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  1. Practically any of the tops from the Machofucker videos. I love the gagthefag movies, too.
  2. Nearly everybody likes a big Dick: that’s hardly news. But really, if you’re into barebacking (and I am), it’s really more about getting the cum or piss that the top produces into all my holes ASAP. If it were just about size, I could just buy a bunch of dildos.
  3. I hope you tipped them. Seriously, that’s the way it should be. Back to the basics. No bullshit. That’s my kind of fucking.
  4. Why analyze it? There are plenty of guys around who would probably be happy to give you a load. Do it and see how you feel.
  5. I used to manage an ADULT book store. The best fuck I had was a middle eastern guy. I had my head up his hot ass so fast and he fucked me bareback twice. Some of the customers watched. I miss him.
  6. I’d rather not know what the guy looks like. I’m most interested in what he likes to do in bed.
  7. I always make it clear beforehand that]condoms are not allowed. I’d rather not get fucked at all then get fucked with a condom. Using a condom is not even fucking at all for me.
  8. For the most part, I just want the cum deep in my ass, or piss. The fucking itself can be-pun intended-a pain in the ass.
  9. My first dick was black and bareback and he was my first boss too.
  10. That’s practically my favorite thing. A guy barebacking me and then to feel his piss filling up my ass. It ruins it if he asks permission.
  11. I prefer anonymous. If possible, I like to see their face for the first time when they spasm their load into me. Too late by that point!
  12. I had some guy nut in my ass a few weeks ago while my husband was out of town. Didn’t even ask me. Just slid it in and barebacked my hole til climax. Super hot. Hope he was poz.
  13. I prefer guys who don't speak English. Much easier that way. Although, I always lie and tell them I'm negative if anyone asks.
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