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  1. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): Fag, Slut, Cunt Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): (805) 552-6202 A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): 93063 Times you're generally not available: Week Days, Late Night Age: 58 Height: 6ft 3in Weight: 195 Ethnicity: White Looking for a HUNG top to take my Anal Virginity. Piss on me, push me over and shove your cock up my ass and dump your load!! Use this fag! Might be able to host for the right situation, at the right time.
  2. My neighbor just stopped by again. He likes to call me names as I suck his cock. Sissy. Fag. Cocksucker. Slut. He also likes to cum all over my face and rub it in with his cock! Sitting here with his cum drying on my face!
  3. I had thought about it a lot but never really had the chance, or chickened out when I did. Whenever I watched porn I always liked the cocksucking scenes and loved facial scenes. The first cock I sucked was at a Gloryhole in a ABS. I hadn't intended on sucking cock, was just checking things out. When he showed me his beautiful tool, I was a cocksucker! It was too beautiful not to suck. Didn't think about it, just did it and been doing it ever since.
  4. 1, 2. 3, 4, 5, 6- I love cum so however I get it is awesome! All cum is awesome! I'm a Slut so I'm not picky! 7 - More Cum! 8 - The first cock I ever truly sucked is my ideal cock! About 9 inched, nice mushroom hear, a bit of an upward curve. Bush trimmed and clean. And shot a LOT of cum all over my face. I'm an aspiring cumdump so I'm not picky about my cum, as long as I get some!
  5. I sucked a lot of cock in that backroom!
  6. A A4A member hit me up. In town and needing to nut. Told me to meet him at a local store. Men's room, last stall and strip to my panties. Text him when ready. Code knock on the door and there it was, A cock to service! Semi hard already. Shoved it in my mouth and started fucking it in and out. Didn't take long and he fired a huge load in my mouth! Fucking massive load. Pulled out of my mouth and wiped his cock on my face. "Good job slut" and he was gone. I love sucking strange cock!
  7. Closest place I know of is Romantix in Oxnard. Hit & Miss. Not sure if they're open during the pandemic. Huge video rooms. But last I knew they were monitoring and cracking down on any fun.
  8. Years ago there was a gay club called Faces in E. St. Louis. 3 level club. Main floor was the dance club. Upstairs was the stage for drag queen shows. And the basement - 2 bars, dark corners, a working urinal mounted on a wall. And the dark backroom. They had just opened the basement to girls too. I went with my little stripper FB. She loved the drag queen shows. Underwear night. I knew she suspected I liked cock. We ended up in the basement, she like to sit across from the dark room, watching what she could see in the light from the door. She finally convinced me to go in and get
  9. This morning - I blew my neighbor. Quick Blo-N-Go! He stepped in my door, pulled his cock out and I sucked him off! He likes to blow on my face and then smear it around with his cock and then makes me lick it clean! Says I'm his favorite Faggot!
  10. Not so far. But considering the current pandemic situation.
  11. You suck enough cock, you get a feel for it. What the guy likes and what makes him shake in his boots! Different guys, different likes! Practice makes perfect!
  12. Years of sucking so many cocks! Never been fucked! Now I want to be a true slut, a bareback cumdump! My fantasy... A hung top. Put me on my knees (as a Sissy or not). Piss all over me (first time too)! Shove me face down and mount me! Fuck your load into me! Fuck me like a Faggot! Simi Valley, CA
  13. Romantix in Oxnard, CA I was cruising the hall, seeing who was there. A door opened and a clean cut guy slipped out of the booth. Red in the face, a little sweaty. I stepped into the room and on the futon cushion was a huge puddle of cum! Without even closing the door, I knelt and licked it up! Savored it! Still warm and tasty! Another time I watched a guy jerk off through a gloryhole! He shot a huge load all over the monitor! I slipped into his booth as he slipped out. Licked the monitor clean as he watched. Never waste good cum!!
  14. It feels natural! And empowering! I love sucking a cock to hardness and then making it cum! And I love CUM!!
  15. I have a neighbor who likes quick blo-n-gos. He stopped by the other day and blew his load all over my face! He loves to paint my face! Hoping he cums by tonight!
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