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  1. Sounds like heaven to me! As an asian bottom bareback slut that’s into white guys... that’s the dream place!
  2. Babylon’s nice! I had so many white daddy’s jostle for position over my mouth there. I plan to visit again and hopefully have raw fun next time. Last time most fun was only oral for me. And @lecheroxxl is right, most Asians wouldn’t refuse a raw cock, especially a foreign cock. Hehe we’re sub like that.
  3. Me! I’d love to be your bb bottom!
  4. Mine is very watery.. it’s been more than a year since I had gooey cum. I kind of miss it. but then again. With my watery cum... I do cum tons!
  5. Hi everyone! sorry for the completely late reply and leaving you guys hanging. ive actually worked on the several dozen chapters of this story but thought breedingzone wasn’t the best forum for it. however if you want to continue reading the story, well it actually here: [think before following links] https://gayauthors.org/story/gabz2000/into-the-fields-of-summer/
  6. Chapter 14 - Days in the Sun Monday morning was pretty much the same as dad and I went over my lesson workbooks in the morning. Over lunch we did talk about how fun the weekend was and he was basically gushing over being able to meet August Smith, it seems that meeting such an influential werewolf is very rare. It didn’t really sink into my how high August’s position is until I was at Martin’s Cafe with Victor and I asked him what the deal was with August. Victor looked at me with a small smile as he played with his coffee... stirring his cup “Well... let’s just say V
  7. Chapter 13 - Days in the Sun I woke up with the sun shining through the curtains of our windows. I felt Victor’s warm arms wrapped around me. We were facing each other as we slept shirtless and I could feel the warmth of his body on me. I stared at him and took all of his beautiful face in as I marveled at his beauty. He truly was a beautiful man. He then opened his eyes moments later and said “Good morning, honey” I gave him a peck and said “Good morning too, love” I hugged him tighter into me as we spent the next few minutes just looking into each other’s eyes and enj
  8. Chapter 12 - Days in the Sun Monday morning was pretty much uneventful, Dad and I did our usual study lessons and he found me to be performing well based on the mock exams I’ve been taking. I’ve never really had t he proclivity for the academic stuff but my dad’s patient and thorough teaching methods seem to be working. During the afternoon, Victor and I basically hung out at his place. We talked for minutes on end as we joked and giggled together. We also had several make-out breaks whenever our eyes connected for too long. We even indulged ourselves with a long sessi
  9. Thank you! 😉 I appreciate your support. I hope you’l stay tuned coz I certainly have more stuff about Chris and Victor!
  10. Chapter 11 - Days in the Sun I woke up to a beautiful crisp Sunday morning just a few minutes before 7. I groggily walked to my shower and had my morning piss and a quick shower as well. I dressed in light a yellow shirt with white shorts and boat shoes. The weather was already starting to get chilly but I thought I could still get away with this outfit for the day. I walked downstairs and prepared coffee for dad and cooked us some eggs and bacon. “You’re awfully early today” dad said as he rubbed his eyes walking into the kitchen. “Dad, remember?, Victor, Leo, and I a
  11. Chapter - 10 Days in the Sun Friday morning was pretty much the same as my other days, morning study session with dad and soccer practice in the afternoon. I wasn’t able to meet with Victor today as he had some business in Richmond but he did promise to cheer me on my game tomorrow. Speaking of our game, coach was really pushing us this afternoon, we even extended by another 15 minutes as he felt that our dribbling and shooting skills were still subpar. Leo and I were sweating and panting so much and our muscles ached all over that we thought we couldn’t make it at the
  12. Thanks 😘 I certainly have more chapters to come
  13. Chapter 9 - Days in the Sun I woke up from my regular dream, I can’t even recall if I’d had any dream other than that of the library tower for the past few months. It’s starting to weird me out, but it’s not really a nightmare as well, so I thought I’d just see these dreams through and see how they go. I prepared breakfast for me and dad and we had eggs and toasts, and as I was eating my toast, dad asked “So how was dinner last night?” “Uhm, it went well dad... uhm... we actually told Leo about Victor...” I said as I tried to take a bite off my toast again
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