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    Bareback fuck.

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    25, horny straight acting twink - secret cum slut. Got pozzed at 18 years old.
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  1. This is an amazing story! a real work of art! thank you for sharing this with us. 😘
  2. I love it when guys cum deep inside me. I try to keep their loads in me as long as possible. Love to meet up with friends afterwards and end up feeling such a slut as I feel the the cum ooze out of my hole while I eat dinner with friends 😂
  3. Fuck you’re one lucky guy to have amazing tops and seems like you have tons of them 😉😘
  4. I think Southeast Asia will be heaven for you guys in general. boys here go crazy over foreign cocks. i’ve met with foreigners who can’t believe the amount of attention they’re receiving from locals the moment they open their apps. It’s safe to say if your a foreigner ... expect at least x10 of your normal inbox volume when you get here. Especially in the Philippines and Thailand. Malaysia not far behind. 😈🤤
  5. I’m Filipino and i’m Can’t get enough foreign cocks here in Manila. Been having a drought when it comes to foreign cock and cum 😩 need more guys like you over here
  6. Hot! Me I want to carry it near full term and have it aborted. just would savor the feeling of actually being able to make a baby then get rid of it. To know that my dna actually mixed with someone else’s
  7. Terribly need some foreign cock up my ass. slim bottom for visitors to use. cum in me please!
  8. Fucking hot! nothing beats a hot uncut cock raw in your ass! 💦🤤
  9. Best kind of cock... especially if uncut. The moment i discover the guy im meeting with us uncut... I make sure to ask him to not wash his cock
  10. I love unwashed uncut cock! hard to find in the Philippines as most guys here are cut. Have to find uncut foreign guys for me to suck clean - but the competition for foreign cock is tough here ?
  11. I was 15. He was 17. Though I’ve started playing around before then but never cum in my ass until I was 15. The feeling of cum inside me made me the cumslut I am today.
  12. You’re such a lucky bottom!!! arabs, whites, and all other types of men. Yum! Keep on posting your sexcapades.
  13. Wow that’s really hot. I’d love that to happen to me.

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