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    would never refuse a top that has toxic semen to dump his toxic cum deep in my ass, my ass is there to satisfy all toxic tops no matter how toxic semen you have, so here you have a horny ass that takes care of your cock and cum
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    Toxic cum in my ass, I want to get my ass filled with toxic cum especially meds resistance hiv and Hep cum...

    Kik takeallcum

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  1. I would love to get fucked by a cook with a PA like this one on the picture
  2. I use my dildo complete dry pretty often the biggest dildo I play with dry is 28,5 cm (11,4 inch) in Circumference ;);)
  3. I am a bottom and cumdump and the tops have the right to use our ass and we have no right to turn a top who wants to use our ass and dump there’s cum in our ass, bottom should only be great full that the top uses our holes, a top from a other country wants to dump his really toxic cum in my ass , he has several strain of Hep B and C and aids that is med resistance to all meds, and several std, I he wants to fuck and breed my ass with his deathcum several times before it’s kill him, he said
  4. I am just a fuck hole to be used by anyone who wants to empty his cook deep in me, especially for anyone how has toxic semen;)
  5. Hi there, hot profile. Thanks for following me ?

  6. A real BB bottom takes every load he can he takes every load he gets offered to take in he’s ass no matter how toxic it is
  7. Level 6 whole my life, I let everyone and everybody in my ass no matter how toxic it is
  8. I never turn down a raw dick and semen deep in my ass I don’t care I will take all semen deep in my ass no matter if he has any std or med resistance poz or hepatitis or everything never say no to anybody
  9. No way I will take a condom up my ass, I will always say yes to get raw dick and he’s semen deeply in my ass even if he has med resistance hiv and other std
  10. Thanks for the follow, sexy!

  11. Bottom från Sverige östergötland tar emot alla gifta kukar å sperma jag kan få i min röv oavsett vad ni har;) Google translate: Bottom from Sweden Östergötland receives all married cocks to sperm I can get in my ass no matter what you have;)
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