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  1. The Sexual Awakening of Jake

    Part 6: bent over The breakfast went smooth. It seemed that dad wasn't on to me and uncle benj. We had the usual morning conversations but I was really distracted with uncle benj's cum leaking, I could feel my ass leaking globs of cum as we talked over summer vacation plans and what not. Good thing not enough cum leaked out for a stain to form on my shorts or that would have been hard to explain. Dad and uncle said they'd be off to do some errands and that I should be expecting a plumber to drop by as we were having some issues with out sink the past few days. At about 10 o'clock I was all alone and still horny as hell and then the doorbell rang, I opened the door as was greeted by this hot scruffy guy. He was a little bit taller than me 5'11 or 6'0 and must have been in his mid 30's. He looked hot as hell and I did my best to control my urge to suck him right then and there. "I'm William" he said, removing me from my sexual daze. I said "you must be the plumber." He just nodded in agreement and I let him inside the house. I explained to him the issues we've been having with the pipes and I showed him into our kitchen, he said he'll check it out and it should be fixed in no time. The weather was quite hot that day and I offered him a glass and a pitcher of water and left it on the kitchen table for him. I left him in the kitchen and I got back to the living room and watched some tv. After 20 minutes or so I checked out on William again and he was scooted under the sink with his top off. And god did he look amazing, he had well defined pecs and a toned body, like a fit dad bod and that really gots me. I can see some sweat glisten off his body and see his armpit hair and I was put into a sexual daze again. He must have noticed me and said "I hope you don't me taking off my shirt, this heat is killing me" I just said "no problem, I don't mind, yeah the weather's really hot but it seems like you've made it hotter" i wanted him to know that I liked him but I wasn't entirely sure that he was into guys. I hope that quick remark made him catch on into what I'm really after. He just replied "you're too nice bud, you ain't pretty bad yourself" After 2 more minutes he said "all done" and he was standing a couple of feet away from me half naked. "Is there anything I can do?" He said. I didn't know what got into me but I said "no, but I can do you if you like"... there was a moment of silence and I thought I messed it up but as I was just about to think of an excuse about what I said, William smiled and said as he grabbed his crotch "well, you can do this" I immediately went to him, grabbed his crotch and licked on his now musky body. He started to moan as my mouth and tongue made its way from his neck to his pecs and down his body. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and dropped his pants and underwear into his knees and I was greeted by this thick 7 inch cut white cock. He had bushy pubes and slightly hairy balls and I made my way into his cock. I licked it and sucked on its head, he grabbed my head and started to push me deeper into him as he moaned in pleasure. I sucked him and played with my tongue as I went down on him and he said "oh, fuck, you're way better than my wife" I looked up into him and his eyes were closed as I sucked him. I then made my way to his balls, I licked and sucked them as I played with his cock. He really liked it as all I can hear from him were moans of pleasure. As I went back to sucking him with my mouth buried into his cock and bush covering my nose, he said "can I fuck you?" Oh wow my day is getting better I thought. I immediately got off his cock and bent over the kitchen table as I removed my shorts and presented to him my sweet twink ass. He liked what he saw and smacked my ass every now and then as he inspected me. I was still bent over the kitchen table as he spat on my ass and his cock and he slowly pushed his thick cock into me. I moaned as his cock streched my ass and he moaned back as my ass swallowed his cock. He must have noticed the extra wetness inside me and said "you already got fucked this morning boy?" I nodded and he said "you're one dirty slut" as he started to pummel harder into me. I moaned louder and louder as his cock hit my g spot and with his hands on my waist he fucked me harder and faster and after a few more minutes he started to grunt and howl and then I knew he was cumming inside. He then slowly slid out of me and I handed him some tissue for his now cum covered cock. I really wanted to suck it but that could have freaked him out so I'll save that for next time. As we got dressed and made our way to the front door I paid him his bill and added and extra 30. He gave me a wink and squeezed my ass as he left.
  2. White slut for Arabs

    Part 13 We froze as we realized we left the door unlocked and now our professor just caught us fucking in the classroom. We really did not know what to do. However, to our relief Professor Karlsson broke the ice and said "No need to worry, you can carry on, I just left my phone here" he said with a smile and face that had some hint of disbelief of what he's just witnessed. As professor Karlssom rummaged through his desk looking for his phone, Jacob and David didn't bother to pull out of me but both were still frozen but still hard inside me. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Prof Karlsson found his phone and was just about to leave the room but before he did, he gave us one last look and smirked at us. God did he look hot. Before closing the door he said "next time you may want to lock the doors and keep it down a little bit, i could hear your moans from the parking lot" and then he was gone. After Professor Karlsson left, the 3 of us looked at each other and started laughing. Then Jacob started grinding into me again then David followed suit. The 3 of us started to moan and while fucking me David remarked "I bet you'd have wanted Professor Karlsson to join us, didn't you?" And replied "God, yes!, I want his cum in me, I want all your cum in me!" David and Jacob must have really gotten off on the idea of having the professor join us and the thrill of getting caught earlier was still fresh, both guys started to plow me harder, and then Jacob started to grunt heavily a sign that he was cumming and then David followed suit, grunting and panting and he came inside me as well. They must have cum a lot as I immediately started leaking cum after they pulled out. We all got dressed and left the room leaving it with the scent of sex, sweat, and cum. We then parted ways with both David and Jacob deciding to head to their dormitories while I stayed back in the building as I had to freshen up my self in the washroom. As I got myself into the washroom, I realized I wasn't alone and that there was a janitor inside. He smiled at me and I smiled back. As I was fixing my hair and make up I couldn't help but notice that the janitor kept looking at me. And then I realized he must have heard all the moaning and grunting earlier. I can't help but smile, I looked back at the janitor and I realized he is kind of hot.he looked young maybe around my age, bronze skin, clean shaven face, toned body maybe 5'6 or so. I really don't mind having him fuck me I thought to myself. As I continued to fix myself I the janitor talk to me and say "you the one fucking earlier?" I looked right back at him and said "yes" and winked. He then went closer to me and whispered "can I try?" I smiled and said "sure thing" he then went over to the door and locked it and he started to undress. I also undressed myself showing him my breasts which I think he liked and then exposing to him my freshly fucked pussy. As he removed his pants and underwear I saw that he had an averaged sized dick maybe 6 inches and not so thick. I immediately started sucking it and he must have really liked it as all I can here from him were moans of pleasure. After a few more minutes I got myself into the sinks and presented to him my pussy. He followed suit and without warning plowed his cock right into me into the hilt. He didn't have any difficulty entering, the loads from earlier made sure of that. The janitor sttted humping and he played with my breasts as well and after a few more minutes of fucking I heard him say "I cum in you" and then he grunted and moaned as he released his cum inside me. He then pulled out his now cum covered cock from my pussy and he was just about to wipe it with some tissue but I stopped him. He gave me this confused look but I just went down and started sucking his now softening cum covered cock. In seconds he was hard again and he must have really liked it as he started pumping into my mouth with his hands behind my head - face fucking me. Then again he started to grunt and I tasted his salty/bitter cum and swallowed it. He thanked me as he got dressed and I just smiled back. He unlocked the doors and left. I looked back at myself on the mirror and thought "God, I'm such a slut, what was his name again?"
  3. Thank you for the poz reputation to my Arab story. 

  4. Anyone else hate Men.com?

    They have such hot guys. I'd prefer seeing them fuck without a condom. Their stories are some times hot like their Str8 to Gay series but then again it just kills the mood the moment I see rubber on the cock on one of their hot tops. 😓
  5. Yum. Guys from the Middle East are so hot. 😍 I'd really love to get fucked by them. i love your posts. Keep em coming. 😉
  6. The Sexual Awakening of Jake

    Part 5: Good Morning I woke up kind of early and Uncle Benj was still fast asleep. With the rays of sunlight peering through the shades of my window I could now see how hot up close my uncle was. He had one of his hands tucked behind his head and I could see his hairy armpits - not that hairy, just enough and it looked really hot. I could whiff a little bit of musk off it and god did it smell good. I could see clearly how his pecs are defined and how toned his body and muscles are. I had my morning hard on and I was horny as fuck, I could still feel uncle's slick cum on my ass from last nights fuck which turned me on much more; I can't believe that I just had sex with my uncle. I drew in closer and I could see that uncle also had his morning wood with a bulge forming on the sheets covering his crotch, I've never seen his cock yet and I thought, now's my chance. I went in closer slowly removed the sheets covering his cock and I was greeted by a 7 inch cut and thick cock, with smooth balls and well trimmed pubes. God uncle's cock is amazing. I just couldn't resist and I put my lips on his cock and started sucking the head of his cock, then I went further and sucked on it more - trying to deepthroat it but I could only get as much as a little bit more than half of it into my mouth. I then stopped sucking and started to lick on his cock and balls. God the musky and slightly sweaty smell of it was amazing. I could also taste and smell a little bit of cum from last night. I'm still surprised with how uncle is still asleep after everything that I've been doing. My hole started to itch and I knew I wanted his cock in me again. I repositioned myself now on top of my uncle. Spat on his cock and spat on my hands and put it on my hole for lube. I slowly lowered myself on his cock and after a while *plop his head is now in. I'd never get tired of the feeling and pleasure of having my ass stretched. I closed my eyes as I continued to lower myself on his cock and after a few more seconds he was already base deep into me. I could feel his pubes against my hole and I slowly started to ride him. Pulling his cock halfway out then back in and I couldn't help myself but moan. Then as I was enjoying my morning ride, I felt uncle's hands on my waist and as I opened my eyes I saw uncle was now awake with a smile on his face. "What a nice way to wake your uncle ey, bud?" Uncle said. "Sorry uncle, I couldn't help myself. Your cock feels amazing." I replied in between my soft moans. Uncle then started to take control and he then started humping back as I continued to ride his cock. Then we changed our positions into missionary all the while with his cock still in me. I was now on the bed and uncle was on top of me. He was fucking me in and out his cock went and it felt amazing. Our faces were now close together and he put his hand on the side of my face as he drew closer and kissed me. God uncle is such a romantic and good kisser. We continued on kissing and kissing as he fucked me and he withdrew from our passionate kiss as he started to fuck me faster, I knew he was close and I started to massage his cock with my ass trying to clamp on his thick cock. He was now hitting my g spot and I was leaking all over and within seconds I started to cum. I moaned and moaned as I came and the spasms of my ass did its job and uncle benj soon followed afterwards as he started to grunt and moan in pleasure as jets of his cum came in me. We were now sweaty and the beads of sweat started to glisten on our skin and uncle was still inside me. Drops of sweat trickled from uncles forehead onto my face and I licked it. Uncle saw it and smiled, he drew closer... took a glob of my cum from my stomach and put it on my mouth and I licked it ... he then drew closer and kissed me. He then dropped on to me and now both our bodies were covered in my cum as we kissed. I didn't want it to end. We were like this dad and son couple it was amazing. As we continued on kissing. We heard a knock on the door. "Breakfast is ready!" My dad said. Uncle then started to pull out his now softening cock out of my ass as he slowly stood up and then he replied to my dad "ok, we'll be right downstairs" uncle then looked at me with a smile and wink saying "come on, let's get changed before your father suspects anything"
  7. White slut for Arabs

    Part 12 I had different schedules for different days and for today I'd be having 2 classes in the afternoon and early evening. My first class was pretty much boring and rather short as it was just our first day - just a discussion on the syllabus and class requirements and that was it. At 6pm I had my second and last class of the day and aside from my class with prof Ahmed I thought my professors would be middle age guys with pot bellies or middle aged women who've had their better days way behind them, boy I was wrong! As I got to my class for European politics, I was surprised to find that my professor would be hot as hell - my professor for this class is apparently a Swedish guy. Didn't quite expect that. As I got to my seat, I started checking him out - he is about 6'2, blonde hair, blue eyes, well trimmed beard and a gorgeous face. I can say that he is in his early thirties and god did he look like he was working out - it was like he was lifted out from a scene of Spartacus or Vikings and put into that room. Shit! This guy is hot as hell. I got myself a chair and moments after a familiar face sat beside me, it was David and then seconds later another familiar face sat on my other side, it was, Jacob - gosh these two hot guys are always on my last class. It's not that I'm complaining, Professor Karlsson stood up and his entire frame was now in my fulll view, he started talking about his expectations for the class and the various requirements he had, he then moved on to discussing briefly his background and then he started off with several slides of how colonial history affected the Middle East and how that will be our focus on the next few weeks. I really did not quite get much as he was just glowing and so sexy. David must have noticed how hot I was for prof Karlsson and he nudged me a bit and then I was back to reality. After class, I was just about to leave the room but David looked at me and hinted that we wait. Within minutes it was only David, Jacob, and I that were in the room. The building was already a ghost town just like last time. Within seconds, Jacob had his hand all over me and started to undress me while I was busy undressing David and I started on sucking his cock. God did his cock taste good. I slobbered all over it and deep throated it. Jacob then positioned himself behind me and started to finger my pussy ... and as he slid two fingers into me - he must have felt the extra wetness and said "someone already fucked you today?" And in between my moans as a sucked David I just nodded in agreement. They both had a good laugh and remarked how much of a slut I was. Jacob then started to penetrate me with his cock and without difficulty he bottomed out, David was still seated as I sucked him and he was having a good time I guess as all that I could hear from him was moans of pleasure as I sucked on his cock and licked his balls every now and then. We then decided to change positions, David was still seated but now I went on top of him and he was also deep inside me within moments. Jacob then positioned himself right in front of me and put his cock right amin against my wet and stretched out pussy and he spat a little on my pussy and his cock and *plop now both of them are inside . Shit, this guys are really into DP, my pussy was so full and both their cocks were hitting my g spot and I couldn't stop myself from moaning. We were all like animals in heat - grunting and moaning and sweating and then... to our shock we heard a voice "Seems like someone's having fun?" We froze for a while in shock, realizing we forgot to lock the door and as we looked over to our intruder, it was Professor Karlsson. Shit, I thought to myself, am I expelled?
  8. The Sexual Awakening of Jake

    Part 4: Keep quiet So I just woke up with my hot uncle hugging me and with his cock right up against my ass. I honestly did not know what to do, first, I thought I should just sleep this off - I know my uncle is hot but uncles and family are off limits right? second - I thought, I've been searching for cocks the past few days and now' my chance! A cock is a cock. I was torn but thinking how hot uncle Benjamin is, against my better judgment I thought I should go for it. So as uncle benj was hugging me I scooted my ass closer to his crotch to feel his hard on better and god did it feel like a big one! I slowly grinded my ass against his cock and it felt really good! I could not hear any change in his breathing so I was sure he was still fast asleep so I continued, I moved a little farther from his crotch to give my hands access to it and god did his bulge feel big! uncle benj is packing some serious meat! I then (through some serious hand work) unbuttoned his boxers and was able to fish out his hard cock and it felt amazing on my hand, I haven't seen it yet but i must have been thicker than a water bottle. I then slowly slipped off my pajamas and grinded my bare ass against his cock and it felt great to finally feel another cock on my ass. But I wanted more! I want uncle benj inside me! So I spit on my hands and put it all over my hole and spit some more and put some on uncle benj's cock and then I slowly guided his cock into my ass. It took me a while, but finally after a few minutes of maneuvering *plop uncle benj's cock head was now inside me - it felt a little bit painful, I'm new to this after all but I now know better that this will feel better soon. I then backed up slowly on his hard cock and he was half way inside my ass, there was still no change in his breathing - god! Uncle Benjamin is a heavy sleeper. I then slowly pulled and push against his cock and yeah it did start to feel better, I let out soft moans as I was fucking myself into uncle benj's cock. It felt amazing! I still haven't seen his cock but I'm sure he's got one hefty cock that's now inside me. As I was slowly fucking myself into uncle benj's cock, I heard his breathing change and I froze. Is he awake?! I then heard this soft but stern "what do you think you're doing boy?" And i didn't know how to answer, shit I got caught! I was basically raping my uncle in his sleep and now he is awake, shit! I'm done for I thought to myself. And then after a few more seconds of stillness and quiet, uncle benj softly said "you're fucking your uncle without waking him, that's bad boy, how can your uncle enjoy the ride?" So is he okay with this I thought. Then his hands that were still hugging me slowly made there way to my nipples and hard cock, he played with my nipples and fondled my cock as I returned to fucking myself into his cock which he reciprocated by humping against my ass as well. In moments uncle benj was now completely inside me, he then grabbed my hips and started to fuck me harder, and it felt amazing! His cock hit my g spot and it felt like my ass was being tickled from the inside, I couldn't help myself I played with my nipples and body and now uncle benj was kissing and licking my neck from behind and then I started to cum without touching my cock, I let out jets of cum on to my bed and on to the floor and I moaned and moaned, uncle said "quiet boy, your father might hear" I was still cumming and I thought it would never end and the spasms must have clamped down on uncle benj's cock and in seconds he started to softly grunt and I felt his cock throb inside me, I was already finished cumming but now uncle's seemed to never end, I could already feel his cum leak but he was still grunting and moaning as jets of his cum made its way inside my hole. He finished cumming and laid still with his cock still inside me, he then softly and slowly pulled it out, saying "make sure to shut that tight boy, I came a lot" as he slipped off me, I immediately shut my hole and then he went back into hugging me. He then said , "thanks for that boy, it's been weeks since my last fuck, I needed that, now back to sleep." and we did, now all naked with his soft cock against my cummy hole.
  9. White slut for Arabs

    Part 11 I had some free time in the morning and I still can't get over about how Jacob and David fucked me last night. I'm feeling horny as hell so I decided to send a text message to Khalid if I can drop by for a while and he said Hassan was with him and that it'd be great to hang out. Within minutes I was on my way to their place ... As I knocked on their door, it was opened by a half naked Hassan... he immediately grabbed me and kissed me, he undressed me while kissing me as we made our way to the living room. I could feel the passion and yearning and all the sexual energy coming from Hassan, he said "I missed you, I love you, I want to make babies with you" that's all I heard from him as another pair of hands felt up my now naked body and exposed breasts - it was Khalid. He put his fingers on his mouth and then he started to slide his fingers into my pussy as I was still kissing and licking Hassan's body. I could smell the morning musk in Hassan's body, I looked up at him and he looked right back directly into me, he licked his lips and started to remove his pants. We were still in the corridor leading to the living room, Hassan had his back against the wall and I bent over to suck his large cock and oh god did I miss his cock. I sucked on his cock head and slurped all over and I could hear him moan, as I was bent over, Khalid spread my legs and spat on his cock and then he slowly penetrated me as he was licking my back and neck. It was amazing and It's just been less than 5 minutes since I got here and now I'm bent over with a cock in my mouth and pussy. Khalid was long dicking me and all I can do was softly give out moans as I slobbered all over Hassan's cock. Hassan put his hands on my head and pushed it hard towards his base which made me deep throat him, his cock was now in my throat and I was starting to gag and had difficulty breathing, but Hassan didn't care, he loved it and I loved it. Khalid was now pumping harder and harder then he grunted and moaned like a wild dog, I felt his cock twitch inside me and he must have cum a lot as I felt his cum leak even while he was still inside me. Khalid then slowly slid out with his cock still hard and he and Hassan switched positions, Hassan penetrated me easily with my pussy now sloppy and wet from Khalid's cum. Khalid was now in front of me - naked with still a raging hard on, with his cock covered in cock and whatever fluids I had inside me - oh gosh, I almost forgot how big his dick is and how hot and sexy he is. Hassan fucked me slowly and he hit my g spot and as I moaned, Khalid put his dick in my mouth and started sucking on his cum covered mouth, I could taste his cum and my pussy and he loved it. Hassan then started to play with my clit as he fucked me which really made me moan as I was loving the feeling of my g spot getting hit while my clit was being played with, that through me off the edge and my pussy started to spasm and release fluids, my pussy clamped down on Hassan's cock and that must have thrown him off the edge as well as I heard him moan and shout out loudly as his cock twitched inside me. Within seconds Khalid followed suit and was pumping his load right into my mouth and throat. It was amazing. We were all sweaty and hot - the sweat of both guys glistened on their skin and a few even dropped into my body which made me feel really kinky and hot for both of them. We soon found ourselves on the couches, half naked and still having that after glow watching tv and having beer, I almost forgot how much of a good fuck these two guys are.
  10. Thanks for the rep score.  Much appreciated.... I look forward to returning there some time. Every night was a good one

    1. gabz2000


      Cool. I hope you have some more fun here in Manila 👍😆

    2. misneach


      I would look forward to that again man!

  11. The Sexual Awakening of Jake

    Part 3: Unexpected visitor It's been a couple of days since Josh and Adrian popped my cherry and I've been having wet dreams of that night - I'd wake up into a puddle of cum in my bed (I sleep naked hehe) after dreaming of how josh and Adrian fucked my ass that night. Ever since then I've been trying to get my hands on some cock but to no avail - I created several craigslist ads but the guys there were flakes and no one seemed to pay attention to me in Grindr as well... Anyway it was a Saturday morning and my father and I were having breakfast when he told me Uncle Benjamin will be staying with us for a couple of days, uncle Benjamin has been having some problems with his wife and they've decided it's best for uncle Benjamin to stay with me and my dad for a while. Dad asked me if i was okay with sharing my room with uncle Benjamin since our spare room is pretty much unfurnished and I guess, dad wanted the master bedroom to himself (Mom works for an international NGO and is pretty much out of the country most of the time); it was as if I had a choice, so I said yes. But now that I'd have to share my bed with uncle Benjamin, I'd have to sleep with my clothes on, I just hope those wet dreams would stop for now - it would be very awkward if uncle Benjamin and I woke up covered in my cum. Haha. Just as dad and I were preparing the dinner table, we heard a car pull over our drive way and after a few minutes we heard a knock on our door. I opened the door and it was uncle Benjamin with a backpack and small suitcase - I must have forgotten how good looking he was, it's been at least a year since I last saw him, he is 44 years old, around 5'11 and has a fit body - not too fit but in good shape, he has salt and pepper hair and amazing blue eyes the seems to pierce right through me, amazing teeth and a well trimmed beard that high lights his well defined jawline. I could see his pecs slightly through his shirt, I couldn't remember uncle Benjamin looking this good. "Hey Jake!, what's up buddy?", he said as he pulled me into a hug. "I'm fine uncle benj, have you been working out?, you look great" I replied. "Oh, glad you noticed haha, I've had more free time lately so I've been able to jog more and hit the gym a few more times a week, anyway where's Alfred?"... "oh dad's in the kitchen preparing dinner, come on in uncle" As we had dinner dad and uncle benjamin talked about their good old days and how goofy they were when they were kids - we had a few good laughs but I really couldn't concentrate on my food or their jokes that much as uncle benj was seated right across me and damn did he really look good. I was having a hard on the entire time. After dinner, I guided uncle benj into my room, he apologized for the inconvenience and I said "oh, nothing to worry bout uncle Benj, dad and I are glad to finally have some company" and deep in my mind I was like... fuck! I'll sure be having hard ons as we sleep together. Dad and uncle benj had a few beers after dinner while watching a movie. I was already in my room, my eyes glued on my phone, when I heard a knock. It was uncle Benjamin, and he might have had a couple of beers, his face was already red but he didn't seem drunk. He took a quick shower and he got out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist, and god! His body was amazing! He had well defined pecs and an amazing 4 pack. He had a smooth chest and he looked just really good! He must have noticed me watching him so I looked back on to my phone as uncle benj wore his boxers. "I hope you don't mind me sleeping like this Jake?" I looked up and it was uncle bench with only his boxers on. I said "sure no prob uncle benj, i usually sleep with less clothes as well and the A/C's hasn't been working as well, so go on right ahead, and make your self comfortable" As uncle Benjamin scooted into my bed, I removed my t-shirt to make myself more comfortable, and I noticed uncle benjamin look at me while I was removing my shirt, he then said "nice body you got their bud, you've really grown up" then I just said "oh, you're not the only one who's been trying to get fit uncle" then we had a good laugh. Uncle benj doze off to sleep almost immediately - must have been the beer. After a few more minutes, I went to sleep as well - turning off then lights and scooting over to bed beside uncle Benjamin. I woke in the middle of the night, must have been 2 or 3 am, uncle Benjamin was fast asleep hugging me, and to my surprise, I could feel his hard cock right up against thin pajamas. I was really surprised but oh this is getting me horny. His hard cock, I could feel his hard cock twitch every now and then as he his hands were wrapped around me, what do I do?
  12. The Sexual Awakening of Jake

    Part 2: Popping the Cherry Josh and I were there in shock and utter disbelief as Adrian caught us with Josh's cock in my mouth. It was as if time stopped and Josh and I couldn't move. Adrian just smirked closed the door behind him and locked it and said "give me some of that" Adrian just unzipped his pants and his semi hard floppy cut dick was now in front of me. Adrain looked over to Josh and gave him a signal and Josh pulled out my mouth ... I then took Adrian's now hardening cock into my mouth. It smelled of musk not too bad just a hint of sweat as expected from the night's worth of partying and I was getting more aroused as now I was getting used by 2 hot guys. Adrian is 5'11 he hasn't removed his shirt yet but from the quick glances I've taken from the shower room at school he is pretty toned and well built. I was now slobbering all over Adrian's 7 inch cock being able to deep threat him with his trimmed pubes hitting my nose. As I continued on sucking Adrian, Josh was now behind me and caressing my ass as he jacked off watching me suck Adrian. I could feel Josh's finger linger near my hole and he spat on my hole and licked on his finger and slowly pushed it into my hole... it's the first time I've been fingered and I really couldn't quite put how it felt. It didn't hurt but was not that pleasurable but as Josh slid in another finger and got in deeper I could feel him hit a spot inside me which was just amazing! It was as if I was being tickled and jacked off from the inside and al I can do was moan as I was sucking Adrian. Josh then spat 2 more times into my hole and I could feel that he was positioning his cock behind me... he then tried to enter me several times but the tightness of my virgin hole made it difficult. He then went near my head as I was sucking Adrian and whispered "relax for me please" I relaxed my hole as Josh's cock tried to penetrate me slowly... then *plop his uncut cock made it inside me. I was consumed by this searing pain but I couldn't really scream as my mouth was full with Adrian's cock. Josh then said "oh he is tight!, are you a virgin Jake?" I just nodded in agreement as Josh slowly pushed in deeper into me with his thick uncut cock. He was now more than halfway inside me and he started to gain a rhythm as he slowly pounded my tight hole... I could hear him moan and cuss as he was fucking me then after a few more thrusts he was already balls deep inside me. Adrian lusted over as he watched me get fucked by Josh and said "give me some of that tight ass Josh later, will you?" Josh just said "yeah, Jake is way tighter than any pussy I've fucked" Josh spat more on my ass as he fucked me and he was now fucking me real fast and the pain I felt earlier has now been slowly replaced by this amazing feeling of fullness and tingling inside me as Josh's uncut cock hit my g-spot again and again. I moaned and moan as I sucked Adrian and I then felt Josh's hands tighten it's grip on my hips and he started grunting and then I knew he was cumming inside me - my first fuck and cum. Josh must have cummed a lot as he held me tightly for more than a minute as I felt his cock throb inside me. He then slowly pulled out and said to Adrian "that was amazing! Your turn buddy" As Josh pulled out of me I felt a certain level of emptiness and as Adrian pulled out of my mouth to get behind me my mouth longed for cock and then I realized that i was becoming a cock whore ... The emptiness was soon gone as Adrian got himself behind me and he then spat on his cock and my ass felt up my ass cheeks and said "you got one cummy hole, I hope this is still tight" I could feel the cum leak from my hole and Josh was there laying beside me in his a post fuck glow with sweat glistening over his sexy body and his hands on the back of his head. His slightly hairy pits were near me and I could smell his manliness and it made me a lot hornier and put me in a sexual trance. Adrian then positioned his cock on my hole and slowly pushed in. He met no resistance from my now cum filled hole but I think it must have still been tight for him as I heard him remark "oh yeah, this is way tighter than any girl pussy I've had, you're giving the girls in our school a run for their money" Adrian was soon balls deep in me and was fucking me hard as in the heat of the night and of the moment I felt his sweat drip on to my back as he fucked me. His thick cock was now way inside me as he hit my g-spot and all I can do was moan and moan in satisfaction. It didn't take long for Adrian to hit it just right and I couldn't believe it... I started cumming on the bed without touching myself. I could feel my cock throb and my ass tightened as I came... that must have put Adrian over the edge as well as my ass massaged his cock... he held on to me tight and grunted and moaned and I felt his cock throb and release his cum inside me. Adrian clearly came a lot as I could feel the cum leak even while he was still inside me. After a minute or two he slowly pulled out his softening cock and both Adrian and Josh started to dress up as I was there laying on a pool of my cum and their cum on the bed. Before leaving the room, Josh remarked "you're a good fuck Jake, let's do this again" Adrian just gave this sly smirk on Josh's comment and both of them left the room and went back partying... I looked at my watch and it's already 30 minutes past midnight.
  13. Part 1: Garduation Night Party Hi, I'm Jake. I turned 18 years old a month or so ago, and was just graduated near the top of my class and have been accepted to a very good university here in the state. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends in college, but last night I attended a graduation party that I thought I'd describe for you, but first let me tell you about myself. I'm Jake Adams, 18, 5'10, 150 pounds, toned and fit but not the bulky/Uber athletic type. I have blue eyes with I got from my father and brown hair. I can say I'm fairly attractive, people say that I have a very innocent yet appealing features. I seem to recall even having heard a gay guy call me the 'perfect twink' when I was out in the mall shopping a few weeks ago. Any how, back to the party, which my friend Adrian planned as an occasion for me and my friends to let loose! Adrian's parents are pretty much well loaded and have no problem with Adrian footing the bill for the graduation party which was hosted in their country house a few miles out of town. I arrived at Adrian's place at around 8:00 PM only to find the party was already going on smoothly - several guys playing beer pong, girls and guys dancing to the latest beat in the amazingly spacious living room while several people have already jumped in the pool with their best swimwear. This is gonna be an awesome party indeed. I was greeted by my friend Josh who immediately handed me a red cup. "What is it?" I asked. "Something to loosen you up," Josh somewhat vaguely answered. I gladly took the cup and took a sip. The mysterious beverage tasted like orange juice but I suspect it was spiked with a tad of alcohol. Over the next couple of hours I must have drank half a dozen cups of the beverage Josh gave me and I was definitely feeling a little bit of a buzz - perhaps somewhat dizzy, certainly louder and more 'loose', and almost certainly somewhat chatty with total strangers. The party was already at its peak with several couples making out and others flirting like there was no tomorrow. I had to get some air and left the main party area as I wandered in the house and retreated to an empty bedroom. I could still hear the party music in the background but at least I was alone and could finally get a breather. And there I was alone in the bed reminiscing the past four years of high school and then the door opened: it was Josh. "Had to get away, huh?" he asked. "Yeah, I really needed to catch my breath. This is quite a party." "Mind if I join you?" Josh asked as, without awaiting my reply, he entered the room, closed the door, and strode to the bed, pulling his shirt off in the process. What really surprised me was that I found myself thinking 'Holy fuck, Josh is hot!' And I was absolutely right. Josh's was sporting an amazing chest, some great pecs, a well toned, fit body, and some die-for abs. I knew Josh had been on the swim team for several years - apparently the constant exercise paid off. I've always known that I was gay since I was a sophomore but I really never acted on it and my sexual urges were very much under control even as I went through puberty ... well of course the occasional jacking off to the hottest male celebrity or porn star was there but no sexual experience for this guy. I'm a total virgin! Well anyway, Josh, who's now half naked is now beside me in the bed. "It's really one hot night huh?" He quipped. He was just there beside me in the bed as I appreciated the view of his sweat glisten off his body... I might have stared to much and he must have noticed. I really did not know what was on his mind then but he suggested we watch porn and I just said "cool!" Josh took his phone and played this porn video of a whites woman being fucked my this hot guy ... he didn't even lower the volume and the room was filled with the moans of the woman as She was fucked bare by this hot stud. I was already getting horny looking at the hot guy and his large cock and I could sense Josh was getting horny too... I could already see a big bulge in his shorts and my erection was already forming a tent on mine as well. Josh then looked at me asking "Wanna jack off?" I was little bit surprised but then I just nodded in agreement. He then took off his shorts and underwear and there it was... his seven inch uncut cock! It really thick and bigger than my six inch cut cock. His pubes were trimmed and so are mine... he just continued on watching the video as he started to jack off his thick cock. I could really sense that he was horned up and in after a few minutes I think he noticed that I was paying more attention to his cock than the video and he repeated his invitation: "Wanna jack me off?" He didn't even wait for an answer and he just held my hand and guided it towards his cock... as my hands reached his cock... I felt it's warmth and the girth was amazing. He then guided my hand as I matched the pace that he wanted... he just looked at me with his sexy eyes and lips and then one thing led to another and we ended up kissing each other. We kissed passionately as we exchanged fluids... he then held my head and guided it towards his cock... I licked his body and nipples, drifting gradually towards his cock which, when I finally arrived, I licked, only to hear his soft moan. I could taste his salty precum and smell the musk on him and the smell made me hornier. It was a slightly funky but enticing aroma - just how a cock should smell: not too clean, not too dirty, just enough spunk. I then licked on his balls, whereupon I was rewarded by another moan. "Suck me," he ordered. I just looked at him and nodded as I did my best to fit his large cock in my mouth... at first I could only fit the cock head but after a few minutes I was able to put more than half into my mouth. He then put his hands on my head as I sucked on him... with Josh guiding the my head and with me doing my best to not scratch his amazing cock with my teeth. As I got more comfortable. I even started to play with my tongue as I sucked him... he must have really liked it as he quietly said in between his moans "Nice one Jake, keep it up." As I was sucking him... I also started to jack off ... being able to suck my first cock was not part of my plans for tonight but I'm not complaining. Josh played with his nipples as I sucked him. I kept my eyes on him as I played with his thick cock- watching him enjoy and moan as sweat glistened on his pecs and abs. I continued sucking him and then we were startled by another guy's voice. "You horny fuckers!" It was Adrian. We forgot to lock the doors and there I was caught red handed... or should I say cock handed? In any event, I was caught with my mouth full of cock.
  14. Thank Grindr

    Such an amazing story! More please! The latest segment was definitely worth the wait! 👍😉
  15. White slut for Arabs

    PART10 It's been a couple of days and I haven't had the chance to fuck around - I've been trying to catch up with my notes from college and also do some advance reading in the library - I know that some of my classmates would be professionals and have years of experience so I have to keep up, going directly to grad school after college was starting to look less appealing as the days went by - though all the cock I've gotten here in Cairo reminded me of how amazing the past 2 weeks has been. And finally tomorrow would be the first day of class and I can finally start my first steps into having that graduate degree. My first class was pretty much uneventful. I had a middle aged lady as my professor with a dozen or so middle aged guys - none of which caught my attention - All seemed to be happily married and were just taking this class to get a promotion at work. Sigh. I was more excited going into my second class as I knew Professor Ahmed would be handling it - gosh it's been days since I last saw him and I'm aching to have his cock in me. As I got into class, the professor still wasn't there but what caught my attention was ... there sitting on the 3rd row side by side are Jacob and David! My fuck from more than a week ago. Shit I knew these gorgeous guys were foreign students but they never told me that we were going to the same school. Agh what jerks! As I walked to sit beside David... all I can see from both of them were these devlish grin and smile. I was really quite upset but I also felt my pussy tingle at the same time - the thought of being in the same classroom as with 3 guys I've fucked really turned me on - it also didn't hurt that all are amazingly hot and great fuckers. Moments later Professor Ahmed got into the room and started discussing the class syllabus... I really couldn't concentrate to what he was saying as my eyes focused on his bulge and his fit shirt which pretty much highlighted his amazing body and pecs and when I looked to my side David and Jacob may seem ordinary from the rest but god they were hot as hell too! I might fail this class for being too horny for my professor and classmates. And then my day dream was broken as David spoke to me "so wanna be group mates?" All I could muster was "what?", David then replied "Well the professor said we should work in groups of 3 for a research paper, want to join me and Jacob?" I was still quite confused with everything and I just responded "yeah, sure thing." God I really have to get my act together, I was in a complete daze but then I started to regain my composure as we started to move on further into discussing class requirements and such. Then as the class was dismissed, before Professor Ahmed left, I pretty sure he gave me a wink and smile as he exited the room. It was already getting dark then as this was a 7pm class after all and the building was almost deserted... as I walked through the corridor, a familiar touch made its way to my shoulder and it was David with a smile on face. He then grabbed my hand and just said "come with me" we made our way to the PWD toilet down the hall and Jacob was already there inside waiting for us. Ugh these fuckers are really cunning and horny I thought. In seconds Davids lips found its way to my neck as he started to kiss and lick me... Jacob then started to undress and I was reminded of how nice his hairy toned body was. David then started to make his way through my body as he removed my g string while keeping the rest of my dress. His hands made its way to my pussy and his fingers were amazing! I then bent down as I started to suck the thick cock of Jacob. And god how I miss te feeling of cock in my mouth... his thick cock was stretching my mouth and I slobbered all over it as he moans started to escape his mouth. Then David yanked me as his mouth made its way to my pussy and his tongue teasing the hell out of it. He then positioned his dick and then slowly entered me with just his spit and whatever fluid I produced as lube... he bottomed out as I continued sucking Jacob, my hands made there way to Jacob's chest as David fucked me slowly and said "we've missed this pussy" I could only moan as he gathered pace and started to fuck me harder... then he started to withdraw and left my pussy empty. I was sad but then Jacob sat on the toilet and I took it as a sign. I climbed over him and then started to ride his thick cock ... I moaned in pure pleasure as his thick cock made its way through my pussy... I was wet and horny. I grabbed on to David's cock and put it in my mouth.. I sucked him as I rode Jacob's piece of thick cock. We were all moaning and grunting - not caring if our moans of pure lust echoed through the empty corridors. Then David pulled out his cock from my mouth and gave me a wink... he started to go lower and positioned his dick near my pussy as well and then he slowly pushed against my pussy which was already full with Jacob's cock... then *plop as his cock head entered me and then slowly he bottomed out and both of them kept stil for a while as I got used to the extra feeling of fullness. And shit it was amazing... my pussy was now wetter and slicker as both found their rhythm and fucked me in sync and their cocks rubbed against each other's inside my pussy - gosh these guys are kinky as hell. Then without warning I felt one dick throbbing in me... then followed by another... no moans or grunt just complete silence as both emptied their loads into my pussy. David was the first one to pull out and then I pulled myself from jacob's now softening cock as globs of cum dripped on to the floor... I felt so horny being the slut that I am and I made my way to both their cocks and cleaned it with my mouth and tongue. I then looked at myself at the mirror and there looking back at me was this cum covered slut with messed up hair to complete the "look". Both guys thanked me and said we would be having more of this as we were "groupmates" after all. They exited the toilet at the same time as I was there left cleaning off te cum on my face.

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