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  1. Hey Stud, I've shot some loads just reading what you have typed in these forums. As a fellow top, I see a lot of myself in you. You need to start a tumblr blog and record your experiences and observations. Spot on, very sexual and very sensual. Not to mention the great writing skills you have. Peace, Jay

  2. hot hot for you in Hell's Kitchen!

  3. Damn I want your cock. You're right about why I've been put on earth - to be a fucking toy for all men as hot as you ;)

  4. I'm interested in knowing if there are any sites that rate sex partners, sort of like Yelp or Amazon for fucking. I would be particularly interested in a site where tops rate bottoms (with profile names from hookup sites) with stars and a written description. This would make it easier to "shop around" because there is a lot of false advertising on hookup sites. Obviously, I understand everyone has different perspectives on what a good partner is, and privacy rights would need to be respected. If anyone knows of such a site, or if you'd like to start a thread here for rating bottoms, let me know.
  5. that cock looks amazing

  6. This highlights an issue few people discuss here. Some bottoms want bare cock, but not the load. This is especially true for neg bottoms or bottoms who are just exploring bareback. I think I speak for most tops here when I say it can be hard to figure out exactly where a bottom stands so sometimes out of an abundance of caution the top will pull out and unload outside the hole. I'm going to concur with the bottoms who have already suggested being very explicit. Try to be verbal throughout. Better yet, look up directly into your top's face while you're getting fucked, establish eyecontact, and try to find the words to express how much you crave his load up your hole. Tap the hunger within and let your top sense that hunger in a visceral way. Get to a point where the understanding isn't just verbal but there is an emotional shared acknowledgement that OF COURSE your top is going to drain his balls inside you - because spilling even a drop would be a waste. If you can find a way to convey how much you want that load, chances are you won't just be getting that load where it belongs - you'll extract a much bigger load than if you took things for granted.
  7. I have quite limited experience with chastity (that is, using a chastity device on a bottom - I'm a top, as my moniker indicates). However, recently I had an experience that turned me on to chastity, to the point where it's become a fetish for me. I did a hookup with a visitor in his hotel room here in NYC. He was wearing a chastity device throughout. I can't begin to describe how good he was as a bottom - extremely hungry, attentive, affectionate. He was very verbal and horny to the point where he seemed, at least for that moment, to live for cock. At the same time, he was very affectionate in a way that I love (kissed me a lot, caressed my balls while I fucked him, tenderly cleaned my cock after I'd dumped my load). I wanted to fuck him again but he flew out the next morning. I don't have his contact information, but I've been thinking about him all the time. For some reason, it was such a turnon to me that he would use a chastity device to give himself so completely to me. Of course, I have nothing to compare with, so I don't know if it was just that he was such a beautiful guy and great sex partner but I know the chastity device enhanced the experience for me at a mental level at least. For a while I I've tried to find bottoms who are specifically into chastity but they seem surprisingly rare. So my question for bottoms here is: if a top asked you to strap on a chastity device before sex, would you refuse him, would you reluctantly go along with it, or is this something that could enhance the experience for you as well?
  8. Could this be related somehow to the fact that there are so many more bottoms than tops (at least on hookup sites)? I mean, do bottoms who insist on safe get fucked at all these days?
  9. Thoughts on how to handle this? I had this happen twice and both times I just went on fucking - one time the guy clearly loved it, but the other guy was obviously not happy. This was in a dom/sub setting where it was obviously NOT ok to cum before me (if at all). I just find that most bottoms really tighten up and lose interest after they cum so I don't enjoy it when a bottom cums while getting fucked - I find it distracts from his purpose, which is to make the top cum (at least in the dom/sub setting I personally prefer). Please no judgments, just want to hear different viewpoints on this.
  10. I agree with the others here. If you're focused on cumming while bottoming, your mind is in the wrong place. Judging by your ass pic, any top is going to FLOOD your hole - isn't that enough?
  11. Hairless. Either naturally or shaved. Especially for rimming. I love when I see a fuckboy who takes the time to groom his pussy for his top. Extra pointers!
  12. I'm a total top. Just never liked the idea of having anything up my ass. Besides, I get into the power dynamic and love sub pussy bottoms for that reason.
  13. nice to be filled with

  14. Nice looking cock euro,mmm. seems to be a good 9".

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