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  1. fetishlad

    Prep Side Effects

    I'm fairly new to PrEP, three months now. I feel near constantly tired and can sleep for days. That makes me depressed... ...but the dreams!! I didn't realise it could be the PrEP until reading this. Around the same time I started I have been having the most insane dreams. Even if I have a nap in the afternoon for an hour, I will have the most crazy dreams. I'm really hoping it all stops...
  2. Hi guys! More interested in starting something social, as opposed to chem sex etc. Not really into that. Thought an occasional get together and a few drinks might be cool, to get to know other barebackers.
  3. Great! so there's one guy! What about the rest?
  4. Hello London (and UK) based guys: poz, neg, on PrEP etc etc. If there was a London social group, somewhere we guys could meet up, have a drink and a chat and make real-world connections, would you join? From my point of view, I'm quite new here and I have got a lot of information – very honest, open information – but I would still like to meet like minded guys more sociably... Would that interest anyone?
  5. So... after a while of going BB, I took a break and tested. I had prepared myself for the result being positive, but it was negative. Nurse at the clinic was very keen to get me on PrEP asap, so I signed up for it and I now have it. Haven't started taking it yet. For a few days I just looked at it, thinking that it's really a big step. Suspecting I will feel some kind of freedom. I have decided to start taking it, but will do when I'm not so busy, just so I can get used to routine and any initial side affects. In the meantime, I'm still off sex. When I do start taking it, I think I'm going to properly go out to a fetish club and take as much as I can...
  6. Thanks you for your kind message
  7. After years of looking and considering joining here, I’ve finally done it. looking to meet other barebackers and make some fuck buddies. london based but travel often i’m ready

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