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  1. Ass up on all fours in dirty work boots taking all loads over weekend Kik : anthonyluxe
  2. Excellent 

    1. DomAbuser


      wish you were closer.  You sound just like the type i like to use.

  3. Ass up taking raw loads work gear and boots no load refused 0439-037-723
  4. Taking all Loads after work weekdays on all fours Ass up head down boots on 0439-037-723
  5. Heavy tatted Tradie in dirty work gear hard hat boots looking to get my tight bubble butt seeded up after work any weekday 3.00pm onwards on all fours work daks pulled down around boots Ass up for hot loads many as possible get back if keen Poz & Anon kool
  6. Trying to post a pic of me in my workgear and boots Ass up how do I put a pic on here boys seems a bit complicated and restrictive !
  7. Heavy Tatted Tradie Cumdump in Melb North love taking Anon Loads after work weekdays 3.00pm on all fours in work gear and dirty work boots tight Ass up in the air blindfolded ready for all cocks no talking just pump n dump man
  8. Heavy tatted Tradie Bottom love taking loads after work 3.00pm weekdays or can be on all fours Ass up boots on blindfolded ready for all loads
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