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  1. Spoken like a true slut. I would fuck you until you spew spunk.
  2. Maybe I'm a little late to this but I was lucky enough to meet a few sexy TS ladies that let me piss in them after dumping my load deep inside. The filling was unreal. I was able to leave my cock inside them will urinating and I could feel my semen spilling out of their rectum. I could even feel the warmth of my urine wrap around my shaft as they began to grind their ass against me. Has anyone else enjoyed doing this?
  3. I feel like I've been on vacation but I had to travel overseas for work. Either way, I'm back. I have sent a message to a few of you on here. If for any reason I missed you, please message me. I've had some catching up to do and I still need to dedicate a load to a few barebackers who sent me pictures.
  4. Let's meet up. Are you in Fresno?
  5. Cum multiple times

    I’ve been in a few asses that have made me cum multiple times but my cock normally spits out one big hot load. I’ve been able to shoot my cum about 3 feet up when on my back and getting head.
  6. Dirty Anal

    I’d piss in your ass after the dirty mess.
  7. Let's Make a Date

    San Francisco, CA.
  8. I want to breed a hot ass. Anyone want to meet up this month or next so I can pump them full of toxic cum?
  9. Bare Penises Only ?

    I wonder how filthy my cock would look after sticking my raw cock deep in all of your asses. I bet it would look like a marvelous shit stick dripping toxic cum. The question is; who would clean it for me?
  10. Dirty Anal

    I never expect an ass to be clean. I want it all natural.
  11. (cd) party wench

    Why am I never at these events? SMH
  12. The tops cumdump

    I would pump you full of my cum several times a day and require you to wear a butt plug. Anything that seeps out needs to be put back where it belongs. Think you could do that for a month straight?
  13. That’s great! Can you send me a private message so we can iron out the details.
  14. Bare Penises Only ?

    The word condom doesn’t exist for me. It’s raw or not at all. You need to link me to these sites so I can find some local bareback sluts. I’ve struck out on this site. All of you sexy cunts are outside of California.
  15. How many loads can you sluts keep inside your belly? I have a group of men looking for the nastiest cum slut out there. We need to be able to use you all night. The idea is to fill you with cum until it literally spills out. We are willing to travel if necessary but you have to be a cum loving whore. You cannot tap out until your shit tunnel is full. If that takes 20 loads, so be it. If it takes 40, so be it. So, who’s willing to get pregnant?

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