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    sucking cocks, getting fucked and taking loads from anyone, anywhere, any number of horny men are free to use my body to unload their balls into my sloppy fuckhole.I'm a dirty little cumdumpster that loves taking poz loads from hundreds and hundreds of anonymous strangers.
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    I was born to suck cocks get fucked bareback and take all loads.men dont just fuck me. they use me. l get whored out by dominant men. I have daddies and an owner who whore me out to poz men all the time. even my boyfriends whore me out.I am nothing but a sewer for the cum of all the men in this city and any city I visit. I'm also a tranny whore here and in Thailand.i was born to be a pozzed up t-girl whore.i have been fucked by thousands of strangers
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    lots of amateur videos of me sucking cock, getting fucked bareback and filled with cum
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    men who know how to use a faggot whore like me. i love getting gangbanged, strangled, pimped out, pissed on and used like trash by men who have zero respect for me and wanna see me end up as nothing but a pozzed up whore with aids and a cheap bareback tranny hooker with a fisted out hole

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  1. I am a shameless fucking whore and a total exhibitionist. I'm the kind of faggot who doesn't even care if people catch me down on my knees sucking some guys cock or blowing a group of guys. I don't care if people see me bent over behind a dumpster, naked on my hands and knees in a park or bent over a public restroom toilet getting fucked bareback by random strangers.i have been "caught" being used for a cumdumpster so many times that I don't even think of it as being caught. for me its just another random or group of randoms who got to witness what a trashy little faggot whore I am. I have alw
  2. plus the average of more than 20 loads a day shot in my ass when I'm there. don't forget how I suck cock and get fucked in the street
  3. I just got fucked in an alley right downtown off Yonge Street during the middle of a sunny weekday. met the guy at the corner and followed him to the alley. he took me behind a dumpster and told me to pull down my shorts and bend over. I took them right off. he pulled my shirt up to may neck and slid right in meant started fucking (I was pre-lubed with another guys load. nice cock, nice fuck. got seen by a couple guys but he didn't even stop railing me until he shot his load in me then pulled out and walked away without saying a word to me. I put my shorts back on and left.
  4. not just because you let strangers fuck you raw and cum inside you, but because of the huge number of strangers you let fuck you raw and cum inside you. lots or sluts do the odd dirty hookup. the true cumdump whores like us are the ones that get fucked bareback by a LOT of strangers on the regular and we don't care at all who breeds us.
  5. thanks for the love bae! when men who use slutty faggots like me call me trash they actually mean it as a compliment. this man has actually called me worthless trash while he fucked me up the ass bareback while strangling me and spitting in my face and watching men pass me around. I love the term "cum receptacle for cocks" it really describes what we are to many men xo
  6. yeah it happens when guys with big cocks fuck me hard. helps if im blowing another guy or 4 or getting fucked in public with others watching, waiting for their turn, telling me what a whore I am or choking me and spitting in my face or pissing on me. the hotter the loads the better
  7. I love it when tops do this to me. it reminds the bottom that the top is fucking it purely for his own pleasure and he really doesn't care if we enjoy it or if we get off by getting fucked. I am clearly his fucktoy not his sexual partner. when you are a real whore men don't "have sex with you" they FUCK YOU like the hole you are
  8. just went to an anonymous tops apt to suck his cock and while I was on my hands and knees blindfolded in front of his couch blowing him he got a call from a buddy and told him"im just getting my cock sucked by some cumdump." then started telling him what a whore I am and apparently his buddy asked him if I wanted t get fucked and he said "I'm sure you can fuck him if you want if you don't mind fucking a dirty hole" then said "my buddy is gonna come over and fuck your ass"his buddy showed up like 5 minutes later, came in and said "fuck that's a sweet ass"first guy said "its very nice but too ri
  9. i get fucked mostly by completely anonymous guys. don't know any of their names and dont see most of their faces. I know absolutely nothing about more than 95% of the men who fuck me. men don't tell me their names, give me their number or even talk to me outside of dirty fuck talk. they just use me and pass me around
  10. I find most men who fuck me don't even touch my cock and would prefer I stay soft and often in a jockstrap while they concentrate on their own pleasure from using my fuckhole. ironically guys are more likely to pay attention to my cock when I'm a tranny whore. guys who breed faggots like me like to think of me as less than a man, more like a girl with a worthless cock and a sloppy pussy.
  11. that's what pozzed up faggots like us are for. we are a great place to dump dirty loads
  12. way more men have rammed their bare cocks into my sloppy dripping used cumhole when im laying there naked in the bathhouse and just used me to get themselves off
  13. yes but I'm the best kind of hole. I'm a fuckhole and a cumhole.
  14. lol yeah I am so gay and so queeny and such a faggot that people can tell from a mile away. I look like a faggot, I dress like a faggot (pretty much all girl clothes and most of it slutty) I walk very faggoty, I talk very faggoty and guys always know im a faggot and a bottom. most guys can tell I'm a slutty bareback cumdumpster just by looking at me. the closest thing to being mistaken for straight is when guys think I'm a straight girl.(it happens often) nobody ever thinks I'm a straight male. a guy just asked me if I am a lesbian
  15. lol I'm such a dirty bareback whore that guys stealth me by wearing a condom.
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