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    Chicago, IL
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    bb, cum, gangbang, farm, lingerie, cub, muscle, bear, otter, public, forced, dancefloors, kinks, live cam.
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    Neg, On PrEP
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    Versatile Bottom
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    I just like having my hole filled and even forced with some fun
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    amatuer stuff
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    either quiet dom men to take a turn on me, masc verbal angry top men to use me while people watch, all the poppers available so i can be used non stop.

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  1. Deep pussy

    Taking loads from 7-10 inches. I love how it feels when I'm so loose they 10 inch cocks can just go in deep.
  2. I spent the better of today fucking on chat random/gay. Then had people on there in Chicago come over to continue the live rape of my pussy

  3. South gangbang

    just want to spend he night aking loads fom men in my little pussy. need 3 tops with fun to fill and force it in me, Want to do DP and record. love masks and covered faces
  4. Bday breeding

    New bottle of poppers and can also angry tops for a zoom viewing starting at 8 pm just want vers top to join
  5. Chicago southside bottom

    just a local slut looking to have some all night and day fun. i also want to do it while people on cam watch, would love poppers also just so i can get it hard instead of slow and boring. verbal and masc men are better but any one dominate will do.

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