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  1. PART 8 As I got into campus, I immediately dropped by the university clinic to schedule an appointment with the resident gynecologist. The clinic is quite large and is more like a small hospital. There were only a few people in the clinic when I got there, I went into the student's desk and asked for an appointment with the gynecologist, the attendant told me that the next available schedule was 2pm the next day as Dr. Fatima was out attending a seminar today. I scheduled myself for 2pm and left to get to my dorm. I got into my room, and and rested for a few minutes. All the fucking I've been having must have really taken its toll on me, my body was hurting everywhere but I don't regret it, the thought cock and cum makes my pussy tingle and wet in an instant. I took a shower and changed and got myself some early dinner as I planned to sleep in early. I slept before 8pm and woke up at 7 the next day. As I woke up, I was checking my emails and saw an email from Prof Ahmed asking me to drop by his office at 10am if possible, he wanted to discuss with me the paper he's working on. By 9:45 I was already on my way to Prof Ahmed's office wearing a skimpy black dress as if I was going to a club. With my best bras and a g-string, I knew how this "discussion" was going to end. I knocked on Prof Ahmed's door and the usual "come in" invited me to his office. I let myself in and there he was gorgeous as ever sitting behind his desk, he was on his laptop and as he stood up to greet me, I noticed how fit he really is, his shirt today is tighter than before, I can see the definition of his pecs and nipples through his shirt and I was loving it. He greeted me with a smile and asked me to sit down. He handed me a thick pile of papers and asked me to read them and check if they were of any use to his research. He asked me to submit to him a list of the articles I think might be useful to his research. He also handed me a name with contact details from an officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked me to schedule a meeting with the guy. Prof Ahmed has been trying to contact the guy to no avail and an interview with this person might really help us move forward with the research we are working on. After that professor Ahmed walked to the door and I was disappointed, I thought there was gonna me more to this meeting but it seemed like he was showing me out of his office already. My eyes twinkled and my smile was all to obvious as I heard him lock the door and he started undressing while walking back towards me. He saw how happy I was and said "you thought I'd be saying goodbye without a fuck?" To which I replied in a slutty manner "I don't know what you are talking about." I smiled and bit my lip as I put my hands behind his head and guided it towards mine as we kissed in the most passionate manner possible. As Professor Ahmed finished stripping off his shirt, I saw how toned his body is, he had an amazing body especially for a professor. He was rocking a 6 pack and amazing pecs. He slightly had hair on his chest and abdomen which I love and I immediately started to pull off the kiss and lick on his neck, then chest then abdomen as I was unbuckling his pants. I was desperate for a cock and it showed. I was able to undress him and I immediately put his rock hard 8 inch cock into my mouth. I slurped and slurped and I deep throated him like my life depended on it. He was moaning and grunting and he put his hands behind my head as he guided my head as I sucked him. He then removed my dress and cupped my breasts ... he gently removed my bras and he saw that I was only wearing a g-string. He smirked and said in a smug manner as he was playing with my pussy from the outside "you knew this would happen didn't you?", I replied in a fake innocent manner "I really don't know what you are talking about, but I'd like to come prepared" he then got me to lay on his desk as he lapped on my pussy. He fingered it as he was slurping all over it... he was like a mad dog. He put in a finger then 2 then 3 ... then 4. It was as if he wanted to fist me... I was moaning and moaning as I enjoyed the moment and then *plop his entire hand was now inside my vagina. My professor was fisting me! It hurt but felt really good at the same time. He was wrists deep into my vagina when he pulled his hand out and I let out a big sigh ... I felt empty. Then my eyes widened as I saw him spit on his cock and my pussy and he slowly slid his thick piece of meat into me. It was awesome! He then started pumping into me and our hands were all over each other as we kissed. We were fucking like rabbits in his office and then I heard him grunt and then I knew he was cumming in me. I felt his dick pulsate inside me as jets of cum made its way into my pussy. He then slowly pulled his cock out of me and we get dressed. As I was about to make my way out of his office he asked me "where are you going after this?" And then *boom ... i just realized I had an appointment with the school gynecologist this afternoon. Shit! I can't go in there with cum in my pussy.
  2. PART 7 As I stood up, I felt sore all over. My pussy was slick and sore and my body was aching all over, it felt like the morning after my first day at the gym. Well I just got fucked by 6 guys yesterday, I think this is just normal haha. As I stood up, I continued to look for the guys and no one was in the living room or in the kitchen. I also couldn't find my clothes. So I was there naked wondering where the guys went. I decided to try Khalid's bedroom and as I opened the door, there he was, alone and topless on his bed. The morning sunlight perfectly highlighting his scruff, amazing pecs, and well toned abs. My body was tired and aching all over but I could feel my pussy getting wet and twitching at the sight of Khalid's naked body. I tried to resist but I couldn't ... I went over to him, tried not to wake him and just smelled him all over. He smelled like a man. Slightly musky, a little bit of sweat, and pure sexiness. It didn't smell bad at all... it was like inviting me to come over and fuck him. I then put my hands on his chest and caressed his amazing pecs and abs... I moaned as I savoured the feeling of just touching him. He was still asleep but since it was morning... the morning wood as what others call it started to show itself... his boxers were now showing this huge bulge and I put my hands over it. Felt his cock and just played with it. I exposed his cock from the hole in his boxers and there it was, I've unleashed his 8 inch cock into the air and into full view... the morning sunlight made his cock and his body look so amazing... his body glistened with little specks of sweat and his cock looked liked an amazing piece of brown meat waiting to be serviced. I moved over and played over his cock... licking it and playing with his shaft. I was jacking him off while I sucked on his cock head. He was still asleep and I enjoyed being in control this time. I then licked on his shaft and balls then decided to go all out and suck him deep throat. I gagged a little but I loved the taste and feeling of his cock in my mouth. I slurped and slurped and I decided to ride him. My pussy was still slick from last night's fuck and I went on top of him and guided his cock into my pussy... I slowly allowed his cock into my pussy as I was now on top of him... slowly going down as his thick cock continued to go deeper into my pussy. I stretched me and the wetness of my pussy made it such a smooth penetration. After a few more seconds he was now all inside me... I then started to slowly ride it and enjoyed the feeling of fullness it gave me. I felt my body with my hands all over my boobs and clit... I was moaning and moaning and just giving into the movement f pure ecstasy... I rode him for a few more minutes and then as I looked into Khalid I saw that his eyes were now open. He was just there looking at me and smiling... His smile made him even look more sexy. He said "good morning sexy" in such a soft but sexy tone that I think I could get used to this. He now put his hands on my boobs and played with my nipples then he moved one hand into my hips and he started to guide my movements into his cock... he then moved his other hand from my nipples into my clit and played with it. It was amazing... the cock, the clit play and the general atmosphere of just sex made it all too sexy for me. I could feel my pussy getting more wet and I felt it spasm as I had my first orgasm of the day... I moaned and moaned and then I heard Khalid grunt as he released his load into me. We were slightly sweaty by now and we smelled of sex. I slowly removed myself from Khalid's semi erect cock and I just scooched beside him in the bed. He was now behind me and he hugged me from behind. It was so sensual and romantic and I liked it. He then said "this is my best way a person has woken me up". I then moved myself and now faced him and looked into his eyes, he smiled and I smiled and he gave me a small kiss. He hugged me tightly and I could feel that I was more than a booty call for him. Khalid then offered to make breakfast. I went to the shower cleaned myself from all fluids all over me and then got a towel to cover myself as I joined Khalid in the kitchen. We ate breakfast like that... me on a towel and Khalid topless. We were liked an odd couple haha. We talked about last night and he said after I blacked out... Rafiq and Mohammed continued to fuck me and maybe blew at least 4 more loads into me. He also said that before leaving... Hassan also blew another load into me and he as well... before sleeping fucked me and blew a good dose of sperm into my vagina. He said it was the best night he and his friends ever had. I was there silent and smiled. I felt so used but I liked how it sounded... being used while unconscious made me feel like a total slut and it seemed to be a validation of who I truly am... a slut, a whore, a cum dumpster to service all these guys. The thought of it made me feel hot and horny again. While Khalid was eating breakfast I went under the table... and sucked on his cock. He got hard quickly as a slurped and slurped on his thick cock. I was sucking him as he continued to eat breakfast. He gave out small moans and grunts every now and then and I serviced him like never before. Then I felt it. His cock pulsating and releasing his cum into my mouth and throat. I savoured the taste of his cum and I thought this goes well with te toast and eggs I just ate. I felt like such a slut right then and there and I felt proud of it. I might have enjoyed the romantic side of Khalid but I also like being used. After slurping on Khalid's cock... I got out of the table and continued to eat breakfast. Khalid just laughed and smirked in disbelief to what a total slut I am. He then said "I like you, if you are such an amazing woman, sexy and a total slut, you are perfect for me, if you ever get pregnant, I don't care who the father is, I'll marry you" I just smiled back and told him, "it would take more than a few fucks to get me pregnant, let's just enjoy the moment now. With you and your friends having a slut to serve you all" we finished breakfast moments later and I asked him where my clothes were. He pointed towards a small table, I found my clothes and got dressed there in front of him. I told him that I had to leave as I said goodbye I kissed him again, gave his bulge a good squeeze and left his flat. As I was walking towards the Main Street it did dawned on me, what Khalid said earlier, what if I get pregnant? I've been off my pills since arriving in Egypt and all the cocks I've taken were raw and most came inside my pussy. i then decided to schedule an appointed with the university doctor to see what are my options.
  3. Great story!!! more of this please 😆
  4. Too bad my doctor is female. If I had a hot doctor... I'd totally slut over him. Then going for check ups wouldn't seem to be such a chore.
  5. Can't wait for the next part. I hope she gets pregnant hehe
  6. PART 6 it was still early and I just finished having my lunch. Still could not take off my mind how amazing Professor Ahmed's cock felt inside me. I could still feel my pussy wet from his cum. I'm starting to feel hot again. It's as if my pussy is telling me to go find some cock. I thought, I had to distract myself. Enough of this slurring around and enjoy the city for once. I learned that there's a local market 15 minutes walk only from campus and I decided to explore it. It's not in the tourist maps so most people who shop there are either locals or lost tourists or tourists in search of an "authentic" experience. The market street was narrow as expected and there were tons of people... a lot of things were being sold from fruits to spices to dresses even some jewelry ... I ended up buying myself some new clothes... learned how to haggle (even got up to 30% off the original price) I then ended up in the store selling some spices and herbs... it smelled very different and exotic to my untrained nose. The shop was tended to by this guy. Didn't find him attractive but he wasn't ugly as well. Let's just say he is average. This guy must be in his late 20s around 5'7 wasn't that fit but I could still see that he had some definition going on. He had a trimmed beard and a cute smile. I then approached his stall and asked about the spices. He spoke very little English but we kept on talking bout the spices anyway... I continued asking around and I noticed he couldn't get his eyes off my boobs... haha I forgot I was wearing revealing clothes oops. He seemed to noticed that I noticed and just smiled back and kept on talking in broken English... I asked how the spices tasted and what I can cook them with... I bit my lip every now and then and played with my hair. Shit why am I flirting with this stall attendant? He seemed to catch on to my game and asked me if I'd like to know more. I said "yes" and he asked me to come inside his stall... held me by the waist and led me to a door just behind him. We got into this room... it was basically a storage room... full of spices with just one light bulb. A little bit cramped and the smell of spices was strong. He then looked at me and kissed me... oh wow that was fast. He kissed me and licked my neck. He pulled down his shorts and I noticed he had no underwear, it was a 6 inch cut cock clean shaven as expected he held onto me pushed me against the wall with my back against him... he lifted my dress adjusted my underwear and fingered me. He was aggressive two fingers in and *plop that must have Professor Ahmed's cum. He smiled and called me a dirty girl. I was still facing against him and he then spat on his cock... and shoved his cock inside me. He shoved it in one go and I was caught by surprise... he was thicker than I expected... good thing my pussy gets wet easily and the cum from earlier helped too... he called me a "sharmuta" again and again (later found it it meant whore in Arabic) it didn't take long and within 5 minutes or so I could already hear him grunt. He came inside me and my pussy didn't close that fast ... as I felt some cum leak and started to leak into my thigh and legs... he then got out of the room as if nothing happened. I then fixed my dress made sure my hair was okay and then left the small room. When I got out he was back in his position as he tended his spices... he smiled at me and I just smiled back. Before I left his stall he grabbed my ass gave a good squeeze and then I was on my way shopping again. after buying a few more dresses and snacks. I felt this urge from inside... it was as if my pussy wanted more... I could feel the wet spot in my underwear and my pussy was tingling... it wanted cock. Well I tried to distract myself my looking into a few more stalls but the urge just got stronger and stronger... damn. I couldn't resist. I texted Hassan and asked him if we could hang out ... in a few minutes he replied he was out with friends but he was sure Khalid was home. He said I could drop by Khalid's place and he will just let Khalid know that I was on my way. Well I thought both are amazing fucks. I said "well... tell Khalid I'll be there in 20 minutes and send me his number too" within 20 minutes I was outside Khalid's flat... knocked on his door and Khalid opened it for me. Shit he looked even better than last time. Not sure if he actually became more handsome or is it just that I'm really horny today. He gave out this knowing smile and told me to come in. He asked me to make my self comfortable in the sofa as he grabbed some beers. After giving me a cold can of beer... Khalid asked me what brought me to his place (I guess he already knew why but wanted to hear it from me) ... I said "well... I just wanted to hang out. And then a put my hand on his lap" that was just what he needed and he held my face gently and kissed me. He removed his shirt and his slightly furry pecs were there for me to appreciate... I then kissed his neck and licked his body... played with his nipples and licked until I got to his navel... I unbuttoned his pants removed them and removed his underwear. His cock was gorgeous as usual... 8 inches and thick. I sucked on the cock head and I sucked up until the base... Khalid then undressed me and then removed my underwear... I was now lying on the sofa and he was on top of me... he spat on his dick and slowly fucked me. He leaned closer to me as he continued to fuck deeper into me and he said "you are wet, who fucked you today?" I said... while letting out moans in between "my professor... and this spice vendor" ... he reached closer to me and smelled my hair and licked my neck and said "oh you slut, that's why you smell different. Did you even get the spice vendor's name?" Oh shit I didn't even get his name. I said "Uhm... no" he continued to fuck me and he was now grunting as he held my hips... he then let own this loud moan and he came inside me... I felt his cock pulsate inside me... I throbbed as his cum gushed into my vagina. He then slowly slipped out and kissed me again... he looked into my eyes and said "could I fuck you in the ass?" O.o I'm an anal virgin. But I should have seen this happening. I've heard Arabs wanted it in the ass too and I then thought. Who better to pop my anal cherry than this Arab god? I told Khalid... "well I've never been fucked in the ass before, do you promise to be careful?" Khalid just smirked and said "okay, I will" (he must be pretty happy with himself to be the one to break a young girls anal cherry.) he then repositioned me doggy style as he reached down into my ass and spat on his cock and finger... he slid in a finger and oh wow this is an entirely different feeling. It wasn't painful or anything but it felt like he was tickling my ass from the inside. He then slipped in a second finger... he fingered me for a few more seconds and then rubbed his cock against my ass... he then tried to push it in but my ass was still too tight... he tried harder and then *plop this searing pain hit me as his huge cock head entered my ass... I yelped and asked if he had some lube and he said "no, spit is enough" it was really painful and I thought I was gonna faint.. he then slowly pushed deeper into my ass and then finally he bottomed out. He left out this soft moan and then he started to pump into me... pulling his dick halfway out then pushing it all back in... my ass was finally able to adjust and it felt really full... I thought I was gonna shit or something. A few moments later he slipped in a finger into my pussy as well and the it made it all better... now the dick in my ass started to feel good and my pussy was getting wet again... the sensation of anal sex is different but now I can see its appeal... Khalid continued to fuck my ass and I heard the door open. I thought this must be Hassan... but I heard more footsteps... I'm sure there's more than 1 person who entered... I looked over my back and there I saw Hassan smiling and starting to undress and 2 other guys smiling as well. Hassan while undressing introduced his friends (well I'm glad we didn't get rid of pleasantries in this rather unusual first meeting) Hassan introduced Rafiq, and he was 5'7 and looked to be in his early twenties. He had a clean shaven face and had a slim yet toned build. Then there's Mohammed he also looked to be in his early twenties... he was 5'8 or so had a more muscular build and had a well trimmed beard. Both guys are handsome... definitely my type. Both were just smiling as they watched me get fucked by Khalid. Khalid looked behind and said "Hassan, I see you brought with you some friends" Hassan replied "well i thought... Jessica would not mind as he left out this small laugh" khalid then asked me "so Jessica... do you mind Rafiq and Mohammed joining us?" To which I replied as I moaned and enjoyed Khalid's cock "uh .. ah.. ah.. oh... uh.. Uhm... No... uh ... they are welcome to join" Hassan was by then in front of me with his hard cock... I sucked on it as Khalid continued to fuck my ass... I gladly lapped up on Hassan's cock and was slurping all over. While I was being fucked... Khalid was more conversational as I moaned... Khalid told Hassan "you know our friend here is more of a slut than we thought... she arrived here already having the cum of her professor and of a spice vendor" ... I heard the 2 new guys laugh as they started to undress... Hassan then replied "is this true?" ... all I could say was a soft "yes" in between my moans. Hassan then pulled his cock out of my mouth and said eh wanted to fuck me... Khalid and I have way and Hassan was now lying on the sofa ... he 8 inch cock standing straight and I guided it into my wet pussy while Khalid was still in my ass... Hassan gave out a soft moan as he bottomed out. Shit it felt real good. Both holes are now stretched to their limits as both guys were now completely inside me... I then opened my eyes and saw that Rafiq and Mohammed are already in front of me... naked. Rafiq had a very toned build and to my surprise a hairless chest... while Mohammed was more built and more hairy... he chest was covered in hair and his abs were covered in hair as well. Then I saw their huge cocks... Rafiq had a 7 inch cock but it was thick like real thick... thicker than Hassan's and Mohammed had a more average cock... it was 6 inches but very thick as well... I then reached out to their cocks as I was being fucked by both Hassan and Khalid... I sucked on Rafiq's cock slurped on it and he let out this moan... I then transferred my attention to Mohammed's cock... deep throated it which I think caught him by surprise... I gave it my all... I played with his shaft using my tongue as his cock head was hitting my throat. Khalid then started to hump faster and with more force... oh shit... I felt myself cumming... my pussy started to twitch and it got even wetter... I yelped and gave out this loud moan as I felt my boobs while giving in to the pleasure... Khalid then reached his limit and came in my ass as he let out this loud grunt... he then slipped out of my ass and Rafiq replaced him... oh boy his cock is thicker than khalid's I hope I can take it. He spat on his cock... and then slowly entered me... he must felt really good as all I can hear from him was moaning and grunting... he spoke in Arabic to Mohammed and Mohammed replied back in Arabic... I couldn't understand them but I felt used and it felt so nice... I now focused my attention on Mohammed's cock continued to slurp on it... He was moaning as well... Hassan was now fondling my boobs and twisting my nipples as he fucked me. He then gave out this loud moan and then I felt it... his dick pulsating inside me... rafiq was now kissing me on the neck and then on my lips as I continued to ride both him and Hassan who was in the middle of an orgasm. Hassan Then slowly pulled out and said something to Rafiq in Arabic. Rafiq seemed to like what he heard I could literally feel the joy in his voice as he replied to Hassan. Hassan was now completely out of my pussy and it felt empty ... I wanted dick in it! It was now really slick and wet full of cum and pussy juice... Rafiq seemed to hear my wishes and then pulled out of my ass replaced Hassan underneath me... he then slowly pushed into my sloppy pussy... I heard him say something in heavily accented English "nice. Your pussy warm and wer" I then felt happy of his compliment and said in response as I was enjoying his thick cock penetrating me... "I like your thick cock more. Fuck me" Khalid and Hassan were now not in the living room anymore.. must have grabbed a beer or took a shower... I was still sucking on Mohammed and then he slowly pulled out... he positioned himself behind me... he then rubbed his cock against my ass and he was panting and grunting like a wild dog... we were heavily sweating by now... Rafiq fondled my boobs and sucked on one of them... Rafiq seemed to love it a lot. Mohammed then spat on his cock... and just before I thought he'd be fucking me in the ass... he redirected his thick cock to my pussy and without warning shoved his dick into my pussy in one go... shit that was painful... both these guys have the thickest cocks I have ever had... Mohammed now started to moan louder and blurted out some Arabic words every now and then as he fucked me ... both Mohammed and Rafiq's dicks felt great inside my pussy... both had an amazing rhythm and there cocks were gliding in and out of my sloppy pussy... now there cocks are covered by the cum of 4 guys and the thought of it made me hornier... Rafiq then started to grunt and moan more loudly shouted something and Arabic and started to cum... by then I started to feel that I was about to cum as well and asked Mohammed to fuck me more... Mohammed obliged and fucked me harder as Rafiq was still cumming inside me... I then heard Mohammed moaning and grunting I felt his cock throb and enlarge as he came inside me... by then I was just about to cum as well and then Rafiq played with my clit and that was it... it brought be to the edge and I shouted so loud like never before... it was heaven ... absolute ecstasy... I could feel my pussy releasing fluids and I thought I was pissing... both guys continued to fuck me as I was moaning in absolute joy. The orgasm seemed to not stop and then I blacked out in ecstasy. I woke up as the sun was just rising... I was now alone in the living room. I smelled of cum and saliva and sweat... the room smelled of sex. I can't remember what happened after that huge orgasm. I then looked at my pussy and it still wet with cum and I saw blood stains on the sofa... must be my ass. I was now alone and naked... where did the guys go?
  7. PART 5 I finally got to my dorm at 8 and my body was aching all over... all that fucking yesterday really made be exhausted. It seems like I need to have more "experience" before I become a complete slut and not have these body aches after a long fuck. I slept the entire day... woke up at 4pm for lunch. And then back to my room... I had to gloss over some notes as I have an interview with Professor Ahmed tomorrow as his his Research Assistant. I applied for this position a few days ago, thought the extra pay and experience will be worth it, surviving on my scholarship and small allowance from my family is barely enough so might as well go for it. The student aid department already informed me that I've been accepted and that Professor Ahmed just wanted to talk to me before the term starts next week. So that's why I'm reading my notes... I can never be too sure what type of questions professor Ahmed might ask me so I might as well come prepared, I also heard that he's one of the big wigs in the international studies department so I might as well make a good impression. My interview was scheduled at 10 so I woke up earlier that usual and showered and dressed up in a semi formal dress, also had with me a suite in case the interview is more formal. While walking towards Professor Ahmed's office I realized that might outfit is a little bit revealing... lol so much for being semi formal more like semi slut... I could partially see my cleavage and my dress is a little bit too short, my legs are a little bit over exposed I think, if I sit incorrectly, someone's gonna get a good view of my thin and small underwear (I like em that way). Anyway I got to the faculty center and knocked at Professor Ahmed's room. I heard a soft "come in" and I allowed myself to enter the room. The room is actually better than I expected it to be, quite spacious on the inside and fairly decorated (this guy had taste) and of course there were the occasional books and research papers filed in a series of cabinets. Since Prof Ahmed is a full time professor here he got this office all to himself and doesn't have to share it with the assistant professors and lecturers of the department. After observing my surroundings in the first few seconds... my eyes were then drawn to this man reading a news paper behind his desk. I then let out a soft "Professor Ahmed?" And as the guy behind the newspaper revealed himself... I was taken aback ... this guy is handsome and sexy as hell! I thought is this really the professor? I expected a middle aged man with a pot belly but this guy... shit! This guy must just be in the middle of his thirties and had a swanky smile (similar to how frat boys do it), very defined jaw line, well trimmed beard and amazing eyebrows and by the looks of it, he keeps himself fit. I guess I should have researched more on who I was gonna be working for, but the "distractions" of the past few days kept me from it. Shit. My inner slut is coming out again... I can feel my pussy getting wet and tingle at the sight of him. He then let out in his deep voice "so... you must be Jessica" I let out a soft "yes" ... he stood up and shook my hand... he had a firm handshake as expected but what really caught my attention is his height and physique... he must have been at least 5'9 and when he stood up... I got a better view of his fitted shirt... I was basically undressing him right then and there. Anyway he offered me a seat and he just basically explained to me what's expected of me as I work for him during the term. He's currently working on a paper the demands gathering information from various government agencies... he just wanted me to get in touch with his point persons every now and then to have the data and information necessary as the paper progresses. He has also mentioned that he plans on taking in 2 research assistants for this term but still has not decided on who the 2nd RA will be. After explaining to me the job description on how I was expected to clock 6-10 hours a week he then proceeded to more personal stuff. He said "I don't want this to be too formal you know, think of me as a mentor and as a friend, I scheduled this interview to get to know you better. I take pride in being very good to my research assistants and I want this to be more of a collaboration between friends... so I just want to get to know you." I then talked to him about my family... my hometown and how much I enjoyed college and was really looking forward to having my Master's degree here in Egypt. Professor Ahmed then asked me how I have been adjusting the past few days... Me: well it's been amazing! Well aside from all the paperwork that I had to tend for my international student requirements, everything's been really going well. I chill in a cafe whenever I have the time and the people are amazing. Prof Ahmed: well that's great. I hope you have a good time here (he had this amazing and enticing smile and I could feel my pussy twitch). How bout the people here? What do you think? me: oh very friendly. And more than friendly sometimes haha ( I let out a slightly slutty laugh) I guess it's because I'm really friendly too (I smiled back and bit my lip) oh boy. I guess my inner slut is taking over. I think I've become too forward for this first meeting and I'm not even sure if he likes me and I'm pretty sure he is married. Professor Ahmed: that's nice. I like friendly people... we could use that. Can you show me how "friendly" you are? What did he just say? Is he trying to flirt with me? Or am I just taking things out of context? Oh shit I don't know how to reply. And as I was just about to respond... he stood up and I saw this huge bulge in his pants... he unzipped and without unbuckling his belt and fished out this thick 8 inch brown piece of meat. His penis is really big, thicker than Hassan's ... he went around his table and stood right in front of me. He guided my head towards his cock and I could smell his amazing cock... it smelled clean... yet very manly at the same time. I licked on his cock head and played with his balls and then licked on his shaft... oh wow his penis is longer than my face... he then slapped his penis all over my face as I let my tongue out... he then shoved his penis into my mouth... I gagged a little bit but was able to suck him right up until his base... I could feel his cock in my throat and I could barely breath... but I had to continue sucking on this cock... its too good to miss out on. He then started to hump harder and harder and I started to tear up... my face was now covered with spit and tears and I'm pretty sure my make up is broken and I my hair is all messed up as well... I think I have the hooker look by now . I enjoyed sucking him... I played with by tongue as I sucked him and he let out soft moans and grunts as I slurped and slurped. He then repositioned me... had me lay on my back on his desk and didn't even bother to take of his and my clothes... he just slid his finger into my pussy as he adjusted my underwear to let him through... one finger became 2 then 3 and he was really happy with how slick and wet my pussy has become. He spat on his dick... adjusted my dress to give a better view of my pussy and rubbed his cock head against my pussy... while at the same time he put his fingers into my mouth and I could taste my pussy from it. He enjoyed having me suck on his fingers as he tried to fuck me... he spat again on his dick and then *plop his cock head is inside and oh boy was it amazing... he slid slowly inside me and then I could already feel his balls against my pussy... he was all in! His 8 inch monster cock is inside me... I loved how it stretched me and how he fucked me he slid half way out then would slowly bottom out. Then he would long dick me and pull nearly all out and then fuck all the way to the base... he was such an amazing fucker... by now his hands found it to my boobs and he played with it... he exposed my boobs through some amazing hand work and he started sucking on my nipples... it was an amazing sight. This Arab god fucking me and sucking on my nipples at the same time.... he fucked me more as we both moaned in pleasure. He then moved closer to me and started kissing me... and was such an amazing kisser. The tongue work was amazing and that's what brought me to the edge... I felt that I was cumming as he was fucking me... my pussy got extra wet and I could feel it spasm... my pussy clamped down on his penis and the extra tightness in all that wetness must have brought him to the edge as well as he started to moan louder... he let out this howl as he came in me... his sweat hitting my face and I just took in the moment and enjoyed it. I have just been fucked by my professor. I could feel that he came a lot as it took him a while to slip out of me. And as usual my pussy new the drill... it shut itself immediately after he pulled out. His cum belongs in my pussy. We both fixed ourselves (well more of me actually... he just unzipped his pants remember?) as I looked into the mirror I looked like a total slut... make up all over.. spit and tears and I'm sure some pre cum all over my face as my hair was messed up. Prof Ahmed handed me a towel and hugged me from the back as I was fixing myself. He kissed me on the neck and his hot breath made my pussy tingle. He thanked me for my "friebdship" he told me that we should do this more often and I replied with a definite yes. he was still hugging me and it was so romantic... we both looked at each other's eyes through the mirror and god did he look great. He said that we would be seeing each other more often... he hugged me tighter and kissed my neck again ... I could feel my pussy leak a bit and then he said that he just got a list of his students and that he will be my professor for Middle Eastern politics. I just smiled back and told him... "how could I concentrate in class if such a sexy stud is teaching?" He then let out a smile laugh and smiled. We kissed each other. Before I left his room he gave me his personal email and mobile number and told me that we should catch up again soon. I said "sure!" Left his office with a big smile on my face.
  8. 23 here started to get fucked when I was 15. I get fucked with and without condoms depends really on the top though I secretly wish that they don't bring up condoms and just fuck me bare. Became poz when I was 18.
  9. Prefer to suck a guy who'a uncut. Love playing with the foreskin and how uncut dicks tastes different ... yum. but since I'm from a country where most guys are cut... I'd have to make do. And maybe that's also the reason why I long for uncut cock.
  10. PART 4 After a few minutes the 3 of us finally caught our breaths and started to chill and talk. Khalid brought out some more beer and we watched some movie ... can't exactly remember what is was but likely it was Harry Potter 3... anyway... so Hassan started to fess up and say that it was actually his idea to have a threesome. Hassan: actually when you left, Khalid arrived within a couple of minutes. Me: yeah, I remember bumping into him in the corridor. I can't forget such a hot guy. Hahaha Khalid: when I got in, I told Hassan I saw this sexy girl in the corridor and he told me "yeah that's the girl I just fucked" I couldn't believe and told him to prove it to me. Hassan: I told him I could fuck you again and maybe he could join in if he wanted to. Well... you're not my girlfriend so I won't mind sharing you Me: well, you don't own me but I liked how things ended up. You know I've become more slutty since I got here in Egypt... fucking random guys and even taking it with no condom Hassan: Hahaha it is indeed better with no condom, I never fuck with condom. And don't worry if you get pregnant, I'll marry you or maybe Khalid will... you pick! Me: Haha let's not talk about marriage now... we just met (saying it in a slutty voice. I winked afterwards and patted his lap) Khalid: I actually did not believe Hassan until you arrived and saw you kissing him topless on my living room. I took it as a sign and joined in. by now both guys started to sound and act horny again. All this talk about sex is making the 3 of us horny again. I could see their cocks are already starting to harden behind their underwear. I put each of my hand on their bulges and started to rub against them. They both removed their underwear and I played with both cocks. God... these large shaved cocks are really a delight. I got myself off the sofa and Khalid and Hassan were now sitting next together. Both leaned back and rested their heads as I sucked both their cocks from one cock to another... I sucked one while playing with the other one then again and again... after a few minutes a could sense both were close... I asked them to stand and tried to take both their cocks at the same time in my mouth. It was hard and I only managed to get the heads inside but it still felt amazing. Khalid started to moan and cum on my face and within seconds Hassan followed. My face was covered in cum and it seems like I had a good dose of cum facial. They then rubbed their dicks on my face as I started to clean both their cocks. Oh... I fingered myself my cleaning them and then taste and smell of cum was too much for me. I had the biggest orgasms I think I ever had. I moaned and moaned as I cleaned their cocks. I could feel my pussy vibrate and the sloppy mess that's my pussy was wet as it could be. Oh fuck if my parents could see me right now I don't know what they'll say. We got cleaned up and showered afterwards. I was still doing my best to shut my pussy hard to keep their cum in me. We played a little in the shower, Khalid fondled my boobs I kiss them they kiss me back and kiss my neck but I think we were done with fucking and cumming for the day. We finally got changed and after a few minutes I excused myself. I told Hassan to give Khalid my number and that they will sure hear from me again. I told them I had a great time and they said they did as well (well.. I am sure they did!) i was now walking towards the Main Street from khalid's place to find a cab. I passed by the cafe where I first met Hassan and said I should chill for a bit. While walking I could feel that my pussy was starting to leak cum and it felt really wet... I am sure there's a huge wet spot in my undies. I finally got a seat in the cafe, ordered some coffee and took out a book that I haven't finished reading yet. A read a few pages and it was getting dark, as I was just deciding to leave... I saw two guys across me on another table (they didn't look like locals... not even Arab but I am sure also they're not Americans or Europeans. I couldn't quite put it... they seemed white but also not really sure bout it. Anyway... both guys looked liked tourists... more of the backpacker type... scruffy, lean and kind of hot and definitely my type. One of them caught me staring at them and smiled and winked. Oh shit I really should get this slutty side of me under control. The guys continued to talk and the one that caught me staring seemed to talk to his friend about me. They exchanged looks and I was there pretending to read my book, I could see that both were checking me out every now and then. After 10 minutes or so... both guys came over to my table and introduced themselves. Jacob, 23 (and If i guess it right... more or less 5'7. He is lean and fit and has a well trimmed beard) and David also 23. (Hmm... he is around 5'8 more built than Jacob and has a clean shaven face) anyway both guys spoke in an accent and I realized both were from Israel. The names and accent should have given it off. Both have gorgeous faces and are totally handsome. Awesome jaw lines... piercing eyes - Jacob had green eyes while David had light brown. They had amazing smiles and perfect teeth. Oh god. I was getting horny again (and yeah I know this should be about Arabs but you know... in life a cock is a cock and you don't always get the flavor that you most want). I could feel my pussy tingle as both introduced themselves and as I introduced myself. Both are apparently international students and are due to transfer to their dorms but they decided to arrive early to see the touristy side of Egypt and are currently booked in a hotel nearby. I told them that I'm a foreign student too and they just smiled and asked me how I've been. I told them the usual foreign student stuff and how busy I've been with docs and how much a leap of faith this graduate degree I'm embarking on. I kept out the slutty parts (didn't want to come off as too easy... well not yet haha) Both invited me to hang out back st their place and the slut in me immediately said yes. Ugh what am I getting myself into. I'm turning out to be such a whore. But I'm gonna enjoy this seems like I attract hot guys anyway. We ended up in the hotel where I met Rashid (oh boy what a coincidence... I was telling myself... really now!? I'm seeing a pattern... Khalid's place then hotel hahaha but this pattern seems to suite for me... more cocks!) as we got in the lobby... I saw Abdul (the bartender) we exchanged smiles and Jacob and David brought me to their room. Their room isn't as fancy as what Rashid had but this will do. What can I expect from 23 year olds anyway? So... Jacob offered me a drink and I chose to have some water.. (been having to much beer already) for the next few minutes we chatted a bit... learned that they've been in Egypt for a week and that both are college friends. The AC wasn't that good and we were all starting to sweat. David asked if he could remove his shirt and I said I didn't mind. And sure the hell I didn't... such amazing pecs. With some hair... a treasure trail and abs ... oh shit I'm in heaven!!! David seemed to enjoy showing off and I could barely keep my eyes off his body. I think both guys noticed and picked up that I was horny... David redirected the conversation and asked if I had any boy friend back home... I said "no, I'm actually enjoying the single life... no commitments and the occasional one night stands." I said that on purpose... I knew how this was gonna end I can't wait for their cocks to be in me. Both smiled and Jacob laughed a little and said "so would you mind fucking us?" I said "Uhm... obviously no! I've been horny the entire day... give it to me" oh shit I've been becoming more forward and I'm not even sure if Jacob was serious or not. Oh damn did I blow it? After a few seconds of silence ... Jacob removed his shirt... and right then and there... and amazingly lean yet toned body. He was more hairy than David but I don't mind body hair. I then moved over closer to them and I kissed David and gosh he is such an amazing kisser.. sensual and very romantic... he played with my hair as he kissed me and then I moved over to Jacob and kissed him as well... David started to undress me ... removed my shirt and bra and then fondled with my boobs as I continued kissing Jacob. I played with Jacob's furry chest while David was undressing... revealing his 7 inch cut cock... it was not very thick and was actually the perfect size for me. His pubic hair wasn't shaved unlike the Arabs but it was well trimmed. His armpit hair wasn't shaved as well but it was well kept and I liked how it looked. I then moved to David caressed his body and started to lick his penis. I played with the head and then the shaft and then licked his balls... it was musky and very manly didn't smell bad... just smelled right for a man. I then sucked his entire penis and he put his hands on my head and slowly guided me as he fucked my mouth. I then noticed that Jacob had undressed as well... he had a slightly shorter cock than David maybe 6-6.5 inches but it was fatter and just like David he wasn't shaved but trimmed. I then moved over to suck Jacob... I sucked him and I could taste his salty pre cum... I was positioned doggy style... Jacob in front and David behind... David caressed my ass and felt it... groped it. He then went for my pussy... played with my clit and slid a finger as I sucked Jacob. David must have noticed the extra wetness and as I slid off his fingers *plop a blob of cum followed it. He smiled and asked if I had already been fucked today. I said "yes, by two guys actually" both laughed and seemed to love that I was such a whore... David slid in 2 fingers and then 3... woah... it felt amazing. He then replaced his fingers with his cock and it just slid right in... his cock sliding through my wet sloppy pussy... he seemed to really like it... the wetness and how slick it is and how warm my body is. David moaned and moaned ... Jacob ask if we could fuck me too... the answer was obvious. They switched positions as I sucked David's slick cock while Jacob slid right inside me. Jacob was slightly more rough than David and he held me by the hips and fucked me hard... he was grunting and panting and we were all sweating now... I could feel sweat behind me as Jacob fucked me and I David's sweat was also hitting my face as I sucked him. It tasted salty and really nice... I played with David's balls as I sucked him... he seemed to be really close. David then asked me if they could double fuck me. I was new to this, never been DPd before but what the hell right... two studs in me?! Sure! I just moaned and left out a small yes. We then repositioned... I climbed above Jacob and leaned over him as David was about to enter me... I was worried since I haven't had Double and anal before... but I was surprised that instead of my ass... David was rubbing his cock against my pussy as well. Shit! Jacob is really thick and I don't I can handle another cock in my pussy... david spat on his dick and slid in a finger while Jacob was inside me... the thought of his finger being against Jacob's cock made me hornier... didn't think they'd be willing to do this. But what the hell. Jacob was still in me and lying still as David tried to enter me... and then... plop... his head got in and it was painful as hell. Shit! He then continued to slide into my pussy and then he bottomed out. Both were completely inside me. David then slowly started to find his rhythm and then Jacob soon followed afterwards. My vagina felt so full and slick and I felt so used and I loved it. Jacob was playing with my boobs as David was kissing and licking me on the back and on my neck. The breathing f both started to get heavier and I felt my pussy tingle and I started to feel it again... a big orgasm... shit! My pussy was now girating and moving on its own and the spasms must have pushed both of them to the edge as I was moaning... both started to heavily grunt and came inside me! They both have a loud growl as I was enjoying my own orgasm. David then slowly pulled out and then I removed myself from Jacob. I remembered to shut my pussy. Can't let cum go to waste. It should be where it's meant to be. In a pussy! I then asked David to lie on the bed beside Jacob... I then cleaned and licked both of their cocks clean. We were all spent and fell asleep. I woke up at maybe 6 in the morning... naked while Jacob and David were both naked as well... I took in my awesome view. I took a quick shower. Got dressed and before leaving I left them a note with my email and number in case they wanted to get in touch again.
  11. PART 3 its been 2 days since my fuck with Hassan and Rashid. I was really busy with some requirements that I had to deal with before classes start in 2 weeks. Ever since that day I've been fingering myself whenever I can but nothing feels better than a raw dick in me. Oh shit... did I just say raw? Ugh my condom nazi past self would kill me hahaha. anyway I'm done with most of the paper work that I had to fill out so I have the next few days to slut around before classes start. I've really missed Hassan's cock and since I got his number I sent him a message and asked him if we could hang out. After a few minutes he said I could drop by his friend's place maybe we could have a drink or two and just talk (yeah right haha). As I was on my way to his friend's place I got a message from Hassan saying that his friend is home now and asked me if I'm still fine hanging out there. Bummer I was really looking forward to getting fucked by Hassan but I was already 5 minutes from his place and I just said yes, there's no harm in hanging out with 2 hot guys right? I got to the door and knocked and this gorgeous guy opened it for me. Shit! I think my pussy's wet already. I was right, it was the guy I bumped into the corridor after fucking Hassan. This guy is really hot, amazing jaw line, such nice almond eyes and really fit. And the smell, ugh amazing! He smelled like those fruity shisha scents with a hint of sweat, just enough to make me hornier. Anyway as I got in, I introduced myself and the guy introduced himself as Khalid, 25. After the introductions, we got to the living room and Hassan was there watching tv with drinking beer. Gosh, he still looks hot and sexy. He said hi and says he missed me and that it's been a long while since we last talked. Well, I'm not really sure what Hassan has told Khalid about me but this might be awkward. 2 locals and a foreign student watching tv and drinking beer together. Anyway I'm already here I should at least enjoy the view right? Haha. Khalid excused himself to the kitchen to get some water and that's when I asked Hassan what his friend knows about us. To my shock, Hassan has told his friend that we might have played a little bit. I really did not know what to say. As I was about to reply, Hassan told me that Khalid would like a threesome and if I am okay with it. Woah! Shit, what do I do now!? Well it seems like my inner slut took over and said "Oh you guys can fuck me anytime, you can fuck me now if you want" and that's what Hassan was waiting for and he started kissing me and fondling my boobs. He removed my shirt and bra and a straddled on top of him topless as we continued to make out, I could already feel his boner under me. We were at it for a couple of minutes until I felt a second pair of hands touching me, i removed myself from the tongue action and saw that it was Khalid with a huge smile on his face and he already had his top off, and shit, his abs and furry chest is amazing! Hassan then removed his shirt and we were back to making out as Khalid took over playing with my boobs. Khalid then started to take of his pants and underwear and that's where I saw this gorgeous 8 inch, cut cock. Same size as Hassan and I want it in me. We repositioned ourselves as Hassan and I undressed and I got myself to sucking Khalid's cock while Hassan started to play with my pussy-he was eating it out like there's no tomorrow and slipped in 2 fingers as well. Oh wow, this is really amazing. We were all starting to get sweaty and the room just smelled of sex. I continued to suck on Khalid's cock and finally I was able to deep throat it with my nose hitting to where his pubes should be. He put his hands on my head and guided it has he fucked my mouth. I was already starting to tear up and my face must have been a total mess as my saliva and Khalid's pre cum covered my face. I was enjoying my new Arab cock, his pre cum was amazing - salty and had a lot of volume. Khalid must be a heavy cummer. As I continued sucking Khalid I felt Hassan spit on my pussy and he then slowly slipped his 8 inch cock inside me. Oh wow I missed the feeling of cock inside me. He was slowly fucking me and stretching my vagina and after a few minutes his rhythm changed and became more rough and fast. I was now enjoying 2 cocks Khalid's in my mouth and Hassan's in my pussy. I was playing with Khalid's shaft and sucking on his clock head when I heard Hassan grunt as he came in me. It must have been a lot since it took him a while before he pulled out. As Hassan pulled out, I shut my pussy to keep that Arab cum in me. Khalid then smiled and said that it's his turn now, and I said "oh fuck me please" Hassan and Khalid repositioned and Hassan put his wet and sloppy cock on my face, wiping his cum on me. He was still hard and I remembered that these Arabs stay hard until at least round 2. I sucked on Hassan's cock and tasted his amazing cum. He put his hand on my head and just slowly fucked my mouth as he continued to moan in pleasure. Khalid was now in position, he spit on my pussy and his cock and started to guide his cock to my pussy. He shoved it slowly and it was slick and amazing as his cock entered me. His spit and Hassan's cum has done its job and Khalid has no difficulty entering me. Khalid fucked in a very romantic slow manner it seems like he was enjoying his time as he fucked me - his cock fucking me up to his base and then pulling out halfway... Khalid then fondled my boobs and started to play with my nipples. Oh shit this is amazing. He cupped my breasts and his pace quicked and he moaned and grunted - he was cumming and it seemed to not end... as Khalid was cumming, I felt Hassan push my head deeper into his cock as Khalid cumming in me pushed him to the edge and made him have his 2nd orgasm. I drank Hassan's cum as Khalid continued to cum in me. It seemed to not end. Then Khalid slowly pulled out, and I tried to shut my pussy but I could still feel a little bit of cum leaking - he must have cummed a lot and it sounded and felt like he did. Hassan was done cumming was well and I motioned Khalid to come over to my face and I sucked and licked his cock clean. After a few minutes of trying to catch our breaths we put on some underwear - talked and chilled. I looked at the clock and we fucked for more than 2 hours.
  12. What's the name of this spa? 😀
  13. So hot!!! definitely worth the wait.. 😘
  14. Part 2 As I left the building, I still couldn't believe I've just been fucked by such a stud. I've only been in Cairo for 2 days and I've now allowed a total stranger to cum inside me... gosh I'm turning into a total slut. I decided to go back to the cafe where I met Hassan so that I could chill and relax and finally finish that book that I was reading, as I walked I could feel that my pussy was still wet and that I was starting to leak cum, gosh... Hassan must have but a lot inside me. The wetness and the leaking made me feel hot and I couldn't really concentrate as I was walking coz all I could think about was Hassan's huge cock and how he came inside me. I was becoming hornier so I decided to skip the cafe and go to a bar in a nearby hotel, hoping that I'd picked up by some hot stud, It was still kind of early, a little past 6 so there were only a few people in the bar, I ordered a Martini and took my time, watching as the bar got a little bit more crowded. As I finished my drink, I decided to order another one and that's when I noticed that the bartender was incredibly hot and gorgeous. He had this strong jaw line, amazing eyes and even if his fully clothed I could sense that he was trimmed and well built. As he served me my 2nd Martini, I decided to chat with him, that's how I met Abdul, he is 24 years old, 5'9 and has been working in the hotel for almost a year now. As Abdul went to take the order of another client, this hot 30 year old something sat beside me. He had a short hair, a well trimmed beard, very white teeth and had amazing bronze skin. From the looks of it he seemed to be from the Middle East but did not seem to be local. As I looked at him, he just smiled at me and gave me a wink, to which I smiled back, blushing. The guy introduced himself as Rashid, he's Jordanian and was just in the city for a few days for work. Rashid and I talked, exchanging sexy looks every now and then, I could tell he was horny and I think he could tell that I was too... within a few minutes I felt Rashid put his hands on my thigh and it went higher and higher by the minute, until it was near my crotch. Good thing no one noticed as the lighting was very mellow, Rashid asked me if I wanted to accompany him to his room, to which I said "Yes". As Rashid and I left I looked back at the bar and saw Abdul, he smiled, I smiled back and gave him a wink. As we entered Rashid's room, I noticed that it was pretty big and nice, seems like this guy's working for a big time company. As Rashid closed the door, he didn't waste any time and started kissing me and caressing by breasts. He cupped my breasts and fondled it as he was kissing me and kissing my neck. I started to unbutton his shirt and I caressed his slightly hairy chest and enjoyed his well defined pecs. We then got to his bed and I decided to unbuckle his belt and remove his pants, I could see a huge bulge forming on his boxers, I fondled it from the outside as we continued to kiss, he started having lots of pre cum forming a wet mark on his boxers and I just couldn't resist, I removed his underwear and there it was, a clean shaven 7 inch cut piece of meat. It wasn't as big as Hassan's but still big nonetheless, gosh these Arab guys sure pack a lot. I sucked on the head of his cock and played with his balls... gosh his salty pre cum made me really horny. As Rashid was removing my underwear, I was now sucking him up to the base of his penis, tongue, spit and all... we was moaning and started saying that I sucked better than his wife (and I was like in my head, what!? I'm now sucking a married dude?!) well a dick is a dick and I am already sucking him, I couldn't care any less if he was married or not, so I continued to suck his cock, he then put his hands on my head and started to be more aggressive as he skull fucked me, I started to gag but he didn't stop, I was spitting all over his cock and tears were forming around my eyes... as I got the chance to breathe, Rashid repositioned ourselves and now I was lying on my back and he was on top of me... he started to caress my pussy and played with my wet pussy lips... he put a finger in ... then two ... and started to finger me real fast... the slickness of my pussy must have given it away and Rashid asked if I had just been fucked to which I replied in a fake shy/slutty manner... "yes" he started to laugh while fingering me and said he would have never expected me to be such a slut (and I think I'll take that as a compliment) he asked if it was my bf who fucked me and I said "no, just a random stranger just like you" Rashid smiled and started to finger me harder... I could hear the wet noise my pussy was making as his fingers went in and out of my hole. Rashid then positioned his cock head on my pussy and I asked if he had a condom, he said no since condoms make him lose his erections... he also said that I've already had a stranger cum in me, so what's the point of asking a condom from another stranger. Which to me made sense, seems like I'm going out all slut mode tonight. Rashid then spit on his cock and rubbed it against my pussy... he slowly entered me and gosh I just like it how his penis stretches my vagina. He was slow fucking me while kissing me, it was so sensual and romantic... I could feel every inch of his penis inside me. We were like that for 10 minutes and Rashid then started to fuck me harder... he started to play with my breasts more aggressively and started to twist my nipples... which brought me over the edge as I started to orgasm and then spasms of my pussy must have clamped on Rashid's cock so hard that it made him cum as well... as I was cumming, so was Rashid and I could tell he was a heavy cummer.. I could feel his dick pulse inside my pussy and as we both came out of our orgasms... Rashid stayed inside my pussy and kissed me again... gosh he is such a romantic guy. He then continued on fucking me... (gosh these Arab guys sure are horny) he then fingered me as he was fucking me... my pussy was sloppy all over from my own pussy juice, Rashid's cum, and from what was left of Hassan's cum. It was so slick and it made me feel amazing... I never thought raw, natural, sloppy fucks could be this good. Rashid then asked me to open my mouth and he started spitting on it. I was surprised but the slut in my just swallowed the spit and even played with it as he continued to spit on me as he fucked me... seems like this guy is a kinky romantic hahaha. After a few more minutes... Rashid's rhythm got faster and I could tell he was about to cum again... and then he grunted and moaned so load and there it was ... a huge cum deposit in my pussy. He then slowly pulled out and I did my best to clamp down on my pussy to savor that cum feeling inside me. Rashid then relaxed himself on the bad as I excused myself to the shower. As I was showering, I could feel his cum dripping and leaking from my pussy. God, that guy must have really loaded me up real good. As I got changed and decided to excuse myself from Rashid. He gave me a price of paper with his number on it, told me to keep in touch he also slipped in $200, I was just about to refuse it and then he said, "just accept it, you're the best fuck I've had for years" I just smiled and kissed him. I left his room and as I closed the door, I just leaned back on his door, smiling and thinking what have I gotten myself into?! 2 strangers, 4 loads in a day, and aside from becoming a total slut, I think I'm now turning into a prostitute... hahaha so much for studying, well at least now I'm learning "hands on" *wink. As I got to the hotel lobby, I saw a familiar face from afar, it was Abdul, the bartender, it seemed like he was on break or something, I just smiled at him and he smiled back... gosh these Arab guys are hot as hell.
  15. Part 1 Hi, My name is Jessica, 23 years old, 5'5, 105 pounds. I have a slim frame but my ex-boyfriends say that I have a very nice set of breasts and full and firm ass 😝. i have blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyway I have just recently just finished my degree in international relations and decided to immediately take my master's degree. I really wanted to specialize in Middle Eastern politics so I searched for several universities in the Middle East that offered some sort of financial aid to international students. I ended up accepting an offer for a 2 year Masters degree in middle eastern politics in a university in Cairo. In order to give myself some time to adjust, I flew to Cairo two weeks before my term started. my parents had some reservations about sending me to Egypt, aside from the costs (I got a scholarship but you know, expenses would still add up eventually), they were also concerned about my safety, with all the security threats - terrorism and they've also heard that Arabs have a thing for white women like me so, there's that fear of me getting raped or harassed. I wasn't that concerned since I've always had a thing for Arabs anyway, it wouldn't be rape if it's consensual right? And also I've had my fair share of sexual experience with my previous boy friends (I had 3 in college, and 1 in HS all were safe of course). I thought that I might as well have some fun since I'm in a foreign country anyway hahaha. on my first day, I immediately felt that there were lots of eyes on me... was it because I wore things differently, I do tend to wear skimpy clothes or was it just because I'm white? Anyway I loved the attention that I was getting, guys were extra nice and smiled a lot. On my 2nd day, it was an afternoon and I was just hanging out in a local cafe, reading a book and suddenly a guy sat on the chair right in front of me, I was about to say that I preferred to be alone, but my oh my this guy was gorgeous, he was about 5'8, beautiful eyes, strong features and seemed to have a very toned built. He introduced himself and apparently he just finished his degree as well, he was 23 and was unemployed. His name was Hassan and we chatted for a bit talked about Cairo in General and the places I should go to before starting school... I couldn't really remember everything he was saying as I was just lost in his eyes and his beautiful face... until the conversation became a little bit personal. Hassan asked if I had a boy friend and I said no. He smiled and slightly laughed saying he couldn't believe it, he said that a beautiful girl like me should have a boy friend, then after a couple of minutes he became more forward and asked about sex, he asked if its true that American girls had sex all the time, and I said it depends but mostly just have sex every now and then but we're not like hypersexualized creatures or anything, he then asked about me, if I'd had sex and I said, a couple of times. He fell silent and I think he was shocked with how honest and open I was. After a few seconds he regained his composure and asked how I'd be having sex now that, I'm in Egypt and have no boy friend, to which I answered... "I don't need to have a boy friend to have sex" I also smiled a little showing that I liked him (gosh, I'm even more of a slut now than before, in America, I'd at least be drunk before I got to this stage of flirting) Hassan then asked me if I was okay with having sex with locals and I said "Hell, yeah!" He just laughed and I think that made him more aggressive, seeing that I was an easy catch, Hassan asked me to walk with him to his friend's place and I gladly did. It was just 4 or 5 blocks away and I ended entering this building, climbed several flights of stairs, and then we entered this room, it was actually a nice apartment, the inside was much better compared to how things looked from the outside, he said that a friend of his rents this place and we could hang out for a couple of minutes if like. I was like ... are you seriously asking me this now? Hahah and of course and I just replied with a simple yes, and cute smile. He got me some drinks and we watched some tv for a while, he sat beside me on the sofa and then he put his hands around my shoulders and then I felt he was already touching my boobs. He looked at me and then, I smiled and just went for it- I kissed him and he kissed back... gosh his such an amazing kisser... he then removed my shirt and he removed his, gosh he is even sexier than what I expected, chiseled chest with a little bit of hair and amazing abs... I licked his chest then his nipples and went back to kissing him. His hands were all over me and then he removed my bra and he went for my nipples, sucking them like a baby hahaha he loved it, he was fondling my other breast while he was sucking on the other one. He then removed his pants and underwear and there it was... one of the biggest dicks I've seen in my life... it was thick, cut and hairless. Probably 8 inches and almost as thick as a can of beer. I couldn't believe it but it hypnotized me... I found myself immediately playing with his cock head - licking it and sucking on it. As I sucked on him he kept moaning and grunting which made me even hotter for him... I then sucked his entire penis... and gosh was it really really big, I started to gag but it was also so amazing... a thick Arab cock in my mouth ... Yum. He was leaking pre cum and the salty taste made me want to suck him more. He put his hand on my head and started pushing it further into his cock until my nose reached his pubic hair... with that his cock was completely in my mouth and I started to lick his balls while my mouth was full... this made him go crazy and he became more aggressive. He removed my pants and my panty and we changed our positions... he dove right into my wet pussy... and started licking it. He then pushed a finger and another until 2 fingers were inside while his tongue was doing its magic... it was amazing... my ex boy friends weren't this aggressive and now I'm loving this... he then positioned his cock head on my pussy and started rubbing it into my pussy... the pleasure was amazing... such a big cock rubbing against my pussy's lips was so amazing... i couldn't help myself grabbed his head and I started kissing him, he was sweating and it was dripping on my face and my body, I usually preferred clean sex but this Arab god panting and sweating in front of me made me feel different... I licked his sweat and it made me even hornier. I asked if he had a condom and he said... no. Uhm what am I to do? I always played safe but this hot Arab specimen is right in front of me.., I thought maybe I could make an exception this time and told him to just shove his dick right in but to just not cum in me. And shoved he did... it was amazing. It made me jolt and the size made it a little bit painful but the way it stretched my vagina made me so full and it was like his penis was activating various nerve endings I never thought I had. He pounded me really hard... and then he'd go sensual... slowly pulling his cock half way out then slowly pushing it back in... again and again he did that then he'd go rough again. Until I heard him grunt and I realized he was cumming in me. I was in shock... this was the first time a guy ever came inside me but I also felt sexy... it was like sex was meant to be like this... raw and natural. I thought he was finished but after a few seconds he started to slowly pound me again... oh wow... this guys had stamina... he slowly pulled his penis out and pushed it back again slowly. He started kissing my neck and lips while caressing my breasts ... we were like that for maybe 15 minutes then I heard him grunt again and I knew he was cumming inside me for the 2nd time. My pussy was now very slick and it made me feel really hot. As he slowly pulled out his penis the thoughts and feelings involved with my first raw sex dawned on me and it pushed me over the edge... as he was slowly pulling out... I had one of my biggest orgasms in a long time. We then took a shower together while caressing each other in the shower and then got changed. We hung out for a few more minutes and then I decided that I had to get back to my dorm. He gave me his number and I gave him mine... we promised to stay in touch and as a left the room and walked through the narrow corridors of this old building. I noticed a handsome guy walking in my direction... this guy's maybe 5'9 a little bit more muscular than Hassan and gosh his eyes seemed to pierce through my soul... as I walked I noticed he was looking at me and was checking me out from head to toe. I felt embarrassed and I think I blushed a little... then after a few more steps our paths crossed and then later on I noticed he entered the room which I came from, he might be Hassan's friend... and I thought #1 That was close! And I couldn't help myself think what would have happened if he caught me and Hassan fucking on his couch. Haha

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