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    BAREBACK, giving and taking loads, any loads. Piss. Pig play
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    Looking to chat with other bareback sluts. Always up for meeting and breeding too

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  1. Your cum-dripping flared mushroom head speaks to me... it mesmerizes me!

  2. I want to be used By Rawversguy Im POZ  Bareback is the only way to get fucked I will do anything for cum in my ass  2036849671 Paul the ass pig 

  3. Thanks for the follow buddy

  4. When I top, I love being the bottom's limp little dick swinging as I pound his hole. Once I do blow my load in him, I usually try to suck him off and swallow his load.
  5. I always say thank you. Never know if he just gave me something, and I want to make sure he's thanked for it
  6. My name is the same on pretty much every chat and hook up site...minus the 1
  7. Just got seeded.  For some odd reason, I asked his status which I very seldom do.  The whole time, he kept dodging anything that had to do with his status.  He made sure to leave as quickly as he could after he blew his load.  Fingers crossed

  8. This has become one of my favorite topics. Any chance we can add to it and show our different loads? Not the ones we take in our asses, but our actual loads? Videos or pics.
  9. Anyone looking to chat?  Boring night...hit me up.  Wickr Kik Telegram-RawVersGuy

  10. I posted a status about this on my page as well. Thought maybe it was just me...apparently not. I'm missing the chat as well
  11. Has the chat room disappeared?  I saw a post that some things on here were changing, but didn't see that the chat room was being removed.  

  12. Bored this evening.  Cruising for a load or a hole.   Hit me up on Wickr Kik or telegram if ya wanna chat.  

  13. I was going to post a huge long detailed description, but decided to put it all in a nutshell. A married discrete vers guy moved in down the block. Discovered him on Grindr. We've been swapping loads for about a month now. He's married, but love sleeping around with guys and hates using rubbers....JACKPOT!! He mentioned that some night he wants to bottom but doesn't think he can take my cock. (He says I'm huge, but I don't really think so.) Anyway....Im sitting on two loads of his. Walked down to his house after chatting on Grindr. Bent over the bed of his pick up, and he slid in
  14. thanks for the follow back

  15. The only time I've ever pushed out the load(s) in my hole, is if there's another pig with his face buried in my ass with an open mouth. Otherwise it stays in my hole.
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