub_Top

    Kings Cross Cum Dump

    I’d love that butt.
  10. Cub_Top

    Experiences at CumUnion

    How often do people see fat guys at CumUnion? If folks just want holes, are they letting the fat guys take their loads?
  11. hi

    1. Cub_Top


      Hello. Sexy pic. 


    2. erreth


      Thanks, how ar eyou 

  12. Fuckin' Oink~!! Pervs like you make visiting BZ Hot~! Please keep sharing your pix and adventures too... Thanks for following me and reps too. xoxo

  13. Cub_Top

    How do ya'll feel about the Big Guys?

    Only big guys for me. Big fat ass that’s I can fuck with big bodies throwing their weight around.
  14. Cub_Top

    Chat Line

    It is not unusual for someone to pick up the phone, except when you are balls deep in him. That is what this guy did. He was, in words that do not convey his import, the hottest man I had ever known at the time. He was dynamic, a word I just learn to use in regards to people. He was a times a hooligan, a little boy made big. Other times he was worldly and intelligent, careful and considerate. But then he'd smile and start to break shit. He did all of this with an irishman's skin, a lineman's body, and bright green eyes. We only had one weekend, lots of talk and eventually lots of friendship, but only one real weekend. Not even that really; let's call it a span of hours. We started and one thing led to another wonderful thing until I'm spooning him from behind and working myself deeper and deeper, losing my mind the whole time. So is he I'd thought, cause he reached over and picked up the phone. I sounded like an 80s commercial: "who you gonna call?". "you"ll see" was all I got until he started to narrate our hotel room excursion to the stranger on the other side of the phone line. This. This was not covered in my fantasy life, or my porn experience at that time, or the friends I knew or what tv taught me. I knew what he was doing: I knew it was a phone, a person and sex, but heaven help me I didn't know how he was putting all those things together. He handed the phone to me. A man, light voice, the little hum and tick-tock I now know is a signature of phone sex lines, asked me how it felt. I foolishly went on for too long about everything. I might have started to ask him questions about his job choice but someone wanted me to finish and made that obvious. Afterward, I was both satisfied and astonished. And unlikely to ever forget. So i guess sometimes I have to be pushed. Regardless of my comfort with myself and the things I like, I rarely consider going outside the bounds of the expected. So, I've learned to enjoy being pushed: especially by hot Irishmen.
  15. Cub_Top

    Sex Party

    I went to a sex party once. Jonah Hill was there. At least it felt like Jonah Hill. From the curly hair, furry belly, to the young man skin, rounded cheeks, top and bottom. This Jonah was a bottom, pre-lubed and purring when his itch was scratched. The itch was in the small of his back, furry space above his plump rounded cheeks. Light fuzz there, more than what was on his face - a baby face unable to grow hair. The other itch was inside, where he’d purr attention. I watched Jonah suck the big dicks and ask to be fucked, repeatedly. Some times he’d stand there, wit his underwear half pulled down, inviting someone to pull them the rest of the way down and take, take, take. The mayor was also there; a short round man, heavy voice, older face. He was experienced. He knew to wear the leather vest with the black jock; knew to suck the big dick deep so that the sput worked it’s way all the way down, making it easier when he turned around, and being short, stood on his tip toes to ease the slippery cock into his ass. He finished them off with his mouth, cleaning dick, big and small with his flexible tongue. He talked a good deal, telling stories of play parties past - of spaces where a man could go and get taken cared of, and where daddies rested comfortably on well-fucked haunches. I never saw his dick; he never took it out of that jockstrap, but i did rub his worn muscles. Seated him down and worked over his shoulders, down his broad back, over his thick butt, around daddy-big pecs, tweaked nipples, and made him purr. He did that alot, and he asked for more, and so i watched and rubbed, even while the frenchman pounded 9 thick inches in and out. The frenchman. Thin, hard assed, and all dick. Curve downward, heavy and thick. Impressive, and all in, it went. Several times, several men, big and small; thick assed and round hipped. In the sling, up against the wall, right there on the floor. A fucking machine; dick half-hard, but thighs smacking. I watched him fuck a fat-assed black man for twenty minutes, hovering over him and pumping while the eyes rolled back. He liked being watched, pulling out so everyone could see how wide he could stretch a hole. A top, even a well-traveled one, had to appreciate. That dick made men masters. And no everyone could take it; the tall daddy loved sucking on it. He’d squat down and hold his hands behind his back - he gave his throat to that dick but couldn’t give up the ass. He’d let it play, let it dance around, but then would blush and push it away. He couldn’t conceive of all that dick up his daddy butt. Even after seeing it go inside that slim twink, who gritted his teeth and opened up. The daddy watched that and jerked off, letting a stranger pat and knead his butt, but when presented with the meat at his hole, he wussed himself out the door. I didn’t blame him; i just gave him my own dick, a smaller version but less demanding. I was just fine with daddy sitting on the floor, letting his throat expand with dick and groaning and moaning over each entry. I fed him my load twice; first time as i watched the mayor ride dick in a sling, and a slower time when i could close my eyes and just enjoy skill for it’s own sake. It was sex all over, enough to watch or get involved. Both had advantages: be it watching the clean-cut frat boy get mauled by four big men, all who wanted a piece of furry chest, rock hard buns, thick curved dick, or fingers. Those fingers get wondrous reviews; i heard the usual moans and grunts, but also the wounded dissapointment of having them pulled away and put into another fat man’s ass. I thought him a player only, until i heard him whisper “now” in the mayor’s ass, and then watched him slipped it into that thick butt and pound it into the ground. The Mayor was, as always, prepared, he spread his legs, lowered his head, raised his hips and gave the meaty target requested. He brached himself against the wall, let his hips be gripped hard and yelped with each bottom-busting slam. The cum shot went around the room, hitting each member hard enough to trigger their own orgasm. And thus you joined in; you were alone against the wall, quiet on the couch, in your own private world with warm throat on your cock, and still, there were other men in the room, other men in the house, other men doing horrible, nasty, sleazy, wonderful things to one another. Pick your boundary, but you are in, all the way in.

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