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  1. I had the hottest time at The Bunker ! I took countless loads in the dark room and the fuck benches Tuesday and Thursday evenings are naked night. You are given a small hand towel and that’s it I had a three way fuck. I was fucked in the dark room while standing up while also fucking an anonymous hole no idea who these people were
  2. From my understanding it doesn’t really matter whether you’re on HIV meds or not. Very healthy people with normal cd4 counts are succumbing to Covid. Other than HIV do you have diabetes? High blood pressure, overweight? From your last photo you look slender and fit. If you wish to stay toxic stay off the meds and wear a mask and socially distance. Have you been or plan on gifting once Covid declines ? Are you going to take the vaccine I’m a chaser but certainly going to take the vaccine when it is available
  3. There’s a Spanish study that has been recently released. You can find it on aidsmap.com. The study concludes that tenofovir has no effect on COVID-19 I was disappointed since I was hopeful it prevented COVID or lessened symptoms
  4. And you trust a man with 230k dead body count ? Idiot
  5. The latest research which is on aids map.com from the Spanish research indicates that Prep had no effect on COVID 19 and did not prevent or lessen the symptoms of corona virus. In fact, and this is distressing, Prep users had a higher incidence of COVID Its detailed on AIDSMAP.COM
  6. All you self hating gays that are supporting trump need your heads examined All he has done is attempt and keep attempting to dismantle gay rights keep voting against your own interests that makes real sense
  7. Fuck yeah anon loads in dark rooms my favorite
  8. I stopped Prep in March since I haven’t been fucking. I still have 2 bottles left so that would take me up until the end of Dec but I’m hesitant to go back on it for a variety of reasons
  9. I think I love you kick his ass out of bed i would have done the same to a Trumptard hahha
  10. Yes I let them know immediately I can’t be with a vanilla guy it’s so boring and why waste my time. I have few limits kinky men are just far more interesting
  11. After last nights debacle any gay man supporting Dotard has to be a fucking moron
  12. Pick up some Covid while you’re there gift from your idiot governor
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