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    Travel Extensively to Asia / Palm Springs/ Las Vegas
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    Husband and I love BB fun. I am a pig hole bottom and my husband is a truly versatile top. Love travel, adult bookstores, gloryholes, slings, dark rooms, saunas.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Hole is ALWAYS squeaky clean for playtime. Hairy hole. opens easily and gets sloppy wet.
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    Looking for primarily tops that NEED a wet sloppy hole to breed and use the hole as your personal cum dump. Love quick anonymous breeding, gloryholes, bookstore encounters, hotel encounters, cruisy mens rooms.

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  1. UncutCumHole

    Which cities do you recommend for barebacking in Asia

    Bangkok. No shortage of sweet Thai holes
  2. UncutCumHole

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    This morning at an adult movie theater in Las Vegas. All Ali e in the theater except for 1 older black man. He was watching pussy porno and slowly rubbing his crotch. I dropped my shorts and rubbed my ass and exposed my pussy. He immediately got up, walked behind me, unzipped, spit on his cock then entered me in 1 push and he was about 7 inches but thick. Luckily I had prelubed my pussy. He grabbed my hips and off he went while watching the straight porno. He got verbal talking about pussy and whores. After about 10 minutes he forced it deep and I could feel at least 6 enormous contractions in his cock. Afterwards he spit on my ass, slapped it and called me a whore. I had a smile on my face.
  3. UncutCumHole

    What Age Did You Realise You Were A Sub Slut?

    Age 13. I started sucking cock , my brother, at 12 and graduated to being bred at 13. I discovered the gloryhole in the park where I walked the family dog at 13 by accident. I was in the park with the dog at about sunset and noticed a few older men wandering around and they were in and out of the men's room. Didn't really think much about it until I went to the urinal to pee and, suddenly, the men s room urinals were lined up with me and 3 other guys. They kept watching me and finally 1 old guy reached over and touched my cock. I jumped and my heart was racing. All 3 of the men were openly stroking their cocks. Then the man with a wedding ring pulled down my Jean's and began to finger my ass. I was in pure heaven. All 3 ended up breeding me. I went home with their married daddy cum dripping out. I was terrified my mom would find out. After that event, I was positive that my ass was going to be used and I was fine with it. I never complained about walking the dog again. I spent MANY evenings in that park toilet until my Uncle caught me there but that's a whole different story.
  4. UncutCumHole

    December visit

    2 undetectable men, 61 and 65, coming to London SOHO area December 27 to 29. Short trip but looking for the latest info on gloryholes, adult movie theaters where we both can get our holes bred anonymously. Both holes are squeaky clean, open up and will gape open.
  5. UncutCumHole

    Paris BB places for MATURE/BEARISH men?

    I am interested in the answer to this question as well.
  6. UncutCumHole

    Christmas in Paris

    2 older men coming to Paris for Christmas and New Years Eve . Suggestions as to where we can find tops looking to breed hole regardless of age? 62 and 65. Love cine with Arab, black, French men loaded with cum to fill our holes. Any particular sauna for bare fucking for older guys? Thank you for your suggestions
  7. UncutCumHole

    New to Las Vegas

    2 men new to Las Vegas. 62 and 65, pos but undetectable. Looking for gloryholes, Mexican men needing to simply FUCK and go with no questions asked, . Impregnate
  8. UncutCumHole

    Las Vegas Roll Call

    Las Vegas, Summerlin here. 2 men. 1 versatile the other bottom fun hole. Love gloryholes, anonymous breeding.
  9. UncutCumHole


    I have had a fetish for truckers, truckstops, rest areas and ABS for as long as I can remember. I have spent MANY MANY hours in trucks bunks and cruising trucker toilets. Love to have you tell us your experiences, where the best truckstops are located but in particular where the ABS is located where truckers are very evident. Love being a pussy when those truckers are travelling and just need a warm hole to breed and go.
  10. UncutCumHole

    Paris Information

    Any more information would be appreciated
  11. UncutCumHole

    Paris Information

    Thank you for the information. Very little French spoken here but we are very respectful to whatever environment we travel to. Last time we were in Paris, in 2016, we found this shop that had 2 floors (main floor and basement) that you paid an entry fee then entered. Downstairs was the gay films. Crawling with French, Syrian and Arab men looking to be paid to play. Very aggressive men. Loved it but can't remember the name of the place. Anyone know about this place???
  12. UncutCumHole

    Paris Information

    My husband of 23 years and I are returning to Paris and would like to get your firsthand account of the best saunas, clubs, gloryholes etc to get a hot load buried in my hole. Our last trip there we kind of just winged it but found a movie theater full of Syrian hustlers. Dropped 50euros each for a number of booth fucks... Thanks men
  13. UncutCumHole

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    On the skytrain in Bangkok during rush hour when the train is packed shoulder to shoulder. Was in the last car, kind of stuck in this "well" at the very back. The train car rocking had me bumping my ass against this Thai man's crotch. He rubbed my ass and I could feel him get hard. I slipped my shorts down, he spit on his fingers and lubed my hole. Every movement of the train got him deeper. He shot his load in me within 3 stops. Pulled out and exited the train. Never spoke.
  14. UncutCumHole

    Bangkok Massage Boyz

    Returning to the same shop this week for another deep massage. The mammasan sent me a message that she now has a new total top working. He is married, 8 inches and uninhibited about rimming and breeding.
  15. UncutCumHole

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    .....about 25 minutes ago by a Thai older man understall in a toilet. I sat on it as half of his body was slid under the stall wall. Rode it fast and furious and he shot straight up into my sloppy pussy. Still dripping Thai baby juice.

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