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  1. As I received several warnings ( 13 warning points so far .... 13, a sign? XD ) without exactly knowing what I should have done wrong, I'm really pissed off about this site.

    13 points, not knowing if this is much or not, no clue why , no chance to react or to get information why, 13 points that will never expire ...

    I really don't like the way the site owner rawTOP behaved with those warnings, so I will reduce my activity on this site dramatically and most likely will delete my account on the long run.

    There are other places on the www .... cya


    1. Pelops


      There is some logic beneath it all (a bit warped maybe) but you can figure it out if you try.

      You can't discuss (or show pics of) sex with women on the main threads on the site; only on the "Straight and Bi threads which are clearly labeled. It has been suggested that if you mention the word vagina all the hairy-arsed old Queers might have conniptions! However this doesn't always stop them breaking into discussions on the straight side with the most inappropriate stuff! Maybe we should just follow in the footsteps of the gay side and report their posts more often. 

      My most recent ban happened because I was "following" a Female site member, and received a "notification" that she had posted on one of the general threads, and reacted by answering her post, entirely in the context she had posted; but I didn't scroll to the top of the page to check if it was on a thread where I was allowed to mention sex with women, as she had not done either, but there was no sign of her being banned.

      Now as you know (look at the Information at the head of this page) we can't discuss prostitution,  escorting or "whoring women out" any more, since the US authorities can prosecute the site owner who is under their jurisdiction,for aiding and abetting Trafficking, even if we ourselves are not.

      I am seriously beginning to wonder if Cuckolds can be prosecuted for Trafficking their wives even if no money or goods change hands. Admin may be able to tell us more about that. I suppose that if you read some of the straight threads here you may accept that Sloppy Seconds could reasonably count as payment lol.

      Just be careful to keep any mention of anyone doing something so dreadful as having sex with women; on the threads where it is permitted. As I said before they are clearly labeled.

      The admin who banned you and or gave you points, should explain why if you ask, and show you the offending post, which will otherwise remain hidden after it was deleted. Drscorpio did this for me, otherwise I'd have had no idea why either.

  2. 'Happy milf ! Love bareback more and more to the point I can't even have any motivation in protected sex ... you know ;-)'

    YES, I know. There is a point in life when you abdicate a potential fuck if it isn't raw.


    1. Lizz


      Very well said, it's so true !

  3. Have you met that guy and you gained some success?
  4. If you want to bareback Steffi, you should hurry up, since she will stopp her bareback gangbangs end of this year. Here are the last dates she's available for 100% bareback gangbang, no tests, no questions, no on rejected Aktuelle Termine 2016: "Im Rahmen der Gesetzesänderungen sowie aus Zeitmangel, werden wir die Swing&Win GbR Anfang 2017 auflösen und unsere Events einstellen. Für Swinger Events und ähnlichem werden wir dann mehr Zeit haben Die bekannten Hotel Events sind dann aber Geschichte! Fast 8 Jahre in der Szene waren ausreichend um tiefe Einblicke zu bekommen, in diverse Bereiche...bis dahin lassen wir es noch einmal ordentlich krachen" Translation (not word by word, but following the sense): As law in germany will change in 2017 and because of lack of time, we will end our regulary hotel gangbang events in 2016. Until then, everybody is welcome to dump his load in Steffi. 03.12.2016 - Gießen - 19Uhr - 80€ 09.12.2016 - Hannover - 18:30Uhr - 70€ 19.12. - Dortmund Zentrum - 18Uhr - 60€ LETZTE PARTY (last party): 28.12.2016 - BERLIN! - 18Uhr - 70€ ... so take your last chance to fill that slut with your loads.
  5. I follow this couple for a time now and the bareback whore had done a very good development.

    Barebacking regardless all the consequences. A real hot couple.

  6. Termin verschoben. Neuer Termin wird mitgeteilt

    1. Deckstation


      verhütet die stute?

  7. What I actually know abot that couple, she is a real perfect bareback slut. No tests, no questions, no restriction. She takes everyone and is ready to take any gift she get's offered :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gorn


      No tests? No questions? No restrictions? Sounds really great. Just as I like it the most. I hope she tries to get fucked and creampied by as many total strangers as possible. I really dare to fuck her one day. Sounds like she really is a perfect slut.

    3. CoupleFr


      On the good path yes, no comdoms, no questions, no restrictions, strangers very welcome !

    4. Dom4Females


      Yes, remembering our conversation, she definitely knows her destination ;)

  8. Am 26.08. ist die bareback Benutzung einer 3-Loch Stute (Anfang 30, gut gebaut) in einem Pornokino in Basel geplant. Keine Fragen, 100% bareback, absolut JEDER Schwanz ist willkommen. Es soll hart und deftig gefickt werden. Die Sau leckt auch Ärsche und säuft auch Pisse.

    1. Dom4Females


      Bareback use of a 3-hole fuck slut at 26.08. in a adult theater in Bale

  9. Am 26.08. ist die bareback Benutzung einer 3-Loch Stute (Anfang 30, gut gebaut) in einem Pornokino in Basel geplant. Keine Fragen, 100% bareback, absolut JEDER Schwanz ist willkommen. Es soll hart und deftig gefickt werden. Die Sau leckt auch Ärsche und säuft auch Pisse.

  10. Some correction, since editing of post is not available. BareBackSteffi is not in search for pozz loads, she informed me about that. She just want to have bareback fun. 100%Bareback - NO CONDOMS -NO Tests! That's all
  11. A hot tip ... For all who like a sexy 100% bareback woman, all 3 holes usable You can look here: http://www.eroprofile.com/BareBackSteffi The former years she required a test, but now, she accepts absolutely everybody 100% bareback. No condoms, no tests. I am allowed to post this here. Absolutely evereybody is welcom to cum into her holes, even high risk guys are accepted. That's what she said, everbody, no exception. Here's how to contact her: on Twitter: AOStuteNRW WhatsAPP: 0049 171 16 96 276 Xhamster.com: aostutenrw Eroprofile.com: BareBackSteffi Mobile: 0049 17674245737 Mail: kontakt@creampie-party.de or spermastuteAO@gmail.com Fill her with a lot of pozz cum, she's waiting for high risk loads filling her ass and cunt.
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