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    sucking cocks, getting fucked and taking loads from anyone, anywhere, any number of horny men are free to use my body to unload their balls into my sloppy fuckhole.I'm a dirty little cumdumpster that loves taking poz loads from hundreds and hundreds of anonymous strangers.
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    I was born to suck cocks get fucked bareback and take all loads.men dont just fuck me. they use me. l get whored out by dominant men. I have daddies and an owner who whore me out to poz men all the time. even my boyfriends whore me out.I am nothing but a sewer for the cum of all the men in this city and any city I visit. I'm also a tranny whore here and in Thailand.i was born to be a pozzed up t-girl whore.i have been fucked by thousands of strangers
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    lots of amateur videos of me sucking cock, getting fucked bareback and filled with cum
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    men who know how to use a faggot whore like me. i love getting gangbanged, strangled, pimped out, pissed on and used like trash by men who have zero respect for me and wanna see me end up as nothing but a pozzed up whore with aids and a cheap bareback tranny hooker with a fisted out hole

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  1. I have had it several times and had no idea until I tested positive for it
  2. sometimes I just stick my open mouth or my lubed up hole to the hole and wait for the guys to slide their cock in and start using my body to jerk themselves off so I never even see the guys cock, I just take it and his load
  3. omg I love doing that! when I spend several hours blindfolded in a public sling at the bathhouse taking load after load from anonymous strangers there will be a small puddle of cum under the sling from all the cum that drips out of me between men or while they fuck me. I like to get down on my hands and knees and lick the cum up while some guys fucks me or shoves his hand up my sloppy fuckhole. I had a boyfriend that would watch men breed me all night then blow his load in me while I licked up all that random jizz off the floor I even once saw a picture of myself online licking cum off a porn
  4. thanks! when you are a slutty faggot cumdump like me with no pride or shame you just wanna get used in the dirtiest ways possible and don't care how many people know you take loads from strangers. you would love my fuckhole when its full of several mens loads. its like a cumfilled swamp
  5. I have been fucked and sucked guys off on the Go train many times. even gotten completely naked and bred right in the train cars in the middle of the aisle. I got fucked on a Go train this week. I was on the upper deck of a train leaving Toronto and there were 3 guys up there with me at the other end. one of them came over to talk to me and told me he's fucked me a bunch of times and knows what an exhibitionist slut I am and told me he bet his buddies $20 he could get me to get on my knees and suck his cock right there. so I of course did. his buddies both came over to watch. it was late at ni
  6. as a bareback bathhouse gangbang cumdumpster that is my absolute favourite part of being such a slutty indiscriminate whore. that short period when a top blows his load in me then pulls out, leaving my fuckhole gaping and dripping some anonymous strangers cum, just drooling cum from my pussy, dripping down my ass into a little puddle on the floor for a few seconds before the next stranger steps between my spread legs and easily slides his bare cock into me and begins to fuck me. I love thinking about what a dirty whore I must look like waiting there, blindfolded, overfilled with loads waiting
  7. I have had a few guys fuck my ass while I'm on the phone. first one in high school liked to fuck me or have me suck his cock when I was on the phone with my mom or dad. had a few guys fuck me when I was on the phone with a boyfriend. one bf didn't know I was getting fucked but a couple did know I was getting fucked and would get me to phone him when guys were breeding me and would talk to the guy on the phone while he smashed my ass or while I sucked his cock and get dirty by telling the guy what a whore I am and to blow his load in me. even had a few guys in porntheatres and outdoors do me on
  8. I usually just say "wanna blowjob?" or "l wanna swallow your cock" it helps if you're an obvious faggot like me
  9. I had a top that would put me on a fuckbench in his apt with my neck in a noose hanging from the ceiling while him n his buddies fucked me and the rope was rigged up so guys could pull the top and pull the noose tighter around my neck
  10. yeah, I find lots of guys prefer a smooth girly pussyboy p plus it gets you fucked by more straight guys! and I found it made it easy to become more of a t-girl whore
  11. lol that's one of the reasons I've been busted so many times getting fucked up the ass in public
  12. every male has a right to the ass of a faggot bottom boy like me. top, bottom, versatile or tranny girl, any age, any race, any height, any weight, any looks, any cocksize, any status, anytime, anywhere, any number of males
  13. as a faggot and a darkroom cumdumpster I know I am in the darkroom to be used. by anyone. however they want to use me. I am nothing to the men in there but a hot body they can play with and use to get themselves off. its not about my taste in guys or what I want at all.its about providing a nice smooth body with a deep throat and an easy use fuckhole. I would never dream of saying no or handing anyone a condom. I get down on my knees or on my hands and knees where faggots like me belong or bent over with my legs spread so men can use me, fuck me and breed me like trash. they don't need to tell
  14. slutty, girly, submissive cocksucking faggots like me should always be willing to get down on their knees and suck their cocks until they shoot their manly load down our faggot throats or dress like a sexy slutty girl whore and let his father fuck her up the ass and blow their load deep inside our body. cumdumps shouldn't just be willing, we should crave the taste of our fathers hard cock and creamy load. I am lucky because my father is a big stud with a big meaty cocksuckers cock but all faggots should be willing to suck off their biological father.
  15. I was so that guy faggot. I was a known cocksucker before high school and had straight guys hit me up for blowjobs all the time. usually on the downlow. they would get me alone somehow at school, in a party (I sucked off a lot of straight boys in loved washrooms and bedrooms in high school) or out somewhere discreet or guys with cars would offer me rides which almost always ended up with us pulled over at the side of a road or in a parking lot with my head bobbing up n down in their laps. I even had a couple guys get me to suck their cocks right out in the open at house parties while people wa
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