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  1. Bangkok is my go-to place for bareback sauna sex. Babylon, Chakran, Heaven Sauna. Will definitely visit more. In Manila, there's this very dark, rundown and dirty place called Altermale. Lots of bareback in my experience, though not 100%, and the place is definitely not for everyone. In KL, no luck --- but I was told that I was just in the wrong gay sauna. I went to Otot2. If any of you are visiting Manila, hit me up. My Asian ass is craving for some white and black cock!
  2. I love married men. They're so innocent in bed. I like corrupting them. 😄
  3. I kiss but only when it's torrid. Passionate/romantic kissing kills the sleazy and dirty feel of cruising.
  4. Do share what the situation is when you guys visit. Here in my city, there's one that is already operational, but I dare not go. They're going head on against the authorities for operating. I'm not risking jail time for some cock.
  5. I'm glad we're talking about this here. I've has syphilis thrice since 2017 (in fact, I'm on treatment again now). I'm seriously reevaluating my no loads refused lifestyle because of this.
  6. Back after so long!

    1. hunjng


      welcome back, what keeps you busy?

  7. There are definitely not foolproof, but here's what I have been doing: I stick with people I know and trust. All one-on-one's, no groups. No kissing and spitting. A bottle of alcohol stands by my apartment door. Footwear stays by the door. I usually like to let the post-fuck scent linger, but now I shower and brush my teeth right after getting fucked. When I invited a stranger to my place, he wore a mask throughout the session and insisted on wearing condoms. I did not object.
  8. Two days ago, a bellboy invited me to an unoccupied room in the hotel where he works. Didn't get the chance to fully undress --- I was on my knees right away, and later, I only got to take off my pants and my long-sleeved button down shirt was still on. He never pulled out and just kept fucking. He nutted twice inside me and gave me the wonderful creampie I always love. We fucked for an hour over my lunch break at work.
  9.  I missed coming here!

  10. Question: Been wanting to do this but I'm a bit apprehensive for safety reasons. What if the guy drugs me or steals from me? Any thoughts?
  11. A top buddy was supposed to whore me out this way but COVID happened. We'll definitely push through with this once the pandemic has died down.
  12. I fully agree with your points, @rawTOP. I got bred by two guys last week, but these are guys I really trust. We've known each other for quite some time. We were honest about our risk factors (we had to move our meetup the first time because a COVID case popped up in one of the guys's condo and he wanted to isolate himself first). No kissing and spitting like we usually would. Masks were removed only to suck dick. And alcohol was on standby for periodic hand sanitation. We dared not invite so many other guys like what we usually would to limit our contact with others.
  13. We need the next installments of this sexventure! 😈
  14. I prefer reading a good sex story than watch the story unfold on screen. While we really can't blame the guys because they're not really actors, the bad acting can really be a boner killer no matter how hot the guys are. P.S. "Not in front of my salad" was hilarious. LOL
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