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  1. Best kind of cock... especially if uncut. The moment i discover the guy im meeting with us uncut... I make sure to ask him to not wash his cock
  2. I love unwashed uncut cock! hard to find in the Philippines as most guys here are cut. Have to find uncut foreign guys for me to suck clean - but the competition for foreign cock is tough here 😅
  3. I was 15. He was 17. Though I’ve started playing around before then but never cum in my ass until I was 15. The feeling of cum inside me made me the cumslut I am today.
  4. You’re such a lucky bottom!!! arabs, whites, and all other types of men. Yum! Keep on posting your sexcapades.
  5. Wow that’s really hot. I’d love that to happen to me.
  6. PART 16 It’s been a few days since I discovered I was pregnant and I haven’t told anyone else yet. I’ve continued flirting around with Jacob and David in class but no fucking as we’ve all been caught up with the excess academic work. With all the papers and reading I’ve been doing, it seemed like my pregnancy has become an after thought. Though it still Sometimes haunts me as to what I should do. Should I keep it? Should I continue fucking around? Should I tell the guys that they could be the father? I realized that I was going into a tailspin and snapped out of it. I finished several chapters on 18th century European politics and went to sleep. I still feel nauseous in the morning but not as bad as before. Not sure if i’m just getting used to it or it really is just getting better. After some thinking I though I should atleast tell Hassan and Khalid, as they’ve been my closest and most frequent sex buds. I’m not entirely sure how’d they react but I thought I should give it a go. I ate my breakfast, texted Khalid if I could come over and was on my way. i arrived at Khalid’s place and was greeted by his warm smile. Not to mention that he was topless when he opened the door. Oh god, am I really getting horny? He held my hand and guided me into the living room. Khalid must have noticed that something was different and asked me. khalid: is something wrong? You seem different? me: well i’m Not sure how to say this. *my eyes tearing up a bit khalid: are you alright? me: well... i’m Fine but... but... i’m Pregnant *there was a long pause in the room and the silence was deafening. Then I felt Khalid hug me and he kissed my forehead. Khalid: it’s gonna be alright, I told you i’ll Marry you right? me: well... i’m Not even sure I want to get married yet. And not sure if I will keep the baby. I don’t even know who the father is khalid: it’s alright (he said again, as he hugged me and pulled me into a tight embrace) khalid is so romantic and sensual as he caressed my body and started to undress me. He kissed and licked me all over and was very sensual in eating my pussy. He then undressed and revealed his 8 inch cock for me to suck. We were taking our time and it seemed to be perfect. This is has got to be my most sensual fuck yet. After sucking him, Khalid positioned his cock and slowly entered my wet hole. Stretching me and sending shivers all over my body. “I will make this baby mine” he said. As he pushed and pulled his cock halfway ... we locked eyes and kissed and for 20 mins we were like that and I heard him grunt as he came inside me.
  7. Such a hot story. Reading it made me horny as fuck. I’d love some BBC in me.
  8. Part 15 I still couldn’t get over the results of the pregnancy test. Me... pregnant? Shit! What will my parents say? Who’s the father? And should I keep it? I laid back on my bed for the first half of the day, thinking what I should do. I ended up really confused and then I thought... maybe it’s just a false positive, I should really see Dr. Faris. I went to the university clinic and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Faris, the clinic assistant told me that he’s available at 3pm. As soon as 3pm struck, I was allowed in into his office and I was greeted by Dr. Faris, I almost forgot how handsome and sexy he is. Dr. Faris: So Jessica, good that you are back. I thought you woudn’t Be returning. Me: well... i’m here ... well uhm ... uhm (I stuttered as I tried to talk back to him) Dr. Faris: what’s the matter? me: I think i’m pregnant Dr. Faris: Oh well we have to verify that first. Did you miss your period? me: Uhm I think I was suppose to have it either today or yesterday but I took a pregnancy test earlier and it said positive. Dr. Faris: hmm... if that’s the case let’s go to the ultrasound room and go have a look. We walked towards the other room where the ultrasound machine is and I got myself settled down. I laid down and lifted my shirt and Dr. Faris put some jelly on my stomach and he started to move it around... after a few more minutes “ah, there it is, you see that?” And on the screen was a small blob of some sort. “That’s the embryo, and by the looks of it you are 3 weeks pregnant” My heart sank and Dr. Faris must have seen my reaction and he started to comfort me. “It’s not the end of the world Jessica” he said as he hugged me. And as he hugged me I could smell him and it smelled of slight musk and a hint of perfume and from out of nowhere I suddenly felt horny. His strong arms and his gorgeous face really made me melt. And then I looked at him and kissed him. He kissed me back and started to fondle my breast. He removed his coat and shirt and I was greeted by his hot body, he then removed my shirt and bra and continued to kiss and lick me. He then started to finger me and within seconds we were completely naked, I started to suck his cock while caressing his toned body and he did his best to keep his moaning and grunting in check. I then repositioned myself and presented to him my wet pussy. He did not wait long and he spat on my pussy and his cock and slowly he shoved his thick cock into my vagina. I moaned as his cock stretched my pussy. “You like that you pregnant slut?” he said. “Yeah fuck me, more, more” was all I can say in return as he continued to pummel my vagina. He slowly gained speed and soon enough he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow, almost completely pulling out and then fucking me until he was balls deep. And then he started to grunt and I felt his cock spasm inside me. He came a lot, his cum almost immediately started to leak out even while he was still in me. As Dr. Faris pulled out, globs of cum leaked, he gave me this smirk and said “not too worried now are you?” I was slightly embarrassed with the way things happened, from being a worried ball of mess to cum slut in seconds just because I caught a whiff of his scent. “So are you keeping it?” “I’m not sure yet”, I replied. ”well abortion is illegal here but I’d be more than happy to assist” Dr. Faris winked as he got dressed. i then started to clean up and dress as well. Before leaving the room. I kissed him and said i’d visiting again soon.
  9. Part 14 With all the fucking I got last night I had a good night’s sleep. However when I woke up I felt I little bit dizzy and had this urge to vomit. I thought well I might have eaten something bad or whatever so I just did my best to go back to sleep but the nausea was really making it hard to do so. Then I realized ... oh shit “am I pregnant” I remember Dr. Farris telling me that I was really fertile when I was getting fucked by guys just before I visited him. Shit! I can’t be pregnant! Despite feeling dizzy... I did my best to go to the nearest drug store and bought a pregnancy test kit. Walked backed to the my dorm and directly went to the bathroom... that 5 minutes of waiting we’re the longest 5 minutes of my life. And then... shit two lines! Positive! I’m pregnant. Shit I gotta see Dr. Faris ASAP.
  10. It’s been a long drought since I got some cock in my mouth. So last Monday I really couldn’t help myself and was really horny at work. I decided to take a half day leave and go to a cruisy mall in the afternoon. this mall never fails me. Tons of guys that are horny or are just looking to cum. I ended up sucking 4 cocks and having their load in my mouth. Yum! Made some eye contact in the toilet and brought them into the emergency stairwell where I sucked them hahah.
  11. Part 6: bent over The breakfast went smooth. It seemed that dad wasn't on to me and uncle benj. We had the usual morning conversations but I was really distracted with uncle benj's cum leaking, I could feel my ass leaking globs of cum as we talked over summer vacation plans and what not. Good thing not enough cum leaked out for a stain to form on my shorts or that would have been hard to explain. Dad and uncle said they'd be off to do some errands and that I should be expecting a plumber to drop by as we were having some issues with out sink the past few days. At about 10 o'clock I was all alone and still horny as hell and then the doorbell rang, I opened the door as was greeted by this hot scruffy guy. He was a little bit taller than me 5'11 or 6'0 and must have been in his mid 30's. He looked hot as hell and I did my best to control my urge to suck him right then and there. "I'm William" he said, removing me from my sexual daze. I said "you must be the plumber." He just nodded in agreement and I let him inside the house. I explained to him the issues we've been having with the pipes and I showed him into our kitchen, he said he'll check it out and it should be fixed in no time. The weather was quite hot that day and I offered him a glass and a pitcher of water and left it on the kitchen table for him. I left him in the kitchen and I got back to the living room and watched some tv. After 20 minutes or so I checked out on William again and he was scooted under the sink with his top off. And god did he look amazing, he had well defined pecs and a toned body, like a fit dad bod and that really gots me. I can see some sweat glisten off his body and see his armpit hair and I was put into a sexual daze again. He must have noticed me and said "I hope you don't me taking off my shirt, this heat is killing me" I just said "no problem, I don't mind, yeah the weather's really hot but it seems like you've made it hotter" i wanted him to know that I liked him but I wasn't entirely sure that he was into guys. I hope that quick remark made him catch on into what I'm really after. He just replied "you're too nice bud, you ain't pretty bad yourself" After 2 more minutes he said "all done" and he was standing a couple of feet away from me half naked. "Is there anything I can do?" He said. I didn't know what got into me but I said "no, but I can do you if you like"... there was a moment of silence and I thought I messed it up but as I was just about to think of an excuse about what I said, William smiled and said as he grabbed his crotch "well, you can do this" I immediately went to him, grabbed his crotch and licked on his now musky body. He started to moan as my mouth and tongue made its way from his neck to his pecs and down his body. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and dropped his pants and underwear into his knees and I was greeted by this thick 7 inch cut white cock. He had bushy pubes and slightly hairy balls and I made my way into his cock. I licked it and sucked on its head, he grabbed my head and started to push me deeper into him as he moaned in pleasure. I sucked him and played with my tongue as I went down on him and he said "oh, fuck, you're way better than my wife" I looked up into him and his eyes were closed as I sucked him. I then made my way to his balls, I licked and sucked them as I played with his cock. He really liked it as all I can hear from him were moans of pleasure. As I went back to sucking him with my mouth buried into his cock and bush covering my nose, he said "can I fuck you?" Oh wow my day is getting better I thought. I immediately got off his cock and bent over the kitchen table as I removed my shorts and presented to him my sweet twink ass. He liked what he saw and smacked my ass every now and then as he inspected me. I was still bent over the kitchen table as he spat on my ass and his cock and he slowly pushed his thick cock into me. I moaned as his cock streched my ass and he moaned back as my ass swallowed his cock. He must have noticed the extra wetness inside me and said "you already got fucked this morning boy?" I nodded and he said "you're one dirty slut" as he started to pummel harder into me. I moaned louder and louder as his cock hit my g spot and with his hands on my waist he fucked me harder and faster and after a few more minutes he started to grunt and howl and then I knew he was cumming inside. He then slowly slid out of me and I handed him some tissue for his now cum covered cock. I really wanted to suck it but that could have freaked him out so I'll save that for next time. As we got dressed and made our way to the front door I paid him his bill and added and extra 30. He gave me a wink and squeezed my ass as he left.
  12. Part 13 We froze as we realized we left the door unlocked and now our professor just caught us fucking in the classroom. We really did not know what to do. However, to our relief Professor Karlsson broke the ice and said "No need to worry, you can carry on, I just left my phone here" he said with a smile and face that had some hint of disbelief of what he's just witnessed. As professor Karlssom rummaged through his desk looking for his phone, Jacob and David didn't bother to pull out of me but both were still frozen but still hard inside me. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Prof Karlsson found his phone and was just about to leave the room but before he did, he gave us one last look and smirked at us. God did he look hot. Before closing the door he said "next time you may want to lock the doors and keep it down a little bit, i could hear your moans from the parking lot" and then he was gone. After Professor Karlsson left, the 3 of us looked at each other and started laughing. Then Jacob started grinding into me again then David followed suit. The 3 of us started to moan and while fucking me David remarked "I bet you'd have wanted Professor Karlsson to join us, didn't you?" And replied "God, yes!, I want his cum in me, I want all your cum in me!" David and Jacob must have really gotten off on the idea of having the professor join us and the thrill of getting caught earlier was still fresh, both guys started to plow me harder, and then Jacob started to grunt heavily a sign that he was cumming and then David followed suit, grunting and panting and he came inside me as well. They must have cum a lot as I immediately started leaking cum after they pulled out. We all got dressed and left the room leaving it with the scent of sex, sweat, and cum. We then parted ways with both David and Jacob deciding to head to their dormitories while I stayed back in the building as I had to freshen up my self in the washroom. As I got myself into the washroom, I realized I wasn't alone and that there was a janitor inside. He smiled at me and I smiled back. As I was fixing my hair and make up I couldn't help but notice that the janitor kept looking at me. And then I realized he must have heard all the moaning and grunting earlier. I can't help but smile, I looked back at the janitor and I realized he is kind of hot.he looked young maybe around my age, bronze skin, clean shaven face, toned body maybe 5'6 or so. I really don't mind having him fuck me I thought to myself. As I continued to fix myself I the janitor talk to me and say "you the one fucking earlier?" I looked right back at him and said "yes" and winked. He then went closer to me and whispered "can I try?" I smiled and said "sure thing" he then went over to the door and locked it and he started to undress. I also undressed myself showing him my breasts which I think he liked and then exposing to him my freshly fucked pussy. As he removed his pants and underwear I saw that he had an averaged sized dick maybe 6 inches and not so thick. I immediately started sucking it and he must have really liked it as all I can here from him were moans of pleasure. After a few more minutes I got myself into the sinks and presented to him my pussy. He followed suit and without warning plowed his cock right into me into the hilt. He didn't have any difficulty entering, the loads from earlier made sure of that. The janitor sttted humping and he played with my breasts as well and after a few more minutes of fucking I heard him say "I cum in you" and then he grunted and moaned as he released his cum inside me. He then pulled out his now cum covered cock from my pussy and he was just about to wipe it with some tissue but I stopped him. He gave me this confused look but I just went down and started sucking his now softening cum covered cock. In seconds he was hard again and he must have really liked it as he started pumping into my mouth with his hands behind my head - face fucking me. Then again he started to grunt and I tasted his salty/bitter cum and swallowed it. He thanked me as he got dressed and I just smiled back. He unlocked the doors and left. I looked back at myself on the mirror and thought "God, I'm such a slut, what was his name again?"
  13. Thank you for the poz reputation to my Arab story. 

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