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Found 34 results

  1. Sitting here with my chasers hot wads of cum leaking out of my chub hole after a quick fuck session that finally ended in him seeding me... It's been a long time coming, he's been a regular fuck for over a year, we've gone bareback before but he's never blown his load inside me and would always pull out after a few minutes. He prefers to wrap up when we fuck. He had been messaging me most of the day, arranging a fuck session when he took his break tonight. Plan was he wanted me waiting in my Nasty Pig jock strap, poppered up and gagging for his cock and he wanted to fuck me without lube; he fucked me before a few weeks ago without lube and he loved my reaction when I squirmed to adjust as he forced his wrapped cock into me. I had recently purchased the thin feel condoms just for him, it was the closest thing to bareback he'd allow. I got myself ready, showered, douched, put on the jock and started huffing poppers when he gave me the notice he was ten minutes away. He's a very fit young man, he's 25 and has a large uncut thick cock, decent length and well able to fuck. He's got a nice but not overly hairy chest, low hanging balls and a broad chest. He's got a girlfriend and I don't care about that as long as I'm getting cock now and then which is the way it's worked for over a year now. I assumed the position and took my last hit of poppers as I heard him open the door and walk up the stairs. He walked into the room and started to undress as I motioned on the bed and presented my hole to him. "Oh that's a nice sight, you dirty pig slut, waiting for my cock" was his opening words to me "Yes sir, I've been gagging for it all day" I replied as he climbed up onto the bed and teased my hole with his cock (no condom so far) He was rock hard as he slapped his cock off my ass and grabbed my jock strap and teased my hole with his cock, resting the cock head at my hole but as I pushed back he pulled away. He lay down on the bed and told me to eat his hole, he loved to be rimmed and he had a perfectly shaped bubble butt and pink hole that I enjoyed eating out. After some time he turned over and reached for the condom while I went down on his cock and balls "Get off my cock and lick those balls you pig" were his instructions, I worshipped his low hanging balls full of his seed as he wrapped a thin feel condom over his manhood. I must admit my hardon flopped a little as I saw the rubber go on but I knew this wasn't going to happen otherwise. "Get your mouth over that and wet that johnny now as that's all the natural lube we're using you pig" were his instructions as he lay there, balls naked with his thick cock standing proud but wrapped. I went down on him, the taste of the rubber was horrible but I needed to wet it and get it reasonably ready for my hole. While I was down over the rubber I thought this could actually work to my advantage, having read about stealthing before I thought if I could use enough force I could break the condom and get his seed. I stopped sucking him off with spit and just used my lips as they seemed to dry the condom. I sat up and whimpered a little so he'd know I was doing this against my will and wanted to use lube. He lay there as planned as I slowly positioned my big chub body over him and started to sit down on his cock, I adjusted his cock to my hole but at the same time played around with the condom and tried to stretch it just before he penetrated me. I eased onto his cock, with some pain, but not as much as I expected and we started to fuck. He grabbed my hips and started to push up and down inside me, he slapped my fat ass as we started to get into a rhythm and I began to moan with enjoyment, he started to call out how good it felt inside me and within 15 mins he told me he was close. I started to really go for it, wanting to make him blow a hot load but not knowing would I feel it or would the evil rubber catch it all. I was bouncing on his cock now, harder and harder as he opened his eyes and gave a roar and shot his seed... he grabbed my hips as he pushed deep into me and at that moment I felt the warm sensation of cum inside my asshole. I said nothing as I enjoyed the moment and he continued to blow until he pushed to ease me off his cock. "Fuck that felt good" he said as I dismounted and felt my hole was wet with cum "Ah shit, the condom broke" he announced as we both looked at his cock, erection now slowly going down, and there was a fine tear where his cum should be... "Sorry man, I didn't mean for that to happen" he said "it's okay, I get tested regularly, don't worry about it, I guess that's what happens without lube" I responded as I lay down on my bed and pretended as much as I could that this wasn't meant to happen. He got up and went into the bathroom off my bedroom and I turned over and felt my hole, his hot seed was there alright and I pushed what was leaking out back inside me where I wanted it. After a few minutes he came out, apologised again for the rubber snapping, got dressed and left... I'm starting to wonder did he enjoy the feeling of his seed blowing into me more than he cared to admit it; we all know it feels better than blowing into a nasty sheet of rubber! I'll sleep well now tonight
  2. Doing A Friend A Favour

    I'm a Good Friend (TM)! Last night I was sharing a bottle of wine with a friend - just a regular friend, no funny business! - and after he mentioned he's had rather a long drought I joked that I'd sort him out! And no, I didn't really mean it; it's not that sort of friendship at all, but... Well; he - also jokingly - said he'd take me up on the offer. Well, You know how it goes... The joke got a bit out of hand and before I knew it he - still jokingly - groped my crotch and said "give it to me". I think he was somewhat surprised when I had an instantaneous "reaction" to this... Surprised, but perhaps not unpleasantly... He didn't remove his hand, at any rate, and... Well... One thing leads to another, doesn't it? So he moved off the couch to the floor in front of me and started unpacking my cock and then proceeded to suck it. It seemed rude to stop him, so I let him go to town on my cock... I'm normally around 99.9% bottom, but I do admit I have a perfectly adequate cock of about 7 inches, so you know... I had the required tool at hand, and he was quite pleased with how it grew in his mouth. At least that was the impression I got when he started taking off his clothes while still sucking me. He got up and led me to his bedroom, him completely naked and me fully clothed with my cock hanging out. Well, not really "hanging"... He sat down on his bed and wanted to suck me some more, but if I'm going to top a guy once in a blue moon I'm damned well going to TOP him! So I pushed him down on his back, ordered him to turn around so his head was hanging over the side of the bed, and then I started fucking his mouth while I undid my shirt. I had no clue what sort of sex he was into, so I didn't know if that'd be too rough for him - but when my cock began entering his throat it definitely seemed like he was moaning with pleasure. Either that or he was struggling to breathe. Or a mix of the two... When I pulled out to take of the rest of my clothes his face was read and his eyes were puffy and teary - but he had a big smile on his face, so it seemed I had assessed the situation correctly! He quickly flipped around on the bed and presented his arse to me... Well, what would be the friendly thing to do? Especially after he had taken my cock down his throat so well? So I spread his cheeks and began rimming him! He was moaning and pushing his arse back against my face, and I did my best to get his hole slick and wet with my spit. Ready for a good, solid fucking! It worked, of course, and eventually he was begging for me to fuck him! What would be the friendly thing to do? Sadly, when I got up to align my cock with his hole, he told me the lube and condoms were in the drawer of the bedside table... DAMMIT! I teased him a bit with the head of my cock, and he definitely got what I was trying to tempt him into, so he told me directly to put on a condom and lube up. *sigh* But still, there was a nice, willing arse in front of me, so I put on the damned condom, smothered my cock nd his hole with lube and then I rammed hard into him. If I couldn't take him raw, at least I could take him hard - and from the throat-fucking I assumed he wasn't too worried about taking cock hard and deep. So I thrust into him hard, fast and deep from every possible angle I could until he finally began moaning and shot his load on the bed under him. He asked me to pull out, but I was SO CLOSE, so I grabbed his hips firmly and gave a few final thrusts before I shot my load. I pulled out, carefully removed the condom and tied a knot on it - and hid it in my jeans pocket while he was still panting on the bed with his face buried in the mattress... I then wrapped the empty condom wrapper in a bit of tissue so it looked like the condom was ready to be thrown in the bin. I might not have been allowed to shoot in him, but I wasn't going to waste that load! ... And in a few hours I'll empty the condom into my own ass, using my own cum to lube me up for the cock that will breed me this afternoon!
  3. Frazer was walking in a countryside park when he encountered a group of naked men fucking each other. Instead of being horrified, the sight of this activity turned him on. After a short while watching them, he got his cock out and started to wank it, so turned on was he. This brought a newcomer to his attention, who came over to him and started wanking Frazer's cock himself. Before Frazer knew what was happening he'd got his pants and underwear off him and had undressed fully himself. He wanted to fuck him bare, but Frazer would have nothing of it and made him use a condom. It hurt as the man thrust his cock up his virgin arse. When another man passed by to watch the scene, the man who was fucking Frazer encouraged Frazer to fuck this other man whilst being fucked by him. After a condom was rolled on Frazer's dick, he proceeded to shaft this new guy whilst still being fucked by the first! Frazer continued visiting the site always insisting on condoms until one day he arrived well lubricated. Indeed his state of inebriation may have contributed to his visiting the park. As he approached the area, his saw a black with a large cock beckoning him over. After some sucking he was ready for more action. He turned Frazer round and with not much ceremony shoved his bare cock up him. Frazer was too drunk to care and enjoyed the thrill of the fuck, but still had sufficient willpower to stop the fuck before it had gotten too far. Frazer was both attracted and appalled by barebacking. He refrained on other occasions, but started watching bareback porn, which encouraged him to experiment further. On a visit to the cruising site, he bumped into the man he had fucked those many months before when he had started coming to the park. After a lot of foreplay, the man turned round to be fucked, Frazer got out his lube and his condom as normal. But the temptation was too great for him and he squirted the lube on his bare cock before thrusting it into him. This really turned him on and he came inside the man. The man turned in delight rather than anger when he realised he'd been barebacked. This lead to many other such sessions. Frazer then started to visit men's saunas. He soon discovered how amazing darkrooms were. He was very popular there because of his well endowed cock. Some older trolls would trap him in a corner and force themselves on his bare erection. He also discovered after having exploded into someone who was riding on top of him that not everyone was able to notice when someone had come inside them. But he still avoided being fucked bare. This changed one visit as he was passing by one of the open booths as he spied a young man playing with his magnificent cock. He went over to him and started to work on his great cock with his mouth to reach its full manhood. Then with lust in his eyes, he decided he needed that cock inside him and went to straddle it. With much coaching, help with positioning by the young man and the lube in his possession, Frazer managed to great this large dick up him. Frazer started to ride him, knowing that everyone who passed by could see that they were barebacking. He raised himself up on the cock as far as he could go and then plunged himself down again. This really turned him on. It must also have turned the young man on, because before he knew what was happening, the young man was urging him to pull off as he looked down on the still engorged cock that it was oozing cum. Frazer had had his first load and he really enjoyed it. Frazer craved more and when he next visited the sauna, he went straight to the darkroom, which was heaving with bodies and perched himself up on a bench with his arse out to receive loads. He wasn't disappointed as many of the occupants took turns to load him with their spunk. He was particularly turned on by the feeling of being fucked raw and the cum that trickled out of him after the loading. Even when he got home, a great gush of cum emptied into his pants. Having experienced this, he wanted it again and again. He tried to visit more often to get that same exhilarating feeling of being barebacked. As yet another cock exploded in his mouth and he moved onto another accommodating cock that he wantonly rode with abandon. Frazer realised that he had moved from being a condom user only to being a cumdump as the man, who was fucking him, infected him with a release of his toxic load right up Frazer's arse.
  4. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  5. Our Last Condom I’ve been dating the same guy for almost three years, and up until tonight we had never dared to have sex without a condom. I’m a 25 years old, 6’4’’ and lean build and have had sex with dozens of guys but every single time I’ve insisted on wearing a condom. I hadn’t been fucked for the first time until I was a freshman in college, and growing up I had always been told that having sex without a condom was risky, especially if for gay guys, so I would always insist on rubbers being, no exceptions. Until tonight. Before we talk about how I discovered my obsession with bareback fucking, let me tell you about my man. My boyfriend, Jon, is as sexy as they come. He’s a 28 year old pediatrician, 6’0, blond, blue eyes and extremely built. He being a fairly health conscious and sexually inexperienced and me being unwilling to push him past his boundaries, we had always had sex with condoms. In the back of my mind, I had thought maybe it was weird that two monogamous men wouldn’t bring it up sooner than we did, I respected his boundaries and fucked his tight hole daily and ejaculated happily into hundreds of condoms over the years. But admittedly, with each passing day, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to slip my load deep into him without barriers, and in fact the first man in his life to shoot sperm into his hole. We were having a typical Friday date night. We were seated next to each other on the couch on the roof of his townhouse. He leaned his head on his shoulder. Without hesitation, I put my arm around him and slipped my tongue into his mouth and my hand under his shirt. He was extremely ripped and I could feel his ab muscles twitching under my palms as I caressed every line and worked my way beneath his boxers and eventually grasped his cock that was becoming engorged by the second. I could feel his the layer of foreskin over his fat mushroom head, coated heavily with his precum. I was so turned on by the thought of slipping my tongue under his foreskin that I got on my knees and slid off his jeans and his boxers. Upon sliding his boxers to his heels, his hard, eight and a half inch pink, uncut cock was revealed and tapped against his smooth, ripped body. Everything from his firm pecs to his six pack abs to his balls were incredible smooth. I slipped my tongue under his smooth balls and it turns out his hole was equally smooth. As I attempted to slide my thick tongue past the first ring of his whole, I could hear him moan as his spread his legs and placed his heels on my shoulder. Still clothed, my cock was hard as a rock and tenting through my jeans; my tight boxer briefs were soaking with precum and I imagined having my way with this perfect, rock hard stud of a man. I took a pause from his tight pink hole and slipped his fat tool into my mouth, licking the tip of his head and working my mouth down his shaft to swallow every drip of precum from the slit of his cock. I unbuttoned Jon’s shirt and undid my belt and pants, reaching for my own cock as I deep-throated Jon’s long, veiny cock. Sliding off my jeans and underwear, I could hear moans of lust from Jon. I was a fairly lean and long guy, but by contrast my cock was as fat as it was long at eight inches in length and eight inches in girth. My fat beer can cock hung low between my legs and I moved my clenched fist up and down Jon’s cock as I slipped my tongue under his warm, slick foreskin. As ripped as Jon was, he also had one of the roundest and firmest asses I had ever known. I teased his hole with my middle finger and was aroused that, even though I had worked his ring with my tongue for almost half an hour, it was extremely difficult to slide my middle finger into his hole. And yet I could feel my boyfriend move his hole from side to side over my digit and eventually pushing his tight ring against it, allowing me to slowing penetrate him. I slipped my tongue along his warm balls and subtly spit on my middle to help ease it into his hole. Within a few minutes, my four and a half inch finger had fully penetrated Jon and I began to pet his prostate at a medium pace. I couldn’t remember a time I had been more aroused. My right middle finger still deep into Jon, I put my left arm around his smooth body, slipped his tongue into his mouth, and carried my man to his king bed. I stripped us both of our clothes and subtly slipped my index finger into Jon as well. The slit of his fat mushroom head began to leak precum as Jon groaned and moved his tight hole up and down my digits. It was at that moment that I felt his warm hand wrap itself around my cock, which at this point was covered in my precum. He slid his fist up and down my shaft at a medium pace, and he generously made sure my entire fat cock was slick with my precum. “Babe, I need you inside of me,” Jon said as he rubbed the slick tip of my thick cock against his hole. I continued to massage his prostate with my two fingers. “Please, babe, I really need your fat cock in my hole.” Having fucked Jon hundreds of times, I was familiar with our sexual routine and with how to satisfy his. I slipped my mouth over his penis and used my tongue to lick fresh, thick precum off of his cock slit. With my free hand, I reached for his nightstand and grabbed our nearly empty bottle of lube. In his dark bedroom, I could hardly see the contents of his nightstand drawer, and blindly searched for nearly a minute for a condom. Usually we were well prepared and condoms were prevalent in his drawer, but it seemed as though in less than a week we must have gone through an entire box. Determined, I frantically reached into the deep corners of his nightstand and to my relief felt a condom in my hand. I took a moment to examine the condom. It was clear that this was a condom that we must have picked up as a novelty from a gay bar or some other venue. While intact and unexpired, I almost exclusively used the golden wrapped Magnum XXL condoms because I felt most other condoms were too constrictive on my fat cock. This condom was in a standard packaging and I was skeptical it’d be sufficient. Desperate for his hole, I ignored his fact and attempted to unroll it on over my 8 inch thick cock. Fully unraveled, over an inch of my penis was exposed and my cock felt suffocated and had completely filled out the latex sheath, the veins beneath my cock visibly and rapidly pulsing beneath. But I needed to be inside of my boyfriend and was surprised to still be hard as a rock. I grabbed our bottle of lube and generously applied it to my wrapped cock. I slipped my two fingers out of Jon’s hole and I could tell he felt empty, thirsty to feel full again. He clenched his fist over my shaft and put my fat nearly 8.5’’ thick mushroom head outside of his hole. I slowly slid my mushroom head past the ring of his hole and eased my cock inside of my boyfriend. He seemed to be in pain and made a low groan, but he didn't try to expel my cock, rather he struggled to relax so as to allow his hole time to adjust to my thick head. As he eventually pushed my mushroom head past his first hole, my shaft very slowly slid through his ass and Jon moaned and lifted his knees to his head and I was deeply penetrating him. I wanted to enjoy the feeling of my boyfriend’s tight hole wrapping around my cock, but I had never felt so constricted in years. The condom I was wearing was simply too tight and the pressure around my shaft was distracting if not a hurdle to my erection inside of him. I stayed still and tried to stay focused on my goal, which was to fuck the cum out of Jon and to fill my condom with seed. I could see his abdominal and chest muscles twitching and engorging with my thrusts, so I continued to slide my cock in and out of Jon. “I love you, baby,” I whispered to Jon and I slowly moved my fat cock in and out of his hole. “I feel so full with your cock. Fuck me. Please pound my hole.” Obeying my love’s demands, I slid my latex covered cock in and out of his hole, as uncomfortable as it felt because I refused to ejaculate anywhere other than inside of him, as I had hundreds of times. I slipped in and out of his tight ass ring, which felt warm though resistant to the girth of my cock. It had been a long time since I had felt so much friction inside of a hole, but I couldn’t let my baby down. I had to be able to stay hard inside of him until I saw his fat eight cock shoot his seed. And then I felt something off. Immediately withdrawing from his ass, I got the impression an elastic band snap had snapped. I even thought I heard the snap. I had never experienced this before, but I felt unexpectedly good. My cock had never felt so warm and slick. It was as though I was ready to shoot my load inside of Jon, but I still wasn’t able to process why I felt so good. Jon didn’t seem to notice a thing and in fact held me close to him, my cock fully penetrating him as he pushed me down onto my back and started to ride my penis. I had never felt such a natural and slick sensation on the shaft of my penis as Jon pinned me down on my back and began to ride me. Though I was familiar with this position, I began to realize that what I was experiencing was my first time being inside of the love of my life without a condom and he had no idea. Jon was a bitch in heat as he put his palms on my shoulders and move his warm hole along my shaft, completely unaware that he was able to slide more quickly and effortlessly up and down my beer can cock because I was coating his insides with my precum and, hopefully my full, unapologetic, massive load of semen inside of him. I knew that I needed to say something. In three years, this was my first time being inside of my boyfriend without a condom, but I knew that it was wrong to shoot my load inside of him without him consenting. But I loved him. And I wanted my seed to be the first to coat his ass hole. I wanted him to be mine. My balls were full of cum and tapped against my boyfriend’s ass as he rode my cock. He was riding at such a fast and steady pace that I had no doubt that this is how Jon wanted me to ejaculate inside of him. It was hard to process that I’d been inside of Jon hundreds of times but each time he hadn’t been open to experience what I felt now, which was the electrifying feeling of man being inside of another man without barriers and being bred in the way that nature intended. Jon kept moving his hole up and down my raw cock and I felt a deep, carnal need to fill him with my seed and to use my cum to live inside of Jon for an eternity. My balls tight and swollen with semen, I fantasized that I’d deposit my sperm inside of his hole for the rest of my life. “Baby, please give it to me,” Jon begged, as he held my waist and clenched his hole around my thick, bare cock. “Jon, I am ready to shoot inside of you,” I moaned, as I cupped my fist over Jon’s warm balls and cock. “I’m getting so close,” Jon replied, so I massaged his cock, continuing to thrust my raw cock inside of his hole. His balls tensed-up and quivered in ecstasy and violently shot shot five ribbons of white, thick cum on my chest. Following Jon’s request, I kept my cock stead in his tight hole and allowed myself to cum inside of him. His warm anus wrapped itself around my rod as he shot his load and I allowed myself, for the first time in our relationship, to unload ounces of warm sperm inside of his hole as I slid in and out of his tight sphincter to ensure he was properly bred, inseminating his anus with my thick seed. I felt more fulfilled sexually than in my entire life. The love of my life was firmly planted on my fat cock as I ensured that every drop of semen coated his insides and inseminated him with my love. Though he had milked me for every drop I had, I was still hard inside of him, feeling both relieved and increasingly guilty I had fucked him raw without his consent.that he had no idea I had fucked him raw as our last condom had broken and was bunched tightly at the base of my cock. Still, deep down I suspected Jon had been craving my raw cock but I concluded it wouldn’t be wise for him to know I intentionally bred him. I needed to figure out a way to get him to beg for my raw cock on his own before realizing what I had done to him. To be continued.
  6. Used Condoms

    Where do you guys find ur used condoms? I've been to the toilets that are known for meets but never any in there, good that people are going bb but I need some totally anon cum to empty in my arse.
  7. Cum Condom Exchange

    Looking for men that are willing to send me their loads collected in a condom or a container. I will inject them up my pig cunt and video it and post it online and give you the credit for your loads. I'm also willing to exchange loads with others who want to do the same with my loads.
  8. Greetings, I live in East Flatbush. I can't host but I can travel anywhere in the city with an MTA line. I've done both pure safe and pure bareback raw fucks but now I want to live out something I find super hot. I have a stealthing fantasy as a top and I would like to find a willing bottom to preform this on. You must be negative, undetectable or on PrEP. This can work one of two ways: 1) I can cum in, you ask if I have a condom, I put the condom on, fuck you for a bit, then without warning break/remove the condom and continue to fuck you until I nut in you. OR 2) I cum in, I put the condom on, I fuck you for a bit and then at one point when I'm on break (or even hotter while I'm fucking) you remove the condom and I stick it back in and fuck you until I nut. I hate to sound mean but please be under 40 unless you have a super hot hole. Any race is fine. Jockstraps/thongs are a huge turn on. Love slings too. Thanks and I hope I have someone willing for this hot experiment! =D
  9. Source: I Hate To Admit How Much Bareback Porn Has Recently Turned Me On
  10. Shot My First Bareback Load

    I was fucking my regular bottom last night and I got tired of the condom cause the it was too tight so I pulled it off. I was so horny and in my rhythm that I just immediately held him down and shoved my dick in him raw for the first time. The sensation was incredible! I could feel his ass deep, wet, soft and tight at the same time. He said "Don't cum inside me," but I couldn't control myself and shot deep in his ass. It was such a good fuck I'm still thinking about it, and can't get the experience out of my mind. He looked at me and told me in his cute Spanish accent "You're gonna want it like that now." I think he's right. Until yesterday I always practiced safe sex, but yesterday was clearly different. Looking back, I can honestly say I hadn't come so hard in quite a long time. I guess the primal instinct to seed was heavy, at least I felt like an animal. I wanted to fuck him again but he had to go as he only has a couple of hours after work during which we can fuck before he must go home to his wife. The thought of that night still lingers in my mind. I'm at a crossroad here. I found it sooo fucking hot that he drove away with my load planted in his ass. Just typing this story gets me hard, but I'm also worried that I exposed myself to unwanted STD's. That night has changed me. Now sex with a condom just isn't sex. Below was one of the pics I took yesterday of the session when I took the condom off.
  11. Stealth Breeding. These are Matt’s favourite two words as he logs onto Grindr for the third time today to hunt for unsuspected victims. Matt, with his boyish next door look, his hazel brown eyes and his blond curls, huge pecs and rip abs -the perfect trap for innocent young boys. It has been a lazy Sunday afternoon. The sunshine rays break through the velvet curtains and bounce off his smooth shaven skin as he lays in his bed naked and fully erect. He has been chatting to a 19 year old boy named Lucas for awhile now, and in just 30 minutes, he would have that tight ass around his thick 7 inch cock. He has been saving this toxic 5 day load for this special occasion. Matt takes out a needle from his bedside table and starts to prick a condom packaging while he eagerly waits for the doorbell. Lucas arrives on schedule and less than 30 seconds of closing the door, Matt pushes him down on his knees and forces him to engulf his cock down his throat. He then proceeds to facefuck him, the saliva dribbling down Lucas’s face as he struggles to adjust to the girth. After a few minutes, they both proceed to the bedroom. Matt likes to tease his victims so he gets Lucas to lay on his back and begins to lay on top of him and begins the passionate kiss. Occasionally, he would tease Lucas by rubbing his cock up and down Lucas’s ass, playing with his nipples. Boys love this. “This feels so good” moaned Lucas, in and out of the kiss. “Yeah?”, replied Matt. “It’s going to get a whole lot better” Matt grabs the condom sitting on the shelf and lubes his cock which was already dripping precum. In one fluid motion, he pushes his cock into Lucas’s ass. Holding the condom in place, Matt breaks the tip of the tampered condom and the head of his cock pops right through. Every successive thrust opens the tip a little bit more until only half the condom covers his cock. About half an hour in, Matt leans over and nibbles on the boy’s ear and whispers softly: “Where do you want the cum?” “Inside me” “Are you sure” “Yes” “I can’t hear you” “YES” yelled Lucas and with that, Matt pushes in ball’s deep and a wave of pleasure washes over Lucas as stream after stream of toxic cum lines his guts. He pulls out and to Lucas’s surprised, notice that the condom was broken. He puts on a worried look. “Don’t worry about it buddy, I’m clean” “Are you sure?” “I’m positive” Unknowingly to Lucas, positive in this sense means having an ass full of highly potent swimmers inside you.
  12. Anyone know of any other videos like this one? I've come across one or two porn vids that start with a condom, but either by script or the actors desire, it comes off and turns bare. Condom to bareback
  13. I have a casual fuckbuddy with whom I've played half a dozen times or so. He's not in my town very often and when he is, I can't always see him, so it's always a real treat when we can actually connect. We hadn't met for several months but this Saturday he sent me a message that he was available, and I just happened to be home alone. I should mention that he's always used a condom when he fucked me, and as much as I hate condoms, his cock is incredible and he always fucks me just the way I need to be so I tolerated it. He always likes the anonymity of our get-togethers: I await him on my bed, ass in the air, face down, with a towel, lube, and a condom next me. I tried 'forgetting' to leave a condom out a few times but each time has has produced one. When he said he was coming over, I had a little inspiration. I put the lube and towel next to me like always. I took a condom out of my drawer, found a needle, and speared it right through the middle and put it on the towel. Surely he'd use mine instead of his if it were in plain sight. I was in the bedroom when I heard the door open, I jumped on the bed, face down, ass up. It's always nerve wracking hearing someone walk into the room when you can't see. I heard him drop his shoes, his pants, and felt the bed move when he climbed on behind me. He slapped my ass and hole a couple of times with his cock, which was rapidly hardening. He rubbed it between my cheeks and I groaned softly. His cock is really thick and I could feel the weight of it, and knowing where it was about to be was driving me crazy. He paused and I heard the condom wrapper open, then the lube bottle top clicked. Some cold Astroglide was dripped on my hole and then he rubbed his thick cock head around in it. He centered on my hole and eased forward but nothing happened. He pulled back, and a little more lube dripped onto my hole. More rubbing of his cock head, more pressure and I felt myself opening up as his head started into me. After about half of his shaft was into my ass, it was hurting, so I pulled forward slightly. I guess it had been a long time for him because he moved forward with me, ran his hand up the back of my neck and into my hair, where her gripped a handful and pulled back. It was obvious he wasn't putting up with me pulling away. He pushed forward until I was flat on my stomach, where I couldn't pull away anymore. He paused for a second, withdrew slightly, then pushed forward into me. I couldn't move and had no choice but to take his cock, all nine inches or so of his very thick cock. He didn't really slow down. As soon as he was all of the way inside me, he started pulling back and thrusting forward, keeping a grip on my hair, letting me know who was in charge. I honestly didn't realize how much I was grunting and moaning until he hoarsely muttered "Shut the fuck up, buddy." I did my best to comply,and he kept the pace up for a couple of minutes until he asked "You want my nut?" "Fuck yeah," I replied, assuming he would blow his load in the condom, as he had done before, even as I was secretly hoping the pin hole had torn through and I'd get his load. "Tell me what you want." he instructed, without the slightest pause in the rhythmic pounding of my wrecked hole. "I want your cum, Sir." I said automatically. He fucked me hard several more strokes, and then abruptly withdrew his cock from my hole. A flash of disappointment crossed my brain as I assumed he would blow his load on my ass, and indeed I heard the unmistakable snap of a condom being jerked off, but to my amazement, without any explanation or without seeking my permission, he plunged his raw cock back inside my ass. He only fucked me a few seconds, then thrust forward hard and I felt his cock swell and jerk as he blew his load into my hole. He pulled out, dressed and left without saying a word, and I lay there feeling my hole get wetter as his cum oozed out of my stretched, well fucked ass. Maybe next time I can convince him to bareback me from start to finish.
  14. Took It Off

    I was bored earlier this evening so I went online. I'm on holiday so I wanted to hit the local chatroom to see if I could find any bottoms nearby. Boring. None. Nada. But then 'Guy25' opened up a private chat and we started chatting. After twenty-five minutes, we decided to see each other. I told him to come, but since I'm staying in a relative's house we would have to use the attic. We got turned on by the idea of a dusty, dark place to have a sweet fuck. An hour later he texted saying "I'm at the door, come out." I went downstairs, opened the gate and he stepped in. As soon as he passed by my side, I slapped him in his ass and he smiled. Ten seconds in the lift and I was already massaging his cock. We got to the last floor of the block and joked about the luxury of the place, then I opened the door, we entered, and I locked the door behind us. Then the SEX began. We made out wildly and he started stroking me, getting me hard in seconds. I pushed him down to his knees, forcing him to take my cock. He nibbled and gulped my cock, and fuck, he could all but swallow the whole piece. After a few minutes, I told him to jerk himself off as I face-fucked him. We were both sweating profusely, and he stood-up, as much to get some as as to kiss me. With that I turned him around and pushed him against the wall, probing his hole. He reached back and grabbed my cock, making an effort to take it raw, but he was tight as fuck, so I reached into my wallet, found a rubber, and pulled it on. Now I was able to shove my way into his hole without any big problem, but my cock began to loose its rigidity, so I leaned on his back and whispered in his ear: "I'm taking it off." He said nothing so I banged his ass, drilling away. After 15 minutes I announced "I'm close," adding "Where d'ya want it?" And he replied "I don't mind. Your call." So I speed-up and held him still, thrusting powerfully as I came, pumping my seed into his hole. Meanwhile he blew his jizz onto the floor, quietly moaning, even though I was trying to stifle his groans. Two loads later, we dressed up and he took off. I came home after a hot session of barebacking.
  15. Your Cum In My Mail

    Hey men - I''m currently working on making a Devil's Dick - one with as many different loads from as many different men as possible. If any of you are willing to send me your cum in the mail, please let me know! I will put it to very good use, using it as lube for my sloppy loose pighole. Pics/vids will be provided to whoever'd like to see them. Thanks pigs!
  16. Condom Roulette

    Every Friday I work late. It's not so much to do with finishing paper work but more to do with being able to head straight to the nearby bath house. This has become almost routine and I find there's something psychologically relaxing about stripping down out of my crisp white shirt, suit jacket, tight trousers and tie into a sweaty jock strap after a tough week. I prep my jock strap for a full week beforehand, wearing it to the gym daily, scratching my sweaty balls, wiping my pits after a workout, soaking up those last few droplets of piss after using the urinal and mopping the spunk off my abs after taking care of my morning wood. By Friday my jock strap is rank, and I wear it under my suit, but only on each Friday. I fucking love the smell. It's even better when it happens to be a particularly warm Friday in the office, and my male co-workers can smell something they know is familiar but can't quite put their finger on it. That makes my dick twitch even more - and then I start to leak pre-cum. So last Friday I arrived at the bath house around 9ish. I stopped and made small talk with the 20 year old college lad at the door for a few minutes, purposely teasing him by re-adjusting my junk a couple of times. I noticed as he buzzed me in, that he had given me a discount on the entrance fee. Perhaps, because I'm a regular, or more likely because he's dying to ride my thick meat. Unfortunately staff aren't allowed to play with the customers, although I'm sure I can get around that one day. Until then I'll work it to my advantage. I proceeded to the locker I usually use, which is located in the middle of the changing room. If possible, I always use the same locker as it has a partial view of the communal showers, and a full view of all the other lockers and corridors leading to the play areas/private rooms. A few guys were in the locker room, and having arrived before me, they were in varying states of dress. I could hear one of the showers running, but whoever was using it was just out of sight. I had just opened my locker when I heard the shower stop. A moment or two later I saw a figure emerge around the corner. I took a discreet glance, trying to appear nonchalant, a technique I've practiced over time, knowing that if one gives the wrong guy a few extra seconds eye contact, he will likely follow one around all evening. Anyway, the guy who entered from the shower was only a kid, around 18-20 years old, 5' 8", short cropped brown hair, blue eyes, a smooth lean hairless body except for the treasure trail leading down into the towel that was wrapped around his waist. Fuck. My meat began to throb, and I almost shot a load right there and then into my jockstrap. I knew I needed to nail the fucker and load his ass. He walked over and opened his locker, which was just a few feet away from mine. This kid was hot, but I wasn't about to let him know just what effect he had on me. I was going to be in control, not him. I'm a believer in the adage treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen, so I simply stared straight ahead and started to get undressed. I felt his eyes bore into me, just as I knew my dick would bore into his hole that night. Then I decided I'd give him a show. I removed my suit jacket, taking that few extra seconds to hang it so he could appreciate my fitted white shirt, which was stretched tightly across the chest and biceps. I then loosened my tie and slowly slid it out from under the collar on one side, using a little force so that the other end of the tie, once free, whipped the bench below. In order to make him wait just that little bit longer, I undid each shirt button slowly, until I reached my shiny leather belt, which I uncoupled, and slowly proceeded to slide it out of the trouser loops, wrapping it around my fist in a coil before storing it away. Next came the unbuttoning of my trousers. I allowed just enough room for me to pull out my shirt, which came off and went into the locker. Then I took hold of the clasp of my zipper and slowly pulled it down. The slower I went the louder the sound was. By now I could tell the kid wasn't really doing anything with his locker. It was just an excuse for him to be there, for him to not-so-discreetly-watch as I stripped. My trousers fell down around my ankles. I turned and sat on the bench in order to remove them. I made out as though I was taking a brief rest, making sure to spread my legs apart, which meant my package was in a prominent position for him to view. I started to scratch my manhood through the jock and re-adjust myself again before I stood back up. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the kid was still staring. I flashed him another quick glance and he looked away, knowing he had been caught. Now that I had his attention, I moved on to the second part of my plan: I took seven XL condoms out of my bag and casually dropped them onto the bench, taking care to ensure they were in his clean line of sight. With that, I finished up with my locker, wrapped my towel around my waist, grabbed the seven rubbers, and turning to him, I gave him a look that said 'you'll do, follow me, boy'. I could see he was hard underneath his towel. It looked a good size, thick and juicy about 8" or so. I lead the way, climbing the stairs to the first floor, past various rooms, some of which were open, and contained one or two guys, and past other rooms that were locked. Eventually I found a decent sized room with a mattress. I stepped inside, and he followed like a puppy dog. After locking the door, I grabbed his towel, whipped it away from his body before removing my own. His cock was fully erect and dripping pre-cum. I grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him down. Without further instructions, he swallowed my 9.5" pulsating dick. The fucker was a talented sucker, lots of spit, especially when I forced him to deep throat. At one point I face fucked him with the back of his head against the wall so he couldn't pull away. His body started to squirm as he gagged on my meat and gasped for air. At that point I remembered that I was still holding the condoms in my hand, and that fucking his ass was the real purpose of the meet. I allowed him to come up for air. Spit and my pre-cum dripped from his chin. Without giving him time to weigh-in, I again took charge, and roughly threw him down onto the mattress, positioning his body so his ass in the air and his face was down. Doggystyle is a favourite position of mine. It's degrading and is how a cum dump should be fucked. I threw the rubbers onto the mattress, so they landed just in front of his face. The kid's hole got two mouthfuls of my spit. "Hand me a rubber, boy" I said. He chose one at random and passed it back. What the kid didn't know is that he had just chosen his own fate. Out of the seven condoms, I had previously opened four using a craft knife, and I cut the tips off completely and inserted them back into the wrappers, and then used glue to seal them back up. It was time to play condom roulette. If his fate was to remain negative then the condom would be intact. I tore open the wrapper….
  17. Condom block cruising

    Recently I've noticed there are more and more guys are playing safe, especially at my usual haunts; Hampstead Heath, saunas, lay-by toilets. Maybe it has something to do with a little more media coverage, HIV awareness campaigns etc. So when I've been out cruising and see a guy I wanted to hook up with I start off with a little small talk and then ask whether they want to fuck, cover the basics (e.g top/bttm/vers) and then onto limits... Most of the time the guys are like "anything goes", so I'm thinking great… can swap a few raw loads, soon as I mention it they say "oh I only play safe", so what happened to the "anything goes" just a few seconds before? Anyway, I don't carry condoms on me, they don't do much for me and the guys who want to play safe rarely carry them themselves, WTF? So then we don't end up fucking. Anyone else had this problem? I thought cruising was primarily for those wanting raw anonymous fucks
  18. So I was at Birmingham pride on the 25/5 I was drink as fuck as I was going back to my hotel room I started up grindr I remember that part and I hooked up with this guy and 2 others it was hot as fuck Now I know I had sex but could only remember some of it keep in mind I was very drunk I know I had anal but could not remember if any of the guys wore condoms or not So now I'm just waiting for my test results hope all is neg But I guess from my last forum post I'm not scared anymore well maybe a bit x PS if you have ever heard of a website called fitlads I have just been kicked off it for making a post just like this one grrrr
  19. Okay, this is my first story, guys, so please be nice. Well I had always been bi-curious and had only been with women. Well, one night I was extremely horny and found myself watching and jerking off to straight porn, and then I migrated over to gay porn. I found myself increasingly horny, and for some reason was even more turned-on by the idea of guys meeting at a hotel and just going at it. So one thing led to another and I decided to jump in the shower and play with my ex girlfriends dildos. After getting myself clean and playing in the shower I felt like it just wasn't good enough. I jumped on Google and searched for different websites to try and talk to someone and get off and stumbled across craigslist. I read through the ads and realize people are out there looking to get off like i am so i say fuck it and throw an ad up and at the same time thinking what am i doing but what the hell right. Well i write in the ad that i am a virgin and looking to really experience my first time with a man playing in a hotel, sure enough within half an hour of posting the ad i had half a dozen emails of guys asking me to come over to their house but no one actually in a hotel... so i wait and wait and boom sure enough an hour into the mission an older guy in his late 40's emails me with an amazing looking cock and a hotel room. I am 19 at this point get a rush of i dont know what but god i just wanted to live out a porn fantasy. i pull up a coin flip/ decision maker program on my computer, i put heads do it and tails just jerk off... i flip it and heads do it. so i muster up some courage and get ready finish showering told him i would be there in an hour. I get dressed drive out to the adult bookstore grab some lube and a couple condoms.* i drive to the hotel and sit in my car for about ten minutes thinking things over... i realize i have never been with a guy i thought i was straight never sucked a cock before never done any of it ... and now i was about to experience it all at once... i turn my car on and about to drive away when my phone goes off, its him... saying hes got a big tasty load saved up for me when will you be here and sent another picture of his huge cock. i finally stop shaking get up and go up to his hotel room *I make it up to the room and knock sure enough he meets me at the door in a towel and he is a lean mid 40s guy little body hair bald. we shared that weird "hi" and grabbed my trembling hand and showed me in. He dropped his towel and there stood a magnificent shaved cock and i mean this thing was way bigger in person than in the picture he said he was 7 inches well he lied it was more like 9. i was in a daze and just dropped to my knees and worked from his belly button down kissing and grabbing that hard throbbing cock... i had never done anything with a guy before but for some reason this all felt natural to me, i started slowly licking the head of his cock and worked underneath the shaft all the way to his warm balls. He sat down on the bed and i just worked his cock for what felt like an eternity ... the best eternity of my life ... i worked his hard cock until all of a sudden he grabbed my head and picked up a quicker pace and then all of a sudden my mouth got a lot wetter and he shot a huge load in my mouth and as i felt it filling up he tells me " you may want to swallow there is a lot more where that came from" and without missing a beat i swallowed every last drop and had to take 4 hot spurts more right down my throat. I looked up at him and was a little upset i didnt get to feel him in me for the first time but hey i got to suck a nice cock and swallow for the first time... i get up and say thank you and he looks at me and says "thank you ? are you done ?" i look at him puzzled for a moment and realize he is still rock hard. I get back down apologize and continue to work his now growing cock in my mouth. he tells me take my clothes off and bend over. i didnt hesitate and dropped my shorts and took my shirt off and bent right over arched my back and felt like a total whore and really just loved every minute of it. he then did something i wouldve never thought i liked but all of the sudden i felt a warm tongue working my hole and just made me quiver. while he worked me with his tongue i felt his finger run up and down my hole... he never fingered me just worked it until i dont know what came over me but i just sat there and begged for more. he then just stopped and stepped back and left me there as he watched me, i guess i didnt realize i was fingering my self. He left me there for a few minutes as i just imagined him taking me...* finally after what felt like forever he positions himself behind me but i think for a moment and realize i didnt give him the condom, so i stop him and tell him to grab the condom in my pocket, he tells me he doesnt like condoms and is drug and disease free i tell him this is my first time and i want to use the condom, he sighs and says ok... i wait and hear the condom wrapper open and i see him put it on... i bend back over and feel his finger work my hole then i feel that great cock rubbing against my hole. he starts off slow working just the head in and out then all of a sudden he pushes my head down into the pillow and tells me "brace yourself"... he grabs my waist and shoves his hard cock right into me and i feel the strangest sensation... i feel an amazing sensation deep in me but right at the entrance of my hole its tighter and burning a bit i ignore it and he fucks me good and hard for about 20 minutes then pulls out... flips me over throws my legs over his shoulders and puts the head in and teases me and just makes me beg for his hard cock over and over, then finally he gives in and rams it in me hard and long. i feel my hole get stretched out and he then flips over and keeps his long cock in me and has me ride him. Oh my what a feeling of taking control and just feeling every thrust on his great cock... i looked down and still saw the condom and and just grabbed his balls and took it deep and hard. Then he tells me to lay on my side i get off lay on my side with my legs closed and he puts it in and with a hard pop and thrust he was deep in again so deep i couldnt catch my breath... i look up and he is dripping with sweat and says hes cumming and i feel his already massive cock get thicker and he fucks me deep and what a feeling... but then i realize i feel really warm inside... he keeps pumping and he finishes up and tells me to get dressed and get out me still in a daze just gets up and walked out of his hotel room naked. hes still laying in the bed and hasnt moved out of the corner of my eye i see the condom on his cock but it looks like it broke... as i walk out of the room i feel my sore hole and feel something warm coming out... i finger myself and smell and fuck its cum! the condom broke and he came in me... i stumbled out of the room and theres a janitor standing there looking at me as i try and get myself clothed and he says "rough night?" i just look at him embarrassed and just try and get my clothes on as fast as i can and just nod, i drop my shorts and go to pick it up and he looks right at my gaping hole and says to me "oh youre that type of guy" before i could muster up something to say i turn around and hes already rubbing his cock through his pants... i thought to myself what am i doing am i dreaming? i slow down a bit and look at him he starts unzipping his pants and i didnt think i got on my knees and just wait he looks at me and without missing a beat and without a word shoves his hard cock in my mouth. I have lost my virginity and been cummed in and havent had a chance to think about what i just did and i am already sucking another cock... i dont think i start fingering my hole and pull the massive about of cum out of my ass and start liking it all off my fingers and it tasted amazing with a new cock in my mouth.. he pulls the cock out of my mouth and shoots all over my face and at that very moment a big gob of cum comes out of my ass and he looks at me tells me to clean his cock up and lick the floor clean he just moped and walked away... i did as i was told... got dressed ... went home where i layed in bed fingering my hole and shoved the biggest dildo i had in me as deep as i could and as soon as i got it deep my own cock without jerking it shot a massive load all over my chest... i think to myself well i already had three loads i better clean this up ...* That was the day i lost my virginity and i guess you call it getting stealth loaded... i have to say kind of amazing night i have a couple more stories like this of guys stealthing me what do you guys think should i share?
  20. Anyone Skype? want to watch me breed my hole this morning with used condom I found last night in bookstore booth..brought home...let load sit overnight..and now ready to breed myself with dudes cum!!!
  21. This literally just happened 30 minutes ago. I got this text message on my phone saying "I'm hosting now" and that's all it said. I had no idea who this was or where they got my number but I thought it was a straight guy with whom I had spoken, having connected through Craigslist. He wanted me to fuck him, and he told me to bring condoms, which lead me to think 'Hmmm - if he doesn't have any condojms, then there's a good chance I'll get to bread this sucker'. So, with that hope, I traveled to his house, and, as he had told me, the door was unlocked. Walking in, I found him laying down on a towel, wearing girlie pajama pants. I assume they were his girlfriend's and that he likes to wear them - to feel like less of a man and like the bitch that I was about to make him. I approached him, slid down his girlie pajamas and started lubing up his HAIRY fuckhole with the lube that was on the night table. I started sliding into his TIGHT hairy hole and don't even get the head in when he looked back and asked "Where's the condom?" I was utterly distracted - this guy was one sexy fucker. Hell, I hadn't given any thought to his appearance when he and I were texting - I just wanted a sweet hole to fuck. And bingo, I fucking hit the jackpot. He was handsome, scruffy bearded, and maybe 24 or 25 years old, about 5' 8'' (I LOVE 'em short) and 160 pounds. A fuckin' wet dream. I had to think quickly, so I replied with this lie: "Sorry, guy. I don't have any condoms. I have a girlfriend and apparently we ran-out when we fucked the other day, and, of course, being a woman, she didn't tell me to pick-up more. I also sometimes wonder if she doesn't stock-up because if there's a whole box, she thinks I'll carry 'em and I'll fuck every girl I can." With this I thought (hoped!) he'd simply say "Okay, fuck me bare," but no, his reply was "That's cool" and he reached-over and grabbed a condom from his night table drawer. FUCK! "Will a magnum fit?" "Yeah dude, just put it on me" Well naturally, like most of you fellow breeders, I believe that condoms are the devil, so when he put the condom on me and I was very concerned I'd go soft, but fortunately I knew I'd have a couple of minutes before my dick gave-up the ghost, so I devised a plan in my head that got me even more excited. At this point he was bent over in a position that made it difficult for us to fuck, but I kept it up as long as possible, if only to give him a sense of security. Then we changed positions, and he rode my cock, a position that, by the way, I absolutely hate, as I much prefer to be in control of the fuck. My sense is bottoms should simply kneel on all fours and take my nut, so after a couple more minutes of tearing-up his hole, I suggested the doggie position, and also made sure he saw I was still wearing the condom. Then when he was in the right position, I came-up behind him, discretely took-off the condom, and, my cock pointed straight at his beautiful hairy fuckhole, I slid into my fucking prize. Fuck yeah! This is what I was waiting for. I could feel his hairy hole welcoming my sweet seven inch cock as it slid in and out of him, getting wetter and wetter from the precum I was dumping into his sweet ass. After ten minutes during which I pounded his hole doggy-style, and being so fucking turned on I knew I needed to cum soon - before he suspected anything, I started fucking him harder and harder and treating him like the bitch I knew he wanted to be. I was getting closer and closer 'til finally I pulled out and shot a MASSIVE load all over his hairy wet hole. I pretended that I took off the condom, and got dressed and headed home, proud of myself for stealth barebacking my first guy. Maybe next time I will breed him and then he won't find out until I'm gone and he has cum leaking from his hole. PS: This is the first story I've ever written. I just wanted to share it because it was the first time I ever stealthed a guy! I might be tempted to write more if you guys like.
  22. I met a guy on a site today that just moved pretty close to me. His profile was awesome, nice body, great cock, said he was all top. (everything I like). I'm one of those negative, non chasers that really enjoys bareback but too chicken to go all out. While chatting with him, I asked him the usual questions and he was honest. He said he didn't know his status. He was 90 percent top but had bottomed bareback a few times. I told him I only played with condoms and he agreed. He met me at the door naked, great body, fantastic cock. He sat down on the couch while I went down on him, and from his response it felt pretty good. Pretty soon he stood up and walked over to a sheet he had pulled out on the floor. He got on his hands and knees like we talked about and I tongued his hole deep, and slurpped on his cock. After a few minutes, he got up, walked behind me and started tonguing my hole. He lubed his finger and eased it inside of me, I kept pushing back against him involuntarily. He pulled his finger out and started rubbing his cock on my hole. It felt so damn good. Then he put the head right on my hole and started putting some pressure on my ass. That's when I screwed up. I pulled forward, reached for a condom, rolled it on his cock and got back into position. He went back to rubbing his cock head on my hole and finally pushed in. His cock was thick, it was rock hard, but it felt so artificial going into me. He fucked me great. Alternating slow and fast, deep and shallow. At one point I reached down to feel to see if the condom was still in place, and dammit, it was. lol As he started picking up the pace I tried to push him away to get the condom off but he was too into the fuck, which was really great. lol He went deep, and grunted, loud, and emptied his nuts into me, which unfortunately was in the condom. He stayed in me after he came. I felt around my stretched hole and stroked the base of his cock. I pulled away until he slipped out, rolled the condom off, then reinserted his cock. It felt so much better, so natural, so hot. He ground into me several times then pulled out. While driving home with my ass sticky with lube and sore from the great fucking, I realized how much I regretted the condom. My ass should have been full of his cum. He wanted it. I wanted it. We both needed it. I made up my mind then and there that condoms are off limits. When I got home I threw the ones I had away. I texted him about what a great fuck he was and told him I was sorry about the condom. He said that was great because he loved fucking me but hated condoms. I'm heading back tomorrow for what I know will be a great, deep, raw fucking. And this guy, or any others, will ever been in my ass with a condom again.
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  24. When I lived in Vegas there was a guy, Jason, who came into the office where I worked. He was fuckin’ smoking hot: reddish brown hair, striking blue eyes, tattoos, muscles - the whole nine yards. We would flirt and talk on the phone, but whenever I suggested we hang out, or to fuck, he would shy away from me and I wouldn't hear from a while. Finally, I wrote him off as a game player and cut my losses. One horny night I was at Hawk's gym, went into the dark room there and found a hot bodied man, and promptly slid my cock in raw. After a couple of minutes, I asked him if he wanted to go to my room. He agreed, whereupon we left the darkroom, only to recognize each other. It was Jason. Not sure where we stood, I told him my room number, thinking he might just split, but instead he preceded me down the hallway. That's when I saw the biohazard tat on his upper back. "I've wanted to do this for a long time" he said. "Yeah, me too." I put my hand on his tat. "Is this why nothing ever happened with us?" "Yeah... I was afraid that you'd reject me if you knew." I shook my head. Once in my room, I dove into his hole, rimming it with enthusiasm. He, in turn, within minutes, simply sat on my cock. I was impressed how readily he took me, but I think he mistook my look for unease, saying "If you want, you can put on a condom." I replied "Is this how you want it? Raw?" “Yeah, but...." "Did you ever jack off thinking of me?" "Yeah." "Did you fantasize that I wore a condom?" "No, but this isn’t fantasy." "I want to fuck you the way you want to be fucked. I know I have fucked poz guys before... you're just the first one I knew was poz." That was enough truth-telling dialogue. I positioned him doggy style and rammed into his ass, calling him a German whore, telling him that he needed my black dick up his hole. He begged me to use him, to shoot my sperm in his guts. He told me he had been a good boy and earned my load. I fucked him on his back, kissing him passionately. His hole was raw and wet from my fucking. He rode me incessantly, thanking me for my cock. I bent him over the table, and then positioned him on his back. We fucked as if we would never touch another man, his round firm white ass, taking my hard and raw fuck. I think it was then that I accepted the notion I would one day seroconvert. I shot my load in his guts and he came all over himself. We kissed for about half an hour after that, holding each other. It wasn't Jason who seroconverted me. I will never know from whom I contracted the virus, nor, for that matter, exactly when I converted, but that night I caught an insight, a glimpse, if you will, of the innate love that is shared between poz men. The love Jason offered to me ahead of time at Hawk’s in Vegas, that night I truly let go, and accepted my destiny. Maybe one day I will recharge his ass with my poz cum.
  25. I enjoy using my poz cock on as many neg fuckholes as possible. I really get off on pumping my infected loads into an unsuspecting neg. It thrills me. Guys react so differently when they get the “news”. Some get depressed. Some go berserk. I know one guy who killed himself. I could barely suppress a smile. I used to be a bottom, which is why I pozzed so quickly. Now I’m a top, not because of a change of heart—but because I do community service. Do you realize there are a thousand bottoms out there waiting to be bred, and not enough tops to go around. I mean, right here in San Francisco, there are more than I can handle. It’s so hot to seed an unsuspecting neg—from raging queens—to sex police—to gay rights advocates—to teens barely out of puberty—to married dudes (doubly sweet if they share it with their spouses). I strive to put a little excitement in their lives. Give them a manly cause to die for. And since most of them are closeted, explaining poz challenges their intellects. I meet these dudes online, reststops, the bookstore, and the baths. I'm amazed at the number of fags out there, both bi and gay, who can't wait to get my poz jizz up their assholes. Course they don’t know I’m poz, and I don’t tell them. You play, you pay, I figure. I’d lie about it first. But they never ask. Most don’t even mention condoms. In the past few weeks, I’ve seeded 7 guys (three at the baths, two at the bookstore, and two I’ve met online). Oh, yeah, and in-between I’ve taken a few loads myself. Maybe neg, maybe poz. Like the others, I don’t ask. One morning, on my way to school, I stopped to see a guy I met online. I drive by his place twice a day. The dude, who emailed me his pic, just graduated from law school—25, great body. Soon as I got in his living room, he went down on me. As my poison precum dribbled down his chin, I got to thinking how nice it’d be to poz my first solicitor. I thought of molding him into a total man slut like myself, if I could do it without encumbrances. Life’s too short for emotional entanglements. In my world faggots cum and go. They sicken, crawl off into a corner, and croak. So it’s best not to form attachments. I know that sounds callous, but I didn’t make the rules. While I’m all this was running through my head, he got me nice and boned; and I pursued him into the bedroom. He got on hands and knees and offered me his AIDS-free ass. I dropped my drawers, and as he stretched to reach a condom, I drilled him. He fell back to support himself, as I plowed him raw and bareback. I didn’t have a lot of time to screw around, and before long my poison jizz was spewing in his asshole. As I came in him, the stupid dude cried out, "Spray it on me man. Shoot all over me!" I never let a charged load go to waste like that. But not wanting to upset his applecart, I pulled it out and milked my dick like I was cumming. The horny dude beat off like mad and shot his cream all over his chest and stomach. I lapped up his uncontaminated seed. Since I’d skipped breakfast, the liquid protein, despite its infertility, flowed smoothly down my throat, silencing my growling stomach. Yum! Yum! As I pulled up my jeans and pulled my tee back over my head, he started asking questions. Did I live with someone? Where I went to school. What was I studying? And so on. Exasperated, I responded, "Dude, I'm in a hurry. I’m late for class." He looked hurt, and I knew I’d have to mend my fences. I kissed him and wrote down my number. I explained that my attendance hadn’t been the most pristine, and that if I stuck around, there’d be dreadful consequences. Which in part was true, cause another load of poison was brewing in my balls, and if I tarried another minute I’d be dicking him again. We made a date for Tuesday. After a lingering kiss which would surely would have soon led to things I was in a hurry to avoid, I departed. As I drove off, I prayed my toxic jizz had done its job. I pictured my malignant cum dripping from his manhole. He’d soon conclude I’d cum in him. But by Tuesday all would be forgiven and forgotten, his health concerns supplemented by his need to fuck again. That night he called me. We mutually wished that Tuesday weren’t so far away, though I had other obligations, like the bookstore, reststop, and what I hoped would be a raucously prolific Saturday-Sunday at the Baths. I dreamt of him that night. How tearfully he confided he was poz, and how I feigned surprise. How I fucked him after that, ostensibly to show support, though my intent was reinfection. How I got him used to poz on poz, which, considering us, was easy. From there it was a baby step to poz on neg, as I enticed him into 3-ways at the baths, until he was fucking addicted.

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